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Do Black People Get Eczema

Can I Drink Coffee And Tea If I Have Eczema

Eczema on the face: 11 tips from a dermatologist| Dr Dray

FAQ: Do I have to give up coffee and tea while Im on The Eczema Diet and if so, what are the eczema-friendly alternatives?

People often ask eczema nutritionist and author Karen Fischer Do I have to give up coffee and tea while on The Eczema Diet or Eczema Detox programs?. She says, yes but donât worry there are healthier alternatives.

So how do you get your coffee fix without an eczema flare-up?

Karen says While coffee and tea are rich in salicylates and caffeine, an eczema-friendly alternative is decaffeinated coffee without dairy. Favour organic decaf . It tastes the same but without the itch-promoting chemicals.â

If you want your decaffeinated coffee with a non-dairy alternative, eczema sufferers can choose organic soy milk , Ideally, choose refrigerated soy milk over long life soy milk and most importantly ensure it says organic whole soybean so there are no soy isolates or flavourings â soy isolate is the poor quality soy which can contain aluminium.

Organic rice oat or cashew milk is also ok. And if you like it black- use filtered water as tap water contains chlorine which can exacerbate eczema.

Tea time and eczema

What is an eczema safe substitute for tea?

The Eczema Diet and Eczema detox books feature Choco Milk which can be served hot or cold. Simply combine ½ teaspoon of carob powder, 1½ cups of dairy free milk and 1 teaspoon of rice malt syrup if you desire some form of sweetener.

Enjoying an eczema-friendly cuppa and a biscuitâ¦

New Anzac Cookies

Dermicoll Pure Marine Collagen Best Eczema Cream Over The Counter

Dermicoll ointment is the only eczema cream on the market that contains the highest quality, bioactive salmon collagen that is easily absorbed into your skin. It also contains Jojoba oil and Eucerin that help hydrate your skin, restoring its naturally elasticity and healing skin texture.

One of the biggest worries about Eczema is the unsightly proliferation of skin scales and skin dandruff. Dermicoll claims that they are the fastest cream on the market to eliminate unwanted scales better and faster than any other eczema cream on the market.


  • It can heal all three types of eczema in a matter of days.
  • It soothes the itchiest skin and by soothing the itching, putting a stop to the vicious cycle of itchy and starching. Itching leads to starching and starching leads to spreading the eczema, so more itchy dry skin.
  • Even though it is called an ointment, it isnt a thick greasy ointment. It is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed by your skin without leaving a tacky feeling on your skin.


  • It is one of the most experience eczema creams on the market, but only a small bit is needed to cure and heal your skin.
  • It can cause a serious allergic reaction in those who have an allergy to sea fish such as salmon.
  • It is not found at most pharmacies but can easily be ordered online or purchased from your dermatologist.

Can Atopic Dermatitis Go Away

Children will sometimes outgrow atopic dermatitis, or have flares that are less severe over time. Though atopic dermatitis isnt curable, its manageable with the right treatments. Most people can reduce their symptoms by using moisturizing creams at least twice daily. Even if youre diligent in your skincare routines, you can still experience flare-ups. Therefore, its important to know how to manage your symptoms when they come back.

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How Does Eczema Appear On Black Skin

Eczema is often described as a red and scaly rash, but it can look different when it affects Black people and other People of Color. Black people with eczema may develop:

  • rashes that are brown, purple, or gray
  • dry and intensely itchy skin
  • small bumps on the chest, back, arms, and legs, called papular eczema
  • bumps around hair follicles that look like goosebumps
  • dark circles around the eyes
  • darker or lighter patches of skin in areas where eczema has healed

Compared with people who have lighter skin, Black people may be more prone to developing eczema on the front surfaces of their arms or legs versus the insides of their elbows or knees.

Doctors in the U.S. have historically lacked education on how eczema and other skin conditions manifest in Black people. This is changing, but it is still common for Black individuals with eczema to receive a misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis. This can contribute to more severe and harder-to-treat disease by the time it is accurately recognized as eczema.

Removing Dark Spots And Scars

How Eczema is Different on Black Skin

To get rid of eczema scarring on the skin, you can try using products that help lighten the skins appearance. Products that say lightening can be applied directly onto the scar to reduce the eczema scars appearance.

Eating foods rich in vitamin C and Collagen can also help to brighten the skins appearance, and reduce the appearance of dark spots!

Because of eczemas itching and redness, most of us are left with eczema scarring on the skin.

Personally my skin had so much scarring from eczema. I had dark spots all over my legs and arms. These days Ive found it really helps to include foods that help boost new skin production and get rid of eczema scarring.

My favorite thing to reduce scars and dark spots is to take a collagen supplement.

