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100 Cotton Socks For Eczema

Dyes And Chemicals Commonly Found In Clothing And Socks

100% Cotton gloves for eczema

Researchers know that children who develop eczema do so because of a combination of genes and environmental triggers. When something outside the body switches on the immune system, skin cells dont behave as they should causing flare ups.

Fragrances, preservatives, dyes, and other chemicals in laundry detergent and skin care is known to cause rashes in both children and adults. – and fragrance free, chemical free clothing are often recommended for young children suffering from eczema.

Therefore, when something like 90% of baby and kids socks contain traces of BPA and Parabens two toxins that are known hormone disruptors associated with certain dysfunctions it is entirely plausible that these toxins in kids clothing may be a trigger for eczema and may help explain why so many of our customers notice a big difference between Q for Quinn socks and other socks in the market for their eczema kids.

The presence of these toxins is usually caused by the use of dyes and other chemicals used in the processing of cotton. This is why it is so important to choose organic cotton and to ensure clothing is purchased from a facility that adheres to the strict standards imposed by organizations such as GOTS and Oeko-Tex. Every pair of clothing produced in these certified facilities is certified free of harmful chemicals and dyes for you, your baby, toddler and kid.

What Can People With Ad Do To Prevent Or Treat Eczema On Their Hands

Avoid excessive exposure to soap and water by following the suggestions below:

If you have a job that requires frequent exposure to wet conditions or lots of hand washing, take extra precautions to protect your hands. Use hand sanitizer more than soap and water to clean your hands. Lathering with soap dissolves the natural skin oils and further dries out fragile skin affected by eczema.

Some ingredients in hand sanitizers can irritate nerve endings , but do not remove the oils or damage the skin as much as soap. Studies have confirmed that hand sanitizer is less risky than frequent, vigorous washing. However, certain hand sanitizer ingredients, such as fragrance and preservatives can cause skin reactions in some people. It is safest to choose a hand sanitizer that is free of fragrance and alcohols.

Avoid dish soap that claims to cut grease. The ingredients in grease-cutting dish soaps can irritate the skin and worsen eczema.

To protect your hands from dish soap, cleaning agents and frequent exposure to water, wear gloves made of vinyl rather than rubber, which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Be aware vinyl gloves hold in sweat, which can irritate the skin and can make eczema worse. To help this problem, buy vinyl gloves that are a little loose wear white cotton gloves under the vinyl one to wick away moisture take the gloves off frequently to let your skin breathe and apply moisturizer.

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Avoid Turtlenecks And Other Tight Clothing

To help minimize irritation on your babys sensitive skin and to prevent eczema flare-ups from rearing their ugly head, avoid turtlenecks and other tight clothing. The heat that your babys body generates always moves up.

So when your baby is upright , the heat is moving up toward their head. When your baby is wearing a turtleneck or other tight collar, all of this body heat is trapped around their neck and shoulders . That build-up of heat can quickly lead to an eczema outbreak.

Always choose loose-fitting clothes that have open collars and wrists to allow heat to escape. If youre worried that your baby might get too cold, dont fret, the next section will show you how to avoid this pitfall.

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Which Clothing Materials Are The Most Eczema

Cotton tends to be the most commonly recommended textile for people with eczema. Cotton is soft, cool, great at absorbing sweat, easily washable and allows the skin to breathe. Cotton rich blends can contain a significant proportion of polyester, so be sure to read labels carefully to see exactly what proportion of cotton is included before you buy.

Bamboo, another soft, breathable material, is more absorbent than cotton, highly effective at regulating temperature and has antibacterial properties. Bamboo can be confusing the bamboo in clothing is generally described as bamboo viscose or viscose derived from bamboo. It tends to be teamed with cotton and a proportion of elastane/spandex/lycra. The processing of bamboo viscose is chemical intensive and not very environmentally friendly, but the material has the properties that make bamboo an attractive option to people with eczema.

