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How To Fade Eczema Scars

What Are The Symptoms Of Eczema

How To Get Rid of Eczema, Psoriasis & Acne Scars

The symptoms of eczema are different for everyone. The eczema you have may not look like the eczema of another adult, but in reality, they are the same skin condition of a varying severity.

What to look for:

  • Areas of swelling
  • Oozing or crusting around the area of the condition

It is not uncommon to have all the above symptoms of eczema or maybe just a few. You might just get intermittent flare ups or the condition might remain constantly visible. Sometimes, without rhyme or reason, the condition simply disappears.

The only way to genuinely know if you have eczema or not, is to visit a physician who will probably then refer you to a qualified dermatologist.

An Irritable and Itchy Skin Condition

Eczema has a tendency to be extremely irritable and itchy. For some, the itch can be very mild, or moderate. However, for many, the itch can be so irritable and become so inflamed, that they scratch until the area begins to bleed. Scratching till you bleed can actually make your eczema worse. This behaviour is often referred to as the itch scratch cycle.

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Does Eczema Leave Scars

Eczema is aninflammatory skin condition that involves dry, red, and flaky patches of skin. While the exact cause of the disorder is unknown, it is believed to be linked to genetic and environmental factors. Often accompanied by the intense urge to itch, many sufferers wonder, does eczema leave scars?

Its a good question and a legitimate cause for concern. In short, eczemausually does not cause scarring but repeated scratching certainly can increase the likelihood.

In this post, well explore the itch-scratch cycle, provide tips on how to prevent scars, and give some suggestions on how to heal eczema scars.

Please keep in mind that although these tips and information have worked for several sufferers, we are in no way medical professionals. If youre experiencing severe symptoms or have a topical infection, it is always best to seek medical advice immediately.

Eczema Scars

If you suffer from eczema, then you know first-hand that itchiness is one of the prime burdens of the skin condition. Subjected to the vicious itch-scratch cycle, the skin feels itchy, which leads to scratching, which in turn, only perpetuates the feeling of itchiness.

Preventing Scars Stop Scratching!

The most important step in preventing the formation of scar tissue is tostop scratching. While this advice sounds simple enough, we know its easier said than done. Fortunately, there are some holistic methods you can take to reduce the feeling of itchiness and protect your skin from scratching.

Will Eczema Scars Go Away

Eczema scarring often fades on its own over time, depending on how extensive the scars are. Light scarring or hypopigmentation tends to occur because after skin is irritated it produces less melanin. Melanin is what gives us our skin color. Hypopigmentation is more obvious in people with darker skin, as the lightened area will stand out more. Also when the affected area is exposed to sunlight the skin that has functioning melanin surrounding the zone of eczema takes more color and the lightening of the skin in the zone of eczema is more pronounced.

Dark, hyperpigmented, scars tend to happen in people with darker skin tones. This kind of temporary scarring happens not just in eczema but in other conditions like after getting bit by an insect, with acne, and any other condition that causes skin inflammation. These lesions may feel like they take forever to go away, but they usually start to fade in 4 to 6 months if the itch-scratch cycle is stopped. It is possible to lighten dark scars with the same methods used to remove lighter scarring, and it is also possible to cover up hyperpigmented eczema scars with makeup or clothing.

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Eczema Does Not Usually Leave Any Marks

Eczema is an inflammatory skin disease characterized by changes in the upper layer of the skin called the epidermis. The epidermis is made up of cells stacked on top of each other and is often compared to a brick wall. It is this wall that is altered by eczema, which expands the spaces between the cells and results in the formation of vesicles, corresponding to the small “blisters” visible on eczema patches during flare-ups. The epidermis has the ability to completely rebuild itself, which is why it returns to normal once the eczema flare-up is healed. This means that eczema does not leave scars.

However Some Marks Can Sometimes Remain

How to Get Rid of Eczema Scars Naturally at Home?
  • At the location where eczema patches have healed, particularly on dark skin or when there has been sun exposure, white patches may persist due to skin depigmentation secondary to inflammation. But these patches are temporary and skin returns to normal in a few weeks on its own or after sun exposure.

