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Why Does My Eczema Smell

Likely Suspects That Cause Dyshidrotic Eczema

My Skincare (For Eczema)

An overview of dyshidrotic eczema on Medscape estimates that close to 50 percent of those who develop dyshidrotic eczema already have atopic dermatitis , making already existing eczema a leading risk factor. Clearly, explained Siegfried, theres a genetic component to the condition.

Adult females between ages 20 and 40 are at particular risk. However, many triggers of dyshidrotic eczema fall into the manageable category, including nickel, cobalt, balsam and bacterial or fungal infection, with nickel considered the prime suspect.

Some doctors believe that an allergy to nickel is the principal cause of dyshidrotic eczema, Siegfried said, given the high levels of nickel in sweat and the concentration of sweat glands in the palms and soles of the feet.

Theres no consensus yet among experts about this, but patients can test the nickel hypothesis by consulting a nutritionist and trying a nickel-free diet for six weeks to see if it helps clear the blisters. Editors Note: The wellness newsletter Healthline offers a list of popular nickel-containing foods.

Avoiding such everyday objects as nickel-rich coins, zippers, cellphones, belt buckles and eyeglass frames can also help to confirm or rule out nickel as a trigger in some people with the condition. For a comprehensive list of sources of nickel, see the Mayo Clinics nickel allergy fact sheet.

Why Are There Weird Smell Behind My Ears

What causes a smell behind the ear?

  • Seborrheic dermatitis. Some types of dermatitis can trap sweat and odors. Seborrheic dermatitis is a type of eczema that
  • Poor hygiene. The area of skin directly behind the ears can very easily trap sweat and oils. The back of the ear can
  • Infected ear piercings. Maintaining good hygiene with ear piercings can help prevent

Why Does My Scalp Smells Bad Even After Shampooing

Two are the genetic, inflammatory skin conditions dandruff and psoriasis. Both, he says, can cause a flakey build-up that sits on the scalp and starts to smell over time if youre not striking the proper balance of washing with dandruff shampoo and letting the protective oils percolate on your head.

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Why Does Eczema Skin Smell A Summary

It is completely normal for eczema skin to smell, and is usually due to the treatments youve been using, your diet or perhaps your chronic scratching. This is not caused by poor hygiene and is not from anything you are doing wrong or should be embarrassed about.

It is most likely that other people cant pick up on the odour , so try not to feel self-conscious about it.

If you notice a smell, talk to your doctor. If it is something you are using to treat the condition they will be able to suggest alternatives, and if it is a sign of something more concerning, such as infection, your doctor will be able to help with that too.

There are lots of easy adjustments you can make and lovely natural products you can use to help with the smell.

Emollients For Treating Eczema

Why Does My Scalp Smell

Emollient creams add moisture to the skin. Apply moisturisers each day to clean, dry skin. It is especially important to moisturise after showering and bathing, and when living or working in an air-conditioned or heated environment. You may need to try several different brands until you find the emollient that works best for you. Ask your doctor, dermatologist or pharmacist for advice.

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My Skin Talks To Me: Four Things That Help

Here are four things Ive learned that help me manage eczema.

1. Listen to your skin

The minute I get an itch, I react by taking care of that itch. Sample sizes are great I recommend carrying them with you at all times in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. The topical steroids are now working for me again because Im finally using them properly.

2. Start over

Sometimes when I get an itch and I put my meds or my creams over it, it still itches. I think I may be sealing in an irritant, so then its time to start over:

  • Wash/cleanse the area to remove all other moisturizers/creams, pollen, perfumes , dead skin, etc.
  • Soothe the skin with cool water.
  • Pat dry.
  • Apply medicine and moisturizer.

On occasion, the medicine and moisturizer burn, perhaps due to broken skin. My kids who have mild eczema sometimes complain after applying meds and creams to an itch because they burn. Start over! Rinse off, do a light pat dry, and then what Ive found that really works for me and my kids in this instance is to use an ointment type of moisturizer, like Aquaphor. I find that the irritated skin needs time to calm and heal a bit. Later in the day or the next day after bathing, apply the medicine and moisturizer.

3. Take care of your skin everyday

Remember that a lot is not necessarily better. An even layer of moisturizer is ideal and comforting. Too much cream makes my skin itch it makes me feel like my skin cant breathe.

4. Treat your skin like a baby

Check Your Cosmetic Bag For Triggers

Finding cosmetics that dont aggravate atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis can be challenging. Products containing alcohol, fragrances, lanolin, or retinoids may cause eczema breakouts for many people, according to the NEA. Carefully check labels: Unscented does not mean the product does not contain fragrance it could mean the fragrance is masked. Look for fragrance-free instead. When trying out a new cosmetic, cleanser, or lotion, the NEA advises testing it on a small patch of skin and watching for any reactions after 48 hours before applying it to larger areas.

