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Best Treatment For Nummular Eczema

Wrap Up In Cold Weather

How to diagnose and prevent from Nummular Eczema : Natural Skin Care Treatment

Cold, harsh winter winds can dry out the skin and cause eczema flares.

Keep the skin covered when temperatures are low. Also, consider covering the face with a scarf if eczema occurs in this body region.

While many home remedies are suitable for babies and children, always speak with a doctor before using them.

The following home remedies and tips may help:

Keeping Your Skin Clear

After treatment, your skin might return to normal. But nummular eczema often comes back — possibly in the same area. If you have frequent flares, ask your dermatologist whether you should make any specific lifestyle changes. Your doctor might suggest stress management techniques or changing a medication you take that could be irritating your skin.

If your doctor believes an allergy or hypersensitivity is to blame, a type of allergy test called patch testing can help sort it out. Up to half of people with nummular eczema who donât respond to the typical treatments have some type of allergy. Once you know what youâre allergic to — perhaps a metal like nickel, a fabric like wool, or a fragrance in your personal care products — you can avoid it.

To maintain healthy skin and lessen the risk of the condition coming back, itâs also important to keep your skin well-hydrated. These might help:

  • Quick, lukewarm showers
  • Thick moisturizing cream
  • A humidifier if the air in your home is dry

Home Remedies For Eczema

Home remedies for eczema can be simple or complex. The easiest, most effective treatment is to make changes to avoid or remove whatever is causing the allergic reaction. But try not to expect a quick response. Eczema is easier to control than cure.

Here are some things you can try on your own to ease the irritation of eczema.

Change your laundry detergent or fabric softener. Liquid detergents may be less irritating than powders or tablets. Use an extra rinse cycle when you wash to remove residue.

Put on a cool compress. Holding a clean, damp cloth against skin can ease itching.

Take lukewarm showers or baths for no more than 10 or 15 minutes to prevent dry skin. Dry yourself very carefully and apply moisturizing lotion all over your body.

Add colloidal oatmeal to the bath or as a paste on your skin. This finely ground oatmeal helps with itchy, dry skin. Or try a baking soda bath or paste.

A mild solution of bleach and water may ease inflammation and itching, as well as killing the bacteria that can cause skin infections when you have eczema. Add a half-cup of household bleach to a full tub of water, soak for 10 minutes, and rinse. Talk to your doctor before giving this a try because chlorine can cause problems for some people.

Add apple cider vinegar to bath water. Use an amount between 1-2 cups.

Moisturize your skin twice a day. But avoid lotions with fragrances or other irritating ingredients.

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When To See A Doctor

If you have tried over-the-counter oral allergy or topical anti-itch treatments, such as non-prescription hydrocortisone cream, calamine lotion or colloidal oatmeal moisturizers, and your nummular eczema is not clearing, see your dermatologist.

Nummular eczema may have several causes, but allergies are often the reason nummular eczema fails to go away. If your dermatologist suspects you have an undiagnosed allergy, they can refer you to an allergy specialist who may conduct patch testing to discover the cause.

With proper treatment and good self-care, your nummular eczema may be completely cleared.

Choice Of Topical Corticosteroid

Best Products for Eczema Relief

There are different strengths of topical corticosteroids that can be prescribed depending on the severity of the eczema. Discoid eczema usually needs a stronger type of corticosteroid than other types of eczema.

You might be prescribed a cream to be used on visible areas, such as your face and hands, and an ointment to be used at night or for more severe flare-ups.

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What Is Nummular Eczema Symptoms Causes Diagnosis Treatment And Prevention

Are you noticing circular, rough, red patches on your arms, hands, or legs? Do they itch like crazy? You may have a flare-up of nummular eczema , a subtype of chronic eczema thats characterized by extremely itchy round or oval spots on the skin.

is a manifestation of sensitive skin that is triggered by environmental factors, and it can also happen in almost anyone who practices poor skin care, says Suzanne Friedler, MD, a board-certified dermatologist with Advanced Dermatology in New York City. NE can also occur in patients who regularly moisturize and practice good skin care, but whose skin lacks the proteins needed to lock moisture into the skin .

To understand what NE is, exactly, look closely at the words. Nummular means coin-like and eczema is sensitive skin. Therefore, people with NE display coin-shaped, itchy red patches on their skin, Dr. Friedler says.

Although this condition is treatable, it can be incredibly uncomfortable because of the itch, and may return even after treatment.

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Whos At Risk For Nummular Eczema

Studies vary, but most indicate nummular eczema to be most common in men 50 years and older and women under 30. It is rare in children, unless they have severe atopic dermatitis.

