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Eczema On Lips And Around Mouth

Treatments Your Physician May Prescribe

Eczema on Lips Treatment Options | How to Treat Lip Eczema Around Mouth Dermatitis

The doctor may prescribe:

  • Metronidazole cream applied up to 2 times daily, gradually decreasing use as the condition improves.
  • Oral tetracycline for children older than 9, gradually decreasing use as the condition improves.
  • Oral erythromycin for children less than 9 years old, gradually decreasing use as the condition improves.
  • Topical antibiotics may help mild outbreaks.

Favorite Bloggers Writing About Perioral Dermatitis

Sarah James is a clean beauty blogger based in Oklahoma. In a recent blog post, she details her journey with perioral dermatitis, which she experienced for the first time at age 45. Complete with before and after photos, her blog details what helped her get the condition under control, including a pared-down skin-care routine and stress management.

Suzi is a former organic hairstylist who is now a full-time green beauty blogger who is devoted to examining the ingredients in skin-care and beauty products. On her blog, she shares her battle with perioral dermatitis and offers solutions for how she treated her condition naturally.

What Questions Should I Ask My Healthcare Provider About Perioral Dermatitis

  • Why do I have perioral dermatitis?
  • Do I have perioral dermatitis or another type of dermatitis?
  • Do you think this will go away on its own, or do I need treatment?
  • What medications should I stop taking?
  • What over-the-counter products should I stop using?
  • Do I need to see a dermatologist?
  • Are there any other specialists I should see?
  • What treatment would be best?

A note from Cleveland Clinic

There are many types of dermatitis. Some have an obvious cause while others, like perioral dermatitis, are unclear. It can be frustrating to have a rash and not know for sure where it comes from. Although topical steroids is thought to be the most likely cause, there are a variety of other theories. Work with your healthcare provider to narrow down what the cause might be. This will help you and your healthcare provider determine a treatment plan.

Perioral dermatitis is common, and there are effective treatments. Dont hesitate to ask questions, follow your healthcare providers instructions and remember that your rash might get worse before it gets better.

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How Do You Treat Eczema On Your Lips

Typically, lip eczema is treated with a topical corticosteroid and a moisturizer like a lip balm. If your lip eczema is related to atopic dermatitis, managing the condition will help with dry, itchy lips. If it’s a result of an irritant or allergen, your doctor will identify the cause and recommend that you avoid contact with it.

Eczema On Lips Treatment

A Closer Look at Lip Eczema  Why Wont Anybody Kiss Me ...

Treatment of eczema on lips in based on causative agent. However, there is always a chance that the correct cure may not be available. At a time you need to identify the factors that triggered the eczema for the curative solutions to be known, which will assist you to get rid of this problem. Once they have been noted down they will need to be eliminated in a systematic manner. America Academy of dermatology recommends the following treatments:

  • Topical corticosteroids- Topical corticosteroids such as hydrocortisone creams are the common treatment forms for eczema it is used by applying prescription corticosteroids to deal with redness or inflammation due to itching. Over the counter corticosteroids are powerfully effective when it comes to dealing with atopic cheilitis.
  • Eczema lip balm- There are number of lip balms brands such as Burtâs Bees Lip Balm, Sooth it balm, and many others that have been manufactured to assist people dealing with eczema to relieve their symptoms. The balm assists to relieve itching and inflammation which are very likely to be on your lips and mouth.
  • Immunosuppressant- immunosuppressant are meant or designed to counter the harmful side effects which could arise if your immune system responded to an allergic substance
  • Other triggers to avoid or things to do include:

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    How Long Will It Take To Get Rid Of Perioral Dermatitis

    Expect gradual improvement. This rash tends to clear slowly. It may take a few weeks or a few months to clear completely.

    If youre having trouble getting rid of a rash, you can find a board-certified dermatologist by going to: Find a dermatologist.

    ImagesImage 1: Used with permission of the American Academy of Dermatology National Library of Dermatologic Teaching Slides.

