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Best Mosquito Repellent For Eczema

Why Use An Insect Repellent

Home remedies for mosquito bites that are natural, safe and highly effective

If you dont suffer from eczema or allergies, you may find that you barely notice when you get an insect bite. However, for people with eczema, an insect bite can cause a severe reaction.

Our child with eczema gets nasty sores just from midge bites, and on the few warm summer evenings we can spend outdoors, she has to be covered head to toe. Unfortunately, it seems that the insects like her more than the rest of us which makes the problem even worse!

The good news is that we dont have any harmful insects here in the UK, so the worst that most people suffer is swelling, redness and discomfort. Its different if youre going abroad, particularly to somewhere with mosquitos youll need to take things more seriously as a bite or sting can have more serious health risks.

Of course, a repellent is all about prevention rather than cure, so it pays to do your research to find out whether your child with eczema can tolerate an insect repellent before you go on holiday.

Coleman 40% Deet Insect Repellent

Coleman is back with their 40% DEET insect repellent. 40% DEET is going to protect you from all but the largest, hungriest swarms of mosquitoes. And even then it will likely ward off most of them. Although this is an aerosol spray it nonetheless goes on dry and is resistant to sweat.

Its unscented and it shouldnt be negatively affected by sunscreen either. The can itself is rust resistant and has a child-resistant twist locking cap. Coleman 40% DEET is considered effective protection against malaria, Zika virus, West Nile virus and Dengue fever. And will also provide ample protection against ticks that carry Lyme disease.

Choosing An Insect Repellent

Unfortunately, theres no simple answer to the problem of choosing an insect repellent for a child with eczema. The Eczema Society says: All mosquito repellents applied to the skin can cause some irritation. This is especially true of liquid repellents, which are alcohol-based and can sting.

DEET is perhaps the most well-known repellent, but if your child proves to be allergic, you should look for alternatives which contain Icardin, Dimethyl Pthalate or Eucalyptus oil.

As is so often the case, its a question of trial and error to find out which repellent your child can tolerate.

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Choosing An Insect Repellent For Eczema Children

Most parents of children with eczema are understandably wary about putting anything on the skin, sticking to tried and trusted shampoos, soaps and emollients only. However, when the summer insects are on the move here in the UK, or youre going on holiday where there may be mosquitos, you will probably have no choice but to use an insect repellent.

In this article, we explore the issue of insect repellents for children with eczema. We also and look at ways to keep your child bite-free without having to use a chemical on their skin.

Unfortunately, theres no simple answer to the problem of choosing an insect repellent for a child with eczema. DEET is perhaps the most well-known repellent, but if your child proves to be allergic to this, you should look for alternatives which contain Icardin, Dimethyl Pthalate or Eucalyptus oil. As is so often the case, its a question of trial and error to find out which repellent your child can tolerate.

Best Mosquito Repellent For Kids With Eczema

5 Best Yard Mosquito Repellents and Sprays In 2020
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Bugs can keep you inside at night in the summer. You wont want to deal with itchy bug bites on top of itchy skin. Its good practice to wear cotton long sleeve shirts, and pants to protect yourself. But that can get hot, so its good to know the best mosquito repellent for kids with eczema.

The active ingredient in most bug spray is DEET, which can cause problems for people with sensitive skin and eczema.

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Homemade Mosquito/insect Repellent For Eczema Sufferers And Sensitive Skin

Home Body Scrubs Sugar and Coffee as an Ingredient?

I was watching a documentary recently on the alarming increase of mosquitos in my local area. The fear of the West Nile disease has been significant since the first arrival of the most dangerous types of mosquitoes arriving from the Mediterranean a couple years back. Even back then, the potential dangers of this little group of mosquitoes is death, as there has been a couple cases of death often in the elderly.

Human scent is made up of many natural chemicals in our body. What is interesting is that some of our scent will either attract Mosquitos or simply drive them away.

Our Top Tips For Using Insect Repellents On Eczema Children

  • When using insect repellent on your child, take the time to read the label and follow all directions and precautions.
  • Spray repellents in open areas to avoid breathing them in and apply just enough repellent to cover clothing and exposed skin more doesnt make the repellent more effective.
  • When you come inside, wash your childrens skin with soap and water to remove any repellent and wash their clothing before they wear it again.

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Cortizone 10 1% Hydrocortisone Anti

  • Price: $

Hydrocortisone meets chamomile and vitamins A, C, and E in this creamy formula, which is made to soothe itchy skin related to bug bites, poison ivy, and plain dry skin. According to the manufacturer, this is the strongest itch-relief medication you can buy without a prescription.

While online reviews were generally positive, our personal experience is mixed.

This works well, and I like that it doesnt show on the skin. Brown

On mosquito bites with allergic reaction, this didnt really stop the itching, no matter how thoroughly I covered a bite. Candice Abellon, Healthline editor

  • Pros: strong and effective
  • Cons: requires a prescription

For a stronger hydrocortisone cream, youll need a prescription from your doctor. A 2.5 percent strength topical steroid cream can be used to treat inflammation and itching, which makes it effective if your bug bites get really swollen.

