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How To Heal Eczema On Eyelids

What Causes Eczema Around Your Eyes Or Otherwise

How I Cured My Eczema (Face/Eyelids)?

Theres not a definitive reason that some people develop eczema. Even with contact eczema, science hasnt discovered why some people have allergic reactions to the stuff others can touch no-problemo.

You can develop any kind of eczema due to a mix of genetic and environmental factors. There are strong hereditary links, stress can play a big part, and your immune system is also a catalyst for many eczema types.

Theres no way to test if youre at a high risk of developing eczema . Avoiding it may be impossible for some people. There are, however, known triggers that folks at risk of eczema are advised to steer clear of where they can.

Eyelid Eczema : Symptoms Causes And Treatment

Eyelid eczema is an incurable condition in which the skin around the eyes or on the eyelid grows dry, flaky, red. Some pain may be associated with it. Allergens or foreign substances that are irritants to the skin represent the cause. Treatments can include prescription medications, but any creams or ointments on the affected skin could make the condition worse.

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Why Do I Have Red Itchy Flaky Eyelids

As a dermatologist, I’ve treated so many patients with red, itchy eyelids. This can–very understandably–be extremely uncomfortable, frustrating, and alarming.

While there are several causes of red, itchy eyelids, one of the most common is allergic contact dermatitis .

Here are a few key facts about ACD, which I’ll review in more detail below.

  • ACD is one type of allergic skin reaction.

  • It often affects the eyelids, because the eyelids are one of the most sensitive areas of the body.

  • It can develop even in people who have never had skin problems before

  • Although the rash on your eyelids may have started suddenly, the redness can last a long time.

  • For some of my patients, their red itchy eyelids have been ongoing for weeks or even months.

  • Just to make it more complicated, ACD is a type of delayed allergy.

  • This means that after exposure to a trigger, it usually takes 2-3 days before the rash shows up

  • There are different possible triggers for eyelid ACD, and these are almost always external exposures

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How To Identify Eczema On Eyelids

Eczema may look similar to other skin conditions. Before self-treating, talk to your doctor about the symptoms youâre experiencing, which may include:

  • Itching that worsens at night
  • Patches that appear red or brown and gray
  • Tiny raised bumps that leak fluid when scratched or irritated
  • Skin that grows thick and scaly, even forming scabs
  • Raw, sensitive, swollen skin from scratching

You should see a doctor if your eczema:

  • Is so painful or uncomfortable that you lose sleep and canât function during the day
  • Causes a skin infection with open sores, scabs, and oozing yellow pus
  • Remains persistent despite home remedies

These are all signs of infection. If your condition worsens, it could lead to other health conditions.

If You Develop Red Itchy Eyelids It’s Important That You See Your Dermatologist Allergist Or Ophthalmologist For An Accurate Diagnosis

Natural Remedies For Eyelid Dermatitis / How I Got Rid Of My Eye Eczema ...

It’s very important to see your physician for an accurate diagnosis. There are several different conditions that can cause a red, itchy rash on the eyelids.

  • What this means is that your testing and treatment recommendations will vary based on your diagnosis.

  • In this post, I’m focusing on allergic contact dermatitis of the eyelids.

  • This information will provide some guidance on what substances to avoid and how to avoid them.

  • As a dermatologist who specializes in allergic reactions of the skin, I can point you to the most common causes of eyelid allergic rashes.

  • I also have product recommendations that avoid the most common triggers of eyelid ACD.

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Complete An Online Consultation To Get Prescription Eczema On Eyelids Treatment

Using over-the-counter treatments can help reduce the symptoms of eczema on eyelids. If you have a more intense case of eyelid eczema, a prescription mild topical steroid can help to soothe your symptoms.

You can buy these treatments at The Independent Pharmacy after completing an online consultation. Or you can speak to one of our qualified medical experts, who can offer advice about choosing the most suitable treatment for eczema on your eyelids.

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Remedies To Relieve Symptoms

You can first try some at-home remedies to relieve itchiness, prevent further irritation, and ward off infection that can happen from rubbing and scratching your eyes. These remedies include:

  • Stop wearing eye makeup or switch to hypoallergenic brands
  • Put cold compresses on your eyes
  • Avoid products containing formaldehyde, lanolin, and parabens
  • Wear protective eyewear if you work around chemicals

For immediate relief, you can moisturize your eyelids with an over-the-counter anti-itch cream thats safe for the eye area. If creams only provide temporary relief, we may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications or corticosteroids. You can apply corticosteroid cream directly to your irritated eyelids to reduce inflammation and dry, flaky skin.

With some research and investigation, we can discover the underlying causes of your eyelid eczema so you can get long-term relief from symptoms.

Call the Tucson office location closest to you to schedule a consultation, or send us a message online.

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Lets Back Up A Second And Cover Some Eczema Basics Like What Exactly It Is And Why It Happens

Atopic dermatitis, which is what people usually mean when they say eczema, is a chronic condition that happens due to a problem with your skins protective barrier, the Mayo Clinic says. If you have atopic dermatitis, your top layer of skin doesnt retain adequate moisture or protect you as well as it should against things like irritants and allergens.