An equally eczema-friendly option that is more environmentally friendly is lyocell/TENCEL. This is a cellulose fibre derived from bamboo or wood pulp in a closed-loop manufacturing system that uses less toxic chemicals and recycles almost 100% of solvent in the process.

To obtain the information on this page in a PDF format, and to obtain a list of stockists of clothing and bedding made from eczema-friendlier materials, please download our Clothing and eczema factsheet, below.For more clothing tips, please download the article on clothing from our magazine, Exchange, below.

What Fabric Is Best For Hypoallergenic Socks

Hypoallergenic Socks, Latex

Cotton is a great fabric for socks, but bamboo has also gained popularity in recent years due to being breathable, moisture-wicking, and inhibiting foot odor. Wool socks are fast becoming another option to look out for as well.

We hope that this article gives you a comprehensive overview of both hypoallergenic socks and sock allergies, and youll be able to find a comfortable pair of socks thatll suit your everyday needs.

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Apply An Emollient Product Before Dressing Your Baby

Applying an emollient product before dressing your baby is one of the best things you can do to help prevent eczema flare-ups. Cover your babys entire body in emollient cream before picking out their clothes. And dont forget the particularly sensitive areas, like the backs of their knees and the insides of their elbows.

A thin layer of cream or balm will protect their delicate skin from the triggers that cause flare-ups .

What Causes Juvenile Plantar Dermatosis

Juvenile plantar dermatosis may be caused by:

  • Repetitive frictional movements, as the foot moves up and down in a shoe
  • The occlusive effect of covered footwear, especially synthetic shoes
  • Excessive sweating , which when followed by rapid drying leads to cracking and fissuring
  • Genetic sensitivity of the skin
  • Climatic changes: with worsening during the summer months due to heat and sweating, and in colder months due to the wearing of winter boots. Hence there is no consistent seasonal variation.

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What You Need To Know About Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that turns the skin red and itchy. It is quite common in children however, adults get it too. You may also notice some blisters being formed, which is a prominent eczema symptom. Here is everything you should know about Eczema and its types.

  • Atopic dermatitis It is the most common type of eczema, which usually starts in childhood. However, it fades away or gets mild by the time a person reaches adulthood. Many people with this type of eczema have asthma and hay fever.
  • Contact dermatitis If your skin gets irritated or red while reacting to different substances you touch, that may be contact dermatitis. It comes in two ways: allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis.
  • Dyshidrotic eczema This type of eczema causes small blisters on hands and feet. It can be found more in women than in men.
  • Stasis dermatitis Statis dermatitis occurs when the fluid leaks out weak veins into the skin. It can cause redness and swelling.

Save Money Buying In Packs Of Three Or Sixnow Even Finer And Softer

100% Organic Cotton Socks – Elastic-free Allergy-free Socks

Our gloves are ideal for eczema or irritant contact dermatitis.

  • 100% soft white cotton
  • fully fashioned gloves for best fit
  • box effect inserts give extra comfort round sore fingers
  • gloves have extra long cuff with soft flat hem for added protection around wrists
  • boil wash at 90°C to sterilise, line dry or cool tumble dry

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Use Hypoallergenic Laundry Soap

Now that you have a good idea about how to choose the right clothes for your baby to prevent eczema flare-ups, lets discuss keeping those clothes clean.

The first step is to use hypoallergenic laundry soap. No one brand is necessarily better than another. It all depends on how your baby responds to it. Do some research perhaps ask friends or go online try one soap, and if your baby breaks out, switch. Its as simple as that.

Sock Fabrics That Cause Allergies

As mentioned above, the material within the socks can cause allergies. Rubber and dyes can also contribute to foot allergic contact dermatitis, and this accounts for approximately 80% of all cases.

Wearing socks and shoes for extended periods of time can also cause eczema in the feet along with itching and small eruptions. Its mainly due to dampness thats caused when your feet dont have breathing room.

