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Best Dog Food For Eczema

What To Look For In The Best Dog Food For Skin Allergies

The Cure for Seborrheic Dermatitis

Limited Ingredients

Try to find brands with fewer ingredientsif your dog has sensitivities to certain foods, fewer ingredients mean a lower chance theres something that will cause a flare-up. Its also good to stick with brands with fewer preservatives and fillers.

Avoid Certain Grains

Some grains can act as trigger foods for skin sensitivitiesa good reason to explore some of the best grain-free dog food for skin allergies. It may even be a good idea to omit them from your pets diet until you can pinpoint the allergy. You may even want to ask your vet about the benefits of going completely grain-free and whether it could be an option for your pup.

Dont Forget About Treats

Changing your dogs food is a great step in combatting skin allergiesbut it wont help if youre still giving them treats with trigger ingredients. Make sure you get rid of any treats that may have allergens and let friends and family know that your pet cant be fed any people food.

Common Cbd Dog Products

  • Capsules:The capsules can be given to your dog if they are stuffed into some piece of food that it likes. You can wrap them in a cold cut or put a little bit of peanut butter on them
  • Tinctures:Tinctures, on the other hand, are CBD extracts infused with hemp seed oil. You just take the dropper and administer it directly into your dogs mouth. This is best done under the tongue so that the CBD absorbs quickly into its mucous membranes. The hemp seed oil in these tinctures may promote a healthy immune system and a healthy coat.

Why Can’t My Dog Have Xylitol

Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs and can be found in some peanut butters. Even small amounts of xylitol can cause hypoglycemia , seizures, liver failure or even death in dogs. According to Veterinary Care Center Hospitals, when dogs eat something containing xylitol, the xylitol is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in a potent release of insulin from the pancreas. This rapid release of insulin causes a rapid and profound decrease in the level of blood sugar , an effect that occurs within 10-60 minutes of eating the xylitol. Untreated, this hypoglycemia can be life-threatening.

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For Active Dogs With Allergies

This hypoallergenic dog food has been formulated especially for active and working dogs, providing them with the energy and nutrition they need to perform their daily tasks. Even better is the fact that this kibble is ideal for both adults and senior dogs, packing great nutritional value.

It contains 21% protein as well as 10% fat, keeping them lean without depriving them of the calories they need to stay in shape. It supports their bones, joints, and muscles, ensuring a fit and healthy body that will keep them going for longer, all without potential allergic reactions.

  • Key Ingredients: Chicken, oats, barley, chicken fat
  • Texture: Dry

Nutro Max Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Bow Wow Chow Now

Nutro Max grain free dog food* could be your sensitive poochs new dinner!

The most plentiful ingredient is chicken, bringing this closer to your dogs ancestors diets than some available kibbles.

This food also comes packed with numerous vitamins and minerals, advertised on the front of the pack.

The third most abundant ingredient is chicken fat, which is a great source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. So, this food should remove the cause of your dogs grain allergy, and help their skin to repair.

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What Causes Eczema In Dogs

Although the causes of canine eczema are often unknown the condition is often more common in certain breeds. For example Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds seem to be more prone to developing the skin infection.

With German Shepherds the eczema will normally start to develop on the dogs rump with the primary cause thought to be fleas with the initial irritation also possibly due to the anal glands becoming impacted. In relation to Golden Retrievers the most commonly affected area is under the ear on the side of the dogs face. Other breeds that are more common to the skin condition are Chinese breeds .

Although as previously discussed the primary cause of canine eczema is thought to be due to dogs being highly sensitive to flea bites it is also thought that food allergies and vitamin deficiency could be a cause. Eczema is also more common in warmer weather with some experts believing that this could be due to the higher proportion of mites occurring in warmer temperatures.

To help the vet come to an accurate diagnosis it is very important that a good picture is built up to exactly what the affected dog does in an average day or week. For example a dog that has developed a bad case of eczema may love to swim in ponds, lakes or rivers or run through bushy areas where thorns are likely to be found.

As with all dog and puppy health problems this condition should be treated quickly and accurately diagnosed .

Figuring Out Your Dogs Allergies

There are commercial skin and blood allergy tests on the market, and your vet may recommend starting there. You can read about one owners experience with this testing here. The most thorough way to discover which foods your pet is allergic to is an elimination diet, however.

Dr. Susan Wynn, a veterinary nutritionist, in an interview with Fetch by WebMD, describes the process: What we do is take the dog off all the foods its eating and we put him on a food that hes never had before. Ive sent people out for alligator and yak. Once the dog has improved, we start reintroducing the old foods that we suspect caused the problems in the first place. If he has a reaction, which usually takes a few days to a few weeks, then we know he has a food allergy.