  • When eczema patches persist, they tend to thicken. This is especially noticeable in the areas where atopic eczema is most common, such as the wrists, ankles, elbows and knees. In addition, scratching promotes this thickening, which itself is a source of itching. A real vicious circle then sets in. Over time, even if the eczema is cured, thickened skin, sometimes a little darker and with visible streaks on the surface, may persist. It tends to diminish with age. This can be prevented by topical corticosteroid therapy from the first flare-ups.

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Some Complications May Leave Scars

However, these are very rare.

Eczema can sometimes become superinfected with bacterial germs such as staphylococcus or streptococcus or with the herpes virus. Once again, this impetigo or herpes usually heals without scarring because it only affects the epidermis. Nevertheless, if scratching is excessive or if the infection goes deeper, scars may persist, as is sometimes seen after chicken pox.


How To Fade Dark Spots In Skin Of Color

Have you tried treating dark spots on your own without getting the results you want? Do you see new dark spots appear as others fade?

If you answered yes, youre not alone. Darks spots and patches rank as one of the most common reasons that people with skin of color see a dermatologist.

Before and after treatment for dark spots

His dermatologist used laser therapy and prescription-strength hydroquinone cream to even out his skin tone in 8 weeks.

Effective treatment begins with understanding why you get this discoloration. If you can eliminate the cause, many spots will clear on their own and you can prevent new ones from appearing.

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How Do You Heal Eczema Scars

Treating scars from eczema can be done in a number of ways, from using natural products or even skin laser treatments. It is best to consult with a dermatologist to find out which technique would work best for you, your skin type, and your eczema.

The most important thing about treating scars from eczema is that it should be done as soon as possible in order to prevent the formation of more scar tissue and make sure the process goes smoothly. The more scar tissue that has formed the harder it will be to treat.

Natural treatment These include vitamin supplements, moisturizers, and other topical products that can be applied to the skin. These products can help hydrate your skin and reduce scarring during treatment for eczema.

Chemical treatment When necessary, the doctor would prescribe a topical steroid cream that would need to be applied at least twice a day for at least three months in order for the skin to heal deeply enough so it would not scar as much.

Surgical treatment This may be used in cases where there are large areas of skin affected by eczema and scar tissue, or if the patient cannot comply with the instructions for using topical steroids and opts for surgical treatment instead.

Coconut Oil For Eczema Scars

How to heal acne and eczema scars and get glowing skin

Coconut oil is one of the best remedies to reduce eczema scars. In case of mild eczema, a thin layer of the oil twice in a day can provide relief to the affected area. For severe cases, topically applying a thick layer of the virgin coconut oil and covering it with bandage to facilitate easier absorption provides significant results.

These daily eczema-care measures can help curb the urge of itching and scratching that ultimately cause scars.

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When Does Eczema Leave Scars

Eczema scars are common in people with eczema. Eczema causes the skin to become dry and cracked, which may lead to bleeding or even an infection of the skin. Scars are more likely to form if eczema has been present for more than six months and is difficult to keep hydrated.

There are a number of factors that play into how much someone may scar as a result of eczema. These factors include age, skin type, and severity of eczema. For example, children who develop eczema may not scar as severely as adults with the condition.

The more severe the eczema is, the more likely there will be a scar after it has healed. It is important to try to keep eczema hydrated, soothed, and away from any irritants. Knowing what triggers your eczema flare-ups and what prevents or soothes your eczema is vital to avoiding long-lasting scars.

Eczema on the face is especially prone to cause scars because the skin on our face is delicate and moves often. Most people who experience facial eczema feel insecure about how it loos and try to cover their eczema with makeup.

Makeup can be very drying on the skin and can irritate facial eczema and cause it to become more inflamed. We recommend wearing as little makeup as possible and applying an eczema-safe primer, like the Multi-Purpose Ointment, to act as a hydrating protective barrier between your skin and the makeup.

Antibiotic Ointment Or Medication For Skin Infections

Because eczema patients have a weak skin barrier, they are at greater risk for skin infections like staph or the herpes simplex virus.

Bacteria like to live on eczema-prone skin like a parasite, Kim says, adding that one sign of infection is when skin becomes oozy and crusted.

One remedy to treat infections is an antibiotic ointment like bacitracin or Neosporin, which you can find in most pharmacies. These ointments are able to kill bacteria like staph and allow skin to begin healing.

