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Best Baby Massage Oil For Eczema

The Best Baby Oil For Babies Of 2021

11 Best Baby Massage Oils

Baby oil for babies just seems like a foregone conclusion. After all, your little one has to get that baby soft skin somehow!

Along with providing super soft skin, baby oil also is the perfect ingredient for a baby massage.

No, babies dont need massages because theyre carrying tension. Massages, especially at bedtime, help settle babies for a restful sleep. They can also help with digestion and boost muscle growth. Plus, its a lovely bonding activity between your baby and you!

As a mom, you want to feel confident in the products you use on your babys skin. As a mom myself, I kept this in mind and rounded up the best baby oils. Read on to find your new favorite baby oil!

Always consult with your pediatrician before starting any products on your baby.

Cocobelle Baby Pure & Gentle Coconut Oil For Babies

Why its great: Does your little one have eczema, dry, or flaky skin? How about cradle cap, a rash, or sores? Cocobelle was made for all of these issues and more! Its the ultimate baby massage oil made from 100% certified cold-pressed virgin coconut oil to soothe out any problems your babys skin will face.

With its ethically sourced coconuts and no chemicals in its ingredients, your baby will get the natural nutrient-dense benefits of coconut on contact. Plus, its recycled, and BPA-free packaging means youre supporting the earth your little one will inherit.

Keep in mind: This coconut oil comes in an 8fl oz tub. Its a little pricier, but worth it!

Good for: Various issues a babys new and sensitive skin will face, such as dry skin, bottom rashes, and more.

Benefits Of Massaging Baby

To begin with, massaging strengthens the bond between you and the baby. The touch and movements aid in comforting both you and the baby.

Lets look into other benefits of massaging baby:

  • Boosts brain and emotional development of the baby
  • Strengthens the babys bones and muscles
  • Prevents gas formation and other digestive problems
  • Improves sleep and blood circulation
  • Strengthens the functioning of the nervous system
  • Protects and moisturises the babys delicate skin
  • Soothes muscle aches
  • Aids in the release of hormones that supports growth and the brains functioning
  • Supports the development of motor skills

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Oilatum Junior Bath Additive 396

Best for a bath treatment

Suitable from: Birth | Type: Bath treatment | Capacity: 150ml | Bottle type: Bottle

This bath treatment from Oilatum has been specially developed to produce a soothing milky bath to treat your little one’s eczema. It claims to form an emollient film on the skin surface to reduce moisture loss, and to soothe, soften and rehydrate your baby’s skin. No soaps are needed alongside this product as it also cleanses the skin too.

The best thing about this treatment is you don’t need to spend ages putting lotion or cream on an unwilling baby. You simply add a treatment to their bathwater.

MFM home tester Sophie uses this and “likes that you don’t add too much to the bath and it’s non-fragranced, doesn’t leave the children’s skin oily”. She also liked how you “don’t have to do anything different to your normal bath routine”.

Pros: Easy and quick to use, creates an emollient filmCons: Have to have a bath to be able to use it

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How did we choose our 10 of the Best?

To collate this list of best eczema creams and lotions for babies, we spoke to the Made For Mums community and asked them to tell us a bit about their first-hand experience with their babies eczema and the treatments they have used.

When testing eczema creams and lotions for babies we look at efficacy, texture, smell, ease of application and value for money.

Is Massage Oil Safe For Babies

Pin on Natural Remedies

Yes, depending on the type of oil. The first thing that should be considered is what your baby is allergic to. The next consideration should be making sure that the oil you choose is completely natural, non-allergenic and preferably dermatologist tested as well but massage oils can be completely safe for children.

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Tips To Keep In Mind While Massaging Your Baby

Here are a few tips that you could employ while massaging your baby.

  • Starting from below the ribs, massage your babys tummy in clockwise circular motions.
  • Its a good idea to massage your baby after a bath. Apply oil or lotion when the baby is undressed and their skin is damp.
  • If you do not want the baby to fall asleep, massage them with light oil. If their skin is dry, use massage oils that are gel-based.

Coco & Co Organic Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This oil is prepared specifically for thicker, fuller hair and radiant & supple skin. It is an extraordinarily high-grade extra virgin coconut oil that is good for a babys skin, nails, and hair. This clean, extra virgin organic coconut oil does not clog pores and can be applied to the body, skin, hair, and babys scalp. It overflows with all crucial nutrients and vitamins for the skin and hair and is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It can be used on pets, cooking, as a carrier oil, and as therapy for damaged skin and hair. Also, it helps treat eczema and wrinkles.

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Lush Dream Cream From 550

Best for a preservative-free option

Suitable from: 6 months | Type: Cream | Capacity: 45g, 240g, 450g | Bottle type: Tub

Lush Dream Cream is not specially designed to deal with baby eczema, but many of our MFM home testers said they use it and recommend it. Dream Cream has a distinctive oat and lavender scent, and can be purchased in three sizes. Lush uses fair trade ingredients and does not do any animal testing on its products.