Ive found this strength to be more effective than over-the-counter options. A major drawback is, of course, access. In the United States, you need a prescription through a doctor. The other ingredients are typically petrolatum and mineral oil. You can use it on hives, mosquito bites, and spider bites. This has worked well for me as someone whose bug bites tend to swell up. Abellon

This is an effective itch reliever made with organic ingredients think: colloidal oatmeal, beeswax, sunflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and several essential oils.

Best Deet Bug Spray: Cutter Backwoods Insect Repellent

Incognito Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks

During our research, we found DEET to be the consensus gold standard when it comes to insect repellents . But despite their reputation, sprays containing DEET didnt score as well overall in our tests as other options. If you dont care as much about the smell and feel of the spray and want the science-backed, best-in-class ingredient for repelling bugs, DEET is the way to go.

Out of the multiple DEET-based repellents we tested, the Cutter Backwoods Insect Repellent edged out the competition. It really came down to the Cutter and the famous OFF! Deep Woods Insect & Mosquito Repellent, but the cap of the OFF! popped off during testing and was the aerosol can that left us with repellent stuck in the bottle, so we had to knock off some points.

The Cutter had a solid spray, though it came out slightly wet and cold at times. The nozzle is larger than the others we tested, resulting in a wide area of application. This, plus its ability to spray upside down, made for ultra fast application times, clocking in at under 13 seconds on average for mostly full-body coverage.

The spray wasnt too offensive, but still a little harsh. It has that classic chemical smell you expect from bug spray. The repellent also left a light residue that took quite a while to fully dry, but it didnt feel terribly greasy.

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Oatmeal Bath For Eczema

The best type of bath for eczema may be the oatmeal bath. A colloidal oatmeal bath is safe gentle and easy to give to a toddler. The emollients in the oatmeal act as a moisturizer and help you combat dry itchy skin.

An oatmeal bath may be the easiest bath to give because you can purchase oatmeal packets and pour them into the water without needing to measure. Of course, you can get creative with your oatmeal uses as well.

Read some of the moisturizing routines and the 5 step guide to oatmeal baths to learn how to use the oatmeal you have on the shelf to give an oatmeal bath right now.

Best Overall: Off Deep Woods Mosquito Repellent Spray

Active ingredient: DEET

Aerosol cans take up space, but they make it easy to be sure youre covering every last bit of exposed skin. This product contains 25% DEET, and the powder-dry formula never feels sticky or greasy. It provides up to eight hours of protection from mosquitoes and ticks, making it great for any outdoor activityhiking, fishing, hunting, camping, you name it.

Over the past few years I have tried basically every natural product on the market with no luck, . I decided to give Off! a shot and Im so glad I did. It gives me the protection I need! Bugs love me and this does a good job of keeping them away. I have Lyme disease and seven other tick-borne diseases that I have contracted several years ago, so I am super picky about staying safe.

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Finding Your Own Mixture And Other Essentials Oils

There are plenty of other essential oils besides neem oil that can be used to make your own homemade bug repellent including Citronella, Eucalytus Oil, Catnip, Basil, Lavender and peppermint. All is needed is choosing just 1 essential oil or a combination of these oils. Each ingredient will provide a different smell and effectiveness against certain insects, so its best to experiment to find a combination that you like. It is suggested that most of the ingredients are just as effective as DEET.

It was suggested to use lemon eucalyptus or eucalyptus as a main essential oil in the mix with carrier oils, distilled water or vinegar. I have read many success stories from reading other blogs with this mix, so I will have to give it a try next time.

Some mixes I sampled used lemon eucalyptus and lavender whereas another sample I tried is citronella and possibly geranium . The second mix smells less of a chemical smell of a commercial bug spray. So you got plenty of choices that you can make according to your liking. You may use one or combination of oils.

Keep in mind that each oil is effective against certain insects, so choose wisely and plan which insects mostly habituate in the area you are destined to go. Usually a combination of oils is more effective against various bugs. Wooded areas are most likely to be infested with ticks and mosquitos so eucalyptus is a good choice to mix with. You may also add geranium which is excellent for ticks.


Best Insect Repellents For Children And The Whole Family

The Best Mosquito Repellent In 2020 For Outdoor Enthusiasts

There is nothing more irritating for you and your little ones than itchy insect bites. So here is our pick of the best insect repellents for the warmer months or if you’re heading abroad. Whether you’re looking for a spray or deterrent for your children or the whole family, there is a range of products that will help keep the pesky mosquitos and midges at bay.

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Avon Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Body Spray 350

Suitable for: 5+

This spray is designed to soften your skin with the help of Jojoba oil, but many parents swear by its insect-fighting properties, too. It contains citronella oil, which is probably why it can help ward off bites, however, as mentioned before, the oil isnt recognised as an official repellent.

