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Raw Shea Butter For Eczema

Benefits Of Shea Butter

RAW SHEA BUTTER FOR ECZEMA And Dry Skin|BEST Solution For My Kid’s Eczema

What is it about shea butter that makes it so great for your skin? Here are ten great reasons to give it a go.

  • Its jam packed full of vitamins including A,B,C,D,E,F and K
  • Its a great source of Calcium and Iron
  • Its completely natural and non toxic
  • Its even used in cooking as well as soap and beauty products
  • It is know for its healing effects on burns, skin conditions, ulcerated skin, stretch marks, and dryness
  • It contains beneficial fatty acids including: oleic acid , stearic acid , linoleic acid , palmitic acid , linolenic acid and arachidic acid
  • These very clever vegetable fats help to promote cell regeneration and circulation, making it a wonderful healer and rejuvenator for troubled or aging skin
  • It also contains natural, though limited, sun-protection
  • It can help to condition dry hair and split ends
  • Its just shea butter, one ingredient. What could be better?
  • The only thing to consider is the manufacturing process of the shea butter. Solvents such as hexane can be used during the process so its important to try to get hold of pure uncontaminated shea butter from a reputable source. There are different grades of shea butter which at present are not required to be stated on labelling. Look for fair trade shea butter and make sure you question and look fully into the production. I found some in my local African food shop.

    Possible Benefits Of Shea Butter For Babies

    Shea butter has a range of uses from a natural moisturizer to treatment for certain skin conditions, such as eczema, rashes, and insect bites. Here are a few of its uses:

  • Moisturizes the skin: Shea butter is known to have moisturizing properties due to the presence of fatty acids and vitamin E. It is considered one of the safest natural emollient and skin softeners you can use to moisturize your infants skin, scalp, and hair. Several baby products such as baby wipes, daily lotions, night baby lotion, shampoos, and moisturizing creams claim to contain shea butter.
  • Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties: The natural, plant-based ingredient contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can soothe diaper rash and insect bites.
  • Soothes skin rashes: Several studies demonstrated the effectiveness of shea butter in managing eczema or atopic dermatitis . It is believed that shea butter, with its emollient properties, works as an occlusive barrier that helps retain moisture. It also helps in protecting the skin from irritants and enhances collagen production that could help soothe eczema.
  • Probable sun-protection function: Shea butter is found to have certain compounds that are known to have strong absorbance of UV radiation. However, more research is needed to validate these observations .
  • Consume The Right Vitamins

    The following vitamins and minerals are particularly beneficial for eczema. Try to get them by eating a nutritious diet.

    • Zinc: Seafood, lean red meat, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds
    • Vitamin C: Brightly colored fruits and vegetables and rosehip
    • Vitamin E: Sunflower seeds, pine nuts, almonds, dried apricots, avocado
    • Vitamin D: Best absorbed from sunlight in the summer months , and a D supplement in the winter months.
    • Flavonoids: Emerging research suggests that flavonoids can help to rebalance the immune system, therefore, being helpful for those with eczema.

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    What Should You Use For Eczema

    While shea butter has the potential to provide excellent benefits to your skin, there are many factors to be aware of.

    As an alternative, using a shielding cream like Gloves in a Bottle can give you all the moisturizing, soothing and protective benefits of shea butter but without the factors to look out for. Gloves in a Bottle is lightweight and non-greasy so is perfect for all-day wear. It locks in your skins own natural moisture and has no harsh chemicals or perfumes to irritate your skin. By creating an invisible shield on the top layer of your skin, it helps protect your eczema prone skin from external irritants.

    While there are many different products out there, like using shea butter for eczema, Gloves in a Bottle is one that comes with no downsides. Its straight-up effective and you wont need to read the ingredients label to make sure that its good. Afterall, dont we want more simplicity in life?

    Say Goodbye To Eczema

    Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Baby Eczema Therapy 6 Oz EA Kc1 ...

    Now that you have read the incredible healing benefits of shea butter for eczema, you are probably wondering where you can find some high-quality, pure shea butter.

    Look no further than our website here, we have the ultimate unrefined, raw shea butter that comes in multiple forms and sizes.

    If you would like to learn a bit more about shea butter, check out our article on shea butter 101!

    • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    How To Apply Shea Butter To Your Skin

    Shea butter is a great way to moisturize your skin. It can be found at local stores or online. You can use it on your face, hair, and anywhere that its needed. Using shea butter is a great, inexpensive way to moisturize your skin and hair.

    So, how do you use it? First, you should warm some up in the microwave or stove so it can melt more easily.

    Then, rub it onto your skin, no matter the area, and wait a few minutes for the skin to absorb it. Finally, you can use the leftover for your hair or moisturize the rest of your body.

    Shea Butter For Eczema Treatment

    With its unique blend of emollients such as linoleic, oleic and palmitic and stearic acids, shea butter is not only a super moisturizer but also a healing substance that has long been used to treat a variety of skin and hair conditions.

