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Best Lip Treatment For Eczema

Signs You Might Have Lip Eczema

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“Lip eczema is characterized by dry, chapped, and peeling lips and sometimes, painful breaks of the lips,” explains board-certified dermatologist Charlotte Birnbaum, M.D. In other words, the same common symptoms of eczemared patches, cracked skin, flaking, and general drynessalso hold true for the lip area.

So, how to tell if it’s just chapped lips or something more serious, such as lip eczema? If the skin on the lips becomes significantly cracked to the point of becoming painful, and if no amount of over-the-counter ointments seems to help, then you might be dealing with a case of eczema.

What Is Lip Eczema Meaning


Lip eczema is definitive on specific symptoms and the changes likely to occur in terms of the symptoms experienced. Therefore, we can say eczema or lip dermatitis is an inflammation of the lips that is presented as redness with dryness and scaly appearance.

This is influenced by hereditary factors such as inherited genes. The external factors or changes environment conditions can also factor in unfavorably leading to chronic. Affected areas may go beyond the lip surface when eczema symptoms flare up or worsen.

What Are The Clinical Features Of Lip Licker’s Dermatitis

Lip-licking creates chronic redness, dryness, and scaling of the lips and surrounding skin typically in a distribution that corresponds to the reach of the patients tongue.

  • The area of inflammation frequently crosses the vermilion border of the lip.
  • Symptoms can worsen during winter.
  • The patient often complains of burning and dryness .

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How To Treat Lip Eczema

Treatment depends totally on the cause. You need to check the exogenous cause, and then, this should be avoided. If this does not result in improvement, check another factor like a second allergen, irritant or endogenous cause.

For atopic cheilitis, you may need to apply moisturisers and topical corticosteroids.

What Is The Differential Diagnosis For Lip Licker’s Dermatitis

5 Best Treatments For Lip Eczema

Conditions that are often confused with lip licker’s dermatitis include:

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Can You Use A Lip Balm With Eczema/psoriasis

The answer is YES! We have two favorites. We use one that contains Shea Butter which is widely used to treat eczema. Its called Shea Brand Lip Balm and its available from Amazon. The other (which has recently become our top pick is by Waxelene. But these are just two of the many you can choose from.

What Causes Eczema On My Lips

There are several causes of eczema on your lips. Here are some of them:

The environment. Sometimes, things in the environment that you come into contact with, like the wind, can irritate your lips. Also, if you’re outdoors often and have fair skin, you could get eczema on your lips from the sun. If this happens, parts of your lips might feel like sandpaper. Youâre most likely to get this condition if youâre between your 40s and late 80s. If your work involves a lot of outdoor time, like if youâre a farmer or fisherman, your risk will be higher.

Foods and other products. Itâs also possible that a product youâre using, like your makeup, is causing eczema on your lips. Some lipsticks have ingredients, like nickel, that can irritate your lips. Oral health products, like mouthwash and toothpaste, can be irritants, too. Some ingredients, especially flavorings, can cause a reaction. If your lips are irritated after you eat a particular food, for example eggs or shellfish, you might be having an allergic reaction.

Behaviors. Your lips have a natural, oily film that helps them stay moist. When you lick your lips too often, youâre taking away that film, which causes your lips to become dry and cracked. Using tobacco can irritate your lips as well.

An underlying medical issue. If youâre not getting enough of a nutrient, like vitamin B12 or iron, that can affect your lips. Conditions that suppress your immune system, like diabetes or HIV, can also irritate your lips.

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Best Remedies For Lip Eczema

Fortunately,with the right know-how, most cases of lip eczema can be easily and quickly addressed with over-the-counter ointments. But don’t just reach for the first option you see.

“The best way to treat and prevent chapped lips is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize,” Birnbaum says. “However, it is important to choose your lip moisturizer wisely, as some can include allergenic ingredients that can make lip eczema worse.”

Instead, Birnbaum recommends seeking out a thick ointment that will help prevent water loss from the skinthe main cause of all forms of eczema, as this happens when the skin barrier becomes weakened or broken. What’s even better: The shorter the ingredient list, the better, as this minimizes the risk for irritation or an allergic reaction. See our list of safe, natural lip balms here, or consider looking for a hydrating ingredient in your kitchen.

If that still doesn’t alleviate your painful pout, your best bet, as always, is to book an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist.

