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Dermatologist Recommended Body Wash For Eczema

Best Luxury: Oribe Serene Scalp Anti



  • Price

Sometimes you need to splurge, baby, splurge. Not only does this shampoo look extra pretty sitting in your shower, but the way it lathers when massaged into your scalp truly feels luxurious. Oribes formula combines its beautiful packaging with sumptuous fragrance to smell like perfume and exfoliating salicylic acid to control flaking and reduce itching. Along with caffeine, sugarcane extract, and orange and lemon extract, Oribe rejuvenates and nourishes the scalp.

Active Ingredients: Salicylic acid 2.0% | Uses: Relieving dryness and itching of scalp, reducing dandruff

Best Body Washes For Eczema

Choosing the appropriate body washes for eczema can be tough. However, if you consider these factors, your job will be easier. These factors will be discussed:

  • Product Quality: One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a product is its quality. Nobody would want a low-quality or easily worn-out object. They are even willing to spend a somewhat greater price for a good product.
  • Sturdiness: Reliability and durability are inextricably linked. Because it is tough and resilient, your body washes for eczema will last you for many months.
  • Product availability: New items are frequently introduced to replace outdated products. This new product has most likely been updated in some way and may thus have new features. Why is a body washes for eczema brand item no longer available because its producers refuse to support them?
  • Seller’s Rank: Don’t you find it fascinating? You must have an excellent product, be known, and grow. These are both significant objectives. The product is successful based on its growing user base. Because more people are purchasing things, producers must provide better after-sales service and quality.
  • Customer Feedback: You will not be held liable for things that went wrong with previous clients, will you? If you have higher ratings, people are more likely to be satisfied with your service.

The Best Aveeno Body Wash For Eczema

The only Aveeno product line to avoid is the stress relief line because it is not fragrance free and it is targeted more for dry skin. The other lines are all fragrance free and targeted for those with sensitive skin. The Eczema line should be trailed first before the others because it was designed specifically for irritated skin.

It should be noted that all the Aveeno products contains oats. If you have a bad reaction to oats, then you should do a patch test before applying vast amounts. An allergy test can also be taken.

Despite this, oatmeal formulas are well recommended by Dermatologists because of the ability to help restore skins PH levels and supporting the development of the skins barrier.

I have personally tried out the daily moisturizing, skin relief and eczema range. The differences is the texture and the aftermath feeling on your skin. In terms of effectiveness, I did not see any difference to my mid severe Eczema. I did however get some relief from the pain caused by my skin.

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Aspects To Consider When Buying Liquid Body Soap For Babies

Parents often think that if a product is made especially for babies, then their children with eczema can use them too. Unfortunately, that is not the situation.

Do you have a baby with sensitive skin? You should keep these recommendations in mind before making a purchase:

  • Stay away from the soap. Soaps dry the skin and are harsh or alkaline. When used frequently, they can upset the natural pH balance, leaving you irritated and dry.
  • Check the labels and distance yourself from the products with SLES and SLS. These are sulfates, known for their foaming effect, but they can cause flare-ups of eczema and thus aggravate the skin.
  • Choose a product with a pH similar to that of the skin, preferably 6. If it becomes lower it can be irritating and if the product has a higher pH it can cause dryness.
  • Choose body soaps that have ingredients that do not harm the skin. Also consider that it must have components that help protect and hydrate your baby.

As a general rule, avoid products that contain dyes, perfumes, or fragrances. These agents will only trigger eczematous rashes and therefore you will waste the care given and the effort that goes with it.

On the other hand, you can also consult our recommendations about the best facial cleansers for skin with eczema, if you are interested in purchasing a cleanser to take care of the skin on your face. You should also know the recommended shampoos for eczema, since the scalp needs the same care.

Best Body Wash: Cerave Soothing Body Wash

Best Affordable Eczema Cleansers That Even Dermatologists Love!

Courtesy: Amazon

  • Contains omega oils for extra dry skin

  • Free of parabens and sulfates

  • Some users dislike the thin consistency

  • Doesnt lather well

CeraVes Soothing Body Wash works to cleanse and calm the skin with a formula designed by dermatologists to restore skin to its natural, healthy state, thanks to omega oils, hyaluronic acid, and three essential ceramides. With no parabens or sulfates, individuals can feel safe using this product on their skin while avoiding allergens and irritants. CeraVe is fragrance-free and safe for both children and adults, and this product is also recommended by the National Eczema Association.

Key Ingredients: Ceramides and omega oils | How to Use: Cleanse body during showering or bathing as needed.

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The Honest Company Eczema Soothing Therapy Body Wash

Formulated especially for people who are eczema-prone, this body wash from The Honest Company combines colloidal oatmeal, glycerin, and moisturizing coconut oil. The product was formulated to be gentle enough for babies, so you can feel free to share it with your little one. This body cleanser for eczema has received the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, meaning it’s free of ingredients the NEA has listed as irritants to eczema-prone or sensitive skin.

What Kinds Of Products Should I Use When Bathing

You should always look for skin products that are unscented, fragrance-free and dye-free so that you dont further irritate your skin.

