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How To Treat Eczema Outbreak

Food Allergy And Eczema Flare

Eczema (GRAPHIC) Fast Outbreak Treatment Options | Eczema Dermatitis Rash Treatment 2015
  • Food allergies are a factor in 30% of young children with severe eczema. This factor is mainly seen in babies.
  • The main allergic foods are cow’s milk and eggs.
  • The main symptoms are increased skin redness and itching. Some parents report these symptoms start during or soon after the feeding.
  • The eczema becomes easier to control if you avoid the allergic food.

Tea Tree Oil For Eczema

This oil is a popular natural relief ingredient for skin-related diseases. It has antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that combat skin inflammation and irritation. Try adding tea tree oil to your skin products like shampoos and body washes for effective results.


  • 10 drops of tea tree oil
  • 1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil


  • Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
  • Store the mixture in a sealed container.
  • Apply to the areas of your body affected by eczema 2 times a day until symptoms disappear.

5. Nutmeg

Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and ease pain from eczema. This is one reason why nutmeg is a common ingredient in beauty products. You can scrape a whole fresh nutmeg against a cheese grater to get it in powder form.


  • 1 tablespoon of nutmeg powder
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil


  • Mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil with 1 tablespoon of nutmeg powder to form a thick paste.
  • Apply the paste on the affected area of your skin.
  • Leave for about 20 minutes.
  • Rinse off using cool water.
  • Repeat once a day until you finally get rid of eczema.

When Does This Skin Issue Usually Develop

Its common to develop this skin problem as a baby or a child. In fact, many people develop atopic dermatitis, a type of eczema, when they are children. That said, people can develop this skin problem at any point in their lives, and many adults will begin to have skin issues at later stages in their development.

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More Eczema Home Remedies

One is the simple use of water. Apply cold compresses or cold water. Cold, wet dressings can help soothe and relieve the itching associated with eczema. You can even use cold milk instead of water for an extra soothing experience. Apply the dressing to irritated skin for a few minutes. Re-soak the cloth and reapply, continuing the process for about 10 minutes several times per day.

Some regular sunlight and the vitamin D it produces in your system are a healing combination. Not being deficient in Vitamin D is imperative when treating any condition so it is always worth while to be tested for your levels so that, if you are unable to get sufficient sunlight for 15 to 20 minutes several times per week to as much as your body as possible, you can top up with a vitamin D3 supplement.

Eczema is aggravated by dehumidified air especially during winter months when forced-air heat circulates in the home. As this heat is more drying than other types, a good humidifier is an excellent home remedy for eczema. Make sure your humidifier covers a large area of the home to be beneficial. Also put one next to the bed of anyone suffering from eczema so they benefit as they sleep.

Essential oils have been used down the centuries as a successful home remedy for eczema and other skin conditions. Now H-Eczema Formula is specially formulated from pure essential oils to provide the perfect healing eczema home remedy that is gentle, safe and successful to use for treating the symptoms of eczema.

Allergic Eczema Treatments At Home

7 eczema remedies that work

Homeopathic allergic eczema treatments are often safe and reliable. They demonstrate the effectiveness and are less controversial with no side effects. If youre a beginner, talk to your doctor about how to treat eczema. You may need more intense interventions if you suffer from severe allergic reactions. For the most part, you can make a lot of leeway on treated baths alone. Just add some oatmeal, coconut oil, or honey to your water to create a soothing, healing bath. If you dont have time for the tub, compresses can offer relief. Make a cold compress in your house by soaking a towel in cool water and applying it to the area of infection. Dont have towels handy? Wrap an ice pack or bag of frozen peas with a cloth and do that instead. Many natural creams and lotions can also reduce the visual symptoms.

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Oral Or Injected Immunosuppressants

Oral immunosuppressant medications prevent the bodys immune system from sending an inflammatory response to the skin, which results in less itching, redness, and rash.

Immunosuppressant medications are available in varying strengths, and doctors determine the dosage based on your age, severity of symptoms, location and extent of the rash, your weight, and whether you have other medical conditions. Typically, these medications are taken once or twice daily, although the dosage can vary.

If eczema or dermatitis is severe, a doctor may recommend immunosuppressant medication that is injected into the skin. Your dermatologist determines the appropriate schedule of injections. He or she may administer the injections in a doctors office or show you how to do it so you can inject the medication at home.

Dermatologists may prescribe immunosuppressant medication for weeks or months or until symptoms of eczema or dermatitis are under control. Often, our doctors may reduce or stop a prescription at that time to see whether symptoms can be managed using topical medication, , or at-home therapies.

In some instances when symptoms cant be relieved by other treatments, therapy with immunosuppressant medications may continue for years. Your doctor can discuss side effects of immunosuppressant medications.

Skin Care For Facial Eczema

Moisturize. The best way to keep your skin from drying out is with thick creams and ointments , not with thinner lotions. The best time to do this is right after you wash your face. If ointments are too greasy for your face, try using them only at night.

