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What Fabric Softener Is Best For Eczema

The Difference Between Tewltect Skin Smart Fabric And Why Its The Best Choice Of Fabric For Eczema Clothing

Laundry Products Must Haves | For Sensitive, Eczema Prone Skin

We believe that your child deserves less itch and more smile. Thats how we came up with the idea of our therapeutic clothing for eczema. Soothems eczema clothing is made from a proprietary smart fabric called TEWLTect®, a blend of high-performance sustainable polymer fibers enhanced with a biopolymer called Chitosan and Zinc Oxide. TEWLTect® has an unmatched ability to provide a positive, soothing effect that reduces itchiness and helps keep moisture in the skin. This smart fabric can be used as an occlusive barrier wet or dry, with or without emollients, and in combination with any medication.

Best Clothing Materials For Sensitive Skin

If youve got sensitive skin, or conditions like eczema or psoriasis, you know what a nightmare it can be to find clothing thats comfortable enough to wear all day, but also still looks sharp! If youre not sure where to start, check out these easy tricks for getting that fashion-forward look without making skin conditions worse.

What Are The Things You Should Avoid With Fabric Softeners

If you suspect you have an allergy to fabric softener then you should check the descriptions on the bottle yes even the small print. Most people dont ever look at the contents they are using on their bodies. You must if you want to avoid an allergic reaction.

Also, be mindful to avoid overusing the fabric softener, especially when washing towels. Be mindful of the types of materials you are washing and if a fabric softener is even needed. When it comes to your little newborns especially, avoid using regular fabric softener on their items if you want to be on the safe side.

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What Fabrics Are Comfortable For Eczema Sufferers

Clothing made from natural fibres such as cotton or silk are typically the best option as they do not cause irritation to the skin, but its important to keep in mind that although these are recommended, these fabrics might not work for everyone. Everyones skin is different, use trial and error to find the most suitable fabrics for your skin and those to avoid.

Make note of the materials that irritate your skin and avoid them as much as possible, especially when your eczema is at its worse.

Lightweight and breathable cotton, silk or sateen bed sheets are best for those with sensitive skin as comfortable and non-irritating sheets can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep which can affect other parts of your life.

Cotton Cotton is a particularly comfortable material for people with eczema to wear. The loose fabric doesnt aggravate the skin and lets it breathe easy. However, you should avoid wearing cotton when you are exercising or sweating as cotton is prone to absorbing moisture, and moving around can irritate the skin. If the fabric becomes damp from sweat, change it with another dry cotton piece of clothing to keep your skin from drying and irritating.

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What Is So Important About Hypoallergenic Softener & Whats Wrong With Casual Fabric Softener

The 4 Best Laundry Detergents For Eczema

Regular fabric softeners can cause skin allergies. If you have ever had an itch after putting on fresh clothes, this could be the culprit. However, that is just a mild reaction. Many people suffer severe reactions which means they seek alternatives.

Did you know that some fabric softeners contain animal products, irritating fragrances and harsh chemicals? These are often the culprits of allergic reactions. Doesnt sound very pleasant, does it?

Other reasons people invest in a hypoallergenic fabric softener could be that the regular ones are more flammable, a concern for many, but especially parents with newborns.

It should come as no surprise then why people choose hypoallergenic fabric softeners over regular ones. They are designed to avoid all the aforementioned issues because of the particular formulation of ingredients in exact ratios so that you have a reduced risk of allergic reactions.

So with that in mind, what should you look out for when you are wanting to buy hypoallergenic fabric softener?

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Top Tips For Baby Eczema Friendly Laundry

As with everything related to baby eczema, finding a practical solution that works for your family can take some detective work and experimentation. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Its worth sticking at things for a couple of weeks because it can take a number of washes to get rid of the detergent build-up. You can get around this by starting a new washing regime at the same time as replacing your babys clothes with new ones as they move up a size.

  • Add a rinse/spin cycle: The National Eczema Association suggests that one of the simplest ways to reduce the build-up of detergents in clothing is to use an extra rinse cycle once the washing machine has finished its regular cycle. Adding another spin cycle reduces the amount of rinse water, and the residues it contains, left in the clothes.

Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Free And Clear 32 Oz

  • Seventh Generation Free & Clear Fabric Softener is made for sensitive skin
  • Softens and reduces static cling without the use of animal-derived ingredients
  • Our gentle formula is free of dyes and fragrances
  • One bottle of our fabric softener delivers 42 loads of fresh, soft laundry
  • Our biodegradable formula is septic safe and designed to be used in standard and HE machines

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Reviews From Real Customers

Ive been buying pear nectar detergent and fabric softener for 4 years and I have loved it!!!! But last order I received the fabric softener is terribly watered down as well as a bottle design change No problem with bottle change, but the product itself has been watered down with less scent.