Nonetheless, Skin So Soft gets recommended again and again on our MFM Forum, for kids as well as pregnant mamas. As one of our members raves, it really seems to work hubby was the only one who got bitten, and he forgot to put it on. If you do want to use it on your kids, the brand recommends 5 years old as the minimum age.

Available from: and Avon

Best For Babies And Kids: Babyganics Natural Insect Repellent

Keep your little ones defended against mosquitos with this baby-safe DEET-free formula, which uses a blend of bug-repelling ingredients and essential oils like citronella, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass, and geranium. Recommended for ages six months and up, its packed in a travel-friendly spray bottle that wont get lost in your baby bag.

Theres not many products I feel safe using on my daughter that actually work, but this one does, . The smell of citronella a little strong but it keeps the bugs off the babies and mommas if you have sensitive skin.

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What You Need To Know About Insect Repellents If You Have Eczema And Asthma

The Environmental Protection Agency regulates most insect repellents applied on the skin.

Maybe you thought this regulation was a role of the Food and Drug Administration . After all, the FDA oversees food and drug safety, food labeling laws and, to a lesser extent, cosmetics that go on the skin. And some insect repellents claim to be “natural.” They may even contain food-related ingredients, like soybean oil or lemon.

With the Zika virus becoming a health emergency, we are giving a little explanation about bug spray labeling and what you need to know if you have eczema , contact dermatitis or asthma.

Michael Land, MD, FAAAAI, an allergist and member of AAFAs Medical Scientific Council, offers tips on how people with skin conditions and sensitive skin can protect themselves from bites this summer.

What does safety and effectiveness mean?

The EPA regulates most bug sprays for both safety and effectiveness.

  • Safety refers to using the product according to label directions.
  • Effectiveness refers to whether or not the product actually works at keeping bugs away.

Safety does not refer to whether or not the product might contain an allergen or an ingredient that irritates your skin.

When a repellent includes one of these ingredients, you will see it listed on the label:

  • DEET
  • Peppermint and peppermint oil
  • Soybean oil

Doctors recommend applying only to intact skin.

What if you have asthma?

Here are some other tips to avoid bites and irritation:

Coleman 100% Max Insect Repellent

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repellent – How it Works

Considering their entire business is focused on creating affordable high-quality outdoor gear it should be no surprise that Coleman also produces an outstanding insect repellent. Their 100% Max repels mosquitoes, biting flies, gnats, ticks, deerflies, no-see-ums and more. Its considered an effective way to prevent malaria, Zika virus, West Nile virus, Dengue fever and Lyme disease.

And its high concentration of DEET is certain to keep you bite free for up to 10 full hours. Coleman has put extra effort into mitigating the sometimes unpleasant odor associated with DEET. And theyve managed to do so without simply burying it beneath some odious perfume smell. This is one of our favorite mosquito repellents for the back country.

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Neem Oil In Natural Bug Repellent

The natural bug repellent contains neem oil which is commonly known to treat eczema and psoriasis. Unfortunately on a recent trip to the market, it is no longer sold in that particular store, so thats when I decided to make my own. There was another type that is soy-based but unfortunately I was allergic to soy.

Life Systems Expedition 100+

All other things held constant, the Life Systems Expedition 100+ is plausibly the best mosquito repellent UK! It is a hard-core solution that was designed for experienced expeditioners who venture into the depths of tropical forests. With 95% DEET composition in its formula, any bug that comes close to you will be signing their death wish.

This allows you to venture into high-risk Malaria territory without batting an eye! The Life Systems Expedition is a very powerful bug repellent.

It stays active on your skin for up to 10 hours. Despite its high DEET content, the solution is suitable for adults, as well as children of 6 years and above.

It is safe to say that using it in the UK would be overkill, but if youre tired of the non-stop bites, maybe its time you give the mosquitoes a taste of their own medicine. Those who plan African safaris and expeditions into the depth of the Amazon jungle will find this solution to be a great asset in the wilderness.

Overall, youll be hard-pressed finding a solution that repels insects as effectively as the Life Systems Expeditions 100+. On the downside, the solution can be pretty damaging if it gets to your cloths or comes close to open wounds on your skin.


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Natural Bug Sprays With Essential Oils

There are lots of other natural bug repellents out there containing oils like citronella, cedar, clove, lemongrass, peppermint and soybean, among others. While botanicals may seem safer , plant oils have mainly been found to repel mosquitos only, Slaughter-Atiemo says, and for shorter amounts of time at that. More research needs to be done to see how well they repel ticks and other biting insects. For a quick fix when hanging out in the backyard, some parents prefer using a natural bug spray for babiesbut theyre not the best bet if youre in an area with insect-borne diseases. Lastly, natural plant oils arent regulated by the FDA, and while allergic reactions are rare, Slaughter-Atiemo says, they can still happen when using natural bug sprays with essential oils.


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