    ReferencesChamlin SL and Lawley LP. Perioral dermatitis. In: Wolff K, et al. Fitzpatricks dermatology in general medicine . McGraw Hill Medical, USA, 2008:709-12.

    Nguyen V and Eichenfield LF. Periorificial dermatitis in children and adolescents. J Am Acad Dermatol 2006 55:781-5.

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    Lip Balms And Other Moisturizers

    A variety of moisturizers and lip balms claim to work for psoriasis on the lips. However, the efficacy of these moisturizers has not always been thoroughly tested. Thick, petrolatum-based ointments will provide the best protection for dry, cracked lips. You should work with a dermatologist to find the right one for you.

    Many of our members recommend using coconut oil to help with psoriasis. Ive been using the organic coconut oil with a tea tree oil mixture. It helps the itching and redness, one member said. Food-grade coconut oil is safe for use on the lips.

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    How The Right Lip Balm Can Help

    Depending on your specific breed of lick eczema, a lip balm may be all you need to calm things down. Treatment revolves around identifying and eliminating the cause of the eczemathe treatment can vary greatly depending on the type of lip eczema that you have, says Dr. Zuriarrain. If it is due to licking the lip, a lip balm or emollients can help calm down the lips and reduce any itching and inflammation.

    If this is the case, its critically important that you choose the right productdont just grab whatever lip balm is lying around at the bottom of your bag and hope for the best . Make sure you are using a lip balm that contains emollients and occlusives , says Dr. King. The reason? Lip balms that contain only humectant ingredientssuch as hyaluronic acid and glycerincan actually make lips more dry, because they attract moisture. if the air is very low in humidity, then they can pull moisture out of the skin, and then the moisture evaporates away. With that in mind, you’ll want to look for a formula that includes a triple-threat of hydrators.

    Emollients, such as ceramides, support the skin barrier Humectants, like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, attract moisture And occlusives, such as petrolatum, bees wax, and coconut oil, create a physical barrier to prevent moisture loss,” says Dr. King. “Without the occlusives, the moisture pulled out by the humectants will evaporate from the skin, and the lips will be left drier than they were before.

    Research And Statistics: How Many People Have Perioral Dermatitis

    How To Heal Eczema On Lips | How To Treat Lip Eczema Naturally | Lip Eczema Treatment

    There isnt any hard data on the number of people living with perioral dermatitis, but dermatologists report it is relatively common.

    Perioral dermatitis is seen more frequently in fair-skinned people than in those with darker skin. But Chien adds another caveat: Rashes, inflammation, and redness on the skin is more difficult to appreciate in African American skin, so sometimes the diagnosis may be missed in that population, she says.

    Perioral dermatitis has also been reported in children with no significant difference seen in gender or race among kids.

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    Symptoms Of Atopic Eczema

    Atopic eczema causes the skin to become itchy, dry, cracked and sore.

    Some people only have small patches of dry skin, but others may experience widespread inflamed skin all over the body.

    Inflamed skin can become red on lighter skin, and darker brown, purple or grey on darker skin. This can also be more difficult to see on darker skin.

    Although atopic eczema can affect any part of the body, it most often affects the hands, insides of the elbows, backs of the knees and the face and scalp in children.

    People with atopic eczema usually have periods when symptoms are less noticeable, as well as periods when symptoms become more severe .

    Avoid Make Up Lipstick And Unlabeled Creams To Allow Your Lips To Heal

    One of the best ways to improve lip dermatitis is to avoid your triggers when possible. These include any known allergens, as well as sensitivities to chemicals. Make up, lipstick, and certain creams may contain ingredients that are causing your lips to flare up.

    Even after eliminating these triggers, it can take some time for the rashes to clear up.

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    How Is Lip Lickers Dermatitis Diagnosed

    People with the condition will likely have a ring on the skin around their lips that is red, irritated, and cracked. While lip licking behavior might not be observed during a visit to a healthcare professional, people with the condition might be able to personally attest to a lip licking habit.

    There are a handful of other conditions that resemble the symptoms of lip lickers dermatitis. A doctor might test for these conditions to confirm a diagnosis of lip lickers dermatitis.