More like this

There are 2 options here: the standard dream cream includes some synthetic preservatives, or there’s a self-preserving Dream Cream which keeps itself clean without the use of synthetic preservatives. We’ve chosen to recommend the self-preserving one as many people prefer this for their children. However, Lush does warn that the self-preserving version is slightly richer and creamier due to the increased levels of glycerine, extra virgin olive oil and Fair Trade cocoa butter, so do bear this in mind if a lighter texture is important to you.

Our MFM home testers had a lot to say about Dream Cream. Hannah, mum of 2, said “the smell is pleasant” and “the cream is also buttery smooth, which makes application extremely easy as it glides onto the skin with minimal effort…we purchased the cream on a bit of whim as a last resort and we were amazed by the results. Within a week my son’s eczema had completely vanished as if we hadn’t spent months battling it”.

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The Best Baby Massage Oils For Sensitive Skin

Best skin whitening massage oil for babies..

There are so many benefits to giving your baby a massage. Not only will a massage help to calm, soothe and relax your baby, but they’re also great for helping you bond with your baby. Although you don’t need oil to give your baby a massage, the best baby massage oils can help keep your baby’s skin soft and moisturised while helping you both relax.

It’s just important to make sure you choose the right oil – just because an oil uses natural ingredients doesn’t always mean it’s suitable for sensitive baby skin.

When it comes to using the best baby massage oils, be sure to warm it up between your palms before gently starting to massage your baby to help make them feel as happy and comfortable as you can.

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Mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil

This oil has a natural combination of sesame, sweet almonds, jojoba, and olive oils. Sesame helps in the therapeutic and resistance-building aspects. The oil does not contain harmful chemicals like lipids, sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, petroleum, artificial fragrances, or dyes. It has a unique natural fragrance from a mild natural aroma of essential oil. The oil comes in a 100ml container.

Can I Apply Oil On My Baby In Hot And Humid Weather

You can give an oil massage in hot and humid weather, provided the oil is applied before bath time and rinsed off properly after. This will make the baby comfortable.

2. Should I Oil My Baby Before or After Bath?

In India, the traditional oil massage is followed by a bath. This works well for heavier oils that leave a thick residue that can be washed off.

Massaging your baby with oil is one of the oldest practices in India. There are many benefits of massaging your baby with oil one of the best is that it is an unbeatable bonding experience with your baby. Babies crave their mothers touch, and this is the perfect opportunity to increase the health and development of your baby. Use oils according to season, and make sure you use pure oil, as your babys skin is very delicate. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about any concerns you have, and get approvals from your doctor regarding the oil you choose.

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Calming Bath With Essential Oils

To get relief from eczema if it covers a large area of your body, you can soak in a bath with essential oils.

How to use:

  • Fill a bath tub with warm water.
  • Add 2 drops chamomile oil, 2 drops rose geranium oil, and 2 drops lavender oil and mix thoroughly with a tablespoon of a carrier oil.
  • Add the oil mixture to the bath water and soak for 20-30 minutes.
  • Use whenever you need relief from large patches of itchy, dry skin on your body.
  • You can also try a blend of different essential oils and carrier oil.

    The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil

    100% Natural Gentle Baby Oil, Baby Massage, Irritable Skin, Dry Flaky ...

    As baby massage oils go, this isn’t a specific ‘baby massage oil’ but can be used as one. With high levels of vitamin E, jojoba oil is a great choice for little ones with sensitive and eczema-prone skin as it has a healing effect. It supports and balances the skins natural oils, providing a soothing and nourishing effect.

    One buyer left a review: This oil has really helped my 15 month old grandson who suffers from eczema. We have tried a number of products but this has by far been the most effective. It also has a lovely scent.

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    Advantages Of Baby Massage

    Regular baby massages can help you and baby bond. Touch is a language both adults and babies can understand. Baby massages can help comfort and relax both of you.

    During a baby massage, you and your little one are facing each other and making eye contact. This helps your baby learn your facial expressions and develop their communication skills.

    Massaging your baby regularly can also help their developing brain and nervous system. One of the benefits includes lowering cortisol and increasing happy hormones that can help your baby sleep better.

    Plenty of medical studies show that regular touch and attachment with a parent or caregiver are necessary for healthy brain and emotional development in a baby. The benefits of are lifelong!

    If your baby tends to have a gassy tummy or colic, infant massage may also help relieve discomfort. You can find specific massage techniques that can help them pass trapped gas here.

    You can choose from a variety of oils that are normally safe for babys tender skin. Try these oils during a baby massage and for moisturizing their skin. Some might suit your babys skin better than others.

    The best oils to use during a baby massage in no particular order include:

    How Do You Dilute Essential Oil

    Diluting essential oil helps prevent skin irritation as the concentrated amount of essential oil is very strong and can be harsh on the skin, eyes, and nose .

    According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy , the recommended dilution rate for aromatherapy massage for infants and children is:

    • 0.5-1% per 6 teaspoons of carrier oil.

    Also, its important to note that essential oil is NOT recommended for infants younger than 3 months old.