Once youve determined your dogs allergens, the next step is to choose a healthy diet free from problem foods. There are several routes to follow.

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Dietary Management Of Canine Moist Eczema

It’s important that you feed your pet a high quality, nutritious dietin order to prevent infections such as canine moist eczema. You should feed your dog a raw food diet or food that’s cooked at home. If you serve your pet homemade food, the best meal you could give him is lamb meat with rice. If it’s not possible to feed your pet home cooked meals,make sure that the commercial dog food you choose is a high quality product and that the primary source of protein listed on the package is meat such as lamb, beef or fish.

Meat based proteins in pet food are better than grain based proteins such as corn or wheat. If your dog has moist eczema, you should also reduce the amount of poultry products you incorporate into his diet.

Nutro Grain Free Wet Dog Food


This grain free dog food* from Nutro comes in both adult and puppy varieties so make sure you select the correct product for your pup.

This food is made of beef, peas and carrots. Again, this is another food that promises to be grain free. As an added bonus, Nutro claim that this product is made in a facility that is committed to zero waste to landfills.

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Weight And Joint Problems

Dogs that are overweight or heavier breeds have a higher chance of developing joint problems and arthritis. Its important to control your dogs weight through a low-fat diet. Therefore, make sure they stay lean by providing regular exercise with you throughout the day for them not only to feel better but also manage pain more effectively! Highly active dogs tend to eat more than usual but at least they dont suffer from weight problems.

Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Looking for the perfect diet for your large breed dog? Look no further than Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food. This premium food is packed with all the nutrients your pup needs to stay healthy and happy. Plus, 3D DentaDefense helps reduce tartar buildup, natural fiber, and prebiotics help digestion, and your dog will love the taste!

Your dog deserves to be as healthy and active as the day your pup first bounded into your life. Dog owners might not have known there was a way to help improve their quality of life. Thats why we present you the EUKANUBA Active AdvantageTM dog food, with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate-style nutrients that can help those active pups stay agile even as they age.

So now, for all those unconditional hugs coming from your furry companion, its truly worth giving them the best dog treats!

Key Features:

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How About Essential Oils For Dog Eczema

Dogs with eczema usually have very sensitive and irritated skin. Essential oils could be a bit too drying and irritating to such dogs. Sometimes even skin nourishing oils such as Lavender and Carrot Seed oils could be too much for the skin to handle.

For dog eczema, I prefer using hydrosols, which are milder than essential oils. Hydrosols that are good for skin support include Lavender, Melissa, and Yarrow.

Use any of the above hydrosols and dilute it with distilled water or aloe juice , and use it as a spray. Spray the affected areas 2-3 times a day.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

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Purina Pro Plan EN Gastroenteric Canine Formula Dry Dog Food is designed to help nourish a healthy gastrointestinal tract in dogs living with diarrhea, colitis, or food sensitivities. All ingredients are pre-approved by the veterinary community to include wholesome grains like barley and oats antioxidant fruits like blueberries and apples omega-3s from fish oil green tea for immune support.

The fiber also helps maintain digestive health. You can boost your dogs quality of life quickly with the right formula at the right time!

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets is delicious, nutritious food to help your canine enjoy the lifelong adventure of life. Glucosamine and Omega-3 can be used with foods for restoring joint mobility in dogs with arthritis conditions. These formulas are tested at US Purina facilities, so you know theyll taste great while being healthy all the same!

Pro Plan Veterinary Diets provides nutritious, easily digestible dog food perfect for all breeds and life stages. This superfood features MCT vegetable or coconut oil to support the small intestine and nutrient absorption and guarantees optimal digestion and a great taste.

Key Features:

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Peanut Butter Toast For Baby

A simple way to offer peanut butter to baby is to spread a very thin layer onto a piece of lightly toasted bread. This is a classic baby led weaning approach where you cut the toast into a piece thats at least as big as your finger so its way too big for the baby to put the entire thing into their mouth. This is easy for a baby, even one as young as 6 months, to pick up and suck on.

TIP: Do be sure to lightly toast the bread to reduce the chances that a piece of soft bread will get stuck onto the roof of their mouth.

Easy Homemade Pancakes For Dogs

My vet explained that we dont HAVE to give our dog anything besides dry dog food during the day. But its so fun to make healthy recipes for our pups, right? Ive been experimenting with different recipes, especially when her GI system isnt behaving very well and she needs some rice to soothe her system.

One of her favorites is plain white rice with some shredded chicken and carrots. Its so easy to just boil it all up together and I see a marked improvement in her stool soon afterward.

Do you have a morning routine? With 3 kids, 3 cats, a puppy and a fish AND a husband who works at home, a morning routine is essential! In the beginning of our puppyhood it was madness, but Ive learned to have a kong filled with peanut butter ready to go for when I give the kitties their food. We LOVE our kong!

