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Light Therapy For Eczema At Home

In Todays Podcast We Talked About:

Phototherapy for healing eczema. Light therapy.
  • How red light therapy can heal your help eczema
  • How to use it to fight inflammation
  • How it helps anti-aging and wrinkles
  • Why you only need to use it for 10 mins a day
  • Why red light therapy is so effective for dermatitis
  • The side effects of it
  • Why its calming and healing for the body
  • How to choose the best red light therapy device for dermatitis
  • Why its safer than using phototherapy
  • How its helped patients during chemotherapy

For more clinical studies, you can refer to this post here.

How Red Light Therapy Increases Microcirculation

Hamblin was also involved in a 2013 study that focused on red light therapy for skin. The study found that red wavelengths increase blood flow by stimulating the formation of new capillaries to improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin. Similarly, red/NIR light affects the endothelial cells in the lymphatic system, which removes toxins and waste that could contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction.

Researchers from Genoa, Italy conducted a study in 2019 that confirmed how NIR light protects the body against inflammation-induced endothelial dysfunction.

How Red Light Therapy Helps In Treating Eczema

The National Eczema Society reports that regular treatments of 2-3 times per week improve the skin gradually. Continuous treatment eventually clears eczema .

However, the excessive use of phototherapy may also lead to skin cancer, cataracts, sunburn and even premature skin aging .

No one wants to get trapped into these serious problems as a result of getting treatment for eczema. Therefore, these patients need a kind of light therapy that has more benefits with minimum to zero side effects.

This is where visible red light comes in. It reduces inflammation anywhere on the body, including the skin. Once red light therapy controls inflammation, a patient no longer feels the need to scratch more often.

People who have tried light therapy for eczema have observed signs of improving eczema. The efficacy of the red light therapy for inflammation can be judged from the fact that it is even used to control inflammation in the brain .

Light therapy can help in treating localised and widespread eczema if the patient is unable to get relief from topical treatment and conventional medicines. If you see the symptoms and problems associated with eczema, red light therapy can also help in curing those issues individually.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Phototherapy

It is normal for people to experience some mild redness within 24 hours of treatment. This usually fades quickly and, if not associated with discomfort, treatment will continue as planned. Despite efforts to prevent burning i.e. by testing the skins sensitivity to light using controlled incremental doses for each treatment, careful skin assessments and asking about any side effects at each visit occasionally sunburn-type reactions may occur with all types of phototherapy. If this happens, it is important to contact the hospital for appropriate advice. Burning that lasts more than 24 hours is considered to be an adverse effect. In this situation you need to be reviewed by the staff looking after you.

Dryness of the skin is also a common side effect, so it is important to use your emollients after treatment.

Sometimes psoralen tablets can cause nausea again, adjustments can be made in relation to the type of psoralen tablet to try to prevent this side effect of treatment. Taking the psoralen with food can also help minimise nausea. Try to eat the same amount of food with each tablet to ensure similar absorption and efficacy at each treatment session.

Occasionally eczema may flare at the beginning of a course of phototherapy. This can usually be managed by making adjustments to doses and using topical corticosteroids and emollients to settle the flare.

Light Therapy For Eczema Does It Work

UVB Phototherapy Home Light For Psoriasis Eczema Others **FREE SHIP ...

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Eczema is a very common skin condition. According to the National Eczema Association, over 31.6 million Americans have some form of eczema, which is almost 10% of the population. So if you suffer from eczema, know that you are not alone.

While some may turn to moisturizers and corticosteroid creams to help prevent and calm eczema flare-ups, topical treatments dont always work for every patient. This is when light therapy may be used as an alternative treatment.

In this article, we are going to look at eczema, triggers, things you can do at home to help manage this condition as well as light therapy for eczema. Well cover what it is and how it works.


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Uvb Phototherapy For Eczema

Beyond topicals, the next treatment in line for many types of eczema is clinical or in-home UVB-Narrowband phototherapy, which within weeks of slowly building up treatment times can provide significant remission. Low-dose maintenance treatments can then be used to control the condition indefinitely and drug-free with practically no side effects. Plus there is the immense benefit of making large amounts of Vitamin D naturally in the skin, carried away by the skins tiny blood vessels for health benefits throughout the body.

In practice, UVB-Narrowband light therapy works well in professional phototherapy clinics , and equally well in the patients home4,5. There are many medical studies on the subject search for Narrowband UVB on the US Governments respected PubMed website and you will find more than 400 entries!

What Is Red Therapy Light

Red light therapy is also known as photobiomodulation , low level light therapy , biostimulation, photonic stimulation or light box therapy.

This therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to treat the skin to accomplish various outcomes. Studies have shown that different wavelengths affect the body in different ways. The most effective wavelengths of red light seem to be in the ranges of 630-670 and 810-880 .

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Try To Reduce The Damage From Scratching

Eczema is often itchy, and it can be very tempting to scratch the affected areas of skin.

But scratching usually damages the skin, which can itself cause more eczema to occur.

The skin eventually thickens into leathery areas as a result of chronic scratching.