I do approximately 30 loads of laundry a week and I have to have great product. I have a daughter with severe autism and she has lots of accidents at nighttime and now the fabric softener doesnt help refresh her bedding anymore.

Im going to order one more round of 6 bottles each and Im really hoping theyve fixed the problem or Im going to struggle to find another great detergent /fabric softener that cleans, cruelty free, vegan great scented product.

Maybe Ill go back to the laundress, but I hope I dont have to!! Please fix fabric softener Attitude please.

Lowest Price

Product Details

I will buy it again.

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Understanding Fall Eczema Flare

Fall can be a moving target of temperatures that vacillate between muggy to down-right windy and cold. That can make it tricky to dress just right in order to climate-control your skin so it stays hydrated and happyversus dry, overheated, and irritated.

For those who deal with eczema, trading loose, airy clothing for warmer pieces is not just a nuisance: Heat and unbreathable fabrics can cause a flare, explains Gibran Shaikh, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and clinical instructor in the department of dermatology at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, and founder of telemedicine platform

Once the inflammation is keyed up, it becomes a disease of overactivity. It makes you itchy, then you scratch your skin, and it further compromises it, he says. You then have an itch-scratch cycle.

Your best bet is dressing in layers made of the tried-and-true fabrics our experts have spelled out below. That way, you can take them off and on to keep your skin calm in any forecast, Dr. Shaikh says.

Should You Use Fabric Softener If You Have Eczema

Top 10 Things To Heal From Eczema and TSW – My Journey of Healing

Fabric softener can certainly be used if you have eczema, in fact, sometimes it can even help by softening your clothes to stop them irritating your skin.

You just need to make sure that you choose a fabric softener that is sensitive and free from anything that could trigger your eczema.

Avoid harsh chemicals, added dyes, colourants and fragrances, and look for fabric softeners that are specifically designed to be suitable for sensitive skin.

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Use Free & Clear Detergents

When washing your clothes, you want to use Free & Clear detergents. These are detergents made without dyes and perfumes so you don’t have to worry about them leaving behind potentially irritating ingredients on your clothes. “Derms like the Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Free & Clear and Seventh Generation Free & Clear ,” says Dr. Downie, who is the founder of Image Dermatology.

What Is The Best Fabric For Eczema

Cotton tends to be the most commonly recommended textile for people with eczema. Cotton is soft, cool, great at absorbing sweat, easily washable and allows the skin to breathe.

What is the main cause of eczema?

Eczema is caused by a combination of immune system activation, genetics, environmental triggers and stress. Your immune system. If you have eczema, your immune system overreacts to small irritants or allergens. This overreaction can inflame your skin.

Can people with eczema wear fleece?

Avoid triggers: Fabrics. For some people with eczema, fabrics like polyester, polar fleece or wool are triggers. Know your triggers and find fabrics that work for you.

What is causing my eczema to spread?

People with atopic dermatitis usually experience flare-ups, where the eczema gets worse for a time. Triggers of flare-ups include: low humidity, cold weather, and extreme changes in temperature. irritants, such as detergents, soaps, perfumes, and fragrances.

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Best Hypoallergenic Laundry Softener

People with sensitive skin should take special care with the fabrics that come into direct contact with their skin. If this sensitivity applies to you, this means you must take caution with the products you use to care for your clothes, as they can often cause an adverse reaction with your skin. Thats why laundry products loaded with dyes, perfumes, fragrances, and harsh detergents may irritate those who have sensitive skin, are prone to allergies or have skin conditions such as eczema.

For many its these harsh chemicals left behind on fabric that causes skin reactions. Almost any brand of detergent thats free of dyes and fragrances may be adequate, but be sure that your laundry is rinsed thoroughly. Some people have specific skin allergies, so even a detergent without dyes and perfumes could still be problematic. This may take a bit of trial and error to find what works for you. Hypoallergenic products are formulated for sensitive skin and are a great place to start. Using a liquid product as opposed to a powder is a good choice, too, because liquids leaves less residue on fabric that could cause irritations. Studies have shown that a good hypoallergenic fabric softener can truly benefit people who have sensitive skin. Take a look at our top six recommendations below for the best hypoallergenic laundry softeners money can buy, and we hope youll find one to perfectly suit to your skin and be a great addition to your washing and drying routine.

Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Eczema friendly Fabric softener Eco &  Natural

No matter what color your bedroom walls are, youll find sheets to fit here, thanks to this Mayfair Linen set that comes in 20 different colors. Theyre 100 percent Egyptian cotton, 800 thread count, and extremely lightweight. Using lightweight sheets, a humidifier, and keeping the air temperature on the cooler side is best for people with sensitive skin, says Dr. Peredo.

