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O Keeffe’s For Eczema

Okeeffes Skin Repair Cream Review

Georgia O’ Keeffe art project/history @ Art Playground

Having suffered from eczema all my life, I have lost count of the number of different products and creams I have tried and the brands I have used.

But every now and then a new cream that I have never tried or heard of is recommended to me and can sometimes surprise me, this as one of them.

My good friend and guest writer for our eczema website Shelley-Marie contacted me recently and said

You have to try this for your son.

What is it I replied?

Ive never heard of that I thought to myself. So I did what most people do and Googled it straight away. The first picture that came up was of a green tin of hand cream and I thought that was for dirty hands weird. The sort men use for creaming their hands after they had worked on their car or something. lol

So, I asked Shelley again and she told me No, thats the wrong one, its called OKeeffes Skin Repair Cream When I finally found the correct cream I researched it and found it had some amazing.

Whats Better For Eczema Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Vs Okeeffes Working Hands

For the past 10 years or so, Ive primarily been using Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, Advanced Repair just about every night. Its fragrance-free, it has a good consistency , and its reasonably priced, so it checks all of the major boxes. I apply it on my hands before I go to sleep. Surprisingly, it doesnt feel all that greasy, even though it contains both petrolatum and mineral oil.

However, a friend gave me OKeeffes Working Hands Hand Cream for Christmas this year, so I wondered if I should start using that instead of my tried-and-true Vaseline lotion.

I decided to ask my Dad the Chemist for his professional opinion. I didnt tell him anything about either product, just sent him both ingredient lists and asked him which one he liked better .

O’keeffe’s Was Started More Than 25 Years Ago By A Woman Named Tara O’keeffe In An Effort To Help Her Dad Bill With His Dry Cracked Hands Bill Was A Rancher And He Was Diabetic He Had Pretty Bad Hands That Would Crack And Split And Tara Couldn’t Find Anything That Would Work For Him

So Tara, being a pharmacist, brought home ingredients from the pharmacy and made what is now Working Hands, in her own kitchen. Designed for her father Bill, that’s why the product looks the way it does today. Even the rubber on the jar lid is inspired by the handle of a hammer.Little by little, word got out, and people started asking for it and buying it. Fast forward to today, and O’Keeffe’s has a loyal following of not just people who work outdoors, but also nurses, teachers, mechanics, diabetics, and people with skin conditions such as Eczema.

In addition to great products, we strive to be a great company for our employees. The Gorilla Glue Company, which owns the Gorilla Glue®, O’Keeffe’s®, and Sapadilla brands, is family-owned and operated and prides itself on its family atmosphere and quality products. Our employees are our number one asset, and our company is dedicated to providing a healthy work culture centered on our core values. In fact, weve been selected as a Top Place To Work in Cincinnati for 9 years in a row.


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This Is The Miracle Cream That Instantly Healed My Dry Cracked Hands

My hands are pretty attractive.

Like, if there were a movie starring just hands, mine would totally be the leading man, a pretty boy along the lines of Zac Efron . They stretch long, toned, thin from years of playing the piano, are even-toned, wrinkle-free. My fingers and hands, from the veins that bulge on top, to the baby skin underneath, are objectively pretty, well, pretty. I cant say the same for any other part of my body, unfortunately.

But one thing thats really f***ing them up: this dry weather. Its cracking and splitting them open and making them resemble a current day Mickey Rourke. Its just not well, that aesthetically pleasing, any more. My hands never cracked or split until one summer, when they opened up so badly, they started to bleed. Id never experienced such a painful occurrence. Being completely confused as to what was going on, I went to my dermatologist to see if there was something more nefarious lurking beneath.

So I was surprised to hear my diagnosis: I had a form of eczema. In my case, specifically, its called dyshidrotic eczema. Its basically when your hands get flakey, super dry and itchy, caused by, what the derm said is lack of moisture. He prescribed me a tube of steroid cream and said to use it whenever things got severe. The cream actually did work, and I found my wounds being healed almost immediately.

BuyHERE for $7.

Thoughts From My Dad The Chemist On Okeeffes Working Hands Vs Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair

Best Hand Lotion for Eczema: O

Heres what my dad had to say once he compared the ingredients for these two products:

Dear Emily, these two formulas are very close on ingredients and performance, however, I would prefer the first formula not the second one because:1) The first one is paraben free, the second one has methylparaben and propylparaben.2) although the moisturizing performance may be equal or close, but Because the first one contains aluminum starch octenylsuccinate which may reduce the oily or sticky after feel resulting from various skin conditioning ingredients such as mineral oil and/or glycerin.3) The first one contains a cationic polymer, polyquaternium -10, it provides positive charge for skin/hair, a good conditioner for skin and hair.Love,

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Do You Have Dry Itchy Eczema

Are you like me who constantly feels the cold, loves sitting beside the fire or climbing into a preheated warm bed during the winter despite knowing that this is bad for your skin? Then this cream may help you out

If you dont follow me and havent heard my story before then here it is in a nutshell. I am 27 years old and have suffered from eczema since being a baby. After coming down with shingles, my eczema spiraled out of control in 2016 and I was diagnosed with a severe skin condition called Erthroderma, which is currently being controlled with immunosuppresants called Ciclosporyin/Ciclosporine.

