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If You Have Eczema Can You Get A Tattoo

What Is The Proper Aftercare When Getting A Tattoo

TATTOOING Different SKIN Types : Self Harm Scars, Allergies, Skin Tones MORE!!

Taking care of your tattoo is similar to treating a fresh wound. This is because a tattoo is created by damaging your epidermis and dermis using needles. After your tattoo appointment, remember to:

  • Remove the bandage within 24 hours
  • Cleanse the tattoo site with a wet cloth or paper towel
  • Dab on ointment onto the tattooed area
  • Apply a fragrance-free moisturizer to prevent itchiness

Wait for several weeks for your new tattoo to heal. If you have eczema in the tattooed site, here are some products you may use to treat your flare-up:

  • Prescription eczema ointments or creams
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Cocoa butter

Tattoos And Eczema: Can You Get One If You Have Eczema

The Tattoo Ink For Sensitive Skin

Tattoos are not only beautiful but they also represent your individuality. They show how much thought you put into them. A tattoo is one of the most personal things you will ever do with yourself. People love tattoos because they symbolize their feelings and emotions.

Some people like to get tattoos just for themselves, while others want to express something special to someone else or even make a statement about themselves! There are many different types of tattoos, each having its own meaning and purpose. There are also many styles of tattoos, which can be quite diverse depending upon the artist.

There are several kinds of tattooing techniques used today. These include: traditional, digital, watercolor and acrylic. Traditional tattooing involves drawing directly onto the skin using a sharp needle. Digital tattooing uses computer technology to create images on the skin.

Watercolor tattoos are done by painting over existing marks made by previous markings. Acrylic tattoos are created through a combination of various materials such as pigments, pastels and other liquids. Tattoo artists often mix different colors together to achieve any desired effect.

This gives a faded, sketchy look to the tattoo.

Hand eczema among hardmetal workers by T Fischer, I Rystedt American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 1985 Wiley Online Library

Psoriasis Can Affect The Appearance Of A Tattoo

The problem with psoriasis is that, if it develops within the tattoo, it can cause the tattoo to fade, discolor, or even disappear from the skin of the individual. For an artist, this may be unacceptable. For some, they have to touch up the area for others, the artist may feel that this is not possible. The option to fix tattoos that have contracted psoriasis is entirely up to the artist themselves. Those that won’t take the risk of not being able to fix a tattoo will turn you away.

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Tell Me About Your Experience

Kawika Chann from Northwest, Hawaii, Anykine place on June 06, 2014:

Thanks for your comment G-sleeves – yes, I found it interesting as well when researching, especially the point of view from the artists themselves. As a rule, most of the artists that have been around know what psoriasis is and the effects that may or may not happen to their work. Some will, some won’t it’s really up to the artists. The one thing that I would do is tell the artist that you have psoriasis, he/she will let you know where they stand with it. The good artists will already have experience with psoriasis, but like I said in the article, some will be okay with it, others will refuse. Peace. Kawi.

Greensleeves Hubs from Essex, UK on June 05, 2014:

Hi Kawi. This is an interesting and informative article, both in its general comments and the more specific issue of tattoos and psoriasis.

Although I’m not personally a sufferer, I did have a girlfriend who is, so I am sure any article like this which spreads the word and shares advice, must be welcomed. Voted up.

Kawika Chann from Northwest, Hawaii, Anykine place on May 24, 2013:

Hi Bobski – a good support group is always good to have. More than that, an artist that is familiar with your condition would be awesome! Thanks for your comment. Peace. Kawi.

Kawika Chann from Northwest, Hawaii, Anykine place on May 24, 2013:

Kawika Chann from Northwest, Hawaii, Anykine place on May 24, 2013:

Bobby from U.K on May 23, 2013:

TurtleDog on May 22, 2013:

Burns During Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Can You Get a Tattoo If You Have Eczema?

Magnetic resonance imaging produces a magnetic field that has been reported to induce an electric current within tattoo ink containing iron oxide. Iron oxide is sometimes found in permanent cosmetic ink used to enhance lip lines and eyebrows. A MRI scan results in a minor burn at the tattooed site, ie, painful redness and swelling.

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When To See The Doctor After A Tattoo

Your tattoo artist is your first point of contact for tips on tattoo aftercare. Some situations may require a doctors visit, though. You should see your doctor if you think an eczema rash has developed as a result of your new ink they can help treat the surrounding skin with as little damage to the tattoo as possible.

You should also see your doctor if your tattoo becomes infected, a common issue that can occur as a result of scratching an itchy tattoo. Signs of an infected tattoo include:

  • redness that grows beyond the original tattoo
  • severe swelling

Can Tattoos Cause An Eczema Flare

Unfortunately, tattoos may be one of the foreign triggers that can cause a flare-up in eczema sufferers 1.Because tattoos involve injecting ink directly into the body, people with eczema can often get an itchy rash at the site of the tattoo 1. Though many people who get tattoos end up with a slight inflammation at the tattoo site, eczema sufferers can receive added itchiness and even pain 1. However, bad reactions to tattoos are rare, even in people with eczema and other skin conditions 1.

