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Foods To Avoid With Eczema In Toddlers

Commercial Baby Foods And Purees


Many of the commercial pre-made baby food options are definitely not the best first foods for babies.

The idea of giving a artificially fortified food rather than a real fresh food that naturally contains those nutrients, just doesnt make sense to me. But thats what is promoted right now, by baby food manufacturers and pediatricians as well .

An alarming studywas released by The Clean Label Project. They tested 530 brands of baby food products, including infant formulas, toddler drinks and snacks and even the organic ones.

They found that 65% of them tested positive for arsenic, 36% for lead, 58% for cadmium and 10% for acrylamide, which according to scientists, are connected to slowed growth, behavioral problems, hearing issues and anemia.

Thats another reason why baby food manufacturers lost my trust for a very long time.

Treat The Eczema And Visit A Doctor

When your child is dealing with an eczema flare-up, the best thing you can do is treat the symptoms with an emollient product like Mustelas Stelatopia Emollient Cream, Stelatopia Emollient Face Cream, or Emollient Balm. The soothing formula found in Mustela products can reduce irritation by up to 95%. Best of all, Mustelas emollient products can help your childs skin begin to make its own protective layer again. This is good news for you and your baby.

Expert tip: for added protection and relief, dress your little one in Mustela’s Stelatopia Skin Soothing Pajamas before bed. Made with natural ingredients, these pajamas deliver soothing moisture to your baby’s skin all night. This results in less scratching and faster healing.

We recommend treating a flare-up until it goes away, or for a week, whichever comes first. Then, if you still think your childs eczema may be caused by food, visit a doctor to find out for sure. Your family doctor will refer you to a dermatologist or an allergist who will test your babys skin to determine exactly what they are allergic to. These tests will reveal if your baby has an allergy or not. Armed with that knowledge, you can take steps to prevent eczema flare-ups from happening again.

Clothing For Children With Eczema

HappySkin® have a range of incredibly soft Tencel cotton clothing made specifically for children and babies with eczema and related skin conditions. The important difference with the HappySkin®clothing range compared to other organic cotton clothing is that the fabric is coated with a technology called DreamSkin®, The Dreamskin® technology, that is unique to this company has a skin like stricture that prompts the skin to self-repair and therefore encourages the skin to start to regulate temperature once again, just like healthy skin. In addition, to having this amazing coating, the HappySkin®clothing range has flat non-irritating seams to ensure maximum comfort.

To find out more about HappySkin®clothing for children, email their customer service team at or call 01707 260 505.

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Foods That Help Heal Baby Eczema

When people ask me what food recipes I used for treating my babys eczema . I tell them: homemade meals mainly made with steamed vegetables and soups with homemade bone + meat stock.

This is better than starting with fruits and cereals. Vegetables have a much higher nutrient content and less sugar than grains and hence a less chance of an allergic reaction. Plus vegetables have a higher vitamin content and are easier to digest.

My baby started to show eczema signs at the age of 2.5 3 months even when she was exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months.

When I started an elimination diet at 4-5 months the rashes improved significantly but didnt go away completely right away. But I kept going and testing.

When I started solids at 6 months, I knew I had to prepare the meals as healthy as possible in order to help the digestive system to heal.

Besides vegetables I also incorporated plant fats, like avocado, hemp and flax seed oil , and animal fats from organically grown animals.

For an extra boost I started to supplement with wild fish oil , I was adding it in purees and soups. Fish oil helps reduce leukotriene B4, an inflammatory substance that plays a role in eczema.

I also added to her diet, herbs all diluted with water, and supplements like probiotics which I think expedited the healing process.

I never fed her boxed foods, everything was prepared from scratch at home with fresh, real, organic ingredients.

Food & Your Babys Body

10 Foods That Can Help With Eczema : Found this interesting food list ...

At the most basic, there are only two ways that food can have an impact on your babys body:

  • Through direct food-to-skin contact.
  • Through ingestion .

The interesting thing about each of these is that only one is likely to cause a localized eczema flare-up, while the other can cause a more system-wide reaction. Well explain both individually so you can see the distinction.

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How Do You Identify Foods That Will Trigger Eczema

It is important to discuss with your pediatrician for evaluating and diagnosing food allergies and triggers. There are several types of tests that can be done:

Oral challenge test: During this test, your child will consume or be injected with a small amount of the suspected food allergen. Your child will be closely monitored for any allergic reactions. The appearance of an allergic reaction will be immediately treated by your doctor.

Diet elimination test: This test involves eliminating all the suspected foods from your childs diet. These foods are then returned back into your childs diet one item at a time to see if there is an allergic reaction.

Skin prick test: In this test, your pediatrician will prick your childs forearm or back with small doses of food allergens. An allergy is suspected if a rash appears at the area that was pricked

Blood test: your childs blood is tested for IgE antibody levels. IgE antibodies are increased in children with certain food and environmental allergies.