    How To Identify Lip Eczema

    Struggling with this mouth eczema since nearly a year, I ...

    In order to narrow down the list of possible causes, you can check careful history and do examination. Examination should include not only the lips, but inside the mouth and your skin in general.

    You need to do patch testing. Testing should include the standard series and extended series such as for lipsticks, toothpastes and others as suggested from the history. Moreover, its important to test the patients own products. The Photopatch testing may be useful. Also, consider the relevance of positive reactions.

    If patch testing is negative and prick testing may be positive, this may indicate a contact urticaria.

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    Causes Of Rashes Around The Mouth

    The following are causes of rash around mouth of most adults:

  • Contact dermatitis
  • Contact dermatitis is a skin condition that causes inflammation that occurs when some substances makes contact with the skin. They appears as itchy red bumps around mouth that are sometimes painful and samples of these contact dermatitis are certain makeup products, poison ivy, or some skin care products.

  • Eczema
  • This is also a skin condition that causes both irritation and inflammation around your mouth and can also cause a rash to appear on your feet, face, knees, and hands. The rash is characterized by itching, redness, and swelling, and will appear thick and flaky. There are several factors that trigger up appearances of rash around mouth such as extreme temperatures, stress, and certain chemicals that may be found in the soaps you use, etc.

  • Hives
  • This skin condition around the mouth is triggered by allergic reaction due to food we eat or medication. Another trigger of hives is stress. If the rash is on your lips, it is called angioedema, which is like hives.

  • Perioral dermatitis
  • These skin problems around the mouth usually affect women in most occasions and it is causes a group of small red bumps to appear around your mouth. The rash can also spread to your upper lip, chin, and cheeks, making the areas of the skin very flaky and dry. This medical condition happens to people with oily faces and can be caused by using certain lotions and creams containing strong chemicals.

  • Chemical Burns
  • How To Treat Eczema On Lips

    Taking the right course of action on a daily basis can lead to a quick improvement in your condition.

    There are several home remedies and over-the-counter moisturisers that can help lip eczema.

    The best way is to identify the cause through careful history examination and get rid of it.

    If the cause cant be found, treatment is geared towards reducing or ameliorating the symptoms of eczema.

    You want to keep your lips free of any unnecessary products or products to avoid the chance of an outside occurrence of lip irritation. If you have to have color on your lips, the safest thing to use is waxy lipstick.

    Avoid all other products until your lips are back to normal.

    Sometimes childrens oral care is safer depending on what ingredient is causing the problem.

    You can find unflavored dental floss and toothpaste and mouthwash without peppermint, which is a common culprit.

    Oftentimes, the rash has resolved but there is lingering erythema in the area due to the inflammation from the rash. This will take time to fade.

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    How Is Allergic Contact Cheilitis Diagnosed

    Patch testing is the key to the diagnosis of contact cheilitis. Testing should include the baseline series of patch test allergens as well as cosmetic and toothpaste series, and others suggested by the history. It is most important to also test the patient’s own products and musical instruments if possibly relevant. Cosmetics are often applied as is, but sawdust from wooden instruments should be applied diluted to 10% in petrolatum. A significant number of patients react only to their own products. The relevance of positive results must be assessed, based on careful history taking and clinical examination. Multiple positive reactions are common.

    Positive patch tests

    Repeated open application test or start-restart testing may be required for a patient’s own products due to irritation under occlusion in patch testing, such as with toothpastes.

    may also be useful when investigating cheilitis when routine patch testing is negative.

    Should contact urticaria of the lip be suspected, prick/scratch testing is required.

    It is common for patients with allergic contact dermatitis to have a second diagnosis such as atopic cheilitis or irritant contact cheilitis.

    What Can I Expect If Ive Been Diagnosed With Perioral Dermatitis

    WHAT TO EAT TO HEAL LIP ECZEMA /ANGULAR CHEILITIS FOREVER! How to heal lip eczema full day of eating

    Expect that youll have to abide by a treatment plan worked out with your healthcare provider. Every treatment plan is different. You might need topical medications or oral medications, or you might simply need to stop doing whats causing the rash . However, most of the time a treatment regimen that effectively controls the perioral dermatitis can be found.

