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Best Moisturizer For Eyelid Eczema

Does It Have The Features You Need

How I Cured My Eczema (Face/Eyelids)?

Wait for a minute before you buy the eye cream for dry itchy eyelids, check if it has all the features in your requirement list! If it doesnt have them, then you should avoid buying that particular model and start looking for an alternative. We always suggest our editors to make a list of important features before adding a product to a list and based on the feature, the quality of the product, brand-assurance, rank it! So if it has all you need, you should not mind paying a bit extra. However, if you end up buying the best eye cream for dry itchy eyelids which doesnt have the feature you need the most, then it wont make sense! Would it? To us, it wouldnt! Thats why you should make up a list which includes the features you are looking for, technical specifications if any, etc and come up with a budget.

How To Treat Eyelid Eczema

Steroids are an important tool for treating eczema. There is much bad press about steroids but it can be a very helpful tool to help control eczema flare-ups. The important thing to remember is that continuous, long term use of topical steroids is not good. It should rather be used as a tool to help control eczema and the inflammation process before it takes over.

With that said, a mild steroid such as hydrocortisone 1% cream is a good place to start. This is readily available over the counter. Again, discuss with your doctor before using this.

And I cannot emphasize this enough but please make sure you use a good moisturizer after applying the steroid cream. The best time to use steroids and moisturizer is within 3 minutes after a bath when the skin is hydrated.

Why Is It So Important To Moisturize After A Bath Or Shower

Water is an effective way to put moisture back into the skin, but only if you use lukewarm water, avoid scrubbing and apply a moisturizer within three minutes after bathing or showering. This last step very important if you dont moisturize immediately afterward, the moisture your skin needs will evaporate and may cause a rebound effect making the skin even more dry.

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The Best Eczema Cream According To Dermatologists

Fight flakes, dryness, and itchiness from eczema with these expert-backed creams.

In case you’re not so familiar, eczema is a frustrating skin condition that causes dry, rash-like irritation that can eventually even led to painful sores and blisters. “Clinically, it can look like inflamed red skin, dark-colored patches, scaly, rough or leathery skin or oozing crusting skin,” explains , M.D., a New York-based dermatologist and founder of Fifth Avenue Aesthetics. “There are different types of eczema, but the most common type is atopic dermatitis or ‘classic’ eczema that usually presents with pink, itchy, dry or inflamed skin,” she adds.

Eczema is so common that Dr. Hayag says around one in 10 people will develop eczema at some point in their lifetime. While the cause of eczema is not entirely known, a combination of genetic, environmental, and immune triggers are involved, says Dr. Hayag. And even though there is no cure, thankfully, eczema can be controlled using medication, proper skin care, trigger avoidance, and coping mechanisms, she adds.

If you struggle with eczema, you know just how difficult it can be to find creams and lotions that offer relief for the dryness, redness, and itchiness that comes with the condition. To make life easier, keep scrolling for what to know when shopping for moisturizers, as well as the best eczema creams, ointments, and lotions, according to a dermatologist.

Colleen Rothschild Beauty Sheer Renewal Cream 24 Ounce

Dermal Therapy Face &  Eyelid Eczema Cream 40g

Your dry skin would cause breakouts. With this cream, your skin appears clearer and more refreshed. The cream goes on so smoothly and doesnt make your face feel greasy when you apply makeup. In the morning, you can also add it to sunscreen to make it less tacky.

In addition to providing continuous weightless hydration, Sheer Renewal Cream encourages new cell turnover to help minimize wrinkles and lines.

A light breathable barrier provides broad environmental protection thanks to its powder finish.

COLLEEN ROTHSCHILD SKINCARE consists of Level E3, an exclusive technology that enables key ingredients to work harder and smarter.