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What Can Trigger A Psoriasis Outbreak

If you have psoriasis, it is very important to know what your triggers are for your body. If you don’t know what your body’s triggers are, keep a journal to find out. To help you on your way, above you will find the most common triggers.

Triggers to Psoriasis

Viral, upper respiratory infections and strep throat can affect your immune system and cause an outbreak.

Wash your hands often, exercise, and keep your immune system strong.

How Do I Get A Safe Tattoo With Eczema

To ink or not to ink | Considering a tattoo with a skin condition

Theres no 100% guaranteed way to get a tattoo safely if you have eczema, but even for people without eczema, there are always risks associated with this process as its impossible to know how the skin might react. Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases where people have carried out proper research and spoken with the right tattoo artist, there arent any major problems to worry about.

In general, one of the safest methods is to find a tattoo artist who will make use of special ink that has been designed for sensitive skin. This will really reduce your risks of any flare-ups, so be sure to ask your artist if they have this ink or ask them to order some for you. You can also read reviews and testimonials to find the best and most trusted artists near you.

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Caring For Your Tattoo When You Have Eczema

Properly caring for your tattoo is important, especially if you suffer from eczema. Here are some tips:

Avoid Scratching: This may be obvious, but it has to be said. Scratching will aggravate your eczema and may cause the ink to weep or run, potentially ruining your tattoo! These Bamboo Glovesare a great way to protect your skin from scratching, especially at night when you may be scratching unknowingly.

To help relieve itchiness and inflammation, you can try taking an oatmeal bath once its safe to do so. We love this Conqueror Oatmeal Bath for Eczema because of its simple yet effective ingredients. Made with dead sea salt, coconut milk powder and vitamin C, this natural eczema soak provides soothing regenerative benefits for dry skin.

Avoid Water: Use a wet cloth or paper towel to clean your tattoo. Dont completely submerge it in water.

Stay Moisturized: Keeping the tattooed area hydrated is crucial. We recommend this Manuka Honey Creambecause of its non-burning formula. Made with just six ingredients, including Manuka honey, beeswax and organic tree nut-free oils, its a soft and gentle balm to nourish your sensitive skin.


What Can I Do To Reduce My Risks

There is no such thing as a totally risk-free piercing or tattoo, but getting your body art done at a reputable studio can reduce your risks. The best way to find a reputable studio is to visit the studio and ask questions. Before making an appointment for body art, ask someone who works there if the artists use:

An autoclave: This device sterilizes equipment and other supplies. Staff should use an autoclave to disinfect non- disposable equipment after each use. If the studio does not have an autoclave, look for another studio.

A commercial disinfectant or bleach solution: This is necessary for disinfecting items too big to fit in an autoclave. Anything that an artist might touch while working on you should be disinfected. This includes drawer handles, tables, and sinks. Be sure to ask what they disinfect.

New, sterile equipment: The artist should use a new, sterile needle for each piercing. If youre getting a tattoo, watch the tattoo artist. Make sure the needles and tubes come from sealed packages. Inks should be poured into a single-use disposable container. The tattoo artist should throw out unused ink.

Body piercings only

If you want a body piercing, you also should find a studio that uses the following:

Single-use piercing gun: You should not get a piercing from a piercing gun unless the part of the gun that touches your

skin is both sterile and unused . Most piercing guns do not fit in an autoclave.

Tattoo before laser removal treatments

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What Does Getting A Tattoo Actually Involve

When you are tattooed, colored ink is permanently placed within your skin, through a tiny needle. A tattoo is not just ink drawn on the surface but is injected several layers into your skin.

Usually, tattoos are quite safe, but some people have been known to have an allergic response to the dyes.Very rarely does tattooing cause serious health problems when it is done by a professional. The most important thing you can do is talk to a reputable tattoo artist and stay far away from any amateurs or backyard operations.

Apart from eczema you can also get serious bacterial infections and much worse from unregistered tattoo artists, so always play it safe with this one.

Before we go any further, we found a great Youtube Video produced by Romeo Lacoste that goes into further detail about tattooing different skin Types, such as self-harm scars, allergies, eczema skin tones + MUCH MORE!!

Can I Get Rid Of A Tattoo

Can People With Eczema Get Tattoos

If you no longer want a tattoo, you should talk with your dermatologist. Dermatologists have the medical expertise to tell you what you can expect from tattoo removal. Some tattoos can be removed completely. Nearly all tattoos can be faded. Dermatologists also have the medical knowledge to help you avoid potential side effects from tattoo removal, such as burns, scars, and infections.

Most patients who want a tattoo removed will receive a series of laser treatments. Before recommending a treatment though, a dermatologist considers many factors. One factor is how deeply the ink penetrates your skin. If the artist placed the ink very deeply in the skin, the laser may have a more difficult time reaching it.

