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Best Soap And Lotion For Eczema

Softsoap Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap

Making My Eczema Soap

The product has antibacterial effects that kill bacteria, germs, and fungi which also come with light moisturizers. The Softsoap Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap conditions, moisturizes and protects the skin. It is a 7.5 oz pump bottle which dispenses only a little amount of soap every frequent wash. It is also gentle on hands. It meets the Healthcare Handwash standards which makes it verified that it is safe to use.

Dermaharmony 2% Pyrithione Zinc Bar Soap

Suitable for adults and children this medicated soap is a great pick for eczema, psoriasis, and acne-prone skin. The formula contains an organic natural oil that is well known for anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation, anti-fungal, moisturizing, and skin healing properties. Plus, the soap is developed by a team of dermatologists and contains 2% pyrithione zinc which is great at treating skin allergies effectively.

Intensive dryness is one of the major causes of eczema. It leads to skin peeling, redness, itching, and irritation on the skin. If youre suffering from any of the above symptoms. Its time to use the right products that help to deal with & cure symptoms of eczema not aggravate it. Therefore, we have put together the 10 best soaps for eczema that will surely help you to reduce eczema and attain healthy skin.

Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore : : 2 $136

This is a thicker cream that delivers ultimate hydration to skin to smooth and improve the health of your skin barrier, Dr. Libby explains. Plus, she recommends it because the formula replenishes the ceramides and healthy fats of the skin in the optimal ratio to help repair and restore the skins moisture barrier.

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Best Facial Cleanser: Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

  • Can be used as a daily cleanser or makeup remover

  • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

  • Can be used with acne, eczema, and rosacea

  • May not remove dark or layered-on makeup

  • Some users with sensitive skin reported reactions

Recommended by the National Eczema Association, this mild, creamy cleanser helps remove dirt, makeup, and other blemishes from your face without adding harsh chemicals and irritants to your skin. Its small ingredients list ensures that your face is only coming into contact with helpful tools to calm your eczema, thanks to its skin-nourishing polyglycerin formula. It doesnt contain any fragrances, parabens, or allergens, making it safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients: Glycerin | How to Use: Wet face, pump a small amount of soap into hands, massage onto face, and rinse.

Dead Sea Salt Charcoal Soap

The Best Eczema Products to Relieve Itch

Whether its acne, eczema, or psoriasis, dead sea salt charcoal soap is the cure for all of that. The formula contains activated charcoal, dead sea minerals, argan oil, and shea butter. All of these ingredients make it a perfect combination for skin detoxification, moisturization, and a great remedy to treat dry, flaky, and undernourished skin.

Plus, the soap is infused with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties that help to reduce inflamed, irritated, and itchy skin, and also softens and tightens the skin.

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Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

Undoubtedly! The best option for dry, and sensitive skin. Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar is a medicated soap, specially designed for treating dry & sensitive skin that helps to soothe & moisturize eczema on the skin. The formula is dermatologist tested, and devoid of harsh chemicals, fragrance, colors, any substance that shouldnt be there for dry & sensitive skin.

What To Look For In Soap For Eczema

Standard soaps can be very drying. This is mostly because theyre made with harsh chemicals that deplete the skins moisture and natural oils, essentially stripping the moisture barrier of the skin. As one MyEczemaTeam member shared, Soaps dry me right up.

To protect your skin from eczema flare-ups, youll want to use a gentle cleanser that doesnt dehydrate your skin. Here are a few things to look for when shopping for soap.

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Best For Mature Skin: Esker Firming Body Wash

What We Love: The bottle is made out of recycled materials and is free of artificial fragrance.

What We Don’t Love: It is made with essential oils, which can be irritating to some skin types.

If you want a body wash that works as well as your anti-aging face wash, this is it. This Esker body wash features a formula made to firm and repair the skin for a smoother, more youthful-looking glow. And while technically free of fragrance, it is made with essential oils, which some might have a sensitivity to.

Size: 8.5 ounces | Fragrance-free: Yes | Benefits: Firming

Best Alternatives To Eczema Lotions

How To Make an All Natural Lotion For Eczema

Dermatologists often prescribe ointments as a first-line eczema treatment. Ointments seal in moisture and have a higher oil content than creams and lotions. However, some people dislike the feeling of an ointment. An ointment may also stain clothing.

Another alternative to an ointment is a cream. Creams have a lower oil content than ointments but still contain more oil than lotions. They help trap moisture in the skin but are less greasy than ointments.

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What To Look For In An Eczema Lotion

Though eczema can be finicky to treat, dermatologists told us that lotions can help make the condition more manageable. There are two main formula types to be on the lookout for: ones that reduce and soothe the symptoms of eczema and ones that work to repair and maintain your skin barrier function.