During the cold weather seasons, my skin gets very dry, scaly and extremely itchy. I do not help it by wearing 1000 layers, sitting next to the fire and heating my bed with an electric blanket as I am not a fan of the cold. Since controlling my skin with immune suppressants I havent *touch wood* had a flare up as severe as the time I paid privately to see a dermatologist in desperate measures, being diagnosed with a severe case of Erythroderma. However, I have had a fair few infections and flare-ups which made controlling my skin extremely difficult.

Recently, roughly 4 days ago, I came across OKeeffes Skin Repair cream whilst shopping in Sainsburys and if you have tried every cream under the sun like I have, as soon as you see for itchy and extremely dry skin on the bottle you cannot help but hope it does what it says on the tin so I went ahead and gave it a go.

What I Think Makes A Good Hand Lotion For Eczema

Heres what Ive learned about my own preferences over the years. This isnt necessarily going to apply to everyone, its just what Ive found to be most effective for my eczema.

  • Good consistency: not too runny, but also not too thick. Lotions with my favorite consistency: Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion Advanced Repair and CeraVe SA Renewing Cream, Kiehls Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
  • Too greasy: If you dont like greasy, stay away from products that contain petrolatum or lanolin as a primary ingredient. This includes: Vanicream Moisturizing Cream , plain old Vaseline, and Bag Balm are just way too greasy for me.
  • Too watery: Personally, I dont like it when lotion is so runny/watery that it doesnt feel like its soaking into my skin at all. I had high hopes for Curel Itch Defense Lotion, but I just thought it was too watery to moisturize my skin effectively. Note, however, that it does get a seal of approval from the National Eczema Association, and my sister likes it, so its probably worth a shot.
  • Red flags: I always avoid anything with fragrance or alcohol. Fragrances irritate my skin and make it itchy, and alcohol seems to dry out my skin.

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Okeeffes Eczema Relief Body Cream

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Reviews From Real Working Hands

Art Lessons for Students: Georgia O’Keeffe

Happy customers who give it five-stars are those with real working hands and include everyone from workers in the construction industry to the healthcare fields. They all agree Working Hands hand cream is a must-have.

Construction industry: Having been in the construction business for 42 years, I have tried many hand treatments with minimal success over many years. For the past 12 years I used a product that did a great job at both moisturizing and healing, however, the cream did not allow me to use tools after applying due to leaving my hands with that greasy coating for about 10 to 12 minutes. Then came O’Keefe’s, on the counter of a local lumber dealer, who had nothing but positive comments about his and others’ personal experience. Hesitantly, I tried it. It did all that my previous lotion did, but it loses that initial newly coated greasy feel with in minute or two. It contains a small amount of paraffin which adds to its longevity and ability of my hands to retain my body’s natural moisture. So, to sum up: This is the product to heal split areas on my hands, and also to prevent my cuticle’s from drying out and cracking.

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Does Okeeffes Skin Repair Cream Really Work

So far I am impressed! My skin is extremely sensitive to the cold and I sometimes get what I call eczema fevers, where I feel very cold however my skin is hot and my body sweats causing my skin to dry out, even more, making me poorly. The texture of my skin can also feel abnormal. I have not felt like this so far whilst using the skin repair cream and my skin has felt very smooth and definitely less irritated and dry than usual in just only a few days.

I do switch it up and alternate using this with Dermol which is an antibacterial emollient that can also be used as a shower cream. This is only as my skin gets very used to products and they stop working, so that way alternating them helps prevent my skin from getting used to it. This product is also fragrance-free and very good for sensitive skin.

And Check Out This Hype Team Of Amazon Reviewers Who Swear This Humble Little Tub Of Hand Cream Has Been The Answer To Their Prayers:

“I’ve developed eczema on my hands over the last few years, and my fingers get terribly, painfully cracked all year long, and especially in the colder months. My fingers and knuckles will be covered in cracks. This is THE only thing that gives me any relief. It stings a good bit when you put it over open sores , and feels a little weird, but the result is worth the pain. You’ll notice a difference after just a couple of uses. Promise. It helps cracked heels, too.” Kathleen Dunlop

“Hands down, O’Keeffe’s Working Hands is possibly the greatest hand cream on the market. Two years ago, a coworker of mine started in my office and brought with him this magical green tub of hand cream. As a hockey player with his hands in sweaty gloves in cold weather, his hands were always cracking. He swore up and down that Working Hands was the greatest thing known to man.