Also, cooking up a quick scrambled egg is easy and healthy for the dog! All it requires is throwing the egg in the pan and mixing it up while it cooks. No preparation needed and NO spices needed!

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How Food Can Help With Skin Problems

Whilst it is obvious that changing foods can help with skin conditions caused by foods, it is also true that food can help with skin problems in other ways.


When dealing with a food intolerance look for foods with unusual proteins that your dog is unlikely to have eaten before. It also helps to give them food with fewer ingredients as this reduces the chance of giving them a problem causing ingredient.

Hydrolysed proteins are also good. It is almost always a protein that causes an allergy. Hydrolysis breaks the protein down into smaller pieces using enzymes. When the protein is broken down then the body is unable to recognise it so doesnt react to it.


Nutrients such as Omega-3 from fish oils and vitamins and minerals such as zinc, vitamin A and B-complex can all help improve skin condition.


Whatever the cause of the skin condition, inflammation will be involved. Omega-3 fish oils can support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory process to help with the distressing itching your dog will be experiencing.

What Protein Sources Are Best For A German Shepherd With Skin Allergies

Psoriasis Food For Thought

If your GSD has allergies, then choosing novel proteins may help.

Food allergies in German Shepherds are usually to a specific protein in the food. This is commonly gluten, beef, or dairy.

Food allergy treatments generally involve avoiding the offending protein. Diets based on novel proteins might help provide allergy relief for itchy skin problems.

  • venison
  • kangaroo

These meats are usually found in hypoallergenic diets for German Shepherds to reduce inflammatory skin and keep sensitive stomachs soothed.

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Royal Canin Sensitive Skin Dog Food Best Value

Royal Canin has made a food geared specifically toward the health of a dogs fur and skin, though it has other goodies in there as well. This is a wonderful food for overall health.

The ingredients are loaded with fur-fortifying goodness, all while helping to promote natural oils being spread across your dogs body. Made with omega 3 fatty acids, this food reinforces the skin barrier of your dog, which can lead to less itching. The amino acids will also help their fur be shinier than ever.

This food also has DHA, which is wonderful for mental development. The kibbles are specifically made small to help with oral health, and the highly digestible protein promotes good digestive help. With 50 years of research under their belt, its no wonder that Royal Canin has this down to a science.

Buyers report that this food greatly reduces scratching and most of the time, eliminates it altogether. The other perk is that dogs seem to love the taste!

Royal Canin does recommend that you add or switch to wet food every now and then, which is the only thumbs-down for this product, as we would prefer it be an all-in-one deal. Even so, we think that this is the best dog food for dry skin and coat health for the money. Pros

  • Great for dry skin
  • Good for oral health and digestive health
  • Dogs love the taste
  • Should be supplemented with wet food every now and then
  • Best Dry Dog Food For Skin Allergies

    Sometimes whatever it is thats causing your dogs dermatitis is unavoidable.

    A dog with pollen allergies or dust allergies might not be able to get away from these two things.

    With this in mind, the next three examples of dry dog food for skin allergies will help your dogs skin to defend against nasty reactions and subsequent infections.

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    Food Allergies In Dogs

    If you believe that your dog is suffering from food allergies, or a sensitivity to an ingredient in their usual food it’s important to find out what the problematic ingredient is in order to remove it from their diet, but still maintain optimum nutrition.

    Treatment Steps: Clean Heal & Prevent

    K9 Natural Freeze Dried

    Unfortunately, allergic dermatitis can get progressively worse if left alone. Because of the extreme itchiness of the condition, your dog will likely scratch and chew its skin until it becomes raw and infected. These raw and swollen areas then trigger even more itchiness and discomfort, creating an ongoing cycle of itching and swelling.

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    Natural Balance Lid Chicken And Sweet Potato Formula

    This dog food that is hypoallergenic for your pup includes a single source of animal protein as well as the carbohydrate powerhouse, sweet potatoesotherwise, its grain-free. Formulated to provide complete, balanced nutrition for adult dogs, the limited ingredients here make it easy to control your dogs sources of protein and carbohydrates.

    Natural Balance LID Chicken and Sweet Potato Formula

    This hypoallergenic dog food features chicken and sweet potatoes in its limited ingredient recipe.

    The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food

    If cooking for your pup is out of the question, then buying them pet food that doesnt trigger an immune response is a good option. Weve rounded up some of the best dog food that is hypoallergenic, including two budget-friendly formulas. These limited-ingredient diets will help you keep track of what your dog isand isnteating.

    Keep in mind that not all foods are right for all food allergies, and higher quality or rarer ingredients are going to cost more than your average diet.

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