Highly suitable for mature skin

Very light

Excellant moisturizing cream with a lovely scent

eaves skin feeling hydrated

works great under makeup or sunscreen

skin feels great and smooth


5: OCuSOFT Hypochlor Hypochlorous Acid Solution Spray 0.02% 59 Milliters, Eyelid Spray for Irritated Eyelids

  • OcuSOFT HypoChlor is a top-rated cleansing product for eyelids and eyelashes! which is highly recommended by doctors.
  • Combining it with a surfactant to remove oil and debris can relieve severe eyelid discomfort. Healing wounds are made easier by the soothing and moisturizing effect of the gel.
  • Microorganisms are removed from the eyelids, eyelashes, and minor skin irritations are effectively treated immediately

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Pca Skin Ideal Complex Restorative Eye Cream

This cream contains orange stem cell extract and the unique formula of the cream helps not just with sensitive skin and its restoration, but also helps reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. With its rejuvenating properties, it helps reduce the appearance of inflammation in eczema affected eyelids by keeping it hydrated and moisturized. With ingredients like shea butter, grapeseed oil, aloe leaf juice, grapefruit peel oil, and orange culture extract among others, it helps keep the skin healthy and hydrated. It can be applied directly to the eyelid without the fear of any reactions. It is recommended that you use it twice daily for optimal results.


Now that weve looked at the 10 best eye creams for eczema on eyelids, heres a quick buying guide to help you select one.

How Do I Get Rid Of Eczema On Eyelids

While there is no way to get rid of eczema on eyelids, the best way to manage it is by using an eye cream that is suitable to your skin type. As mentioned above, a cream without artificial fragrances, composed of ceramides and hyaluronic acid go a long way in controlling eczema on eyelids and eczema around the eyes.

Sometimes, managing a skin condition like eczema, and that too in a sensitive spot like the eyelids, or around the eye, can get a little frustrating. However, you must remember that no matter what, even this part of you is beautiful. So, dont give up on your skin. Show it some natural and organic love, which will ensure that your skin doesnt suffer anymore at the hands of harsh chemicals. All you need is the perfect cream that can help you manage it. We are hoping that with the help of the products quoted in this article, you will be able to find the perfect match for your imperfectly perfect skin. Just remember no fragrance or allergens, composed of hyaluronic acid and ceramides. And if possible, look for the ones with all-natural, organic ingredients. This will help you find the eye cream for eczema that suits you the most.

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Eye Shadow Causes Most Eyelid Eczema In Women

In my cosmetic dermatology practice, more than 90 percent of the time, the culprit that causes eyelid eczema is eye shadow.

Eyelid skin is thin and delicate. It is not designed for eye shadow. When applying eye shadow, you stretch the skin to hold it taut so the shadow goes on smoothly. When you stretch the skin, you make tiny microscopic cracks. When you make tiny little cracks, then stuff gets into the under layers of the skin that usually doesnt. That stuffcreams, lotions, powders, colors, fragrancesall cause irritation.

Powder and cream-to-powder eye shadows are drying to the skin. To apply pencils and crayon type sticks smoothly, the skin must be stretched. The absolute worst is shimmer shadow or any eye shadow that lists mica in the ingredient list. Shimmers and iridescent shadows use mica to give shine. Mica is a sheet of reflective mineral with very sharp edges. Some are more finely ground than others, but all make microscopic cuts to the top layer of skin. Applying eye cosmetics containing mica is like rubbing little tiny glass slivers into the skin. Your eyelids dont appreciate that.

Sponge tipped applicators worsen the problem by abrading the skin.

Using a synthetic pad, toilet paper, or Kleenex to remove eye makeup is very damaging to the delicate eyelid skin. Those products are too rough in texture and the fibers abrade the skin.

Occasionally, the rash is from a true allergic reaction to a specific color dye in the eye shadow.

What Are The Common Ways To Treat Eczema

Eye Eczema Help – Top Organic Natural Creams For Eye Eczema

1: Use of Steroids

The treatment for eyelid eczema is the use of emollients and mild topical steroids and emollients only after the prescription of the doctor. Keeping in mind the thinness and sensitiveness of the area, health professionals only use mild topical steroids .Eczemaaround the eyes causing wrinkles is a major issue because of the sensitivity of the area.