    These include: chapped skin, dehydrated hair, ring worm, skin rashes, itchy scalp, thinning and sun burned skin, among others. Only recently has it been used in other parts of the world to successfully manage psoriasis, eczema , rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions.

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    What Makes Shea Butter A Good Option For Eczema Treatment

    Shea butter has a very high healing fraction that is more than any other oils including coconut oil, and it is also rich in nourishing nutrients as we such discover below:

    • Vitamin A Shea butter is so rich in vitamin A that you can call it vitamin A cream, no kidding! Many skin products contain retinol and retinoic acid that are important for healthy skin cell production. Vitamin A is also said to stimulate the cells responsible for developing tissue, also known as fibroblasts, that keep skin supple and healthy from within the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin.
    • Vitamin E A fat-soluble antioxidant found in high amounts in raw African shea butter, vitamin E helps keep eczema skin properly lubricated and speeds up the healing process of itchy and bleeding wounds caused by excessive scratching.
    • Cinnamic Acid Esters These are anti-inflammatory agents that help reduce inflammation and redness as well as soothe irritated skin.
    • Vitamin F These nourishing fats are also known as unsaponifiables that are knownto be good for skin. Shea butter has a content of 7-12% unsaponsifiables, which makes it an excellent moisturizer for dry itchy and flaky eczema. The nourishing fats also form a protective barrier over eczema skin, which keeps away skin irritating germs that can further aggravate eczema and cause flare-ups.

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    Africa Shea Butter For Contact Dermatitis

    Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Baby Eczema Therapy review

    January 30, 2014 by Christina

    Recently Ive been looking for a natural cream or lotion that could be used for sensitive skin, as mine is prone to eczema breakouts. However, I was shocked when I read some of the ingredients in natural products!

    Before The Flawless Program, I suffered from eczema for over 12 years. After getting rid of my eczema completely after the 30-day program, I am always careful about what I put onto my skin.Eczema , is a condition in which the skin becomes red, inflamed or sore after direct contact with a particular substance. In worse cases, the eczema can become infected, leading to oozing sores and weeping crusts.

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    Can Shea Butter Make Skin Worse

    Shea butter is rich in vitamins and fatty acids that help in skin smoothening and aids in nourishing the skin. Shea butter also comes with anti-aging properties that lower the chance of premature aging. Apart from it, it also has an SPF of 3 to 4 in it, so it gives protection against UV rays as well. Although its good for the skin, using unrefined shea butter on the skin can clog pores due to its thickness.

    Is Shea Butter Good For Face

    While using shea butter can have so many skin benefits like being deeply moisturizing, reducing inflammation, helping to fight the signs of aging as well as having antimicrobial properties, using it on the face may cause acne breakouts due to its high fat content. Its best to avoid it if you have acne-prone skin.

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    Potential Risks Of Using Shea Butter For Eczema

    Shea butter is consumed orally or is applied to the skin. For shea butter taken by mouth, its likely safe if its consumed in amounts that are found in food as well. However, theres not enough information on its large consumption through the mouth.

    On the other hand, the shea butter applied to the skin is possibly safer than oral consumption. Its known that shea butter can be applied to the skin for up to 4 weeks, but theres not enough evidence to support its use for more than 4 weeks.

    Unrefined shea butter is natural and acts as a good moisturizer. However, it comes in thick consistency that can possibly clog pores. Also, its convenient to use during the night only as it has a severe nutty or earthy smell that might be uncomfortable for a lot of people. Furthermore, unrefined shea butter can take a lot of time to absorb and can make the skin breakout as well. Its recommended to useraw shea butter for eczema.

    Unlike it, the refined shea butter is smooth and light in texture. However, the refined shea butter is processed that rips about 95% of the natural vitamins from it. Furthermore, processed shea butter comes with chemicals and fragrances that only exacerbate the eczema situation. Refined shea butter has the potential to flare up eczema or other skin allergies as well.

    Benefits Of Shea Butter For Eczema

    Shea Moisture, Baby Eczema Therapy, Raw Shea Butter Chamomile &  Argan ...

    Shea butter is one such popular ingredient that is a part of many skin care formulations these days. Eczema is a problem that a lot of us are suffering from and it can easily be eradicated with the help of using shea butter. Let us check out some of the benefits of shea butter below before getting into shea butter for eczema recipes.

    Boosts Skin Moisture: Shea butter for eczema helps a lot in boosting skin moisture. The shea butter is a very hydrating product that locks moisture into the skin and reduces all unwanted dryness.

    Anti-inflammatory in nature: Shea butter is anti-inflammatory in nature and soothes skin problems very easily. The butter helps to fight all the germs causing skin problems and rejuvenates new skin cells.