People with atopic dermatitis generally experience symptoms like very dry and itchy skin, red, brown, or gray skin patches, raised, weeping bumps, and thick, cracked, or scaly skin. They may also have raw, sensitive, swollen skin due to scratching-induced irritation.

If you have atopic dermatitis, your skin can seem totally fine sometimes, and then during a flare, remind you just how frustrating this health condition can be at full force. Triggers like sweat, stress, harsh soaps and detergents, dust, and pollen can cause flares, although its possible for eczema to rear its head for no apparent reason as well, the Mayo Clinic says.

As You Treat Your Eyelid Eczema Keep In Mind That It Can Cause Some Other Eye Issues For You Too And Look Out For The Symptoms

How to cure eczema on eyelids | Eyelids Dermatitis treatment and natural home remedies 2021

The more severe your eyelid eczema, the more likely it is that you might experience other eye problems, the American Academy of Dermatology says. The organization specifically highlights three eye conditions that people with eyelid eczema should have on their radar: pink eye, keratitis, and keratoconus.

Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis, happens when your conjunctiva becomes inflamed. Pink eye can cause bloodshot eyes, itching, tearing, a gritty feeling, and crustiness, the Mayo Clinic says.

Keratitis is an inflammation of your cornea that may cause eye pain, sensitivity to light, redness, a feeling that something is in your eye, excessive tearing or other discharge, and blurry vision, among other symptoms.

Finally, keratoconus is when your cornea changes from its usual round shape into a bulging cone shape instead, creating blurry or otherwise distorted vision, sensitivity to light and glare, needing to change your eyewear prescription too frequently, and cloudy vision, according to the Mayo Clinic.

These issues could also be tied to using those too-harsh medications that thin out your skin, Dr. Silverberg says. Scratching and rubbing that extra-thin skin can create tiny tears or irritate your eyes, making you more vulnerable to infection and inflammation that may present as pink eye or keratitis. That rubbing can also change the shape of your cornea, leading to keratoconus, the AAD says.


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Eczema On Your Eyelids: 5 Ways To Treat It Naturally

Eczema is a lifelong battle of red, itchy rashes that can crack, bleed, and make your social life seem impossible. Imagine discovering you have eczema except on your eyelids. This type of eczema exists and can make simple things in life seem like climbing Everest. Luckily, there are five natural ways to treat it and keep the intensity of eczema on the face manageable!

Emollients And Mild Topical Steroids

A person applies topical creams and ointments directly to the skin.

Doctors generally advise using low concentration steroid ointments on the eyes. This is because the eyelid skin is very thin and delicate.

Some topical treatments are available over the counter, but others require a prescription.

A doctor may prescribe a moderate potency steroid for a severe eczema flare-up. However, they would only prescribe this for a short period of time, such as 5 days.

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Types Of Eczema That Affect Your Eyes

Here are the types of eczema most likely to appear near your eyes:

  • Atopic eczema. The most common type of eczema. Eyelids are particularly prone to it, but atopic eczema can appear literally anywhere.
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis. This forms on your eyelids, making them red or discolored, and inflamed. Its a recurring condition and often gets confused with conjunctivitis.
  • Contact eczema. Also called contact dermatitis, this is a reaction to an irritant or allergen touching your skin.

Many types of eczema can form around your eyes. Youll sometimes hear them referred to as eyelid dermatitis, although eyelids arent your only eye-adjacent face spaces at risk.

We break down what types of eczema can affect your eyelids and the types of treatments that may work for you.

When discussing eczema around your eyes, there are three noteworthy types of eczema:

  • seborrhoeic dermatitis

Doctors sometimes refer to all three as eyelid dermatitis .

What Are The Causes Of Eyelid Eczema

Eczema On Eyelids

Unfortunately, the causes of eyelid eczema are related to genes. Those who ache from it carry a variation to impedes the bodys natural ability to protect skin against irritants, allergens, and bacteria. There are certain circumstances you can aggravate it trigger it. pollen is one of the triggers. stress, temperature, dryness, contact with wool, burlap, synthetic fabrics, and certain soaps can also be triggers. Sometimes there is no discernable cause.

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Challenges With Treating Eyelid Eczema

Lisette HiltonDermatology Times

Not treating, incorrectly treating or undertreating eyelid eczema can result in significant patient suffering. Finding the root of the problem is key to safe and effective therapy, Dr. Peter Lio says.

Like the name implies, eyelid eczema is fairly common among patients with eczema, or atopic dermatitis. But it also affects patients with no real history of skin problems and can impact quality of life significantly, according to Peter Lio, M.D., clinical assistant professor of Dermatology and Pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and founding partner, Medical Dermatology Associates of Chicago.

Doing our best to get to the root of it is important for safe and effective therapy, but is not always easy, says Dr. Lio, a Scientific Advisory Committee member of the National Eczema Association.

He likens the eyelids to the canary in the coal mine. Theyre delicate and can be affected with signs of inflammation and allergy when other areas may not, he says.

