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Can Celery Juice Help Eczema

What’s The Routine Like

HOW TO CURE ECZEMA – My Celery Juicing Transformation

Essentially, to really reap the full benefits of celery juice, you’re supposed to have 16 ounces or more first thing in the morning when you wake up, so it can work its magic on an empty stomach. It’s not meant to be a meal replacement, so make sure to have a balanced breakfast afterward, simply wait 15-30 minutes after drinking your juice. While I’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t crazy about the taste at first, I don’t mix anything in with my juice — just straight celery juice. A few days in and the taste honestly just grew on me — it’s sweet enough for me that I kind of love the taste now . I do have friends who add half an apple or some lemon to break up the taste, but again, this isn’t necessarily recommended by MM .

I also pair my juice with a glass of warm lemon water that I drink right before having my juice — not sure what the Medical Medium might say about that, but I kinda love my little routine at this point, so I’m not changing. I will say alternating between sipping these two drinks might make it easier for you to stomach the celery taste if it’s really not your thing. Just an idea?

You can pre-juice for the week or perhaps the night before, but it’s recommended you drink it when it’s freshest, so that’s my approach. From washing, trimming the leaves and cutting off the ends, to actual juicing, it takes me about 15 minutes max in the morning.

Fitness Guru Kayla Itsines Reveals What Saved Her Skin

Fitness guru Kayla Itsines reveals what saved her skin.

Celery juice can help treat skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema – but the taste isn’t pleasant, plus it’s expensive. Now a beauty brand has released the world’s first celery skincare range so you can say goodbye to juicing, forever.

Theres a good chance youve read about, talked about it and may have even tried chugging the green liquid down first thing in the morning all while holding your breathe and then proceeding to wash your mouth with water straight after.

In 2019, the world underwent a huge celery shortage, which caused celery prices to skyrocket higher than ever before. And we have one man to blame for this: Anthony William, AKA the man who calls himself the Medical Medium.

William considers himself to be the originator of the global celery juice movement, distilled into a single action: start every day by drinking 16 ounces or about 470ml of pure celery juice on an empty stomach and wait 15-30 minutes before eating or drinking anything else.

Celery juice was 2019’s biggest health craze. Image: iStock.

The health benefits of doing so range from less bloating to weight loss, sustained energy and improved digestion. But the biggest benefit the craze became most famous for was its ability to promote clearer skin and even treat skin conditions like acne and eczema. In fact, Kim Kardashian even admitted to drinking the green stuff to treat her psoriasis.

How Can Juicing Help

Switching to a diet that includes all-natural juice made from fruits and vegetables is a great way to help ease and reduce the number of symptoms caused by eczema. Not only will juicing help to introduce beneficial foods into your diet, but it will help to improve overall health, generating a healthier digestive system and immune response from your body. A juice cleanse for eczema has several benefits and can help reduce the symptoms associated with eczema.

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Why The Celery Juice Diet Is One To Ignore

You may have seen a lot of hype around celery juice and the famous celery juice diet, with its apparent healing properties. Anthony Williams, the medical medium claims to be the originator of the global celery juice movement. According to Williams, drinking 16oz of celery juice daily on an empty stomach has healing benefits for those with autoimmune conditions. Ranging from Hashimotos thyroiditits, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes to eczema and psoriasis. In addition, he also claims it is a detox drink.

Autoimmune Conditions

A quick search on Instagram for #celeryjuice brings up over 84,000 results!

Sure, you may feel better for drinking 16oz of celery juice. But is this because you are adding an extra portion of vegetables to your diet . As well as increasing your water intake. Or are you experiencing a placebo effect?

While there is some research on flavonoids in celery, which are protective plant compounds. The research is inconclusive about how much you would need to consume and the purported health benefits. In fact, there is no evidence that there is a magic food-based cure for some autoimmune conditions such as Hasimotos thyroiditis, psoriasis and eczema.


Heres How To Make Celery Juice

Get the Facts: Celery Juice


  • 1 cup water or more if needed

What to do

  • Chop and rinse the celery well and run it through a juicer.
Blender Method:
  • Rinse and chop the celery and add to your blender with the water. Begin to blend. If its not blending, add a little more water.
  • Strain the celery pulp out using a wire mesh strainer, cheese cloth, or a nut bag.
  • Discard the pulp and drink the juice.
Important notes:
  • Drink the juice immediately on an empty stomach for best results, first think in the morning.
  • Drink at least 16oz of celery juice so you may have to juice more than one celery .
  • Removing the fibre using a juicer or strainer allows you to get the potent amount of nutrients in one go accelerating its healing benefits.
  • Celery juice doesnt replace breakfast. Wait 15 30 minutes before having your usual breakfast. The boys and I always follow up with a fruit and veggie smoothie.