    Heals Cuts And Scrapes: Shea butter is a very smooth ingredient on the skin that heals cuts and scrapes very well. The butter is extremely hydrated and suits all skin types. The shea butter gets deeply into the skin and heals.

    Fights Acne: Shea butter is a wonderful natural remedy to fight acne and blemishes on the skin. The butter helps in killing bacteria causing acne on the skin and makes it supple and glowing. The butter removes all the scars as well.

    Anti-Aging: The best part about shea butter is that it has antioxidants that help to combat signs of aging on the skin. The butter helps to remove fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging very fast. Shea butter combats bacterial infections on the skin as well.

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    Shea Butter Vs Cocoa Butter

    Shea and cocoa butter are both natural ingredients that originate from trees. They can be used together or separately, and make a wonderful creamed mixture. Since these are both popular products, many wonder when to use shea butter vs cocoa butter.

    One of the many benefits of these creams is that they have wonderful effects on the skin. They make your skin smooth and elastic and are often used for moisturizing the skin.

    Say Goodbye To Dry Skin With The Ultimate Diy Whipped Body Butter And Hello To Eczema Relief

    If youre looking for eczema relief keep reading for the ultimate DIY whipped butter you can make at home!

    A few years ago when we moved from sunny, warm Texas to the cold, dark depths of winter in Illinois I experienced dry skin like never before! In no time, dry red patchy areas of eczema showed up on my skin.

    I soon realized the skin care regimen I had used in Texas for more than a decade didnt work in the cold dry air of the north. Learning to get rid of eczema without steroid creams took time and dedication.

    This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience, read the full disclosure policy.

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    Is Shea Butter Good For Eczema

    Do you know that therere millions of people acro the world suffering from eczema? With the advancement of pollution and allergies, the number of eczema patients is on the rise. Especially when you dont know how to get rid of it, lets learn in todays blog.

    Eczema is painful, itchy, and embarrassing that can get worse if you will try any random skincare products. Shea butter for eczema is the best alternative as the natural source of healing of the symptoms. It helps to moisturize and nourish your skin from the inner layers.

    But, do you know how does shea butter help eczema? If you finding this post interesting, continue reading the following passages to explore its healing benefits.

    What are the eczema signs and symptoms?

    Eczema is one kind of skin condition that has a few symptoms such as redness, itchy and dry skin, and so on. It can range from mild to severe cases in certain parts of the body. The classification is like:

    • Atopic dermatitis

    Stasis dermatitis and many more

    The following signs you may experience from eczema. Such as:

    • Rough, scaly, or leather-like patches
    • Redness and inflamed skin
    • Crusted flakes of skin
    • Swelling areas and many more.

    Never keep the signs untreated. Otherwise, it can become infected and cause blood infection as well. And, shea butter can meet your needs effectively.

    What is shea butter?

    How does shea butter work?


    Soothing and smoothen the skin

    No side effects

    What To Look For When Buying

    Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Baby Eczema Therapy

    When shopping, raw unrefined shea butter or grade A is preferred, as the product diminishes the more refined it is and the more additives it has. Also, know that unrefined shea butter is not like a smooth, creamy lotion its a little harder and greasier and softens when warmed. It ranges in color from creamy off-white to yellow very white shea butter has most likely been highly refined.

    There are many womens cooperatives working to produce shea butterthe U.N.notes that shea butter provides employment and income to millions of women across Africaand many come with third-party fair-trade and sustainability certification. Look to buy yours from a company that supports social and environmental issues.

    Also, although shea nuts appear to be safe for those who are allergic, if you have tree nut allergies please consult with your physician before using shea.

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    How To Treat Eczema With Shea Butter

    For eczema treatment using shea butter, use it as you would any other moisturizer. Take a short bath or shower with warm water twice a day. Gently pat yourself dry afterward with a soft, absorbent towel. Within a few minutes of toweling off, apply shea butter to your skin.

    In a 2009 study by the University of Kansas, shea butter displayed results as an option for treating eczema. A patient with a moderate case of eczema applied Vaseline to one arm and shea butter to the other, twice daily.

    At the beginning of the study, the severity of the patients eczema was rated as a 3, with 5 being a very severe case and 0 being totally clear. At the end, the arm using Vaseline had its rating downgraded to a 2, while the arm using shea butter was downgraded to a 1. The arm using shea butter was also notably smoother.

    The Risks Of Using Shea Butter For Eczema

    Words By Martina

    If youve ever had the misfortune of suffering from eczema, you probably have tried out numerous different products and moisturizers to help soothe your irritated skin. Using shea butter for eczema has been a popular choice but is it the best one?

    If you have eczema then you are battling dry, flaky, itchy and inflamed skin. You need to be careful of what you put on your irritated skin so that you arent taking the risk of making it worse. Finding the right ingredients and product for eczema can be a challenge so its good to know the pros and cons of popular ingredients like shea butter.

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