If you’re looking to get rid of the discomfort associated with eczema, go for humectants like hyaluronic acid, glycerin and panthenol that work to attract and hold water in the skin, according to Kazlouskaya. Emollients like butters, oils and ceramides can also help make the skin smoother by filling in the “gaps” between skin cells, Kazlouskaya explained, and they’re ideal for inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis as they can help relieve itchiness, dryness and scaling on the skin. To strengthen your skin barrier, Kazlouskaya said to opt for occlusive ingredients like lanolin, squalane, petrolatum jelly and mineral oil these create a film on the skin’s surface and prevent transepidermal water loss .

One ingredient that’s common among products geared toward healing eczema is colloidal oatmeal. The ingredient, which is made of ground-up oat kernels, helps relieve the common side effects of eczema such as inflammation and itchiness as well as keep your skin barrier intact to prevent future damage and moisture loss. One study found that even low amounts of colloidal oatmeal helped soothe inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier among eczema patients.

Best Vegan: Splendor Santa Barbara Pure Coconut Oil Soap

Courtesy: Splendor Santa Barbara

  • Much better lather than many eczema soaps

  • Mild but non-irritating scent from natural ingredients

  • Made with coconut oil, not palm oil

  • It doesnt last very long

  • Handmade bars are not always consistent in amount of scent or oil

Coconut oil has proven to be an anti-inflammatory ingredient, both for topical uses and consumption. It’s the first ingredient in Splendors Pure Coconut Oil Soap, alongside aloe juice, colloidal oats, organic chamomile, and organic calendula. These all-natural ingredients are void of chemical allergens and irritants, creating a creamy soap that moisturizes and calms dry skin.

Key Ingredients: Coconut oil | How to Use: With wet hands, rub the bar until it lathers apply to face, body, or hands, rinse, and dry.

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Best Vegan: Acure Energizing Body Wash

What We Love: The body wash is deeply moisturizing and you only need a little bit of product for an effective cleanse.

What We Don’t Love: It is not fragrance-free, so it can irritate some sensitive skin types.

The Acure Energizing Body Wash is our favorite vegan body wash because, in addition to being cruelty-free, its formula is also considered clean. Additionally, we love the consistency of this body wash and the way it leaves skin feeling ultra-nourished and deeply hydrated. While we wish it were fragrance-free for those with sensitive skin types, we do love the smell of this citrus and melon formula.

Size: 8 ounces | Fragrance-free: No | Benefits: Moisturizing

How To Store Homemade Soap For Eczema

Baby Dove Soothing Wash Eczema Care, 13 oz

Wrap the soap bars in wax paper or parchment paper, and store them in a cool, dry place.

To use, just lather up with water and wash your skin as you normally would. Pat your skin dry and apply a light moisturizer if needed.

This homemade soap recipe is a great way to soothe eczema symptoms naturally!

If youd prefer to use commercial soaps, look for oat milk soap or goats milk. You can also try an eczema soap prescribed by your doctor.

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Best Soaps For Eczema: Your Guide

Your skin care routine may play a bigger role in triggering your eczema than you think. Some of the most common triggers of eczema are dry skin, stress, and irritants. Because soap is a common irritant, people with eczema often have to be careful when choosing how to wash their skin.

Whether its for your hands or body, youll want to find a soap that gets you clean without aggravating your eczema symptoms, such as itchiness, dryness, and inflammation.

But what exactly should you look for? Is there anything you should avoid? Lets take a look at the ingredients you should pay attention to when purchasing soap, as well as some MyEczemaTeam members experiences and recommendations.

How To Choose A Body Wash That Is Suitable For Eczema

We have answers for you! Read along.

  • Surfactants are a complete no-no

If your skins protective barrier has one crucial enemy, it is surfactants. Although it is an essential cleansing element, it is incredibly harmful to skin and one of the leading causes of dryness, irritation, and inflammation.

  • Harsh cleansers are to be kept at bay

Harsh chemicals like sulfates and paraben cause the softness of your skin to reduce with every use. Sadly, they are found in most face cleansers, body washes, and soaps today. They not only damage the skins protective barrier but also drain out the proteins and the natural oils.

  • pH balanced formulas are ideal

Maintaining the correct pH balance of the skin is equally important. It should neither be too acidic nor alkaline. Including alkaline products in your skincare regime may damage your skin. Hence, maintaining the right pH balance is crucial.

  • Look for non-soap cleansers

Though non-soap cleansers are recommended for extremely dry or sensitive skin, body washes with non-itchy surfactant elements can be used on eczema-prone skin.

  • NEAs Seal of Acceptance is a must

Keep an eye out for the National Eczema Associations Seal Of Acceptance on the product before buying. The seal proves it has been tested for eczema-prone skin and is safe

Do you have any queries or suggestions? Do reach out to us in the comments below

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Best Unisex: Native Eucalyptus And Mint Body Wash

What We Love: This is a great value for the size and quality.

What We Don’t Love: It’s not sensitive skin-friendly.

Our top pick for the best unisex body wash is, without a doubt, this Native Eucalyptus and Mint Body Wash. Trust us: every member of your household will be reaching for this bottle. Lucky for you, the price is reasonable for its large size, so your budget won’t mind either. On top of that, the formula is clean with nourishing ingredients, such as coconut oil to soften and moisturize the skin, while providing a deep cleanse all over.

