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What Tea Is Good For Eczema

What The Research Says About Tea Tree Oil And Eczema

How I Cured My Eczema

Tea tree oil is thought to be the best essential oil for eczema. Its healing qualities have been studied throughout the years. According to the International Journal of Dermatology, tea tree oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties as well as wound-healing abilities.

For example, researchers in a 2004 animal study observed the effects of a 10 percent tea tree oil cream on canines with eczema. Dogs treated with the tea tree oil cream for 10 days experienced significantly less itching than dogs treated with a commercial skin care cream. They also experienced relief faster.

The results of one 2011

Before you treat your eczema with tea tree oil, take some time to make sure you do it properly so you get the best results. Heres how to prepare.

Treating Eczema With Chinese Medicine

Eczema is an autoimmune condition that affects 15 million Americans. Its a general term for a group of conditions that cause the skin to become inflamed, red, dry, and itchy. It can affect people of all ages, but it most often affects very young children. Nearly half of them outgrow it or have significant improvement as they get older. It is also most common in people who have a personal or family history of asthma and allergies.

Conventional treatments include external creams, pharmaceutical drugs, or injectable medications such as antihistamines, corticosteroids, or in severe cases immunosuppressants, which turn down an overactive immune system when skin conditions result from an autoimmune condition.

In Chinese medicine, the proper function and nourishment of the skin is derived from healthy respiratory, digestive, and immune systems. When any one of these systems is out of balance, the skin manifests signs and symptoms. Poor diet, weak immunity, erratic lifestyle, stress, genetic makeup, and environmental factors all play a part in causing skin conditions.

How does Chinese medicine treat autoimmune conditions such as eczema? Acupuncture has been found to modulate immune function within the human body. If an immune system has been hyperactive, as in the case of autoimmunity, acupuncture will down-regulate it to normal. But if the immunity is low, as in a weakened or suppressed immune system, it will up-regulate it to normal.

The Connection Between Tea And Your Skin

If you want to maintain a gorgeous complexion, bringing tea into your daily regimen is a great place to start. Tea is packed with antioxidants that patrol free radicals in the body and support skin health.

Essentially, free radicals speed up skin’s aging. They occur naturally, but certain environmental factors like UV rays and air pollution can increase their presence. Luckily, free radicals have an archenemy antioxidants. Adding antioxidant-rich foods and drinks to your diet can help reduce free radicals and their harmful effects.

Collecting different tea tins in the name of skincare might entail some experimentation the best teas for skin that’s too oily might be totally different from the teas that soothe irritated skin. However, anyone can find one that works for them! Once you’ve broken out your favorite novelty mug, here are four delicious teas to drink for your skin health.

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The Tea Tree Oil Heals Wounds

People with eczema often have small wounds on their skin. The wounds may be a result of scratching of the itchy patches. Blisters and swollen skin may also degenerate into grievous wounds. In a 2013 study by Karen Chin and Barbara Cordell, and published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, showed that the tea tree essential oil healed wounds faster than the alternative treatments used in the study.

Although further research is recommended to ascertain the effectiveness of the tea tree treatment, the findings in the study suggest that the essential oil has additional benefits. The efficiency of the tea tree oil is attributable to the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that have been documented in previous studies.

What Are The Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Eczema Treatment

Oats &  Green Tea Kit (for Eczema &  Sensitive Skin)

The tea tree essential oil is an effective alternative to the chemical treatments for eczema. Numerous research reports are documenting the effectiveness of the tea tree oil. Here are some benefits of the tea tree oil treatment as a remedy for eczema.

Reduction of Inflammation of the Skin

The tea tree oil has powerful anti-inflammatory characteristics which explain its ability to alleviate the irritation, swelling, and redness that is typical of eczema.

According to a 2013 research review article published in the International Journal of Dermatology, the anti-inflammatory properties are attributable to terpinen-4-ol, a significant component of the tea tree oil that makes the plant extract useful in eczema treatment.

Irritation and swelling are severe symptoms of eczema, and when they are managed, the patient experiences a significant sense of relief.

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Reduction of Allergic Reactions on the Skin

Allergens, which irritate the skin often cause eczema. The hypersensitivity of the skin to allergens and irritants such as nickel results in swelling, reddening, and itching of the skin. The application of the tea tree oil for eczema helps to reduce the allergic reactions of the skin to various allergens.

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Straight Tea Tree Oil

Full strength tea tree oil application for eczema usually gives relief from burning and itching associated with eczema. Just add 3-5 drops on a cotton ball and put onto the outbreaks. Severely irritated skin can react adversely to undiluted tea tree essential oil. It is recommended to dilute tea tree oil with some carrier oil, for example, olive or almond one, before application. As the skin is usually dry in case of eczema the dilution of tea tree oil with carrier oil is even preferable. Add tea tree oil to olive oil moisturizer.

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Tea Tree Oil For Eczema: Benefits How To Use It Results And More

  • Tea tree oil is an essential oil known for its numerous skin-healing properties.
  • Many people are choosing this oil to help relieve symptoms associated with eczema.
  • When used correctly, diluted tea tree oil can be a safe and effective alternative to traditional creams and ointments.