The use of mild topical steroids is safe as long as you follow your healthcare providers instructions. A mild steroid is usually prescribed for five days during an acute flare-up, and then a moderate strength steroid is prescribed for five days. It is not very often that potent topical steroids are prescribed for use on the region surrounding eyelids. A dermatologist can only make this prescription.


The use of topical calcineurin inhibitors pimecrolimus and tacrolimus is also recommended. Due to these not being steroids, there is no risk. They have been found to be significantly effective in treating eyelid eczema.

Some side effects include photosensitivity. It is particularly important to protect yourself from the sun during the summer months: applying sunscreen and wearing clothing that provides sun protection, such as a hat. Its excellent to use TCIs at night since you have to keep a gap between TCIs and another cream, including sunscreen .

3: Keep Facial Skincare Simple

4: Things to Avoid

To prevent flare-ups, try identifying and avoiding contact irritants and allergens. These can include:

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Home Remedies To Treat Dry Eyelids

Compresses are a quick and easy way to feel relief from eyelid dermatitis. “You can gently apply a cold or warm compress to soothe the skin,” advises Engelman. “If you have aloe vera or shea butter on hand, those ingredients can also be soothing to irritated skin.”

Green favors “whole milk compresses, three times a day,” to relieve symptoms of dry eyelids. You can create a whole milk compress by soaking a washcloth in a bowl of cold cow’s milk and then pressing it to your eyelid for several minutes. Make sure to choose a whole milk variety, as the high fat content provides natural emollients that are soothing to skin.

In addition to compresses, Engelman suggests the use of over-the-counter moisturizers to “help reduce the need to rub the eye area.” Her picks include Cetaphil Restoring Lotion, which she says is a “great drugstore moisturizer thats fragrance and paraben-free, making it ideal for sensitive skin. This lotion will help to restore moisture around the eyes and be extra gentle on the compromised area.” She also loves “La Roche-Posays Toleriane Ultra Eye Cream, which is formulated specifically for those with allergy-prone and sensitive skin.” Use for a more targeted treatment.

Peredo recommends using a “moisturizer several times a day, such as “Skinfluences Intense Moisture Balm. It is a heavier moisturizer to help soften the skin.” She also likes an occlusive like Aquaphor for treating the gentle eye area, while Green likes Vaseline for a similar effect.

Eczema Type: Hand Eczema

About 10 percent of people have hand eczema, according to the National Eczema Association. Symptoms can include redness, itching, dryness, cracks, and blisters. Cold weather can also intensify eczema-prone hands, but these tips for healthy winter hands can help undo some of the damage. I love to wash with Eucerin Skin Calming Wash or CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, during the day, says Peter A. Lio, MD, a clinical assistant professor of dermatology & pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. Then use a lighter moisturizer such as Theraplex Hydrolotion so you can still shake hands, work with paper, and use a computer with getting grease everywhere. He recommends something heavier and more protective at night such as CeraVe Healing Ointment, Vaniply, Aquaphor, or Theraplex Eczema Therapy.

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Eczema Type: Moderate To Severe

Moderate to severe eczema can be itchy, dry, and easily irritated. If you have this kind of eczema, your skins barrier needs eczema cream repair STAT make sure youre not damaging your barrier function without realizing it. Barrier repair can lock moisture in and keep irritants and infectious agents out. Jeffrey Fromowitz, MD, a dermatologist in Boca Raton, FL, recommends Eau Thermale Avènes TriXéra+ Selectiose Emollient Cream for moderate eczema. Interestingly, the National Eczema Association gave its seal of acceptance to the Eau Thermal Avène brand. For severe eczema, Dr. Fromowitz steps it up to prescription strength Epiceram Controlled Release Skin Barrier Emulsion. Epiceram mimics the natural proportions of essential fats found in healthy skin which are lacking in eczema-prone skin.