Clean gently. Soap can irritate your skin, but washing with water alone may not be enough, especially if your face is oily. Use a gentle non-soap cleanser or a medical emollient instead. Pat dry with a soft towel.

Watch the temperature. Use only cool — not hot — water on your face, and for as little time as possible.

Skip makeup.Donât use cosmetics on irritated skin.

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How Long Does Eczema Last

There isn’t a time limit to your Eczema symptoms. However, if you want to prevent your skin from becoming damaged or permanently scarred, finding a medication that can help ease the symptoms is important. You want to make sure that the medication can penetrate deep into the skin to work on the affected areas. As there are just too many factors causing Eczema, you may take a long time before you find the root cause of yours.

I Didnt Know It Was Eczema

How to cure eczema | itch free, flake free and rash free

At first, I thought I had eaten something that caused me to break out in hives.

I went to the doctor and then to a dermatologist who prescribed me a generic antihistamine which alleviated the problems for a few hours, but the rashes on my entire body kept persisting.

I did an entire days regimen of antihistamines and hydrocortisone treatments, but my condition was not getting any better.

Heres a photo of my gnarly cold weather eczema.

I then remembered that my family members are all affected by eczema. Eczema is your bodys reaction to an irritant which can include extreme weather differences. For years I lived in more humid climates that prevented my flare ups from happening.

My biggest concern with eczema was my particular skin condition known as mild ichthyosis, which is a harlequin shaped cracking of dry skin .

I felt the shame of having dry skin at a young age. Classmates would ask me what is wrong with my legs and all I could just tell them I have dry skin. I didnt even know it was a form of eczema until much later in life.

After realizing that my eczema could get worse and that professional advice was not working, I began looking for alternative treatments for my eczema.

After lots of trial and error, I found a solution that treated my eczema and kept my seasonal eczema at bay.

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Learn To Manage Your Stress

Two of the most common triggers of eczema are emotional stress and anxiety. This response is due to your bodys fight-or-flight response that increases the production of stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline.

When your body has too much cortisol, it can affect your immune system and lead to skin inflammation. Finding ways to manage your stress and reduce your anxiety by avoiding certain situations or practicing stress management techniques, you can significantly reduce your eczema flare-ups.

Reasons Hand Eczema Flares Up

Hand eczema flare-ups are beyond annoying. It can cause redness, itching, cracks, blisters, and dryness to the point of peeling and flaking, but thats not all. During a bad flare-up of hand eczema, fingers can swell and hands can hurt. Without proper treatment, hand eczema can become chronic. A severe case could even make it hard to button your clothes or use a computer.

So, what causes flares? Here are five of the most common triggers and tips for avoiding them.

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Trigger : Physical Wear And Tear

Minor hand trauma from tasks like digging in the garden with bare hands can cause hand eczema or make it worse, as can friction from activities like handling large quantities of paper.

How to dodge it: Wear task-appropriate gloves. Cotton and fabric gloves can keep hands clean and protect against abrasions, but they may not be adequate for work with rough or sharp materials. Working with thorny plants, palm fronds or brambles may require leather gloves with longer cuffs.

Avoiding eczema triggers often goes a long way toward managing the condition. The key is to be diligent. It can take a massive amount of effort if you have severe hand dermatitis, and people often want a quick fix, but putting in that effort to take care of your skin really pays off in keeping eczema from coming back, said Dr. OBrien.

Dont get discouraged: Hand eczema can be stubborn, and it may take a few months for the patches of red, scaly and inflamed skin to fully heal. After that, your eczema is less likely to return.

Medical Review By: Ted Schiff, MD

What Causes Eczema On Hands

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Eczema can occur all over your body including your hands. The exact cause of Eczema is still unknown but it is believed to be due to a combination of factors such as genetics, abnormalities in the immune system, the environment, stress and defects in the skin. There’s a lot of possible causes that’s why it is challenging to cure Eczema. But it is crucial to find a suitable medication to kill the bacteria and reduce inflammation before the skin becomes damaged or be permanently scarred.

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Can You Prevent Eczema Outbreaks

You should reach for gentle soaps and shampoos if your skin gets irritated easily, whether or not you have eczema, Joshua Zeichner, M.D., a New York Citybased board-certified dermatologist, tells SELF. Look for ones that have as few fragrances, alcohols, and dyes as possible.

Creams, ointments, and lotions help seal moisture into your skin, making it less dry in the process, the Mayo Clinic explains. But if you have eczema, skin irritation, dryness, and itching can still persist even after using your garden-variety moisturizer, Gary Goldenberg, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, tells SELF.