Using tea tree oil for eczema has been shown to be an effective remedy when used correctly. Tea tree oil is an essential oil derived from a plant called Melaleuca alternifolia and is valued for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antimicrobial properties which work to sooth and reduce the symptoms and severity of eczema.


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Other Leaf Teas For Eczema

As we mentioned many times, all leaf teas are made from the same Camellia Sinenses tea plant. The classification of tea is based on the way the teas are processed. Different processing methods resulting in different levels of oxidation. Because green tea is minimally oxidised, it maintains the most tea polyphenols. Given this, we can hypothesise that green tea is the most effective against eczema. Followed by semi-oxidised oolong teas and then fully oxidised black teas.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to find a study that investigates and compares the effectiveness of different types of teas on eczema.

Benefits Of Herbal Tea To Treat Eczema

How Herbal Tea Helped Me Cure Eczema / Dermatitis

In this part of the article, we are going to have a discussion about the benefits of herbal tea to treat eczema. Which properties make these herbal teas very beneficial for eczema? How these herbal tea work to treat eczema? Lets find out.

  • Anti-inflammatory actions: Most of the herbal tea are excellent to reduce any inflammation. Inflammation is one of the symptoms seen in case of eczema. Herbal tea like burdock, fumitory, red clover, etc. have significant anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the inflammation of the skin caused due to eczema.
  • Strengthens the Immune System: Herbal tea is also used successfully to increase the strength of the immune system. Regular consumption of herbal tea can improve your immune system, which is one of the causes of eczema.
  • Reduces Allergies: Skin allergy can undoubtedly assist eczema. Herbal tea like ginger tea has been in use for ages for reducing the skin allergies. By decreasing the sensitiveness of allergy, herbal tea can be handy to halt the progression of eczema to other parts of the skin.
  • Helpful to combat stress: Stress can be a barrier when it comes to treating a disease. In case of eczema, any type of treatment is not more than just a waste if the stress and the cause of stress are not considered. Peppermint tea, chamomile tea, passion flower tea, rose tea and green tea are known to provide excellent results in case of stress.

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Do You Know The Benefits Of Black Tea Dressings

Another post about traditional treatments, which you know is a topic I love ) For some time I had in mind to dedicate a blog post to black tea, but the lack of available evidence discouraged me from doing so However, I have decided to do so after hearing about it in a presentation on new developments in the treatment of dermatitis at theCILAD VIRTUALcongress. Before focusing on the topic of the post, I would like to thank my friend and great wound expert, José Contreras, for proposing me to moderate with him the table on wounds at this congress, in which some of the worlds leading experts on wounds participated:)

Returning to black tea, the first thing to say is that it is a treatment that has been widely used for years among dermatologists of Germanic culture, despite the fact that, until very recently, there were no published studies on the benefit of its use. And how did I find out about this treatment if there was no evidence available? Three years ago when I spent a stay at the University Hospital in Zurich and saw that my friend Jürg Hafner, a super wound expert, was using it.

The experience with this treatment in my clinical practice is very good. We use it mainly for erosive pustular dermatosis of the scalp and leg, where we recommend twice daily application in combination with topical corticosteroid.

Lets take advantage of the references in this article to find out a little more about the properties and effects of black tea .

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Treat Eczema With Salmon And Other Omega 3s

Go figure: The creatures that sport the ultimate scaly skin are those that offer some of the best protection. Salmon and other fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which give our bodies the ability to grow new skin, prevent inflammation, and stave off conditions like eczema.

Nothing fishy about itwe all know omega-3s are good for us. But how can we get more into our diets? Here are the best fish sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

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Keep It In Perspective

Ive never been self-conscious about my atopic dermatitis. I was always the kid who was teased for it, but I would remind myself that there are plenty of health conditions far worse out there. We know what causes AD and have good treatments for it. Sure, theres no one-size-fits-all approach, but eventually, youll find one that works for you.

— Ryan Hayes, patient and advocate, Orlando, FL

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How Does Tea Tree Oil Work For Eczema

Eczema Treatment

The tea tree oil is an essential oil derived from the Melaleuca alternifolia, a plant that is native to Australia. Numerous studies have reported the plant as having antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties, which make it useful in treating various types of eczema.

The plant-based extract is effective in improving the symptoms of the inflammation, without the adverse side effects associated with the chemical alternatives. A 2011 study by Skane University Hospitals Joana Wallengren, entitled Tea tree oil attenuates experimental contact dermatitis showed that tea tree oil was a more efficient eczema treatment than topic applications of ichthammol or zinc oxide.

In the initial eczema flare-ups, itching is the major cause of discomfort. The tea tree oils anti-inflammatory and antifungal abilities reduce itching, helping the patient to experience some level of comfort. Also, in eczema, the protective layer of the skin is damaged. The skin becomes vulnerable to microbial agents that may attack and cause further infections.