    Examples of carrier oil include:

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    Aveeno Baby Dermexa Daily Emollient Cream 999 For 200ml

    Best for daily use

    Suitable from: Birth| Type: Emollient cream| Capacity: 200ml | Bottle type: Tube

    Aveeno Baby Dermexa was another product lots of our MFM home testers recommended for treating eczema for babies. Its triple Oat Complex and Ceramides which are in many Aveeno products but exist in their highest concentration in this one moisturise your baby’s skin but also aim to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier.

    The product is free from parabens, dyes, alcohol and scent that may be a concern to parents of newborns. It’s also clinically proven to soothe the baby’s skin with immediate effect.

    MFM home tester Jayne, mum of 2 said, “it smells pretty mild and is quick drying”. She discussed the effectiveness of the cream on eczema, saying “it clears it up super quick”.

    Loira, another MFM home tester said, “I was recommended Dermexa and we all love it, it doesn’t smell medicine-y like some of the other cream we’ve tried, it has a lovely texture and goes on well”.

    Pros: High concentration of key ingredientsCons: Quite expensive for a small tube

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    What Should I Consider When Buying An Eczema Cream

    Babyhug baby skin care products Review| Best baby Massage oil,Body wash and moisturising cream.

    Ingredients There’s a debate as to whether you should go for eczema creams that are made from natural ingredients or not. We asked Dr Anita Amin, Lead Consultant Dermatologist her opinion on this matter, and she said, “it’s good to avoid plant or food-based creams as they put your baby more at risk of developing serious plant or food allergies, bland creams with parabens tend to be better”. She also advised going for “moisturisers with no scent or colour additives”.

    Age It’s important to look at whether the cream is suitable for your baby’s age. Some creams are suitable to use from birth, whereas others may not be appropriate until a certain age.

    Type There are many different ways to treat eczema, you can go for a cream/moisturiser that you apply to them up to 4 times a day, or there are oils and bath treatments. For really severe eczema, there are ointments and lotions. You can choose what’s right for you based on the severity of their eczema and your lifestyle.

    How much you need Always consider the capacity. You don’t want to be constantly running out or not have enough right when your baby is in the heights of a flare up.

    Ease of application Much like there are many different types of eczema treatments, there’re also contained in different ways. An easy pump action bottle does make application of the cream easier and can be more hygienic. However, you may be able to get a thicker cream or balm in a tub.

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    How Do I Know Which Kind To Choose

    It can be confusing navigating the lingo surrounding coconut oil. First, choose one that is cold-pressed. In the case of coconut oils, cold-press means that it retains all its boosting benefits during processing. Second, choose organic whenever it comes to your baby to avoid chemicals getting into the skin. Third, make sure its backed by certification, such as one with the USDA. Finally, aim to get one that is extra virgin or virgin because that means its less processed.

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    Dress Your Baby In Soothing Pajamas

    Since avocado oil helps both hydrate and relieve symptoms of eczema , we used avocado oil in our Stelatopia Skin Soothing Pajamas.

    These 100% cotton pajamas use microcapsule technology to deliver skin-soothing moisture to your little ones skin throughout the night.

    Each microcapsule contains five natural ingredients: avocado oil, sunflower oil distillate, squalane, ceramides, and vitamin E. Avocado oil works to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier, while sunflower oil distillate, known for its soothing properties, replenishes the skin with much-needed lipids.

    These ingredients are activated when they come in contact with the skin and help keep it soothed, comfortable, and moisturized all night long, making these pajamas perfect for babies or toddlers with eczema-prone skin.

    Plus, you can rest assured that they are made with OEKO-TEK® certified cotton, which is free of any allergens or potentially harmful substances.

    Expert Tip: Give your baby a massage before bed to help them relax and drift off to sleep! Our Melting Massage Balm, made with avocado oil, is designed to moisturize and nourish your babys skin, leaving it supple and soft.

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    Allow Avocado To Heal Your Skin

    With all the nutrients it contains, avocado oil can help your skin regenerate and repair itself. One way to put avocado oil to work in this way is by applying Cicastela Moisture Recovery Cream to burns, small scrapes, rashes, and dry spots.

    A safe and effective multi-purpose ointment, this is a diaper bag and medicine cabinet must-have!

    Its created with a blend of restorative ingredients including plant-derived hyaluronic acid to hydrate and promote skin recovery as well as avocado perseose to help nourish the skin.

    Count on it to deliver cooling, hydrating, and soothing relief from head to toe. Simply apply the ointment twice daily to clean, dry skin. Youll notice that its light in texture, never sticky, and provides a breathable barrier.

    How To Give Your Baby A Massage

    Eczema Bundle

    Before beginning ‘ask permission’ by rubbing a little oil between your hands near your babys ears, and ask ‘can I give you a massage?’ This may sound a little strange but your child will become familiar with this cue and know that massage is about to start. It also gives your baby a chance to let you know if they dont feel like a massage.

    It’s great to massage the whole of your child’s body using a range of techniques. To get you started, we describe some strokes below for the legs and feet.

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