Other types of environmental triggers include:

  • Allergies: People with allergies or hypersensitivity to metals such as nickel, chromate or cobalt may develop nummular eczema. The mercury in older fillings can also trigger the immune system to develop eczema.
  • Stress: A significant contributor because of its impact on immune response. The anxiety and stress associated with nummular eczema can also compound this.
  • Alcohol consumption: Though studies vary, some people report that alcohol worsens their eczema symptoms.
  • Medications: Certain medications, including diuretics, interferon, ribavirin, monoclonal antibodies, antivirals, statins, isotretinoin and retinoids, cause dry skin, leading to a higher risk of nummular eczema.
  • Environmental Irritants: Harsh household cleaners, chemicals and soaps may trigger symptoms.
  • Temperature Changes: Reduced humidity in winter and increased heat in summer may worsen nummular eczema.
  • Injuries: Frequent cuts and abrasions to the skin, whether a bug bite or a contact injury, are likely to cause eczema flare-ups.
  • Skin sensitivities: People sensitive to heavily fragranced skin care products, rough wool or tight nonbreathable fabric may risk a flare-up if they come in contact with them.

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What Does Nummular Eczema Look And Feel Like

People with lighter skin usually develop red or brown areas on their skin. People with darker skin can develop dark brown patches, or they may develop patches that are lighter than their surrounding skin.

The rash appears as a round, coin-shaped, or oval patch in both cases. Nummular comes from the Latin term for coin.

These spots or patches can appear on the arms, hands, legs, or torso. They may be present in clusters or join up to form larger patches. As a result, they can range in size from a

Is Nummular Eczema Contagious


No. You cannot catch nummular eczema or give it to anyone.

This type of eczema tends to:

  • Develop on extremely dry skin

  • Appear after an injury like a cut, bug bite, or scrape

  • Be more common in people who already have one of these eczemas: atopic dermatitis, stasis dermatitis, or contact dermatitis

When caught early and treated properly, nummular eczema can heal within 3 to 4 weeks.

Nummular eczema

This type of eczema often causes round, itchy spots on the hands, forearms, or lower legs.

Once you have had nummular eczema, it can return. It tends to appear in the same place. Usually, something triggers it. Common triggers include stress, extremely dry skin, certain medications, or a hypersensitivity to something thats touching your skin.

If you continue to have flare-ups, seeing a dermatologist can help. If you have a hypersensitivity, a dermatologist may be able to pinpoint it. Avoiding your hypersensitivity along with using proper skin care can prevent new flare-ups.

Its also possible that those round, itchy spots are due to another skin condition. Ringworm and psoriasis can look like nummular eczema. A dermatologists trained eye can see the subtle differences on a persons skin.

For any condition you may have, proper treatment can help ease your discomfort and reduce flare-ups.

ImageImage used with permission of the American Academy of Dermatology National Library of Dermatologic Teaching Slides.

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What Can I Expect If Ive Been Diagnosed With Eczema

Nearly half of children with eczema will outgrow the condition or experience great improvement by the time they reach puberty. Others will continue to have some form of the disease. For adults with eczema, the disease can be generally well-managed with good skin care and treatment, although flare-ups of symptoms can occur throughout life.

Treatment Options For Nummular Eczema

  • Corticosteroid medications: Corticosteroids are typically applied or injected to address the afflicted region. Corticosteroids relieve swelling, heat, itching, and soreness, as well as soften thickened skin.
  • Cool compress: Applying a cold compress or bathing the affected area in water for 5 minutes before applying a corticosteroid can help the medication penetrate thicker skin more quickly, relieving irritation.
  • Antihistamines: Antihistamines can relieve allergy symptoms such as itching and help improve sleep quality.
  • Moisturizer: Reduces dryness, which can reduce itching.
  • Coal tar preparation: This can be applied to the skin or added to a bath.
  • Covering the skin: Covering the eczema area before going to bed protects your skin from injury caused by scratching while sleeping. Applying an aspirin and dichloromethane solution, tacrolimus ointment, or pimecrolimus cream to the itchy area may help.
  • Botox injections:Botox injections can help with itching. According to studies, patients suffering from neurodermatitis may have less itching within 1 week of receiving botulinum toxin therapy. Patches of neurodermatitis may resolve in 2-4 weeks.
  • Skin care: Irritated skin may continue to stimulate your desire to scratch if it does not heal. Your dermatologist may recommend the following treatments to promote skin healing:
  • Soaking can help relieve the itch, irritation, or pain.
  • Applying moisturizer after a soak helps seal in moisture.
  • Other treatments: Other treatments may include:
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    What Are The Risk Factors Associated With Eczema

    There are numerous risk factors associated with the skin during the problem of eczema. Here is a list of some for the people who may be prone to the condition more than others:

    • People who live in freezing temperatures and climate encounter the situation of eczema more
    • People who have dry skin can develop the disease more than the people who have oily skin, healthy skin or combination skin
    • People who use perfumes, powder, cosmetics, and deodorants a lot may encounter the disease as well.

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    Eczema Treatment: 13 Ways To Find Relief

    DIY: Whipped Eczema Cream With Soothing Aloe

    While there is no cure for eczema, there are a variety of non-invasive eczema treatment options that can provide relief during a flare-up and some that may prevent its onset. These can include corticosteroids, but the following home eczema treatment options may be best.

    1. Light Therapy/Phototherapy

    According to the National Eczema Association, phototherapy helps to calm inflammation, reduces itching, increases vitamin D production and helps fight bacteria on the skin. Adding 1015 minutes a day of sun exposure, particularly during an eczema flare, can provide relief and potentially speed healing.

