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Baltic Amber Necklace For Eczema

How To Test Baltic Amber To See If It’s Real

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Review

One thing that we have learned over the years is that it is actually very hard to do these tests well. As you look through the Internet youll find some version of the following list of tests copied over and over again without any more real information. The culprit of most of our false alarms are with the Hot Needle test which is terribly difficult to do.

Below is our version of the traditional list, modified by what we have learned. Again we recommend the Saltwater and UV tests as the easiest and most non-invasive ways to test your amber.

Visual Inspection – The first thing youll want to look out for is plastic, pressed, and glass amber that is obviously too perfect. Amber beads can be polished to near-perfect rounds, but if all of the beads on your string are totally picture-perfect, something is probably wrong. Real amber has air bubbles, and if clear enough to let light pass, youll see imperfections within the bead, cracks, etc. Real amber is warm to the touch and has a slight tacky feel . It also feels lighter in your hands than you would expect it to.

The Saltwater Test – Aside from looking at your amber, the next least damaging test you can perform is to mix up some salt water and throw the necklace in. Real Baltic amber floats, fakes dont.

Theres almost no information on how to interpret the results of this test online but weve experimented extensively and heres what weve found:

How Can You Tell Good Quality Amber

Of course, anybody can be duped, and they might not be able to tell the difference. An individual with experience of the stone’s healing properties, as well as its texture and consistency, can tell the difference between fake and real baltic amber.

We suggest that you buy a genuine piece of Baltic amber from a reputable source for the best results. When you’re looking for genuine amber, this will greatly minimize the chances of buying fake amber, like the many you see on social media.

How Do Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces Work

Historically it is believed that when worn on the skin, body heat causes Baltic amber to release an oil containing trace amounts of succinic acid.

Theoretically if a small amount of succinic acid is absorbed into the skin, it would trigger the body to react like you’ve taken a natural Ibuprofen, reducing pain and reducing inflammation.

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What Is Baltic Amber Used For

Today Baltic amber is known for its use in a number of medicinal applications, such as:

  • amber teething necklaces and teething bracelets for teething pain
  • flea prevention in pets
  • other aspects of health and lifestyle change
  • Baltic amber is a type of amber, as the name implies. Amber is not a rock or a gemstone, contrary to common opinion. Amber is a fossilized tree resin that can be found in a variety of locations around the world. Baltic amber is amber from the Baltic Sea region, which includes Poland, Lithuania, Germany, and Latvia, to name a few countries.

    Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

    Pin on Baltic Amber

    These baltic amber teething necklaces come with a warranty so you can buy with peace of mind. These gorgeous certified genuine Baltic amber teething necklaces come with a generous warranty for your peace of mind. With Amber sourced from the Baltic Sea the individually knotted beads are secured with a safety screw clasp. All necklaces come complete with safety instructions and full warranty cards.

    Items CAN be swapped with a warranty card if:

    • There are damaged or flawed beads
    • that have broken over time
    • that have been opened the wrong way or where the clasp has failed
    • they have been broken or cut

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    Child Hazelwood Necklace With Mixed Baltic Amber Teething And Eczema Necklace

    SKU:Mixed Hazelwood teething and eczema combo necklace

    • comes in 11 inch and 13 length, lengths are approximate due to this being a hand made item
    • comes with a screw clasp
    • knotted before and after each bead and strung on a silk strand.
    • combo effect from both hazelwood and amber

    What does Hazelwood help with?What size Hazelwood necklace should I purchase?How does Hazelwood work?Does it have to be replaced?Adorable Amber can not be held responsible for any misuse or harm that may come from improper use of our products. Please practice common sense when using Jewelry on children under the age of 3 years old. Never leave your child unattended with anything around their neck.

    Is It Normal For The Necklace To Stretch With Wear

    Yes, this is perfectly normally. As your child continues to wear the necklace the knots between each bead might loosen or tighten, which is fine. However, please look into purchasing a new necklace if your current one becomes long enough to where your child can easily put the necklace in their mouth.


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    Recognising Fake Baltic Amber:

    Fake amber jewelry has entered the market in recent years, and most people are unaware of it. Since they can’t tell the difference with a naked eye, people intend to buy these amber pieces and believe they’re real.

    Unfortunately, many individuals are targeted by merchants who market fake baltic amber at a premium price.

    Baltic countries like Lithuania are known for their high-quality amber, but baltic amber can also be found in Asia, Nigeria, Burma, New Zealand, Columbia, Russia, Venezuela, Romania, the United States, Wyoming, and the Dominican Republic.

    All of the pieces that our amber artisans use are from the best amber compounds like the one our family from Lithuania used to craft the first amber teething necklace we ever had.