Try to avoid waterless, antibacterial cleansers, which often contain ingredients like alcohol and solvents that are very hard on your skin . Remember not to scrub your skin while cleansing and to gently pat your skin dry when youre done. As always, moisturize your skin immediately afterward.

See the full list of NEA-accepted, scientifically reviewed cleansers and moisturizers

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Cetaphil Restoraderm Pro Eczema Calming Body Wash 10 Ounce

For over 70 years, doctors and dermatologists have recommended and trusted Cetaphil, a gentle skincare brand that millions use worldwide to improve their skins resilience.Known for its scent-free lotion and moisturizers, Cetaphil is highly used and well known. Since it is oil-free and does not build up harsh chemicals, it can be used on all types of skin, despite the controversy surrounding parabens.

Key points relating to Eczema treatment

  • This soap-free body wash was recommended by dermatologists and endorsed by the NationalEczemaAssociation.
  • Skin that is very dry or stressed responds well to it and even the most sensitive skin can be used daily.
  • Similarly, we recommend that you apply CETAPHIL RESTORADERM Eczema Soothing Moisturizer immediately after bathing.
  • The cleanser provides soothing relief for dry, sensitive skin with a blend of 9 moisturizers and vitaminE.
  • The formulation contains Filaggrin technology, which helps to restore the skins natural moisture barrier while leaving it hydrated and feeling healthy.
  • In our experience, it continues to moisturize the skin 24hours after washing.
  • Apply to wet skin and lather up. Rinse and pat dry. Do not get in your eyes.

A clinically proven method of moisturizing dry skin


Formula with the unique Fillagrin complex to nourish and retain moisture

Gently cleanses and rinses easily

Received the seal of acceptance from the National Eczema Association and is a dermatologist


What Kinds Of Moisturizers Are Most Effective For My Eczema


Not all moisturizers are created equal. In fact, there are many types of common moisturizers that arent good at helping control your eczema and may even make it flare or get worse. Its important to understand the differences between the three basic types of moisturizers ointments, creams, and lotions so that you can properly hydrate your skin and help keep your symptoms under control.

Moisturizers are classified based on the amount of oil and water they contain. The more oil in a moisturizer, the better it usually is at treating eczema. The best moisturizers to use are the ones that feel greasy , because they contain more oil. These are very effective at keeping moisture in and irritants out.

All moisturizers should also be applied to your hands immediately after washing and gently blotting them dry. For this reason, its a good idea to keep moisturizer near every sink in your home and carry a small tube with you at all times, so that you can reapply it throughout the day.

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Aveeno Body Wash: The Different Products

For nearly over 70 years, Aveeno has been a respected name in the skincare industry with high recommendations from dermatologists all over the world. Their products soothes skin and brings relief for all Eczema symptoms using as many natural sustainable ingredients that are possible.

Aveeno has many different types of body wash so it is best to pay close attention to the packaging. The differences in products can be determined by the colour of their enclosed cap.

The daily moisturizing range is the most commonly found Aveeno product line. Each line has different benefits as stated in the picture and are made out of different key ingredients.

Daily Moisturizing
Soothing oat and rich emollients, contains Dimethicone Triple oat complex, contains Dimethicone Soothing oat, lavender scent chamomile and ylang ylang oils Oat, aloe, and vitamin B5 Colloidal oatmeal and ceramide

The stress relief product line has lavender scented fragrance which can cause irritation, so best to avoid it.

Best Natural Medicated: Jason Dandruff Relief Treatment Shampoo

Courtesy of Amazon

  • No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates

  • May leave hair greasy

Sometimes the best way to go back to nature is by making sure your products are chemical free. Jason Dandruff Relief Treatment Shampoo relies on natures botanicals to bring you a natural shampoo free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfate. Instead, this shampoo uses a combination of sulfur and salicylic acid to treat mild psoriasis and dermatitis, which ultimately eliminates flakes and itchiness. Added to soothe and moisturize the scalp are plant-based healers like rosemary, olive, and jojoba oils.

If you use this shampoo at least three times a week, the occurrence of flaking, scaling, and itching should be significantly reduced.

Active Ingredients: Salicylic acid 2.2%, Sulfur 2.4% | Uses: Mild psoriasis and dermatitis

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Skinfix Eczema+ Foaming Oil Body Wash

Clean skincare brand Skinfix formulates gentle solutions that help strengthen and improve the overall function of the skin. The company has a whole line dedicated to sensitive, eczema-prone skin, which includes the award-winning Eczema+ Foaming Oil Body Wash. This dermatologist tested foaming cleanser is vegan and cruelty-free, and free of sulfates, fragrance, parabens, phthalates, gluten, and petrolatum.

This ultra-mild body wash uses the powerful yet gentle cleaning actions of coconut-derived cleansers to wash away dirt, oil, bacteria, and excess debris from the skin. Antioxidant-rich aloe vera juice works to soothe and naturally moisturize the skin, while plant derived oils help nourish and further hydrate. The Eczema+ Foaming Oil Body Wash also contains colloidal oatmeal, an anti-inflammatory ingredient known for its ability to relieve dry and itchy skin. It also helps lock moisture into the skin.