    2. Vitamin D

    In addition to increasing sun exposure, supplementing withvitamin D rich foods like cod liver oil, sardines, salmon, eggs and raw milk may help prevent eczema in children and adolescents. Ideally, during a flare you will get 2,000-5,000 IU daily if your sun exposure is low, consider boosting your intake with a high-quality supplement. Preliminary research shows that low vitamin D levels during pregnancy and during childhood may increase the risk for developing eczema.

    3. Moisturize

    Because dry skin is both a cause and symptom, it is imperative to moisturize affected areas at least twice a day. Coconut oil is the perfect moisturizer for eczema sufferers. This eczema treatment is antibacterial and anti-fungal, with antimicrobial properties that provide soothing relief, and may speed healing.

    4. Treat the Mind and Body

    5. Dead Sea Salt Baths

    6. Cool, Wet Compresses

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    When Should I See A Doctor

    If nummular eczema is not treated, the rash will continue to get worse. It can be very itchy and sometimes nummular dermatitis causes pain or bleeding when you touch the affected area of skin. Nummular eczema may also cause your inflamed skin to peel or look like a burn because of excessive scratching. Untreated nummular eczema rashes can also lead to a secondary infection like a bacterial infection. Please see your healthcare provider or dermatologist if you believe you are suffering from nummular eczema.

    When To Seek Medical Advice

    See a pharmacist or GP if you think you may have discoid eczema. They can recommend a suitable treatment.

    You should also seek medical advice if you think your skin may be infected. You may need to use an antibiotic cream or, in severe cases, take antibiotics as a tablet or capsule.

    A GP should be able to make a diagnosis just by examining the affected areas of skin. In some cases they may also ask questions or arrange some tests to rule out other conditions.

    A GP may refer you to a doctor who specialises in skin conditions if they’re unsure of the diagnosis or if you need a patch test.

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    How To Use It

    People can buy aloe vera gel in health stores or online, or they can purchase an aloe vera plant and use the gel directly from its leaves.

    Individuals should aim to use aloe gel products with few ingredients others can contain preservatives, alcohol, fragrances, and colors, which can irritate sensitive skin. Additionally, alcohol and other drying ingredients could make eczema worse.

    However, start with a small amount of gel to check for skin sensitivity, as sometimes, aloe vera can cause burning or stinging. However, it is generally safe and effective for adults and children.

    If You Continue To Have Flare

    Nummular Dermatitis (Nummular Eczema) Causes , Symptoms and Treatment-Dr. Nischal K| Doctors’ Circle

    Its common for nummular eczema to come and go. If you have spots and patches on your skin or the itch feels unbearable, a board-certified dermatologist can help.

    Getty Images

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    What Is It Like Living With Eczema

    Many people live with eczema . As many as 15 million Americans may have this skin condition. Living with it can be challenging.

    There may be times when your eczema disappears. This is known as a remission period. Other times you may have a flare-up, which is when it gets worse. The goal of treatment is to prevent such flare-ups, preventing your symptoms from getting worse. Be sure to avoid triggers, moisturize, take your medicine and do anything else your healthcare provider recommends.

    Top 5 Most Common Otc Treatments For Eczema

    Eczema treatment can go beyond prescribed medication. There are many OTC products which can provide hydration and itch relief, stop some skin types from becoming scaly and prevent skin dryness. Check out these four OTC products and see how they might work with your eczema therapy and treatment plan.

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    What Do The Ecz

    Once we identify nummular eczema and treat it appropriately, most people are significantly better within seven to 10 days, and, for patients who dont have another type of eczema, it often never comes back, according to Dr. Peter Lio, founding director of the Chicago Integrative Eczema Center. Even in those for whom this is a manifestation of their underlying atopic dermatitis, the nummular aspect seems to disappear quickly and then we can go back to overall management.

    • National Eczema Association | 505 San Marin Drive, #B300 | Novato, CA 94945
    • 415-499-3474 or 800-818-7546

    Symptoms Of Discoid Eczema

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    Discoid eczema causes distinctive circular or oval patches of eczema. It can affect any part of the body, although it does not usually affect the face or scalp.

    The first sign of discoid eczema is usually a group of small spots or bumps on the skin. These then quickly join up to form larger patches that can range from a few millimetres to several centimetres in size.

    On lighter skin these patches will be pink or red. On darker skin these patches can be a dark brown or they can be paler than the skin around them.

    Initially, these patches are often swollen, blistered and ooze fluid. They also tend to be very itchy, particularly at night.

    Over time, the patches may become dry, crusty, cracked and flaky. The centre of the patch also sometimes clears, leaving a ring of discoloured skin that can be mistaken for ringworm.

    You may just have 1 patch of discoid eczema, but most people get several patches. The skin between the patches is often dry.

    Patches of discoid eczema can sometimes become infected. Signs of an infection can include:

    • the patches oozing a lot of fluid
    • a yellow crust developing over the patches
    • the skin around the patches becoming hot, swollen and tender or painful

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