Did My Baby Develop Eczema Because I Couldnt Breastfeed

As eczema is caused by genetic factors, bottle-feeding a baby definitely cannot cause eczema. In fact, current research is divided, with some studies showing positive effects of breastfeeding and others showing no significant effects at all.

Neither is there enough evidence to advise pregnant or breastfeeding women to avoid specific foods to protect unborn children from atopic eczema or any other atopic condition.

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Foods To Avoid For Babies And Toddlers With Eczema

Baby eczema can be a difficult condition to live with.

It can be hard to manage eczema in infants and toddlers, as several factors can contribute to a childs symptoms.

In some circumstances, making changes to a childs diet can help reduce symptoms of baby eczema. Eliminating certain foods from a childs diet may help prevent flare-ups.

Here are some foods to consider avoiding for babies and toddlers with eczema. Its best to speak with a healthcare professional before eliminating foods from your childs diet.

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Elimination Diets For Eczema


There are large gaps in research when it comes to the use of standard elimination diets for eczema.

An analysis of 43 research papers found mixed results regarding elimination diets specifically focused on eggs and cows milk for eczema . Most of these studies only involved children, so the relevance for adults with eczema is not entirely clear. No high-quality studies looking at more general elimination diets or more restrictive versions were available.

If we get more specific, some studies have shown that eliminating gluten or high histamine foods can improve eczema symptoms in certain groups of people .

Future research may help elucidate the role that diet plays in eczema more generally and the efficacy of standard elimination diets.

But, as with most chronic conditions, there is no specific eczema diet that will work for everyone. An elimination diet is inherently experimental and is meant to be tailored to each individuals needs and reactions.

With that in mind, here are a few guidelines for following an elimination diet for eczema:

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Irritated Skin Around The Mouth

Theres another issue with giving babies prone to eczema certain foods: they can get very sore skin around the mouth. Skin irritation from foods isnt the same as having an allergy to it the problem is with the weakened or faulty skin barrier rather than an actual allergic reaction, but the result can still be really painful and itchy for little ones.

Various different things can cause a rash or soreness around the mouth and cheeks, and these include foods which are:

For a personal account of having a baby with eczema, see our blog by guest writer Halima Khatun: What Foods Trigger Eczema In Babies? We also have an article Tips For Weaning A Baby With Eczema which could be helpful!

Dealing With Baby Eczema

When you have a baby you hope and expect that they will come out perfect in every way. You pray that everything you eat and do while your baby is in utero affects them in a positive way. I basically thought about this for 10 long months with each of my three pregnancies. I call these my crazy pants. I strap them on tight and dont take them off until Im holding my sweet babies in my arms.

With Kenya and Chloe I never had a day where I worried about them having food allergies as they never showed any signs of sensitives. I offered every food under the sun so they could enjoy a wide variety and they never had any reactions. With Gemma, though, it has been a different story. From the day she was born her skin was irritated and dry from eczema which was inevitably part of her diagnosis.

We went to several allergists, I cut everything from dairy to gluten to sugar out of my diet for 5 long months. We finally discovered one of the causes being an egg allergy, but her eczema still hasnt totally disappeared. Theres nothing more heart breaking than watching your child itch non stop whenever her clothes are off. Aside from changing my diet so my breastmilk is free of the foods we know are triggers, taking long warm baths and lubing her up with tons of moisturizing creams, there was little we could do to alleviate her pain.

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How Can Parents Help

Help prevent or treat eczema by keeping your childs skin from getting dry or itchy and avoiding triggers that cause flare-ups. Try these suggestions:

  • Kids should take short baths or showers in warm water. Use mild unscented soaps or non-soap cleansers and pat the skin dry before putting on cream or ointment. Teens should use unscented makeup and oil-free facial moisturizers.
  • Ask your doctor if its OK to use oatmeal soaking products in the bath to help control itching.
  • Kids should wear soft clothes that breathe, such as those made from cotton. Wool or polyester may be too harsh or irritating.
  • Keep your childs fingernails short to prevent skin damage from scratching. Try having your child wear comfortable, light gloves to bed if scratching at night is a problem.
  • Kids should avoid becoming overheated, which can lead to flare-ups.
  • Kids should drink plenty of water, which adds moisture to the skin.
  • Get rid of known allergens in your household and help your child avoid others, like pollen, mold, and tobacco smoke.
  • Stress can make eczema worse. Help your child find ways to deal with stress .

What Are The Symptoms Of An Allergy

Atopic Dermatitis/ Eczema

If your child has a food allergy, you may see the signs immediately or they may be delayed. Severe allergic reactions dont always happen on the first contact and can build with subsequent exposures.Look out for:

  • Breathing difficulties.