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O’keeffe’s Eczema Relief Hand Cream

Drug Facts

temporarily protects and helps relieve minor skin irritation and itching due to:

  • rashes

When using this product do not get into eyes

Stop use and ask a doctor if

  • condition worsens
  • symptoms last more than 7 days or clear up and occur again within a few days

Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.


apply as needed

Inactive ingredients Water, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Dimethicone, Aluminum Starch Octylsuccinate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Polysilicone-11, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Panthenol, Allantoin, 1,2-Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Polyquaternium-10, Beeswax, Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum, Bisabolol, Disodium EDTA, Zingiber Officianale Root Extract, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Laureth-4, Laureth-23, Laureth-12, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyglycerin

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Lotion Ingredients

OKeeffess Eczema Relief Body Cream

water , glycerin, stearic acid, isopropyl palmitate, glycol stearate, peg-100 stearate, mineral oil, dimethicone, petrolatum, glyceryl stearate, phenoxyethanol, cetyl alcohol, methylparaben, acrylates/c10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, triethanolamine, propylparaben, disodium edta, stearamide amp, cedrol, dihydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, hydroxyethyl urea

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Seal Of Acceptance Disclaimers

Seal of Acceptance products, including personal care products and laundry care products, may contain potential irritants at concentration levels thought to be insignificant for most individuals. Some people with eczema may still find they do not tolerate certain products or certain ingredients. Rarely, some individuals will have an allergy to specific ingredients that are well tolerated by others. ESC recommends individuals seek advice on product selection from their health care provider.

The Eczema Society of Canadas Seal of Acceptance does not constitute medical advice and relies upon available scientific evidence at the time of issuance of the Seal of Acceptance.

Skin Care Products ESC recommends that individuals patch test any new product on a small area of skin, before applying it to a large area of skin. Should irritation occur, do not use the product and see your health care professional. Note that cleansers should never be left on the skin.

Over the Counter Drugs ESC reminds consumers that all drugs, including OTC drugs, have risks and potential side effects. Consumers are reminded to read and follow the instructions and consult with their health care provider before using any medication and if their skin is worsening.

Ways To Monitor Moisture & Care For Your Skin

Of all the things to do for your eczema, a lot of them start in the bath. One of the easiest things you can do to care for your eczema-prone skin is to watch your temperature while bathing. Scalding hot water can do more damage to the skin than you might expect. Bathing in lukewarm water is much milder, and wont cause as much irritation as a hot shower or bath might to your sensitive areas. Its also important to moisturize right after you bathe so that you lock in the moisture your skin was just exposed to. This means using an especially hydrating lotion, like one from our list, within three minutes of exiting the shower or bath.

Also worth noting is your towel-use: make sure you dont rub yourself dry after bathing to ensure that youre not further irritating your skin. This rule also goes for the clothes you wear, as wearing comfortable, soft clothing made from cotton or other softer fabrics works well to not exacerbate your eczema. Rough, scratchy fibers and tight-fitting clothes can cause too much irritation, like chafing, to your skin, and could make things worse.

The trick to making sure youre doing what youre supposed to is having awareness, especially if you find that your eczema is allergy, stress, or irritant-related. You should learn to know your body and its triggers so that you can avoid exposure. From then on, you can find solutions, such as which lotions and which ingredients work best for you, and when to use them so that they are as effective as can be.

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I Mean Just Look At This Customer’s Before

“I am amazed! I have dealt with eczema all my life. I’ve used steroid creams/ointments, lotions, wash, you name it. And then I tried this miracle product! In four days, my hands look better then they ever have! I can bend my finger without pain! I’m sooo happy with the results. And I have only been using it for four days!” Kelly

Will Okeeffes Skin Repair Cream Work For You

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Home and Studio in Abiquiú

Selley told me how OKeeffes Skin Repair Cream helped her and I trust her opinion as she has suffered for many years with her skin. You can read her story and follow her on her social media accounts on and . Read her heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking blogs as she struggles to control her skin.

We asked Shelley if she would be kind enough to review this product for our website and followers to read whilst I await delivery of my own that I ordered from Amazon. Heres the link for the one I purchased to save you time. I will be trying this product for myself and my teenage son will also be trying it. Well bring you our opinion after we have both used it for a few weeks and seen the results for ourselves.

We never promise that any product will cure eczema, but we do look for products that can help you manage your condition. Before you try any new cream you should always seek medical advice.

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