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Mrs Meyers Clean Day Liquid Fabric Softener Editor’s Choice

  • Not as concerned with ecological footprint
  • Not chemical free
  • Contains benzisothiazolinone

Each bottle of the Downy fabric softener promises up to 76 loads, and as the purchase is a two-pack, your order will last you for up to 152 loads of fresh and soft laundry. This Downy product is free from perfumes, dyes, has been tested by dermatologists and has received a seal of approval from the eczema and psoriasis associations. Youll enjoy the great features from your regular Downy products that prevent your clothes from stretching, fading and fuzz, and now with this formula for sensitive skin, you can truly enjoy the results of this reputable, tried and trusted brand.

Protect Your Clothes With Downy

Did you know?

Downy helps protect your clothes from 50 mph spinning in your washing machine.

Downy helps protect your clothes from 60 times the G Force of a space rocket launch.

Downy helps protect your clothes from a dryer hot enough to cook ribs.

Downy helps protect your clothes from being thrashed 3,000 times during every wash.

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Best Fabric Softeners For Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin can mean that finding the right products to use around the home is a constant struggle. Just when you think youve found the perfect product for you, it doesnt do as advertised and youve got to start all over again.

This problem becomes even harder when your whole family has sensitive skin. Finding a product that isnt harsh for all of you can be nearly impossible. Hopefully, we can help you find the product for your sensitive skin below.

Most fabric softeners say they are great for sensitive skin but wouldnt even be any good for a rhino! The ones below, on the other hand, are great for all skin types. The fabric softeners in our list can make anyones clothes feel like a dream and they could help to save your skin from itching all day!

Eczema Care: Household & Laundry Tips

Top 9 Best Fabric Softeners For Clothes That You Love In 2021

When you have eczema, you have to pay attention to anything that comes into contact with your skinincluding fabrics from your clothes and bedding. Always wash your clothes and sheets before using them for the first time and make sure to use fragrance-free, dye-free and hypoallergenic detergents.

For some people almost any brand of detergent that is free of dyes and fragrances will be satisfactory as long as the laundry is rinsed adequately. Some people have additional allergies, which can make even a detergent without dyes and perfumes problematic. It may take some trial and error to find a detergent that works for you.

  • Choose products that are hypoallergenic, free of dyes and fragrances, and formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Try liquid products, as they tend to leave fewer residues than powders.
  • Consider using a liquid fabric softener. Studies have shown that clothes treated with a fabric softener have a potential benefit for people with sensitive skin.
  • Use your washing machines second or extra rinse setting if it has one.
  • Check detergents that are awarded the NEA Seal of Acceptance

Wash new clothes before use

New clothing can sometimes have a finish on it to make it more appealing at the store.

  • Wash new clothing, bedding, and cloth napkins before you use them.
  • Wash everything your baby comes into contact with before being used for the first time.
  • Consider washing the clothes, bedding, and towels of the person with sensitive skin separately.

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Dreft Stage : Newborn Liquid Laundry Detergent

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Can be used in a HE machine

  • Not ideal for cloth diapers

  • Contains fragrance

Dreft Stage 1: Newborn Liquid Detergent is specially designed for the little one in your household. It’s not only recommended by pediatricians, but is also a hypoallergenic laundry soap with a fresh scent. The formula includes biodegradable surfactants and enzymes for removing dirt, stains, and all messes your newborn may find on a daily basis.

Now, this product does contain fragrances. It’s also not suitable for cloth diapers. However, you can use it to hand wash items in your bathroom sink, and you can load it into a regular or high-efficiency washer. It’s also free of dyes and the scent will leave your newborn’s clothes smelling very clean.

Price at time of publish: $24

How Your Environment Affects Eczema

Differing outdoor/indoor environments are a potential flare riskespecially as the season heads into its chilliest stretch. Eczema flare-ups are often caused by extreme changes in temperature, like rapidly going from cold to warm, says Dr. Shaikh. Also, turning on the radiators can dry the air out, which can change your environment from high to low humidity. This can be a major trigger that flares eczema. The very dry air can actually extract much-needed moisture from your skin, according to the National Eczema Association.

With eczema, the compromised skin barrier caused by the condition itself makes it difficult for skin to retain moisture in the first placeand a further loss of moisture from super-dry spaces makes eczema worse, explains Alpana Mohta, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at Sardar Patel Medical College in Rajasthan, India, and board member at, an organization that analyzes skin care and other personal care products for safety.

If youre the one controlling the thermostat, the National Eczema Society recommends setting it to 64 degrees for an ideal temperature zone for your skin. Regardless, instead of coming in from the cold wearing a bulky coat only to strip down to a T-shirt, remember to peel off your layers gradually so as not to stress out skin with a sudden temperature change, Dr. Shaikh says.

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Watch Out For Allergens

Be wary of claims such as hypoallergenic or dermatologically tested, as these tests are conducted on adults and not children.

To buy products containing the fewest possible allergens, look for the label Allergen controlled. This label guarantees that the product is free of any component classified as a potential allergen such as fragrance substances or preservatives like isothiazolinones.


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