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Other Types Of Eczema

Eczema is the name for a group of skin conditions that cause dry, irritated skin.

Other types of eczema include:

  • discoid eczema a type of eczema that occurs in circular or oval patches on the skin
  • contact dermatitis a type of eczema that occurs when the body comes into contact with a particular substance
  • varicose eczema a type of eczema that most often affects the lower legs and is caused by problems with the flow of blood through the leg veins
  • seborrhoeic eczema a type of eczema where red, scaly patches develop on the sides of the nose, eyebrows, ears and scalp
  • dyshidrotic eczema a type of eczema that causes tiny blisters to erupt across the palms of the hands

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How Do I Get Rid Of The Musty Smell In My House

My Eczema Healing Journey

9 Tips to Remove Musty Smells from Your House

  • #1. Locate the Source of the Smell.
  • #2. Open as Many Windows & Doors as Possible.
  • #3. Turn on Ventilation Fans & Bring in Electric Fans.
  • #4. Boil Lemon Peels.
  • #5. Deep Clean & Remove Dust.
  • #6. Deep Clean Carpets.
  • #7. Bring in Air Purifiers.
  • #8. Clean with Plain White Vinegar.
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    Eliminating Triggers And Irritants

    In my 30s, after 20 years of topical steroids and an occasional injection, I realized my eczema was more than an inconvenient headache. I decided instead that it was an inconvenient allergy. I noticed that I would get red itchy bumps on my hands whenever I peeled shrimp or petted or washed the dog. So I decided I should try to eliminate possible irritants or triggers for my eczema.

    First I got rid of all the scented creams and soaps. Anything that had a smell to it had to go, including dryer sheets, nail polish, and some cleaning products. I thought that if I could smell a product, it had to be bad for me.

    Be Choosy About Cleaning Products

    Laundry detergent can flare atopic dermatitis or it can cause irritant hand dermatitis, for example, from hand-washing clothes and not wearing gloves and not moisturizing afterward, says Lee.

    She advises choosing a laundry detergent thats labeled fragrance-free, not unscented. Thats because fragrances can cause skin reactions for someone with eczema, according to the NEA, and unscented detergents may still have fragrances theyre just masked. Dyes can also cause irritation for those living with eczema, per the NEA, so look for a laundry detergent thats dye-free, too.

    Make sure you get all the soap out of your clothes by choosing the double rinse cycle.

    Be careful with other household cleansers, too. To prevent eczema flare-ups, look for natural alternatives to products with harsh ingredients, or try fold-fashioned cleaners like white vinegar and soda crystals, which dont contain any added chemicals, according to the National Eczema Society. Personally, I think all people with or without eczema should use skin-care products, cosmetics, and laundry detergents with as few chemicals as possible, adds Lee.

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    Why Topical Steroids Make Eczema Smell

    Treatments including topical steroids, antihistamines, antibiotics and immunosuppressants

    A number of treatments for eczema can cause your skin to smell because they cause changes in your body to help you counteract or suppress eczema.

    Steroids increase the acid in your body which causes the smell. They also bring on hormonal changes and can delay your skins ability to heal, both of which may increase the smell.

    Antihistamines can also cause your body to create more acid, to sweat more, and affect your liver, putting it into detoxification, again all stinky things.

    Why Does My Eczema Smell

    Why Does Dead Skin Smell Like Cheese

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    One plant that you need to address the roots. Read >

    Hal Hendricks


    Eczema Skin

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    How Can I Make My Kids Hair Smell Good

    Apply Hair Shots to your wet, dry, clean, or non-shampooed hair to eliminate that wet dog smell on active kids, use before athletics / fitness classes, or just spray anytime for great smelling hair! Either way your hair will be fragrant all day! Great Tip: Spray Hair Shots in your ball caps, helmets, and hats!

    Your Diet Can Also Make Your Eczema Smell Worse

    The eczema smell can occur even when you are not using medical drugs, for the following reasons:

    Ketosis: High protein/low carb diets can create excess acid in the body, and when ketosis occurs it causes the body to smell. This smell is a bit different to the typical eczema smell it can smell a bit like nail polish or bad sweat. If you have ever dated someone on the original Atkins diet you know what I mean!

    eating a poor diet rich in sugar and refined/processed white flour products can worsen eczema and the smell. Why? Because sugar feeds yeast and can lead to infestations which can worsen the smell of eczema.