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The Best Clothes For Babies With Eczema Plus Care Tips

Choosing the right clothes for your eczema-prone baby is about more than just fashion. Its about avoiding the triggers that will irritate their sensitive skin and set off an eczema outbreak.

But what types of eczema clothes should you look for? What types of clothes should you stay away from? How can you ensure that your baby is warm enough, but not so hot that it causes an eczema flare-up? And whats the best way to keep your babys clothes clean so they dont irritate their sensitive skin?

Mustelas experts will answer those questions and show you how to choose the right clothes to care for your babys eczema-prone skin.

What Exactly Makes Superfine Merino Wool More Beneficial Than Cotton For Eczema Sufferers

3 Pair Pack 100% Organic Cotton Ankle Socks

For eczema sufferers, symptoms can be greatly exacerbated by heat and sweat. The type of fibre worn against the skin can play a large part in increasing or reducing symptoms.

Superfine Merino wool has the unique ability to transfer moisture and heat away from the body as it sweats, helping to keep the surface of the skin dry and less irritated.

Cotton, on the other hand, readily absorbs and holds moisture. This means sweat is absorbed and will sit longer on the surface of the skin, increasing the risk of irritation.

Superfine Merino wool is also unique because it contains lanolin, which gives it natural and powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This helps to keep the skin clean and avoid infections.

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Superfine Merino Wool Suitable For Eczema Sufferers

Given the research results by the MCRI, we now know superfine Merino wool can help alleviate the symptoms of eczema. If you have a child with eczema, choosing clothing made from superfine Merino wool to be worn against their skin will help reduce irritation and ultimately be more comfortable to wear.

How Is Juvenile Plantar Dermatosis Diagnosed

The diagnosis of juvenile plantar dermatosis is based on the clinical findings.

Skin scrapings to exclude a fungal infection and patch tests for contact allergy to footwear may be performed.

Skin biopsy is rarely required. Histology shows epidermal spongiosis and dermalinflammation centred around the sweat ducts.

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Find What Works Best For You

While researchers continue to search for which textiles, including specially treated materials, work best for people with atopic dermatitis, most people with atopic dermatitis use a trial and error approach. Make note of which fabrics irritate your skin, and avoid them whenever possible, especially during times when your symptoms are at their worst.

Keep Your Baby Comfortable All Night With Eczema Pajamas

100% cotton summer socks (part 1)

One of the best ways to keep your baby comfortable and flare-up free is by dressing them in Mustelas Stelatopia Skin Soothing Pajamas.

These special pajamas are designed for babies and toddlers with eczema-prone skin and deliver soothing moisture to your little ones skin while they sleep. And with outside seams and tags, theres nothing to irritate your child during the night. Finally, these pajamas also feature adjustable snap closures that allow them to grow with your baby and keep their skin protected for months to come.

Use our Stelatopia Skin Soothing Pajamas in conjunction with our Stelatopia Emollient Cream or Emollient Balm for complete, all-over eczema relief for your little one.

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Many People Think Of Wool As Being Itchyor Is It

For years, dermatologists and doctors have recommended that eczema sufferers avoid wearing wool for fear the wool might exacerbate need to itch further. But herein lies the problem.

The problem with this advice is that it fails to distinguish between different types of wool fibres, of which there are many. Some wool fibres can indeed be coarse and hard, leaving an itchy feel against the skin.

However, superfine Merino wool is different.

% Cotton Clothing Kids Clothing Specialists

Your kid may be disappointed that they can’t wear all the fun clothes that their friends can.

Fortunately there are lots of children’s clothing available which make 100% cotton clothing that is not just kind to skin, but is also made from organic cotton and better still it comes in cool, funky and child friendly designs.

You can also buy colourful cotton 100% cotton bedding and even soft toys to cuddle up with as well.

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Atopic Eczema On The Feet

Atopic eczema is a hereditary condition with alternating periods of eczema flare-ups and remission. It is linked to skin which is hypersensitive to its environment. Although genetic, the disease can be triggered or aggravated by various environmental factors.