Click HERE to learn more about how to make celery juice and some important tips.

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Essential Radiance: My Top 5 Essential Oils For Radiant Skin

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As a green-beauty junkie, I’ve been on a my mission to find non-toxic, natural products that are high performing AND fit my skins unique needs.

After spending thousands of dollars on products but not seeing improvement with my skin, I started researching essential oils.

I discovered 5 that targeted my skin’s dehydration and inflammation, so I immediately put them to the test.

After 2 weeks of testing 100% certified pure essential oils, I noticed a huge improvement on the texture and hydration of my skin.

Whats The Verdict On Celery Juice For Eczema

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Many people with chronic conditions seek alternative treatments for their condition. You may have looked at non-medical treatments for your eczema. A popular alternative treatment for eczema involves drinking celery juice every morning on an empty stomach.1,2

There are claims that drinking celery juice cures eczema, psoriasis, acne, and even high blood pressure.1,2 Celery juice is a lot less expensive than most medications. This seems like a great deal, right? Well, the old saying goes: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So, we did a little research to find out if drinking celery juice works as well as supporters claim it does.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Juicing

Juicing has several benefits that make it a desirable diet for people to follow. One of the best benefits of juicing is the fact that it introduces several valuable minerals and vitamins to the diet. Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin D and vitamin C which are largely beneficial. Having a boost of valuable vitamins can help improve overall health and improve your digestive system, leaky guy syndrome, and heart disease. A juice cleanse is great for digestive health and can help give your digestive organs a much-needed break from processing high-sugar and artificial foods. Plus, juicing can be used for weight loss reasons or improve many common conditions, including eczema.

Of course, there are some cons to juicing too. Many people question the ability to maintain a healthy diet while living on a juice-only diet. Sometimes, staying on a juice-only cleanse for too long can cause you to lose strength, leading to muscle weakness, fatigue, or headaches. Further, repeated juice fasting diets too close together can eventually cause your body to lose muscle mass and bone density because the juice cleanse lacks valuable protein to sustain a healthy body mass.

There Have Been No Medical Breakthroughs In Over 30 Years

CELERY JUICE BENEFITS for ECZEMA & TSW #celeryjuiceforeczema #celeryjuicefortsw

As I stated above, I can go back to my teenage years when I first started to experience symptoms of eczema and rosacea.

Doctors gave cortisone creams to help me with my eczema and gels to put on my face for rosacea but that is pretty much all they could give me.

Fast forward 30 years and there still has been no medical developments. I knew that if I wanted to heal myself, Id have to step outside of the box with a more holistic approach. This is what I did to finally heal my eczema and rosacea.

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Can Celery Juice Help Eczema

It is also an effective natural diuretic and has ample ability to flush toxins out of the body which makes it excellent to use on any weight loss program. Celery juice has really been having its moment lately.

How Celery Juice Helps Heal Eczema Psoriasis Celery Juice Detox Juice Eczema Psoriasis

Why Celery Juice Is Supposed To Work For Eczema

Anthony says that skin conditions start in the liver.2 He says there are pathogens that live in the liver.1 These pathogens consume copper in the body, creating toxins. He says that the Spirit told him that the liver releases toxins. These toxins attempt to escape the body through the skin. These are what cause skin conditions.1 Anthony claims that drinking 16 ounces of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach is a miracle cure.2 He says that the celery juice starves harmful pathogens in the body.

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Celery Juice And Vitamin U Recently Drinking Celery Juice Has Been Promoted As A Cure For A Whole Range Of Ailments

Can celery juice help eczema. Juice fasting is also a great option because this condition may be a result of accumulation of toxins in the body. Celery juice is rich in organic sodium content and has the ability to dislodge calcium deposits from the joints and hold them in solution until they can be eliminated safely from the kidneys. Eczema is a skin condition that can lead to blisters and irritation along with patches of skin.

The claim that drinking 16 ounces of celery juice every morning to cure psoriasis eczema high blood pressure and a host of other chronic health issues sounds great considering the price of celery at your local grocery store compared with the cost of prescription drugs. Shifted to a more plant based diet to help with the healing process. Celery juice works such wonders on the skin for three primary reasons.

I know that Ive only been focusing on eczema and psoriasis in this post it goes without saying that you can achieve great benefits of celery juice on the skin because celery is high in calcium potassium protein beta carotene and vitamins A B6 C and K. The eczemapsoriasis calmed immediatly and my skin cleared up within a few days of stopping the celery juice. See the juice recipe below for a low-salicylate juice that is beneficial for the skin.