    Materials that don’t have an amber origin, but are sold in shops as baltic amber include:

  • Copal – Copal is often sold as Baltic amber. Copal can turn into amber with enough time, but it isn’t fully fossilized. Copal is also referred to as “new tree resin” because it is just a thousand to one million years old, whereas true baltic amber is closer to 40 million years old.
  • Glass – Glass is easier to discern because it is more rigid, cool to the touch, than succinic acid. It is fireproof and cannot be scratched by metal, whereas real baltic amber can be scratched and will burn if exposed to flame.
  • Do The Necklaces Come In Different Sizes

    baltic amber necklace – baltic amber necklace for adult – baltic amber necklace for babies –

    Right now all of our necklaces come in a standard size of 32cm – 33cm. If the necklace is too short or too long for your child, we recommend using the necklace as an anklet. To do this, all you have to do is wrap the necklace around your childs ankle, then cover the necklace with a sock to prevent it from moving. This method will keep the necklace close to your childs skin and your baby wont even notice that its there.

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    Does Baltic Amber Ever Expire

    Baltic amber, if properly cared for, could theoretically last a lifetime. However, it is very old and fragile, and the beads will inevitably break.

    Often, over time, soap scum and other substances coat the surface of the beads, preventing them from releasing succinic acid onto your skin.

    So, if you clean and care for your baltic amber, it can last for years. It might be time for a new one if you suspect it’s no longer working and you’ve already tried cleaning it.

    How Do Amber Teething Necklaces Work

    Baltic amber has been used for centuries for teething, and is renown for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. This is how its said to be helpful for soothing red inflamed cheeks and gums.

    In addition to assisting with reducing pain, drooling and irritability that is often associated with teething, Baltic amber is believed to help relieve eczema, speed up wound healing and stave off ear and throat inflammation, amongst other ailments.

    Amber is also said to help with concentration and the bodys reflexes. It offers an energy boost and has positive effects for the nervous system and the heart. Because these little wonders come from nature, they are also good for the environment, and are a great alternative to synthetic pain relief medications, reducing exposure to the ingredients contained in teething gels.

    You may assume babies need to chew on the beads to get relief. However the effects are said to come from the beads touching the skin, when body heat causes the amber to release succinic acid. The acid isnt exclusive to amber its found in many plants and animals. The beads should NOT be chewed, and the necklace should be short enough so that it cant be placed into the mouth.

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    Amber Teething Necklaces And Sids

    We have addressed this issue in another article, Amber Teething Necklaces and SIDS.

    There was a hoax going around the internet about an amber teething necklace causing a case of SIDS. Amber teething necklaces do not cause SIDS it is simply not true. Babies through Eastern Europe have been wearing them for centuries.

    The proven biggest increased risk factors for SIDS are unsafe sleeping conditions, if the baby is not breastfed or where the parents are smokers. For more information check out our article on SIDS and SIDS Risks.

    Make sure you get yourself informed and buy a quality teething necklace if its cheap or doesnt reassure you of its strength and authenticity , give it a miss.

    Love love love them. Miss 3 year old has gotten a mouth full of teeth with no medicinal pain relief at all and has been wearing one since she was around 4 months old. I understand she might just be an easy teether but I didnt want to take the risk and remove her necklace. Plus she loves it so thats a bonus! BellyBelly Forum Member, Sarah

    How Do I Take Care Of The Necklace

    Honey or Cherry Hazelwood 12.5 Inch (For GERD, Colic ...

    Please make sure that you refrain from getting the necklace wet by removing it from your little one before bath time. Also, try to clean the necklace regularly by wiping the beads with a soft cloth dampened with lukewarm water. To polish the necklace, put a dab of olive oil on a soft cloth and wipe it on the beads, making sure to wipe away any excess oil at the end of this process.

    Note: Amber is a fairly soft gemstone and, therefore, can be scratched easily. For this reason, it is important that you use the proper materials while cleaning or polishing the necklace.

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    List Of Fake Amber Materials

    Copal – Copal, which was mentioned above, is often sold as Baltic amber. With enough time Copal would become amber, but Copal isnt truly fossilized. Copal is young tree resin whereas true amber would be closer to 40 million years old. Natural inclusions are possible in Copal, but usually they are falsified. Insects are inserted in them that are too big and too good-looking. Copal melts at a rather low temperature , and tends to melt rather than burn. However it still will diffuses the “sweet” smell of burning resins, just like real amber, making it difficult to spot.

    Glass – Glass is pretty easy to distinguish, its more solid, cold to the touch, etc. It cant be scratched by metal and fireproof, whereas real amber can be scratched and will burn if exposed to flame.

    Phenolic Resins – This material is commonly used to produce artificial amber beads. These amber beads tend to have very exact shapes , the color is very similar to real amber . However after heating it doesnt diffuse the smell of pine-tree resins, which is the key characteristic of Baltic amber.

    Celluloid – Celluloid is usually yellow and cloudy. Optically it is difficult to distinguish it from amber. Celluloid is more solid and not so combustible. After heating, it diffuses the smell of burnt plastic.

    Casein – This is a plastic made from milk. The beads have a cloudy, turbid yellow color. It is a little bit heavier than amber. After heating, it diffuses the smell of burnt plastic.

    Are Amber Teething Necklaces Safe

    Just like any necklace, there is the possibility that it may break if enough force is used, however makers of teething necklaces do their best to ensure their products are as safe as possible, and it is unlikely your baby will have the strength to break it themselves. Most amber teething necklaces are made so that the necklace is knotted or double knotted either side of each bead so if the necklace does happen to break, only one of the very small beads will fall off. Even if the bead is swallowed, amber is non-toxic. Europeans started using amber in traditional medicine long ago.