    Remember your perioral dermatitis will get worse before it gets better when you stop taking topical steroids. This is normal, and expected.

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    Causes And Risk Factors Of Perioral Dermatitis

    Using steroids around the mouth including inhaled steroids for asthma is a common trigger in children, Dr. Lio says.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, dermatologists have seen a rise in perioral dermatitis as a result of face masks. Generally, dermatoses, or rashes, associated with masks have gone up in our practice over the last year or so, says Anna Lien-Lun Chien, MD, an associate professor of dermatology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Theres a number of different rashes that can occur and perioral dermatitis is one of them.

    Unfortunately with the mask in place, it creates a different environment, she continues. It changes the barrier of the skin in that area. Especially for an individual whos more sensitive or prone to this inflammation they can start developing those breakouts.

    In some cases of perioral dermatitis, a skin-care product or even a particular toothpaste may be the culprit, Lio says.

    The skin condition can affect anyone at any age, but children and women are most affected, Lio says.

    Can Eczema On The Lips Be Prevented

    Oh yes we can prevent eczema from appearing on our lips if we can stick to any of the recommendation below:

    • Always make use of make up that best suit your skin type
    • Thouroughly clean your make up kits and tools may be twice or once a week to keep bacteria or anything that might trigger eczema easily to come in contact with it.
    • Manage your stress effectively

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    Causes Of Rash Around Mouth

    There are various factors or reasons that may result in the formation of facial rashes around the mouth. The types of mouth rash depend on the causal agent. Some rashes are mild and harmless while others might be harmful to you.

    The possible causes of rash around the mouth region include the following:

    Signs You Might Have Lip Eczema

    Lip Eczema Cause, Symptoms, on Baby, How to Treat, Cure ...

    “Lip eczema is characterized by dry, chapped, and peeling lips and sometimes, painful breaks of the lips,” explains board-certified dermatologist Charlotte Birnbaum, M.D. In other words, the same common symptoms of eczemared patches, cracked skin, flaking, and general drynessalso hold true for the lip area.

    So, how to tell if it’s just chapped lips or something more serious, such as lip eczema? If the skin on the lips becomes significantly cracked to the point of becoming painful, and if no amount of over-the-counter ointments seems to help, then you might be dealing with a case of eczema.

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    What Is The Outlook For Eczema On The Lips

    There is no cure for eczema. However, you can learn to manage it with proper medical treatment. Its best to keep a diary of when flare-ups occur and notice any emotional, environmental, dietary, and lifestyle changes you experienced at that time. This will help you pinpoint where the outbreak on your lips stem from and you can try to avoid them in the future.

    Rash Around Mouth Toddler

    Most of the time if your child has good overall health and doesnât exhibit any symptoms other than the rash, it is fine to observe his rash for several days before contacting the doctor. In many cases, the rash will simply disappear over time without any need for treatment. Rash around toddlersâ mouth are usually mild and can be treated and prevented by simple measures.Common Causes of Rash around Toddlersâ MouthYou should visit the doctor if your childâs rash is joined by other symptoms such as vomiting, breathing difficulties, high fever or a reduction in overall health accompanied by behavioral changes. Otherwise, your child can get a rash around mouth from the following reasons.

  • Drool Rash
  • This is when your toddler experiences irritation and redness on his face due to excessive drool and it most commonly occurs on the face. Most babies will have drool rash at some point or another and the most common time for this to happen is while teething. It is caused by the constant moisture affecting sensitive skin when it is rubbed on soft surfaces due to the friction and irritation.In some cases drool rash will become infected leading to infant impetigo which is a contagious bacterial infection indicated by honey or yellow colored crusting on the rashâs surface and possible blistering.

  • Oral Thrush
  • Hand Foot and Mouth Disease
  • Impetigo
  • Cold Sores
  • Chickenpox
  • Strep Throat
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