Understanding The Harsh Realities Of Eczema On Your Lips And Why Eczema/psoriasis Lip Balm Is Essential

Lip Eczema & Angular Cheilitis – 10 TIPS for Dealing with Eczematous Angular Cheilitis

Having dry lips caused by eczema/psoriasis or dry lips caused by an external irritant should be treated or at least managed to avoid it flaring up and out of control. In extreme cases of Eczematous Cheilitis, it can even prevent you from opening your mouth and can even stop people wanting to eat due to the pain of opening and closing their mouths.

Not to mention the emotional and physical side of having eczema on your lips which could affect your relationship with your partner or loved one.

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Dryness Scaling And Cracks

Eczema is also signaled by lip dryness. Your lips may become literally dry or look dried out especially if the condition associated with lip eczema is chronic. Sometimes a thin section of the lip area may be affected.

If not well diagnosed and treated, your lips may appear to be scaly with small fissures or cracks.

NOTE: Always remember that these are only expected symptoms but some health conditions and infections can possibly produce similar symptoms. For instance, a cold sore can be signaled by a burning, itchy sensation when the infection starts.

For proper identifying of eczema on your lips, you would see a physician. Again, tests, careful examination and diagnosis are crucial in revealing clinical features such as allergic reactions or lip eczema types.

Fortunately, having eczema lips is not contagious.

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What Can Help My Lips Feel Better

Donât lick or suck on your lips. It might make you feel better for a moment, but it actually makes the problem worse. When your lips feel dry, use lip balm with petroleum jelly on them. This will seal in moisture and prevent cracks from getting worse. You might need to try a few different products to figure out what works for you.

If you realize a product youâre using is irritating your lips, stop using it. If your eczema is an allergic reaction, you can try a steroid cream. Ask your doctor to recommend one for you.

Before you spend time in the sun, put on lip balm with an SPF of 15 or more. If your lips get especially irritated in the winter, cover them with a scarf when you go out.

If a nutrient deficiency is causing your eczema, you might need to take supplements.

Take good care of your mouth and teeth. Brushing and flossing regularly helps your lips stay healthy and reduces irritation.

Avoid Make Up Lipstick And Unlabeled Creams To Allow Your Lips To Heal

5 Best Treatments For Lip Eczema

One of the best ways to improve lip dermatitis is to avoid your triggers when possible. These include any known allergens, as well as sensitivities to chemicals. Make up, lipstick, and certain creams may contain ingredients that are causing your lips to flare up.

Even after eliminating these triggers, it can take some time for the rashes to clear up.

Ways To Treat Cheilitis

Prevention is always better than cure. Lip balm helps to prevent dry lips from wind, dry air, salty foods, mouth breathing and habitual licking of the lips.

If you choose one with SPF, itll also protect the lips from overexposure to harmful UV rays which may dry out the lips even further.

Topical moisturisers and anti-inflammatory creams can alleviate the inflammation. Your doctor may also prescribe a steroid cream, antibiotics or antifungal treatment to help with healing.

Rubbing some natural nut oils and seed butters on your lips can also provide great relief for cracked and chapped lips.

Removing the suspected irritant from the patients environment is the mainstay of treatment. Patients should avoid lip balms that contain flavourings, preservatives, lanolin and other potential allergens.

The other things to avoid would depend on the result of the patch test. Topical corticosteroids are helpful in reducing redness and itch. Bland emollients such as petrolatum can be liberally used in combination with topical corticosteroids. If these measures are not helpful, the patient should consult a specialist dermatologist.

Cheilitis may arise as a symptom of iron deficiency according to the New Zealand Dermatological Society. Iron dietary supplements can help to correct the deficiency and in turn alleviate the itching and dryness.

Dry lips are a sign of dehydration. Make sure to stay hydrated from within by drinking eight to twelve glasses of water a day.

How Do I Know If I Have Eczema On My Lips

If you have eczema on your lips — a condition that makes your skin red and irritated — one or both of your lips and the skin surrounding them will be inflamed or cracked. Eczema on your lips is also called cheilitis. It might last only for a short time, or it could be a long-term issue. Your doctor will figure out if you have eczema on your lips by looking at them and asking you about your symptoms. If you have allergies, youâre more likely to get eczema on your lips. If your doctor thinks you might have an allergy, they can use a patch test to find out for sure.

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Specific Treatment Options For Eczema On Your Lips

Dealing with | Eczematous Cheilitis Lip Eczema

Below are some of the recommended treatments for known causes or triggers more so environmental or external causes.