    Also, clasps on amber teething necklaces usually consist of a screw clasp for added safety. Because the beads are supposed to sit on the skin and not be chewed, the necklace length is usually short so they dont hang down like usual necklaces, which would make them easy to catch on things. Most younger babies dont even realise its on or go to grab it.

    The Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading offers the following tips:

    • Supervise the infant when wearing the necklace
    • Remove the necklace from the infant when the infant is unattended even if its only for a short period of time
    • Remove the necklace from the infant while sleeping during the day or overnight
    • Do not allow the infant to chew on the necklace
    • Always seek medical advice if you have any concerns about your childs health and well being
    • Read more of our members think of amber teething necklaces in our teething forum.

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    How Much Variation Is There In The Amber Beads

    Every natural Baltic Amber necklace is unique because each of the amber beads are unique. The size, color, shape, and weight of each stone, as well as the length of the piece, will vary slightly. We work with our supplier to develop consistent styles of color and shape, however as Baltic amber is a natural raw material that must be mined, the end product will fluctuate along with the natural flux in the Baltic Amber market.

    Baltic Amber Necklace Size Guide:

    Amber Teething Necklaces – Natural Baltic Amber For Teething

    These Baltic Amber teething necklaces for eczema come in a range of sizes. But generally speaking, the 33-35cm size will fit a child up to age 3/4yrs. And 36-47cm for Primary school aged children this size necklace will fit up to mid teens.

    How to measure:

    We recommend measuring the neckline with a piece of string or tape and then measuring the string against a ruler.

    Some of our customers report an improve in their childs eczema after using a genuine Baltic amber teething necklace.

    If you want to know more we suggest reading this article from Belly Belly. The article is called Amber teething necklace A natural teething alternative.

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    Hazelwood Necklace For Men Raw Baltic Amber Beads Healing Hazelwood & Amber Eczema Psoriasis Skin Rash Acne Acidosis Acid Reflux


    Genuine Hazelwood Necklace for MEN with Real Raw Baltic Amber Beads for natural eczema reliefHealing Hazelwood for Acidosis & Healing Amber for InflammationHazelwood works by creating a more alkaline environment in your body.When worn on bare skin, the hazelwood absorbs the body’s excess acid until a balanced PH is reached. By wearing the necklace everyday it helps heal and reduce the common symptoms related to:Morning SicknessDermatitisHeadachesPairing hazelwood together with Baltic amber is a complementary way to neutralize and heal the body. Added Baltic Amber for inflammation, headache, swelling, aches and pains.Product Description:Made from Natural Hazelwood from Quebec, Canada andHAZELWOOD BEADS:Diameter: 5/6 mm, Length: 14 mmGenuine Raw BALTIC AMBER beads from Russia.CHOOSE FROM:18 inches to 50 inchesOur necklaces are lightweight and have rounded amber beads for comfort.Twist-in screw claspHazelwood necklaces typically last anywhere from 3-12 months and should be replaced if you notice symptoms returning or when you notice the inside wood turn a dark color – this is because it is absorbing a lot of excess acid. Your second necklace will most likely not darken as quickly as the hazelwood has already helped the body get rid of excess acidand the hazelwood necklace will simply maintain an alkaline environment.The necklace should be removed in the pool or hot tub due to chemical contact.

    Does Hazelwood Help Eczema

    Hazelwood helpseczema

    It’s not a fashion trend they are hazelwood and amber necklaces and they help baby feel better! Hazelwood necklaces also help alleviate other health issues naturally

    what are Hazelwood necklaces used for? Hazelwood& Baltic Amber Children’s Necklace. Neutralize Acidity: Hazelwood is thought to neutralize the body’s acidity. It is an ancient remedy first used by aboriginal people. It has been used to relieve or prevent ailments such as acid reflux, skin issues , and constipation.

    Moreover, what is Hazelwood used for?

    Hazelwood has the potential to improve conditions caused by excess acidity, internal gut issues such as ulcers, acid reflux, GERD, and heartburn. It can treat skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis, acne, and psoriasis.

    Do teething necklaces actually work?

    According to proponents, Baltic amber contains a natural analgesic called succinic acid. When a baby wears the necklace, his or her body heat then releases this magical chemical from the gemstone and gets absorbed into the skin, thereby easing their pain. And do amber necklaces actually work? Nope, sorry.

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    Baltic Amber And Hazelwood

    Baltic Essentials Baltic Amber, Semi Precious Stones and Hazelwood are available in 11″ 12.5 inches and some necklaces come in 14″. These are for baby, toddler, and some big kids .

    Bracelets/Ankles 5.5 to 6 inches approximately for baby,toddler, and some big kids.

    Amber: Reduction of teething symptoms: fever, fussiness, red cheeks, drooling.

    Semi Precious Stones: Various things .

    Hazelwood: Gerd, colic, gas, heartburn, reflux, eczema, constipation.

    Find more information below in each product type or contact us.


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