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Skinbetter Science Alto Defense Serum

Melanin goes into overproduction in the sun to protect our skin from harmful UV/UB rays, causing them to look darker than your natural skin tone, Dr. Engelman says. These sun spots accumulate over the years. An antioxidant helps protect skin against free radical assaults by neutralizing oxidative stress that can cause cell damage.

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Medical Insurance Adds Another Complication

Black people also face disparities in eczema treatment due to challenges with health insurance coverage. Eczema can manifest differently in African Americans, and common eczema symptoms like hyperpigmentation, scarring, extremely dry skin, and thickened skin are also experienced by Black people without the condition. Therefore, insurance companies can sometimes deny coverage for eczema doctors or medication because they consider those problems to be cosmetic rather than medical. This causes increased out-of-pocket costs for African Americans with eczema, making it hard for those who struggle financially to afford necessary medication.

While there can seem to be a heaping mound of obstacles when it comes to unfair practices for African Americans concerning eczema, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Vibrant eczema advocates have been very proactive in incorporating equality movements. #POCSKINMATTERS started by Briana Banos is holding skincare companies accountable to establish educational awareness, research accountability, and equal representation. Ive personally been behind the scenes on calls discussing ways to gain funding and health equality for African Americans and people of color.

Im dedicated to working with my community to provide equality for all, and I wont stop until weve received it.

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How Can You Tell The Difference Between Pagets Disease And Eczema

Pagets disease of the breast is a rare form of breast cancer that involves the skin of the nipple and can extend onto the areola. It has many of the same symptoms as breast eczema, which can sometimes lead to a misdiagnosis. These symptoms include:

  • Itching, tingling or discoloration in the nipple area.
  • Flaky, crusty or thickened skin.
  • A flattened or turned in nipple.
  • Yellow or bloody leakage from the skin of the nipple.

However, there are differences between Pagets disease and eczema. Pagets disease may affect your nipple, while eczema rarely affects your nipple. Pagets disease also typically only affects one breast, while eczema affects both breasts and other parts of your chest.

Pagets disease wont respond to the same treatments as eczema. The tests used to diagnose Pagets disease include:

Help Finding Healthcare Professionals To Treat Eczema

What is Eczema? – Eczema, Dry skin, and How to Treat

You can use the resources below to help find a dermatologist in your area that treats eczema:

  • American Academy of Dermatology . The AAD website provides a search tool that you can use to find a board-certified dermatologist in your area. You can use the search filters to find a provider who focuses on skin of color.
  • Skin of Color Society . The SOCS aims to raise awareness and champion excellence in the treatment of dermatologic conditions in skin of color. Theyve compiled an extensive searchable list of providers on their website.
  • National Eczema Association. The National Eczema Association website also has a search tool that you can use to find a doctor or other healthcare professional in your area who specializes in treating eczema.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Rid It

The standard treatment for eczema are cortisone creams and you may see results within 5-10 days of using it. However it may take longer for your skin to clear depending on how severe the inflammation on the skin.

Studies suggest that a trigger identification and avoidance strategy can help most people see clear skin in 7-14 days. This involves actively avoiding the thing or trigger thats causing the breakout. Because you remove whats causing the red itchy skin, results can last a long time.

The good news about eczema is that it normally doesnt affect your everyday life, and most people wont even notice it.

If you have a flareup right now youre probably wondering how long it takes to get rid of it. The most common treatments , are cortisone or steroid creams.

However, recent studies suggest that topical steroid creams should only be used occasionally and not as long-term treatment.

Personally I found that while cortisone creams work in a couple of days, the effects dont last forever as promised. Once you stop using the cream, the eczema may come back. Did this ever happen to you?

Those of us who are looking for a more permanent solution to eczema, may benefit from doing a trigger identification and avoidance strategy. Basically, identifying what the thing is that is making you break-out, and then taking measures to avoid it .

In my video I talk about how I used this strategy!

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Eczema Scales Look Different On Different Skin Tones

Think of eczema as a fingerprintno two flares look exactly alike. Classically, eczema presents as itchy, scaly plaques, particularly on the back of the neck, inner arms, and legs. But the rash often presents differently in BIPOC with atopic dermatitis. Asian people, for example, tend to have more scaling compared to other demographics. And patients of African descent are more likely to have extensor involvement , says Dr Shaikh. Another interesting observation: Follicular eczema on the chest, abdomen, pelvis, and back is much more common in darker skin types.

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How Does Skin Tone Affect Diagnosis Of Eczema

Doctors may find it harder to diagnose eczema on darker skin tones because the rashes and inflammation are often harder to see. That makes it even more important that you tell your doctor about all of your symptoms, however small. You should also mention any family history of eczema or skin problems that may not have been diagnosed.