That doesnt mean you should just skip this step if you have eczemaits the exact opposite because your skin desperately needs the moisture. You may just need to pick your moisturizer wisely and apply it more often. Moisturizing your skin two to three times a day with heavy ointments like petroleum jelly may help, the NIAID says. Much like your soap, your moisturizers should be free of alcohol, scents, dyes, and other skin-irritating chemicals. You might even consider getting a humidifier to keep more moisture in the air at your home. But if youve followed these guidelines and your skin is still parched, irritated, and generally giving you grief, its time to see a doctor.


How Is Eczema Treated What Medications Are Used

Treating eczema can be difficult if the cause is something you cant control, like genetics. Fortunately, you may have some influence over your environment and stress levels. Do your best to figure out what triggers or worsens your eczema, and then avoid it. The goal is to reduce itching and discomfort and prevent infection and additional flare-ups.

Consider these treatment tips:

If your child has skin problems, such as eczema, you can:

  • Avoid long, hot baths, which can dry the skin. Use lukewarm water instead and give your child sponge baths.
  • Apply lotion immediately after bathing while the skin is still moist. This will help trap moisture in the skin.
  • Keep the room temperature as regular as possible. Changes in room temperature and humidity can dry the skin.
  • Keep your child dressed in cotton. Wool, silk and manmade fabrics such as polyester can irritate the skin.
  • Use mild laundry soap and make sure that clothes are well rinsed.
  • Watch for skin infections. Contact your healthcare provider if you notice an infection.
  • Help them avoid rubbing or scratching the rash.
  • Use moisturizers several times daily. In infants with eczema, moisturizing on a regular basis is extremely helpful.

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Coconut Oil For Eczema

Apply coconut oil on the area of your skin affected by eczema for quick results. Coconut oil is unarguably one of the most popular home remedies for eczema. It is anti-bacterial in nature so it is very effective for preventing and treating infections. It also helps to moisturize your skin making it less prone to dryness or cracking. Also, the healthy nutrients and vitamins in coconut oil help in combating itchiness and soothing your skin.

You can include coconut oil in your diet or use it topically. It is effective both ways. To achieve desired results, use unrefined coconut oil.


  • Coconut oil


  • Rub it directly on the affected area of your skin. It will instantly give you relief from itching and pain.
  • Repeat every day till symptoms disappear.
  • Alternatively, you can consume 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil every day to get rid of eczema symptoms on your skin.
  • You can swallow it directly or add it to your meals.

Will I Have This Skin Issue For The Rest Of My Life

How to treat Eczema!

Under some circumstances, you might suffer from this skin issue for a short period of time. However, in many cases, you will have periodic flare-ups throughout your lifetime. These flare-ups may become more frequent if you go through a stressful time in your life or are exposed to extreme weather, harsh products, or other triggers.

Professional medical assistance can help you manage your symptoms and decrease the frequency of your flare-ups. In particular, using moisturizers and other gentle skincare products will help your skin become softer and less itchy. Further, medical assistance can be used to help you identify foods, products, and other substances that trigger your episodes. Avoiding these triggers can decrease the frequency of your flare-ups.

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Coconut Oil For Treating Eczema

Virgin coconut oil is a soothing natural home remedy to prevent and treat eczema. Coconut oil provides deep hydration to the skin, protecting it from drying out and becoming scaly. Coconut oil is an effective natural treatment for eczema because it contains antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory agents.7

Research on the healing properties of coconut oil for eczema shows that its antibacterial activities are effective against Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. In fact, a study published in the journal Dermatitis showed that coconut oil also acts as an emollient to moisturize dry skin and kill off bacteria that cause skin infections. It described coconut oil as useful in the proactive treatment of atopic dermatitis colonization.8

Coconut oil is also gentle enough to help treat mild to moderate eczema in infants. The International Journal of Dermatology found that virgin coconut oil effectively helps to reduce redness on the inflamed skin of infants, as well as helping to hydrate and soothe dry skin.9

Many eczema sufferers claim that organic unrefined virgin coconut oil helps to keep their outbreaks of eczema under control and gives them better results than much more expensive products.

To use coconut oil to repair skin damaged by eczema all you have to do is apply coconut oil directly to the affected area several times a day and before you go to sleep. Apply the coconut oil daily until the reddish itchy patches of skin have gone completely.

Eczema And Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

Your doctor may prescribe a corticosteroid cream or ointment to apply to your rash. This will help reduce itching and calm inflammation. Use it right after bathing. Follow your doctors directions for using this medicine or check the label for proper use. Call your doctor if your skin does not get better after 3 weeks of using the medicine.

Antihistamines like hydroxyzine reduce itching. They can help make it easier to not scratch. A new class of drugs, called immunomodulators, works well if you have a severe rash. Two drugs in this class are tacrolimus and pimecrolimus. These drugs keep your immune system from overreacting when stimulated by an allergen. However, they can affect your immune system. So the Food and Drug Administration recommends that these drugs be used only when other treatments wont work.

Try not to scratch the irritated area on your skin, even if it itches. Scratching can break the skin. Bacteria can enter these breaks and cause infection. Moisturizing your skin will help prevent itchiness.

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