Size: 36 ounces | Fragrance-free: No | Benefits: Moisturizing

Best Hand Soap: Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser

The 3 BEST soaps / cleansers for HEALING ECZEMA

Courtesy: Amazon

  • Can be used by the whole family, including kids

  • Free of irritating ingredients like sulfates, fragrances, and dyes

  • May also be used as face or body wash

  • Some users complain that pump is faulty or hard to use

  • Could be too drying for some people

Free & Clears hand soap is exactly how it soundssimple, without any irritating additives that could set off your eczema. Its dermatologist-recommended and only contains ingredients found to be effective while remaining gentle to your skin. It is paraben-free, oil-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, and fragrance-free, leaving you with a formula that’s cleansing and calming on your skin.

Key Ingredients: None | How to Use: Lather onto wet skin, rinse, and dry.

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Why Is It So Important To Moisturize After A Bath Or Shower

Water is an effective way to put moisture back into the skin, but only if you use lukewarm water, avoid scrubbing and apply a moisturizer within three minutes after bathing or showering. This last step is very important if you dont moisturize immediately afterward, the moisture your skin needs will evaporate and may cause a rebound effect making the skin even more dry.

Some processes such as emollient after a bath or adding colloidal oatmeal to your bath may provide additional eczema relief.

Best Oil Wash: Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash

What We Love: The baby-fresh scent and how well it softens the skin.

What We Don’t Love: The fragrance is strong, so it might irritate those with sensitive skin and sense of smell.

We know all about oil cleansers from our face routine, but they’re a body thing, too. This one from Glossier has a sudsy yet smooth consistency when in contact with water, which helps to not only lift away grime and debris but also soften the surface of the skin. But, what really stands out is the fact that it’s gynecologist tested, so you don’t have to worry about its effects down there . It also has an incredible baby-fresh scent, however, some claim it’s a little too strong.

Size: 8.4 ounces | Fragrance-free: No | Benefits: Purifying

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How We Chose The Best Lotions For Eczema

We selected the best lotions based on Dr. Wassef and Dr. Rokhsars recommendations, finding products with the National Eczema Association seal, and tons of glowing user reviews.

Though its understandable to try to treat eczema with over-the-counter products, definitely consult your doctor or ask for a prescription-strength ointment if your symptoms worsen.

Goat Milk Soaps For Eczema Relief

5 Best Moisturizing Hand Soaps for Eczema

Each goat milk soap in our Eczema product line has raw goat milk to help moisturize and offer relief, so what makes each soap different?

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What Causes Eczema

According to Kung, eczema is the result of a complex interplay between a person’s genetics and their environment. “Eczema involves an overactive immune response to environmental triggers like pollen, sun exposure and prolonged exposure to hot water,” she said. It doesn’t help if your skin barrier isn’t in tip-top shape. An impaired skin barrier makes people more susceptible to these environmental irritants and allergens,” Kung explained.

Extreme weather conditions can also trigger or worsen eczema. Extremely hot or cold temperatures can cause irritation and weaken the skin barrier, making it less apt to protect your skin and lock in moisture. This also applies to water temperature, so stick to lukewarm water when you bathe or shower .

As far as eczema’s genetic component, some research suggests that the two are connected. Studies have found that atopic dermatitis is linked to other inflammatory conditions like asthma, allergies, and hay fever. This means that if you have eczema, you may be at a greater risk of developing one of these conditions and vice versa but not in all cases.

What Not To Do

Wondering how to treat eczema in babies? Believe it or not, bathing babies or toddlers with eczema may not be as soothing for the skin as you might think. Constant washing can damage vulnerable baby skin, says Dr Hextall. But dont let that put you off enjoying what might be your babys favourite time of day. Lukewarm baths can be kinder and less drying to the skin, and always gently pat skin dry afterwards, she says.

Avoid harsh soaps and heavily fragranced products, too. I would never use a perfumed baby wipe on such vulnerable skin, she adds. Avoid known triggers, try to keep your babys room as cool as possible, and avoid direct sunlight, as heat and sweat can be triggers for eczema. Also, if youve been to the doctor and have been prescribed a topical steroid cream, ensure you apply it regularly and for as long as directed youll need to keep using it alongside their normal moisturisation . Its just as important to keep the skincare barrier hydrated during and post steroid treatment, she says.

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What Are Milk& Cos Signature Ingredients

Coconut oil: our coconut oil is produced in Solomon Islands and by using the Direct Micro Expelling technology. It is rich in healthy fats and vitamins coconut oil is the perfect moisturiser for your baby. full of antioxidants and healing properties, its the safest way to treat your babies dry skin. an ideal solution for eczema, cradle cap and nappy rash. nourishes and protects your babys skin organically.

Milk Protein: it is considered the highest quality protein with complete amino acids, milk protein moisturises and hydrates, leaving skin feel rejuvenated with a healthy glow.


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