If the color changes arenât obvious, your doctor will look for other common symptoms like skin that is swollen or warm to the touch as well as itchiness or dry, scaly skin.

Why Are Certain Ethnic Groups At Greater Risk For Eczema

The Natural History of Pityriasis Rosea in Black American Children: How ...

Genetic and environmental factors influence ones risk of developing atopic dermatitis. Typically, those with a family history of atopic dermatitis or other atopic diseases are more likely to have the condition.

This is because certain genetic mutations that affect the skin barrier cells and skin immune cells are passed from generation to generation. These mutations also tend to occur more often in some ethnic groups compared to others, which may help explain differences in the frequency and severity of eczema between people who identify as white, Black, Asian, Hispanic and others.

In addition, people who live in an urban setting or are exposed to certain environmental allergens are at greater risk of developing atopic dermatitis.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Eczema

As you might have already guessed, eczema is a nuanced condition which impacts millions of people worldwide. Theres a lot of information out there about this conditionincluding the resources on this very websitebut here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about this skin condition.

Other Skin Conditions That Cause Pigmentary Changes

Eczema is not the only condition that causes pigmentary changes: they can also be caused by various other skin conditions that someone may have alongside their eczema. Two other common pigmentary skin conditions are melasma and vitiligo, but there are many rarer conditions too. So, any form of pigmentary skin problems that cannot be explained by eczema should be assessed and investigated.

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How Can You Treat Eczema In Black Skin

There are a few ways experts treat eczema, but it depends on the severity of the case. Moisturizers are one of the most important treatments, Dr. Scott says. We need to restore lost water and seal it in, so thick creams or ointments are the backbone to any eczema treatment and preventing flare ups. Consider over-the-counter options like Vanicream Moisturizing Cream or CeraVe Moisturizing Cream.

Vanicream Moisturizing Cream

Dr. Kagha recommends reaching for a cream thats fragrance-free, bland, and thick. Using products with added fragrances can irritate the skin even more and cause the eczema to worsen.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

While a heavy moisturizer can help keep moisture locked into the skin, Dr. Scott says a flare-up will often require a topical steroid. Topical steroids calm down the inflammation and help to control itch, but shouldnt be used long-term. If youre looking for a non-steroid option, talk with your dermatologist to see which option would be best for you. For severe cases that affect most of the body, one treatment option is a light-based treatment called phototherapy. Oral medications or biologic injections might be other possibilities, Dr. Scott adds.

The bottom line: Eczema may be more common on Black skin, but is often misdiagnosed. If you believe you might have eczema, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to discuss the best next steps.

Bipoc Kids Are More Likely To Develop Eczema

Navigating Eczema Diagnosis and Treatment in Skin of Color

If youre a BIPOC adult with eczema, its possible you developed it when you were young. In fact, Black children are 1.7 times more likely to develop eczema than kiddos from other demographics, even after adjusting for household income, parental education level, home environment, and health insurance coverage status. The reason for this disparity is not clear, but it could reflect decreased health care utilization in Black communities, leading to more advanced disease, says Gibran Shaikh, M.D., a Brooklyn, NY-based dermatologist and founder of Dr. Shaikhs recommendation: Moisturize little ones skin twice daily before evidence of eczema strikes.

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Eczema Race And Ethnicity

Some groups have a higher risk of eczema than others due to their genes. If you have a family history of eczema , you are more likely to get the condition. This happens because of specific changes in your genes that affect your skin barrier cells and skin immune cells. These changes are passed down from older family members and are more likely to occur in certain ethnicities and races than others.

Overall, Native Americans and Asians or Pacific Islanders are the two groups that are most affected by eczema. Thirteen percent of each group has the condition. White people are the third most common to have eczema, at 11% of the population. And Black people are least likely out of the four groups to have the condition, with 10% of the population having eczema.

The numbers vary in different studies, but in the adult population alone, multiracial or white people appear to have the highest rates of eczema.

In the U.S., eczema affects more Black children and European American children than Hispanic children. But Black and Hispanic children have more serious cases of eczema.

Children have a 50% lower chance of eczema if they were born outside of the U.S. But this risk goes up after theyâve lived inside the United States for 10 years.

How Do I Get Rid Of Eczema On My Breasts

Getting rid of breast eczema can be difficult if its cause is something you cant control, like genetics. However, you may have some control over your environment and stress levels. Try to determine what triggers or worsens your breast eczema, and then avoid it. The goal is to reduce itching and discomfort and prevent infection and additional flare-ups.

Consider these home remedies and tips:

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Eczema On Face African American


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  • Further information:

    Skin Deep is a website that contains images of people with different skin tones to help patients and doctors better understand and describe symptoms of different skin conditions: .

    The PDF document below shows what eczema can look like on different skin tones.


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