1. Moisturizers

As noted from the symptoms, some types of eczema can dry out the lip skin and mouth. The selection and use of moisturizers should be more cautious. Recommended moisturizers should be flavor-free and non-scented. Pure petroleum jelly is amongst the best bets.

Choose a moisturizer with protective quality such as those with deep oils to prevent your lips from forming cracks.

In most cases, if reliance on moisturizer does not improve the dryness on lips then you should check with your GP for another option or evaluate the cause.

2. Topical corticosteroids

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Another common treatment form for eczema is applying a prescription corticosteroid to deal with redness or inflammation due to itching. These medicines are of worth when it comes to dealing with atopic cheilitis.

3. Antibiotic medicines

Basically, antibiotics are meant to prevent disease-causing micro-organisms from accumulating the affected areas of the lip or around the mouth. You are more likely to suffer more or get additional symptoms if an infection occurs.

4. Immunosuppressant

Another medication is immunosuppressant to counter the potentially harmful side effects of the allergic responses of your immune system.

5. Use of lip balm and creams

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The application of lip balm or eczema face creams is recommended after the problem has resolved.

Endogenous Or External Triggers

There are several environmental factors associated with the occurrence of eczema. In most cases, external factors can trigger lip eczema. These are as follows.

Contact dermatitis

As an external factor and trigger of lip eczema, contact dermatitis is attributed to contact with skin by an irritating or allergic substance.

Common irritant substances include

  • Saliva
  • Harmful substances in lip products such as lip balm
  • Food additives

On the other hand, allergic contact dermatitis is an immune initiated response to specific substances such as:

  • Lipsticks

Allergic contact cheilitis

img source: healthjade.net

Allergic contact cheilitis or eczematous cheilitis is contact dermatitis that affects mainly the lip borders or vermillion margin on lips. Dermatologists identify it as a kind of hypersensitivity reaction due to certain allergen sources.

Common allergen sources include lip care products such as lipsticks, the lip care metal casing toothpastes, certain foods, medications, nail varnish, denture cleaner, and latex.

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Common Symptoms Of Eczema On Your Lips

  • Discolored lips
  • Red and sore lips
  • Dry and cracked corners

Dry itching skin could simply be just that, it may not mean you have eczema on your lips which is far more serious. You should always consult your doctor for a diagnosis.

The perioral skin and vermilion margin are the most commonly affected parts of your lips and indicate Eczematous Cheilitis.

Having a history of eczema in your family will also be a contributing factor in identifying eczema on your lips.

Its will take a bit of investigating to find out if you have simple dry lips or if you have eczema. You must seek help and advice from your Doctor, Gp and Medical Practitioner if you believe your dry lips is eczema.

They will examine not only your lips but also inside your mouth to help identify the symptoms. This is not a painful process unless your condition is so bad that it is painful to open your mouth. If this is the case moisturize them as much as possible before going to your appointment.

Who Gets Eczema On Their Lips And Why?

There are two main reasons why people get eczema on their lips and they are Endogenous and Exogenous.

1.Endogenous is an inherent characteristic inherited from a parent. The most common example of this is Atopic Dermatitis. It is unavoidable and there is no way of telling if you will have the condition at birth. Like many forms of eczema, you can and many people will grow out of the condition.

The Best Eczema Creams: The Final Word

Anti Aging Lip Balm #AntiAgingNad #BestAntiAgingSkinCream ...

Eczema, also referred to as atopic dermatitis, is a common skin condition that affects an estimated 16.5 million U.S. adults who have AD that initially began at less than two years of age, with nearly 40% affected by moderate or severe disease. Some symptoms include extremely dry skin, severe itching, red bumps that may leak fluid, and deep cracks. Eczema is believed to be caused by genetics rather than an allergic reaction. It surfaces when the skin barrier, which protects from pollutants, irritants, and bacteria, becomes compromised and is unable to provide proper protection. Keeping the skin hydrated can help maintain the integrity of the skin barrier to prevent or treat flare-ups.

Flare-ups can occur sporadically and even go away for years sometimes. Atopic dermatitis typically begins before age five and may continue into adolescence and adulthood. For some people, it flares periodically and then clears up for a time, even for several years. Some examples of triggers that cause flare-ups include allergens , stress, food allergies, and tight clothing. In terms of prevention, try to identify your triggers in advance, regularly moisturize the affected areas, take short showers, wear loose clothing, and use gentle soaps and lotions.

Along with adopting an anti-inflammatory diet, there are several over-the-counter eczema creams that can help alleviate even the most aggravating symptoms.

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