With a change of diet eating clean regular green juice detox and taking all the right nutrients you may be able to stop the flare-ups. But is there any truth behind these claims. Yes celery is good for you.

Why Celery Juice Isnt Having Foods In Their Whole Forms Better


Juicing celery has its pros and cons.

Pros: juicing vegetables concentrates their phytonutrients more than what we can usually eat in whole foods. Juicing also = more hydration.

Cons: Juicing vegetables removes the fiber, which also removes some of the benefit. Fiber helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and regulate digestive health. Celery also has certain beneficial compounds that are attached to pectin. When you strip its fiber, you lose the compounds that help to lower inflammation and also those that protect the integrity of the gut.

The other con of juicing is that sugars tend to be more concentrated. See below for juicing tips to avoid juice that is too high in sugar.

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Manage Your Stress Level And Get Enough Sleep

Stress and lack of sleep can prevent your body from being able to reduce inflammation. If you find it difficult to get a good nights rest, you may notice that your eczema flare-ups tend to last for a long period of time. Try to manage your stress by taking regular breaks and paying more attention to self-care. Get at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Never underestimate the damages that stress and lack of sleep can do!

Why Are People Benefiting So Much From Celery Juice

People are reporting some seriously miraculous results from drinking celery juice, so why is that? Is it just the placebo effect or is there something real here?

Starting the day and jumpstarting your digestion with something so green and hydrating is bound to have some benefit.

I think the celery juice alone is enough for some people to see a true benefit, but for others I wonder if drinking celery juice every morning is a stepping stone for better health practices.

Juicing celery is a pretty easy health change to make and may inspire even more health practices. After all, you already juiced 16 ounces of celery, why not eat some more vegetables and throw in a workout while youre at it?

The major question Im left with: is it the healing properties of celery juice or is it the general commitment to healthier practices that are the true benefit people are seeing?

I would love to see proper research that clarifies these pieces and shows us what’s the benefit when happens when the only change is drinking 16 oz of celery juice every morning.

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So How Does Celery Juice Help

Research shows that there are proven health benefits of drinking celery juice on an empty stomach.
  • Celery has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, as shown by this study, due to the phytosterol and unidentified polar substances.
  • These anti-inflammatory properties can help with eczema, psoriasis, acid reflux, IBS, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and other inflammatory issues in the body.
  • Celery juice is very high in vitamin K which promotes general bone and heart health.
  • Because of celerys diuretic properties and the fact that it has magnesium, phthalides, and potassium, celery may actually help those with high blood pressure.
  • Its high in vitamin C, which is critical for your immune system.
  • Celery contains bioactive flavonoids that help to fight and prevent cancer cells.

To learn more you can hear from the man himself Anthony William:

What Juicer Are You Using

HEAL WITH CELERY JUICE – My Story w/ Eczema & Autoimmune Symptoms

I wish I could sit here and say I did a ton of research about this guys, but here’s how it went down when I went to Bed Bath & Beyond. I was standing there in their juicer aisle, overwhelmed by all the different capabilities of each “revolutionary juicer”, until I saw this one by Breville labeled as “compact” and I called it a day. Bonus points: it was a bit cheaper than what else was on the shelf. While he’s by no means a little guy still, he’s certainly smaller than his juicer peers and he’s been super easy to clean and manage since . I do have quite a few friends who have used their blenders to make their juice — you simply need to strain the blend afterward to filter out the fiber/pulp. My friend Noelle shared a video here how she does it.

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How Can Celery Juice Help Forweight Loss

Celery is mostly made of water so it means its a low-calorie choice but one of the most hydrating things you can eat. You probably think of it as just a garnish or as a side combined with carrot sticks and the idea of celery juice might seem foreign to you.

People have been using celery juice for awhile but its regaining popularity and more people are embracing it. Certaincelebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow have been touting its benefits, and itsbecoming a more mainstream idea.

Celery juice can help with weight loss becausebesides the water content it is full of fiber. We often think of fiber ashelping keep you regular but thats only part of the equation. Fiber isimportant in helping fill you up and keeping you full. You will be less likelyto be hungry after consuming it and it helps you avoid taking in too manycalories each day. When you want to focus on being full and staying full youwant to focus on consuming protein, healthy fats, fiber, and water. Celery isprimarily fiber and water but is super low calorie.

Fiber also is good for keeping blood sugar levels stable and when it comes to weight loss, this is very important. If you have continuous spikes in blood glucose and insulin releases, it can cause a lot of inflammation in the body and this can make it difficult to lose weight. Inflammation may also cause you to gain weight and retain water leading to you feeling puffy and bloated.


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