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    What Causes Smelly Earwax After Swimming

    Along with smelly earwax, you may notice the following symptoms: Swimmers ear is usually caused by water that stays in your ear after swimming. The water keeps the outer ear moist, which results in an infection. Your ear may feel like its still underwater, and the infection can cause smelly earwax. Other symptoms of swimmers ear include:

    Eczema Causes And Risk Factors

    7 Things You Must Know To Get Rid of Eczema Naturally

    Experts arenât sure what exactly causes eczema. Things that may make it more likely include:

    • An immune system response to something irritating
    • Problems in your skinâs barrier that let moisture out and germs in
    • A family history of other allergies or asthma

    Know more about the link between allergies and eczema.

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    Tips For Preventing Infections

    Keeping eczema symptoms under control may help lower your chances of developing an infection. You can help prevent weeping eczema by doing the following:

    • Avoid scratching. No matter how much your skin itches, try not to scratch it. Scratching carries with it a major risk for infection. Keep your fingernails short, and if the itching becomes bothersome, try using a cold compress.
    • Use a humidifier. Dry indoor air can trigger itching and flaking of the skin. A humidifier adds moisture to the air in your home and protects your skin from drying up.
    • Moisturize skin. Cracks and open areas in the skin can provide an easy entry for bacteria. Its important to moisturize your skin at least twice a day. The best time to apply a moisturizer is when your skin is still damp after getting out of the shower or bath.
    • Take baths. Taking frequent baths or showers can reduce bacteria and remove dead skin. Use warm not hot water when bathing. Instead of rubbing, pat your skin dry.
    • Avoid harsh soaps. Stay away from soaps that are made with harsh perfumes or dyes. If you do use these products, rinse them completely from your body when showering.
    • Wear proper clothing. Choose clothing thats cool, smooth, and made of cotton. This will lower your chance of experiencing skin irritation.

    Scalp Odor Causes Why Does My Scalp Smell


    Before we proceed to causes, the smelly scalp is a condition which both men and women are equally vulnerable to. The infant or young children also not excluded. The ideal point to fixing the scalp problem is to understand what causes it. Read through to find out why your scalp may smell.

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    General Tips For Coping With Eczema

    Other tips to manage your eczema include:

    • Keep your fingernails short longer nails are more likely to injure your skin when you scratch.
    • If the water in your area is hard or alkaline, consider installing a water-softening device.
    • Swim in the sea in warm weather whenever you can seawater is known to reduce the symptoms of eczema.
    • Use sun exposure for limited periods for example, when swimming at the beach. This can help relieve eczema symptoms. But be aware that ultraviolet radiation is a risk factor for skin cancer and premature ageing of the skin. Also, if sun exposure causes overheating, this can also aggravate eczema.

    Stop Using Certain Treatments

    Eczema Why Does It Itch Treating Baby

    You can stop using the treatments such as topical steroids which are causing your skin to smell this is probably the best way to treat the smell. Talk to your doctor about withdrawing from any treatment and also about alternative options.

    When you withdraw from something like topical steroids your skin can smell worse before it gets better, and the smell can linger for a little while after you have stopped using the cream, so be patient in this.

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    Why Does Skin Smell Like Cheese

    The same bacteria that is used to ripen many cheeses, including Munster, Limburger and Port-du-Salut, also lives on our skin and eats dead skin cells. Its called Brevibacterium as it digests it gives off S-methyl thioesters, which smell cheesy.

    Use A Gentle Cream Or Balm

    Using creams or balms to moisturize your skin can be a great way to combat groin eczema. Itâs important to choose a product that is free from any added fragrances, dyes, and other common allergens that may make the condition worse.

    Some gentle ointments that can be used include petroleum jelly and mineral oil. They are often the first choice when it comes to gentle moisturizing. Creams and lotions can also be used, as well as skin barrier repair creams.

    When choosing a cream or balm, you should avoid certain ingredients such as:

    You should use home remedies once you have spoken to your doctor. This will ensure that you have a conclusive diagnosis and are free to try certain products that your physician can recommend.

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    Treatments For Weeping Eczema

    If your skin is weeping and infected, your treatment will depend on the type of infection you have.

    Bacterial infections are usually treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics may be administered as a cream, ointment, tablet, or syrup. Sometimes, antibiotics are given along with a topical steroid.

    Viral infections are typically treated with antiviral tablets. If your viral infection is severe, you may need to receive these medicines intravenously in a hospital setting.

    Fungal infections are helped with antifungal creams or ointments. These are usually combined with topical steroids.

    Its important that you continue to take your usual oral or topical medicines for eczema unless your doctor tells you to stop treatment.


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