If topical antibiotics arent helping, your doctor may also prescribe oral antibiotics, Kim says. When using topical or oral antibiotics, you should always consult with your doctor to determine how often and how long you should take them.

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How Do I Get Rid Of My Eczema Scars


I’ve had terrible eczema for years now. It’s on my arms, face, neck and legs. Even though the eczema has subsided, I’m still left with these horrible scars on my neck, arms, and, face. Does anyone know how i can get rid of the scars? Naturally or with medicine.

P.S. I am a person of color.

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Thanks for your help!

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How Does It Work

Suffering From Eczema Scars

The homeopathic ingredients in the formula have been carefully selected to promote healthy skin and favorable scar tissue.*

Due to the cell regenerating and skin nourishing properties, when used as directed, the product will safely and gently reduce the appearance of new and older scars as well as keloid scars. Our formula promotes healthy skin tone and will help you to regain the appearance of scar-free skin.*

The homeopathic constituents in H-Scars Formula are manufactured according to the specifications in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States and are monographed for use as homeopathic ingredients.

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How To Prevent Eczema Scars

plagues a significant amount of Americans each year. Also known as dermatitis, eczema is a red, itchy rash that brings about blotches, which can form in just small parts or could be all over the body. While itching and redness eventually subside with treatment, many are left with remaining brown or white discoloration or even scars from irritation. Whatever the cause of your eczema may be, its important to remember that prevention is the best way to keep on top of this issue.


Ive had terrible eczema for years now. Its on my arms, face, neck and legs. Even though the eczema has subsided, Im still left with these horrible scars on my neck, arms, and, face. Does anyone know how i can get rid of the scars? Naturally or with medicine.

P.S. I am a person of color.

0 likes, 8 replies

Thanks for your help!

We want the forums to be a useful resource for our users but it is important to remember that the forums are not moderated or reviewed by doctors and so you should not rely on opinions or advice given by other users in respect of any healthcare matters. Always speak to your doctor before acting and in cases of emergency seek appropriate medical assistance immediately. Use of the forums is subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and steps will be taken to remove posts identified as being in breach of those terms.

Should Certain Scarring Be Seen By A Doctor

It is not necessary to see a doctor for most types of scarring, including eczema scars. However, if the scarring causes any uncomfortable or strange symptoms such as persistent itchiness, pain, bleeding, bumps, or changes in skin pigmentation then you should either see a doctor or visit an emergency room.

Doctors and dermatologists can diagnose the type of eczema and recommend treatment options such as medication or topical treatments such as corticosteroids creams or ointments. Once you have more information on the type of eczema you have the better you are at recognizing triggers and irritants.

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Everyday Things That Can Trigger Eczema

The factors are

  • Dry skinandIrritants There are several products that we use daily that can cause our skin to swallow and inflamed. Such as:
    • Metals like Nickel
    • Personal care products.
    • Specific fabrics like polyester or wool.

    2. Stress Another factor for eczema is stress. Life is incomplete without stress. Each human has stress in their life. But too much stress can lead to eczema.

    3. Defects in skin structure that lock the way for the moisturizer to penetrate inside but allow the pathogen to enter inside the skin

    4. Children are likely to develop eczema if they

    • Live in an urban or polluted area.
    • Live in cold climatic conditions.

    5. Daily Activity: Sometimes, our daily activities may cause eczema. The activities are

    • Prolonged exposure to water.
    • Become too hot or too cold.
    • Not using proper moisture.
    • Living in arid climates all year round.

    6. Eczema can also start with certain chronic conditions that affect or weaken our immunity power. For example, the chronic conditions that can worsen an eczema flare are

    • The cold or flu infection.
    • Bacterial infection.
    • Any types of allergic reaction from dust, smoke, pollen, or pets.

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  • Further information:

    Skin Deep is a website that contains images of people with different skin tones to help patients and doctors better understand and describe symptoms of different skin conditions: .

    The PDF document below shows what eczema can look like on different skin tones.

    Treat Eczema Naturally With Avocado Oil

    Internal and external usage of avocado oil can help address the concern of eczema scars. The oil, rich in monounsaturated oleic acid, is believed to enhance the regeneration of skin cells and quick healing of wounds. Topical application along with cold press carried out on a regular basis promotes the growth of fatty acids in the skin. Including it in the diet can add to the care regime for eczema scars.

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