Lotions Creams And Ointments

Dermal Therapy Cream Face &  Eyelid Eczema 40g Relief to ...

There are three types of moisturizers: lotions, creams, and ointments. Theyâre classified by the amount of oil and water in them. The more oil they contain, the better they are for eczema.

Ointments have the most oil. Theyâre usually the best choice to treat eczema. They won’t burn when you apply them to your skin. They help it hold on to moisture.

Some people like to use them overnight. This gives your skin time to absorb them fully. Petroleum jelly and mineral oil are examples.

Creams are a good choice if you don’t like the greasy feel of an ointment. They have the second highest amount of oil. They can also seal in moisture.

Be sure to read labels carefully. Creams often contain additives that can irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions in some people.

Lotions are mostly made of water and have the lowest amount of oil. They don’t usually work well for people with eczema. They evaporate quickly and may have ingredients that bother your skin.

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Best For Face And Body: Vanicream Moisturizing Lotion

Perfect if you can’t stand heavy, thick consistencies, this lightweight cream has a non-greasy, fragrance-free formula that’s suitable for use on the body and face, making it a great option for people who prefer a low-maintenance moisturizing routine, notes Dr. Hayag.

Buy It:Vanicream Moisturizing Lotion, $19 for 2,

Causes Of Eyelid Eczema

There are basically two main causesfor eyelid eczema: allergens and irritants. Although the symptoms mayappear similar, what is happening inside cells at the immune system level isdifferent.

  • Allergens symptoms result from an allergy to a substance, like dust or pollen, thattriggers an allergic reaction within the body.
  • Irritants forexample mascara or eye cream cause symptoms locally, even without an allergy toany of the ingredients.

Keeping a symptom journal may helpidentify an allergen like a personal care product or household cleaner. If atrigger can be identified, the first and best eczema on eyelid treatment willbe to eliminate that trigger.

However, there are many allergensand irritants in the environment, so it may be difficult to figure out what iscausing eyelid eczema symptoms. Keeping hands and eyelids clean and usingpersonal care products and cleaners made from all-natural ingredients may helpprevent or reduce future recurrences.

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Eczema On Babies And Infants

During the first few months of life, your baby may experience symptoms of red, crusty patches of skin. If you are unsure if your child has eczema, it is best to consult your doctor to find out exactly what is causing this. Babies may show signs of eczema anywhere on their body, but most commonly it is found on their cheeks and the joints of their arms and legs. If eczema runs in the family, then your child may be more likely to have it. Treatment options for infants with eczema include applying a fragrance-free cream or ointment such as petroleum jelly, which may help the babys skin retain its natural moisture. A short, lukewarm bath may help cool their skin and reduce itching.

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Home Remedies Can Help

How I Cured My Eczema/Dermatitis Naturally – EYELIDS & BODY!

The best way to manage eczema around the eyes is to keep the skin in the area highly moisturized.

  • Avoid drying face washes. Choose leave-on emollient products that keep the skin moisturized while they cleanse it.
  • Avoid fragrances. Many skincare products contain added fragrances. Choose products that are fragrance-free.
  • Use gentle products. Ask your dermatologist for recommendations for gentle moisturizers. These will keep skin moist and free from irritation.
  • Wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Sun exposure can make the skin on your eyes more sensitive and lead to eczema outbreaks. Aim to limit exposure.
  • Avoid triggers. If you know certain allergens or products trigger an outbreak, steer clear of these. Stick to tried-and-true favorites that you know dont irritate your skin.

Unfortunately, eczema is a persistent skin condition that is tricky to treat. For some people, eczema subsides over time as they get older. Other people, however, may have to deal with the condition throughout their lifetime.

As more information is gained on the condition, more effective treatment and symptom management options are becoming available. A combination of the above treatment options and preventative measures works best for most people.

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