In a clinical study, dermatologists found that this natural body wash delivers real results. The overwhelming majority of participants found that their skin was left feeling soothed, hydrated, and cleansed after using the formula for a week.

Best For Color Treated Hair: Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro

7 Eczema Products That Will Soothe Your Kids
  • Cleanses the scalp with micro-exfoliators

  • Cruelty-free

  • Safe for color-treated and processed hair

  • Price

Similar to dye, hair straighteners and some protective hairstyles can aggravate seborrheic dermatitis, because it can result in less frequent hair washing and helps the scalp accumulate oil and debris, explains Dr. French. But this shampoo might be able to help because its not a regular shampoo. Its formula contains vegetable-derived micro-exfoliators, set to remove dead skin cells and any product build-up from the scalp. Not only does it clean the scalp, but leaves hair strong and full with a helpful dose of biotin.

Its hard to know whether most dandruff shampoos are working, but this one from Briogeo clues you in by actually cooling your scalp with soothing tea tree oil that also works hard to eliminate flakes. When using the shampoo, make sure to massage it into the scalp and all the way through your ends for the best results.

Active Ingredients: None | Uses: Dryness, flaking, and itching of scalp due to dermatitis or excess product build-up

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Testing A New Soap Or Cleanser

Once youve made your selection, test it before you use it. You can do a patch test to confirm an allergic reaction.

Take a small amount of the product and apply it to crook of your elbow or on your wrist. Clean and dry the area, and then cover it with a bandage.

Leave the area unwashed for 48 hours, watching for redness, itchiness, flaking, rash, pain, or any other signs of allergic reaction.

If there is a reaction, immediately remove the bandage and wash the area on you skin. If there is no reaction after 48 hours, the soap or cleanser is probably safe to use.

Best Facial Cleanser: Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

  • Can be used as a daily cleanser or makeup remover

  • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

  • Can be used with acne, eczema, and rosacea

  • May not remove dark or layered-on makeup

  • Some users with sensitive skin reported reactions

Recommended by the National Eczema Association, this mild, creamy cleanser helps remove dirt, makeup, and other blemishes from your face without adding harsh chemicals and irritants to your skin. Its small ingredients list ensures that your face is only coming into contact with helpful tools to calm your eczema, thanks to its skin-nourishing polyglycerin formula. It doesnt contain any fragrances, parabens, or allergens, making it safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients: Glycerin | How to Use: Wet face, pump a small amount of soap into hands, massage onto face, and rinse.

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Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Body Wash By Bodewell

| Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Body Wash.

Its not a secret that managing skin issues like eczema is very frustrating. The mission of Bodewell is to create products that address stubborn skin challenges and promote healthy and happy skin. This body wash performs well to demonstrate this mission because of its natural and light formulation. The ingredients consist of moisturizers and B vitamins that help nourish, heal and moisturize the skin. With consistent use, this body wash will help transform dry, inflamed and itchy skin into healthy, nourished and comfortable skin.

Skincare products used on eczema-prone skin must be natural and gentle. No parabens or steroids were used to formulate this body wash, and this product was clinically tested for safety and effectiveness. Bodewell works closely with a team of dermatologist advisors to create products that work to clear the skin and manage conditions like eczema. This Bodewell body is gentle on sensitive skin and safe for daily cleansing, and its also deeply moisturizing.

Best Natural: The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo

Eczema tips from a dermatologist

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Small bottle

  • Contains sodium laureth sulfate

The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo may be small and its ingredients light, but dont let that fool you because this shampoo is mighty. Made with a blend of ginger essential oil, birch bark, white willow, and honey, this shampoo perfectly calms the scalp by relieving irritation, itchiness, and boosting moisture. Its just as effective as more traditionally formulated shampoos and definitely smells a lot better with its spicy scent. As long as you massage it into wet hair and use it as needed, your scalp should feel clean and healthy again.

Active Ingredients: None | Uses: Flaking and dryness of the scalp associated with dermatitis

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Best With Shea Butter: Sheamoisture Raw Shea Butter Body Wash

Shea butter shows up time and time again in rich moisturizers and creams simply because of how effective it is. A rich emollient, it both softens and smooths the surface of the skin and contains essential fatty acids and vitamins. Here, raw shea butter is paired with coconut oil to make for a super creamy formula. The icing on the cake? The addition of myrrh extract, which is naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and is great for healing dry, cracked skin.

Why Trust Verywell Health

As a previous fitness coach, long-time wellness enthusiast, and current health editor, Lily Moe understands the importance of products that meet your individual requirements. As someone who has dealt with severe eczema, Lily has gone through dozens of anti-itch creams, from heavily medicated to all-naturalshe knows how crucial it is to be wise in what ingredients you put on your skin for your specific need! Most importantly, Lily always looks for research and first-hand reviews when it comes to deciding on a product.

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