Your dermatologist also will consider the colors in the tattoo, where the tattoo appears on your body, and whether you smoke. Research shows that laser tattoo removal is less successful if the person smokes.

If laser treatment is not an option for you, a dermatologist may recommend another treatment. Smaller tattoos are sometimes removed surgically.

A board-certified dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating the medical, surgical, and cosmetic conditions of the skin, hair, and nails. To find a board-certified dermatologist in your area, visit or call this toll-free number 462-DERM .

Images used with permission of the American Academy of Dermatology National Library of Dermatologic Teaching Slides

American Academy of Dermatology

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What Happens If Eczema Is Left Untreated

Leaving eczema untreated will likely result in worsening symptoms and more frequent flare-ups. A dermatologist can uncover which triggers seem to be causing your flare-ups and recommend treatments that will work well for your skin type. The best way to improve your symptoms and prevent future outbreaks is by visiting with your dermatologist regularlyeven if you are not currently experiencing a flare-up.

Is There Special Ink For Sensitive Skin

Just as you can get a variety of inks to make art on paper, tattoo inks come in different varieties, too. Some tattoo artists already have ink for sensitive skin on hand. Other shops may have to order it in advance.

Its also important to know that a tattoo artist may not have the legal right to work on your skin if you have any lesions related to your eczema flare-up. Youll need to wait until your skin has healed before getting a tattoo.

Questions for your tattoo artist

If you have eczema, before you get a tattoo, ask your tattoo artist these questions:

  • Do you have experience with eczema-prone skin?
  • Do you use ink made for sensitive skin? If not, can it be ordered before my session?
  • What aftercare recommendations do you have?
  • What should I do if I get eczema underneath my new tattoo?
  • Are you licensed?

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Combining Medication And Natural Approaches

Try alternating your meds with more natural approaches. Once you have lived with your condition, you will have a better understanding of your body, and you will know how your body reacts to certain meds and certain natural remedies. Include exercise and any form of meditation or relaxation to help you build up defenses against stress.

During A Tattoo Appointment

Tattoo Effects On Eczema, Dermatitis, psoriasis | Ep- 29 | Ft. Suresh Machu

So, here is a photo of the tattoo that I got. And as you can see there is a lot of detail and shading and it definitely took a while to complete. I did it all in one session and it lasted for 4 hours because I did not anticipate how painful it would be after my endorphins ran out in the first half of the session. If the thought of feeling any kind of sense of scratching or irritation of the skin freaks you out, ask if your tattoo artist has a numbing spray they can use, so that you can practically sleep through the session completely pain-free.

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How Long Does It Take For Eczema To Go Away

Eczema flare-ups are different for each person, but in general, a flare-up might last for a few weeks and then appear to heal. In some cases, it will take much longer for the flare-up to calm downespecially without the help of a trusted dermatologist who can provide personalized treatment options. Eczema may go dormantwhich means that all symptoms are improved and the skin seems completely normal. Periods of dormancy can last for weeks, months, or even years however, most people with eczema experience flare-ups a couple of times a year at least.

To extend the time between flare-ups, visit with an experienced dermatologist and be sure to follow his/her advice between visits.

What Foods To Avoid If You Have Eczema

If you have eczema, its important to avoid the foods that trigger your flare-ups. Usually, you and your doctor will be able to determine which foods cause your flare-ups by keeping a food diary over time or making note of what you eat when you experience a flare-up. There are also certain foods and drinks that are already known to cause eczema flare-ups. So, you can help prevent a future outbreak simply by avoiding these food/drink items:

  • Dairy products
  • Shellfish

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Questions You Should Ask Your Tattoo Artist

If you are an eczema patient, you should ask some question for your own safety and satisfaction:

  • Have you experienced eczema-prone skin?
  • Do you apply ink made for sensitive skin? If not, can it be ordered before the appointment?
  • What aftercare instructions do you have?
  • What should I do if I get eczema underneath my new tattoo?
  • Are you legally verified for tattoo designing?
  • How do you care about a tattoo if you diagnosed with eczema
  • Do you use sterilized equipment during tattooing?
  • A tattoo is inked by damaging the upper and middle layers of skin. It is better known as the epidermis and dermis, respectively. The needles are consumed to create the permanent indentions along with the desired ink.

    Everyone who gets a tattoo will need to take a lot of care of the fresh wound, regardless of whether you have eczema or not. Your tattoo designer will bandage your skin and offer tips on how to take care of your new tattoo.

    What Triggers Eczema Flare

    Can You Get a Tattoo If You Have Eczema?

    Skin irritants cause itching, redness, or burning. Common irritants include:

    • Chemicals
    • Skin-care products containing alcohol or fragrance
    • Wool
    • Tight clothing

    Allergens are things that cause you to experience an allergic reaction. Pollens, pet hair, and certain kinds of food are allergens that can cause eczema outbreaks. Low humidity can lead to dry and itchy skin. Heat and high humidity make you sweat. When you perspire, your itching might worsen.

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