Dr. Lio says he has seen patients who have been to several different physicians, have applied steroids to the eyelid area for as long as months yet, they havent been patch tested. Thats a big concern given that skin in the area is so delicate, he says.

Best practices

Dr. Lio says his general approach is to identify it as eyelid dermatitis and explain to patients the goal to determine if there is an underlying driver of the disease.

Avoid treating around eyelids

Eczema On Eyelid Treatment Ideas

In case of persistent or severesymptoms, changes in vision, or high fever, patients should seek immediatemedical attention. However, there are a number of eczema on eyelid treatments to try at home. It is important not to rub or scratch the area to avoidfurther skin irritation or infection.

The area around the eye is verysensitive. Avoid eyelid creams made with unsafe, harsh ingredients. Choosenatural products with soothing ingredients what wont exacerbate the irritationaround your eye. We recommend the following eczema on eyelid treatments:

Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Creama thick, creamy balma little goes a longway in soothing eyelid eczema.

Calendula Facial Creamcontainsorganic Calendula flowers and organic aloe juice that make this lighter cream gentleand cooling, and also contains a natural anti-inflammatory supplement calleddimethylaminoethanol .

Organic Calendula Face Washcan be paired witheither cream to gently cleanse the eyes and face contains a blend of soothingherbs to calm red, inflamed skin.

Wet or Dry Wrap Therapy

If youre experiencing itchy and inflamed eyelid eczema,adaptingwet or dry wraptherapymay soothe symptoms. As an eczema on eyelid treatment, usebandages or strips of cloth to drape over the eyes. We likethese RemedywearEye Masks for Kids and Adults that are made with TENCEL and zinc-embedded fibers and help protect gentle skin around or on the eyelid.

Elimination Diet

If yousuffer from eyelid eczema, we hope you find relief with our tips!

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Best Eczema On Eyelid Treatment Options

The skin on the eyelids is verythin with lots of blood vessels, making it prone to sensitivity and allergic reactions. Although there can be many causes, eczema on eyelid treatment doesnt have to be difficult as youll see below. Symptoms of eyelid eczema may occur in one or both eyes, affectjust the eyelids or also the surrounding area, and may be chronic or onlyhappen occasionally. These symptoms include:

Symptoms Of Eyelid Dermatitis

How to Naturally Heal Eyelid Eczema | Itchy Eyelid Remedies

If you already suffer from eyelid dermatitis, then you probably already know the uncomfortable and annoying symptoms associated with the condition.

These include:

  • Changes in eye appearance
  • Inflamed, red eyelids
  • Scaly or flaking skin

Although rare, those suffering from atopic eyelid eczema can also experience complications such as cataracts, spontaneous retinal detachment and scarring.

To best avoid these complications, it is always best to seek medical attention immediately, once symptoms are difficult to handle. Its also important to make sure not to rub or scratch the area in order to avoid skin infections and eye problems as mentioned above.

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Types Of Eczema On Eyelids And Around Eyes

The terms eczema and dermatitis are often used interchangeably to describe dry, itchy skin. Technically, eczema refers to atopic dermatitis, a common form of dermatitis.

The inflammation associated with dermatitis can affect any area of skin, including the eyelids and skin surrounding the eyes.

It occurs more often in the eye area in individuals who already have it on other parts of the body. Some of the common types of dermatitis affecting the eye area include atopic, contact, and seborrheic.

How Long Does Eczema Around The Eyes Last

When treated with the right treatment for eczema around the eyes for you, the symptoms of irritant contact dermatitis may start to improve after a couple of days.

However, if your eye eczema is caused by allergic contact dermatitis, it can take a little longer before you start to notice any difference.

If you have a food intolerance thats causing eczema around your eyes, it can take around a week of avoiding that food until you see any improvements.

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Can Eyelid Dermatitis Be Prevented

You can prevent eyelid dermatitis if you know what caused it and avoid that trigger. Additionally, try the following:

  • Use products made for sensitive skin.
  • Protect your eyelids by wearing protective glasses if youre going to be around extreme cold, high wind and/or a lot of dust.
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing your eyelids.
  • Touch your eyelids with clean hands only.

Can my diet help prevent eyelid dermatitis?

No, there are no foods or drinks you can ingest that can prevent eyelid dermatitis.

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Signs You Have Eczema On Your Eyes

When you have eyelid eczema, youll experience several symptoms and areas of discomfort, some of which will keep getting worse until you start managing the condition. A reddish rash on the eyelids can get itchy and uncomfortable.

Youll experience such discomfort on the affected skin area, which can be on both eyes upper and lower eyelids. The condition doesnt have to affect all eyelids, however.

Some patients will have the itchy, reddish rushes only on the upper or lower eyelids.

Because the itching is usually persistent and chronic, youll keep feeling the urge to scratch, which can eventually cause the eyelid skin to become thicker and leathery. From the constant scratching and rubbing, there will be scaling on the skin.

Some long, narrow cracks will present themselves, and the lashes may begin to crust with time. A burning sensation and pain can accompany these issues.

If you also experience these symptoms and discomforts on other parts of the body like the face or neck, you most probably have eczema.

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