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Pure Romance Miracle Oil For Eczema

How To Use It And Safety Considerations

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Undiluted tea tree oil is likely to be too strong to use on the skin. People can dilute tea tree oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut or almond oil. Using lower concentrations of tea tree oil may help reduce the risk of any irritation on the skin.

That said, some tea tree oil comes ready to use, so be sure to read the label.

Before using tea tree oil for the first time, a person should do a patch test by putting a small amount of diluted oil on an area of skin other than the piercing. If they have no reaction to the tea tree oil after a day or two, it is likely safe to use on the piercing.

To use, apply the tea tree solution to a cotton swab and wipe it around the piercing. Being gentle with this process can prevent soreness and reduce the risk of dislodging a piercing.

If using a salt-and-water solution to clean a piercing, a person may want to add a few drops of tea tree oil to the solution. They should then wash the area with water to remove any remaining tea tree oil.

Some people may experience an allergic reaction to tea tree oil, which could cause a rash or irritation on their skin. If a person experiences any unpleasant reactions to tea tree oil, they should wash the area of skin with water and stop using the oil.

If someone has a severe allergic reaction, they should seek medical help right away. People with skin sensitivity or a history of skin reactions may want to avoid tea tree oil and stick to using a salt-and-water solution.

Tea Tree Oil And Skin Tags

Tea tree oil is an essential oil derived from the leaves of the Australian tea tree . Although no scientific research has been done on the use of tea tree oil for skin tags, anecdotal reports suggest that it works. People claim that tea tree oil dehydrates skin tags, causing them to dry up and fall off.

Skin tags are painless, flesh-colored growths that hang off the skin. Theyre very common, affecting up to half the population. Skin tags are harmless, but they can be unsightly and uncomfortable when they grow in delicate locations such as the eyelids, groin, and armpits.

Tea tree oil has been used for thousands of years by the aboriginal people of Australia. They rely on its antiseptic power to help treat wounds and fight off infections.

Today, tea tree oil is primarily used to treat athletes foot, acne, and fungal infections. Due to its fresh scent, tea tree oil is a common ingredient in beauty products, such as soaps, shampoos, and moisturizers. You can find pure tea tree oil anywhere essential oils are found.

Keep reading to learn more about this alternative treatment and how you can try using it at home to get rid of your skin tags.

Theres no scientific evidence to support claims that tea tree oil works for skin tags, but there are theories to support its use.

Diy Miracle Oil Recipe

Yield: 1 ounce

This section contains affiliate links to Amazon at no cost to you and for your convenience. These are the actual products I purchased and used myself.

Mix all ingredients in your dropper bottle and swish or gently shake to combine. Store in a cool, dry place away from the sun, like a cabinet.

I suggest you test it first on an adult before trying on a large area of skin or on your child to make sure they do not have a reaction and also to make sure it isnt too strong for raw skin. If it is too strong, pour it into a bowl and add another tablespoon of jojoba oil to dilute it, then pour it back into your bottle.

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Tea Tree Oil And Keloid Scars

The antibacterial and antiseptic qualities of tea tree oil may help reduce the risk of infections. Infections can make scar tissue worse, so preventing infections may prevent scar tissue from developing.

Raised areas of scar tissue, called keloids, can keep growing even once a wound has healed. They can form anywhere on the body, and piercings can often cause them.

Keloids are harmless but do not go away by themselves. Therefore, if a person wants to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons, they will need to treat them. Surgical removal is one option, but the keloid often regrows with time.

Some articles suggest that tea tree oil could help reduce the appearance of scars. However, there is little high quality evidence that this essential oil is effective for reducing the development of scars or reducing existing scars.

Tea tree oil can be poisonous if a person swallows it. People should therefore take extra care when using tea tree oil on piercings around the mouth, and they should avoid using it inside the mouth to treat tongue piercings.

Remarkable Benefits Of Using Miracle Oil

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What are the benefits of using a Miracle Oil?

Miracle oils are constantly trending in the beauty market for their multi-beneficial use including their therapeutic treatments. Miracle oils such as our Maui Miracle Oil Trio are the most-sought after oils in the beauty market. Our set includes tamanu nut oil, coconut oil, and kukui nut oil. Consistent use of miracle oil can diminish hyper-pigmentation, blemishes, wrinkles, and age spots.

But theres more. Lets dive in to find out what why using Miracle Oil can be beneficial in the long run!

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Amazing Miracle Oil Benefits

Miracle oils are named after the multiple benefits they offer. Here they are:

  • Miracle Oil for Skin Care
  • Miracle oil contains a high volume of monounsaturated fatty acids which makes it very effective for moisturizing and softening the skin, regenerating skin cells, and preventing wrinkles. Miracle oils also contain antioxidants for combating free radicals, healing scars, and soothing dry skins. More so, the product is effective in the treatment of eczema, and psoriasis.

  • Effective for Stress Relief
  • Miracle oil is known for its anti-stress and antioxidant properties. Massaging with miracle oil shouldnt be limited to your scalp only. One of the most effective methods of soothing your spirit after a stressful day is to massage your body with miracle oil. You should try the coconut soothing oil to get started. Miracle oil also relieves muscle aches, fatigue, and headache.

  • Great for nails and dry heels
  • Did you know miracle oils also come with amazing benefits if used on nails, nail cuticles or dry heels? Not only that, but if you happen to live in the cold weather, keep in mind that Kukui Nut Oil is known for it’s ability to stop the cold and wind from creating skin issues while skiing, snowboarding, etc.

  • Effective in Hair Loss Treatment
  • Great Hair Conditioner
  • As mentioned earlier, miracle oils are effective for moisturizing, softening, and protecting the hair against damage. But the oil can do so much more than that.

  • Facial Radiance
  • More Dry Skin Relief Lanolin Wear Gloves Homemade Lotion & Salve

    I am tweaking my diet to try and get rid of the eczema I seem to always have on my hands, so in the meantime, I use lanolin like the one pictured all over my hands at night. Its sticky stuff, so wear cotton gloves I got at the drugstore. When my skin is really bad and cracked, I will put the Miracle Oil on first, then lanolin later and wear bandaids at night. Eczema is not fun, but these two are my go-to methods that make a big difference.

    I also wear rubber gloves whenever I do any kind of washing like the dishes, wiping off countertops, and cleaning the bathrooms.

    Check out my homemade organic lotion recipe which I LOVE for my dry skin and this dry skin salve recipe by Natural Living Mamma.

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    When To See Your Doctor

    If your skin tag isnt going away on its own after a few weeks of treatment, consider talking to a doctor. Doctors have several effective methods that can be completed quickly and easily during an office visit. Your doctor may choose to snip your skin tag off with sterile scissors, remove it with a scalpel, or tie a suture around the base.

    Tea Tree Oil Salt Soak


    Tea tree oils come in many strengths and some are already diluted. Read the labels carefully 100 percent tea tree oil can be very irritating to the skin. Dont take tea tree oil internally.

    Some people experience mild skin reactions when applying tea tree oil to their skin.

    Before using it to treat your skin tag, perform a patch test:

  • Place a small amount of tea tree oil on your arm.
  • Wait 24 to 48 hours.
  • Watch for any adverse reactions.
  • If you experience a reaction, dont use tea tree oil.

    Never ingest tea tree oil, its toxic. Drinking it can cause a serious reaction, including confusion and loss of muscle coordination.

    Dont use tea tree oil near your eyes.

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