This type of eczema rarely affects the feet . The treatment is the same for all types of atopic eczema: soothe itching with a topical corticosteroid and repair the skin with emollients.

What Are The Symptoms Of Shoe Contact Dermatitis

100% Organic Cotton Adult Knee Socks

Shoe contact dermatitis usually begins on the top surface of the big toe and spreads to the upper surfaces of the foot. Dermatitis may also be found on the sole, the side of the feet and heels and the legs.

Symptoms of contact allergic dermatitis may include swelling, redness, blisters or cracks in the skin, burning, itchiness and pain. The allergy can develop over a long period as the skin on the feet is repeatedly exposed to a certain allergen found in the shoe. However, it is not unusual to suddenly become allergic to a substance after months or years of exposure.

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Some Practical Tips Which May Be Of Benefit:

  • Try to have established a daily bath and emollient regime and continue this routine to aid sleep and prevent flares at this exciting and possibly stress-inducing time. If your child is prescribed topical steroids, ensure they are used correctly and step up treatment if flares occur as advised by your doctor.
  • Aim to buy 100% cotton clothes, especially for garments that are directly in contact with the skin. Some online eczema clothing sites sell cotton shirts and trousers which can sometimes be hard to buy in local shops. When buying socks and tights, again be mindful of a high cotton content as opposed to synthetic fabrics.
  • Hand washing with soap and using hand sanitiser at school will form part of your childs new daily routine. Washing hands will help remove harmful bacteria and viruses and is critical to slow the spread of the coronavirus. To counteract the irritating effect of these products, applying hand cream immediately after washing will help heal dry skin and prevent cracking and reduce the risk of itching and scratching. This, in turn, will prevent the skin becoming infected. Allow hand sanitiser to dry before moisturising. Choose a hand cream in a tube that is fragrance free and ideally one that is oil based .
  • Some children might itch and scratch out of habit or if feeling anxious or insecure. If the teacher knows about this, they might help with distraction techniques to break the cycle.
  • Get Relief For Eczema On Feet

    Do you suffer from eczema on ankles or toes or elsewhere on your feet? Perhaps youre experiencing blisters on the soles of your feet? If so, youve come to the right place. This week, were sharing the perfect eczema on feet treatment guide. Not only will we discuss the possible causes and symptoms, but well also provide some recommendations on the best natural treatments. Check it out below!

    Please keep in mind that although these treatments can relieve eczema, we are in no way medical professionals. If youre experiencing severe eczema symptoms like an infection, it is best to seek medical advice immediately.

    Not only is eczema on toes, ankles and heels uncomfortable, but it can be extremely irritating as well. Not to mention, it can be difficult to treat, as the area is moister than other parts of the body. Youll be surprised to know that there are actually several different types of foot eczema, each with their own symptoms.

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    Socks For School Are Easy To Come By Especially Grey Ones For Boys The Trouble Is Finding Ones With A High Cotton Content

    I did look for 100% cotton before MyItchyBoy started school, but realised early on that they didnt exist in all my online searches so I settled for any socks I could find with 72% or more cotton.

    During term time, MyItchyBoys eczema is worse on his hands and ankles. The eczema improves in both places during school holidays but is back again the first week of each term. Outside of school, he has brightly coloured socks with closer to 90% cotton and shoes with better linings and more breathable style than standard school shoes offer.

    Finding a sock and shoe combination that means no sore, red, itching ankles at school has been my goal for a while now.

    You can imagine then, how super happy I was to receive some 100% organic cotton socks for school to try from and Ecooutfitters.

    Lovely new socks to try

    Weve been trying a new eczema cream over the past few months so MyItchyBoys ankles have been better of late anyway, so I am not about to say that the cotton socks are miraculous. However, I will say the new socks are lovely, they feel great, fit well and yes, when he wears these socks, he doesnt scratch his ankles and when he wears the old socks he still does.


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