Delayed reactions usually begin to show after two hours with symptoms such as loose stools or mucus/blood in stools. Babies may also experience constipation, vomiting, gastro-oesophageal reflux, nappy rash as well as eczema as well as symptoms of anaphylaxis. Read our article on baby eczema and anaphylaxis.

Eczema can be a frustrating and uncomfortable issue to deal with.

It can be especially difficult to manage in infants and toddlers, as many factors can contribute to the severity of your childs symptoms.

In some cases, making changes to your childs diet can help reduce symptoms, and eliminating certain foods from their diet may even help prevent flare-ups.

Here are 7 foods to consider avoiding for babies and toddlers with eczema. Keep in mind that its always best to speak with a healthcare professional before eliminating foods from your childs diet.

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Do You Have An Itchy And Fussy Kid

Children with eczema can also be quite fussy about what theyre eating. To stop you from going crazy trying to detect which foods are making them itchy and which arent, Karen advises you make a game out of it.

Encourage them to become a food detective and document their itchy foods and their happy foods .

Keeping a food diary is a great way for the cook of the house to see what foods should be excluded from dinner and which are going to be fine.

Karen suggests asking your fussy kids which foods make them uncomfortable. Source: Supplied

Moisturizing A Newborns Skin May Prevent Eczema

When someone has AD, the skin becomes extremely dry and easily irritated. These problems occur because the skin loses water too quickly.

Given this fact, researchers wondered whether applying moisturizer to a babys skin from birth might reduce a childs risk of developing AD.

To test this idea, they ran studies. In one study, some parents were shown 3 eczema friendly moisturizers and asked to choose the one theyd like to use on their baby. These parents were instructed to apply that moisturizer to their childs skin every day. They were to apply it everywhere, except the babys scalp. This group of parents also received a booklet about infant skin care.

In this same study, a second group of parents received only the booklet about infant skin care.

At 6 months, the researchers examined all of the children in the study. The group of children being moisturized developed 50% less AD than the other group of children.

This finding has led to more research and similar findings.

Moisturizer and AD: Bottom line

Applying moisturizer may reduce your childs risk of developing AD. Before you do this, ask your dermatologist to recommend a moisturizer. Some moisturizers contain ingredients, such as fragrance, which could irritate your childs skin or cause an allergic reaction.

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Common Foods That Can Cause Eczema Flare

  • Artificial flavors
  • Highly processed ingredients .
  • If you suspect your babys eczema is triggered by any of those foods, make sure to eliminate them for at least a week and then reintroduce them one by one again and see if the reaction is the same. If it confirm, eliminate it until your baby feels better.

    Reactions Such As Eczema

    Foods to prevent child eczema

    . Compared to allergies to other major food allergens, soy allergic reactions are not almost as typical . One 2013 study in 175 individuals with eczema found that around 30%had an immune response to soy. Nevertheless, just about 3%of individuals experienced signs, such as hives and itching, after taking in soy. If your child or toddler has a level of sensitivity to soy items, keep in mind that lots of processed foods include soy-based active ingredients, all of which could intensify signs of eczema. Examples include: soy sauce tamari soy protein textured veggie protein 4. Eggs Some infants or toddlers may have an allergic reaction to the proteins discovered in egg whites or yolks, which might set off symptoms of eczema . Egg allergy is among the most common food allergic reactions,

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    Will Eczema Go Away On Its Own

    Do you have eczema and have had it for a long time? You have come to the right place. This article gives you the answer to the question will eczema ever go away on its own. You may have been to a doctor who said that you should live with eczema for the rest of your life because it is a chronic skin disease.

    The short answer to the question does eczema go away on its own? is that maybe it will and perhaps it will not. The truth is that you may grow away from it naturally as you get older, but it is a long process, and it may also be that youll always have little rashes.

    There is something to do about it, even if the doctor told you otherwise. Believe me, when I say that you do not have to live with it forever.

    This article guides you to get rid of eczema, and it gives you the exact answers you need. Keep reading.

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    How To Use Emollients

    Use your emollient all the time, even if youre not experiencing symptoms.

    Many people find it helpful to keep separate supplies of emollients at work or school, or a tub in the bathroom and one in a living area.

    To apply the emollient:

    • use a large amount
    • do not rub it in smooth it into the skin in the same direction the hair grows
    • after a bath or shower, gently pat the skin dry and apply the emollient while the skin is still moist to keep the moisture in

    You should use an emollient at least twice a day if you can, or more often if you have very dry skin.

    During a flare-up, apply generous amounts of emollient more frequently, but remember to treat inflamed skin with a topical corticosteroid as emollients used on their own are not enough to control it.

    Do not put your fingers into an emollient pot use a spoon or pump dispenser instead, as this reduces the risk of infection. And never share your emollient with other people.

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