The anti-inflammatory capabilities of the tea tree oil also prevent swelling and reddening of the skin. The tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties, which enable it to kill the infectious microbes, preventing infections and the spread of the itchy patches to other parts of the body.

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Is Tea Tree Oil Safe To Use For Babies Or Young Children

To date, there isnt any research on the safety or efficacy of using tea tree oil to treat infant eczema. Its best to talk with your childs doctor or pediatrician before use.

If you do use it, it should never be on an infant younger than 6 months. You should also dilute the oil at twice the usual rate, mixing 12 drops of carrier oil for every 1 drop of tea tree oil. Never apply the blend near the infants mouth or hands, where they might ingest it.

Also, boys who havent gone through puberty yet shouldnt use tea tree oil. Some research has linked tea tree oil to prepubertal gynecomastia. This rare condition can result in enlarged breast tissue.

Home Solutions For Eczema


  • ELIMINATE wheat, corn, sugar, dairy, and soy from your childs diet for at least 40 Days
  • REDUCE/ELIMINATE completely foods that may cause phlegm and are difficult for your childs underdeveloped digestive system.
  • REDUCE/ ELIMINATE: Bananas, Orange Juice, Cows Milk, and Nut Butters.
  • INTRODUCE a Clear Bland Diet: well-cooked complex carbohydrates, veggies, fruit, and a small amount of animal protein.


  • Simmer the ingredients together for 45 minutes, strain, and drink the remaining liquid.
  • Consult your local herbalist to find out the correct dosage needed for you or your child, as dosage varies depending on weight and other constitutional factors.


  • BODY WASH made of equal portions salt and borax dissolved in warm water, applied 2-3 times per day.
  • POULTICE of raw grated potato, held by gauze and changed every 3 hours.

** Its important not to use any oil-based applications, as this may make the condition worse by pushing the pathogenic dampness further into the surrounding areas.

*This entry was written by Naomi Campbell L.Ac, one of the acupuncturists at Sesen Skin Body Wellness. If you have any questions about this blog or about acupuncture..please contact us at 720-443-2715.

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Eczema And Your Immune System: Why Teas And Spices Could Be Making You Crazy Itchy

While some ingredients such as turmeric and green tea are healthy, if you have a Th2 dominant condition such as eczema, they can actually worsen your skin. Let me explain

What is Th2?

In a healthy immune system, the two types of T-helper Cells are called Th1 and Th2.

Th1 and Th2 do several jobs:

  • They recognise foreign nasties known as pathogens
  • They make hormonal messenger proteins which travel to the source of your inflammation
  • They work together to create a balanced immune system.
  • Now this balance can be likened to a seesaw, you want both Th1 and Th2 to work synergistically, and not have one type of T-helper cells take over and dominate on a long-term basis.

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    Is Drinking Black Tea Good For Eczema

    How To Treat Eczema With Tea Tree Oil

    Black tea compresses have been successfully used by German-speaking dermatologists to treat facial eczema/dermatitis for decades. The precise mechanism of action is unknown but is presumably based on astringent properties of tannins in the black tea and on the antiinflammatory action of a wet compress as such.

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    Why Green Tea Should Be Your Go

    Because the base of eczema is inflammation, green tea is the perfect cure for it. Green tea contains anti-inflammatory flavanoids that help the body fight infections. This is because this particular herb is loaded with antioxidants that help fight off free radicals in the body.

    Free radicals are compounds that change, damage or even kill skin cells. As a result eczema can ensue. However, the antioxidants in green tea do a great job of warding off free radicals. These antioxidants also heal skin damage and prevent future harm.

    Additionally, green tea is natural which is fantastic as one of the major causes of eczema can be irritation from chemicals in soaps and cosmetic products. Using even more chemically loaded products to resolve your initial skin complaint will do more harm than good, causing further damage to your skin.

    Beef Up Your Skin Barrier

    When it comes to atopic dermatitis, moisturizer is king. People with AD have a dysfunctional skin barrier that lets in things that irritate skin and lets water out. You want to do everything possible to reinforce that barrier. As soon as you get out of the shower or bath, apply any topical prescription drugs and then a thick moisturizer to lock all that medicine and moisture in.

    — Danielle Baruch, MD, dermatologist at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore

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    Choosing Your Best Tea For Eczema

    If you consider drinking tea for eczema, we also advise to look after the potential side effects of tea. As said, green tea contains the most tea polyphenols that can fight the inflammation that cases eczema. However, because green tea is the most raw kind of tea, it can upset the stomach of some people. To avoid such side effects its better to drink green tea about 30 min after meals. If your stomach doesnt feel good, then switch to an oolong or black tea. Though in lesser amount, they still contain loads of tea polyphenols. This is very related to a past article we wrote about which teas are cooling and heaty.

    Another worry could be caffeine. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, then only drink tea after your breakfast and lunch. If skipping the afternoon session still isn’t enough to avoid sleepless nights, you should switch to caffeine free Chrysanthemum flower teas. For more info about caffeine, also read our tea caffeine guide.


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