Deep scratching also causes bleeding and increases the risk of your skin becoming infected or scarred.

Try to reduce scratching whenever possible. You could try gently rubbing your skin with your fingers instead.

If your baby has atopic eczema, anti-scratch mittens may stop them scratching their skin.

Keep your nails short and clean to minimise damage to the skin from unintentional scratching.

Keep your skin covered with light clothing to reduce damage from habitual scratching.

Asteatotic Eczema: How Does Light Therapy Can Help

Eczema and light therapy. Does LED work?

Even though eczema is one of the most common skin diseases in the world, we often cannot fully understand whether light therapy helps with this, how it works, etc. There is a lot of information, but rarely when it is structured and written in simple language. We decided to answer the most common questions about asteatotic eczema and the effect of light therapy on it.

What is asteatotic eczema, how light therapy can help treat this disease, whether eczema treatment with phototherapy has side effects and disadvantages read this and much more in our article.

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The Best Facial Cleansing Brushes And Tools

This manual brush might not look like much but the finely tapered, plush bristles are absolutely brilliant for gently cleansing and exfoliating the skin, especially around the nose and chin where pores tend to get most clogged and you have ultimate control when using it. Wet the brush head, pour a little cleanser on top and massage it over the your face using circular motions.

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What Do I Need To Know About Red Light Therapy At Home

At-home devices are a convenient option for people who want to try red light therapy in the comfort of their own homes.

There are a number of different types of devices available on the market, including handheld lasers and LEDs that can be used in front of a mirror or on specific areas of the body.

It is important to note that not all at-home devices are created equal, and some may be more effective than others. It is also important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully to ensure safety and optimal results.

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Narrowband Uvb Light Therapy

Narrowband UVB uses a small part of the UVB spectrum, which cuts down on exposure to UV radiation, says Page. This makes it more appealing than broadband UVB, which is also less effective at penetrating the skin, according to the National Eczema Society. In addition, a review published in October 2019 in the Expert Review of Clinical Immunology called narrowband UVB light the gold standard of light therapy treatment for eczema in terms of safety and efficacy.

How Effective Is Light Therapy For Psoriasis

UV Phototheray Home UVB Light Therapy for Psoriasis Vitiligo Eczema ...

Using red light therapy for psoriasis can be quite effective if you follow a consistent routine. Start introducing your skin to RLT slowly to rule out the sensitivity. If 2-3 minutes of red light exposure doesnt cause any adverse effects, you can increase the longevity and frequency of red light treatments.

Research indicates that light therapy helps 50 to 90 out of 100 people who are fighting psoriasis ease or eliminate flare-ups .

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How Red Light Therapy Can Promote Skin Repair And Regeneration

Much research, including a study cited in this 2019 paper, suggests that red/NIR light therapy promotes skin regeneration and rejuvenation by increasing collagen and elastin synthesis. Collagen and elastin are two proteins that are responsible for healthy, supple skin.

A 2013 study states that red light activates stem cells, the bodys master cells that are essential for healing. This discovery potentially makes red light therapy an important application in dermatology.

An exciting finding from a 2017 study was that atopic dermatitis may have a genetic cause specifically, deficiency of a skin protein called filaggrin which helps shape individual skin cells and forms part of the skin barrier. A filaggrin deficiency can mean easier access for bacteria and allowing too much moisture to escape, leading to skin dryness and itching.

Although there are currently no studies on the effects of red/NIR wavelengths on filaggrin synthesis, red light is known to stimulate the synthesis of other skin proteins. This holds promise for future studies in which red light could potentially be used to restore a healthy skin barrier.

The Doctors: How To Use Levia

Dr Sonia Batra demonstrated how to use Levia, which is similar in shape and size to a hair dryer. Levia has a UV Light Source and a fiber optic brush on the end, which makes it easy to apply to area with lots of hair . Dr Batra said you should use Levia every other day or every two days and you will see improvements in just 2 weeks, but it will take several months to go away completely.

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Who Is A Fit For Light Therapys Perks

While light therapy is usually not the first line of defense for people with eczema , it could be a good option if a person doesnt want to take a medication that requires an injection, doesnt like needles, or doesnt want the side effects of a systemic medication, which is one that affects the entire body, says Dr. Piliang. For example, the medication methotrexate , which is given by injection or taken as a pill, is used to help treat severe cases of eczema, but you cant take it if you have liver disease or if you drink alcohol, notes Piliang per the National Eczema Society, pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take it either.

Light therapy works well for people with targeted eczema, like on their hands or feet, because dermatologists can isolate those areas with the light, says Piliang.

In addition, it can be helpful for someone who has head-to-toe eczema. Its a good way to treat widespread eczema and reduces the need to put prescription creams and ointment over a large area of the body, says Dr. Page.

Its also considered a safe treatment for kids, says Piliang. There is no age requirement rather, the child needs to be mature enough to stand alone. Eczema light therapy is not given to infants, according to the Mayo Clinic. Piliang adds that its a nice option for pregnant women.

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How Light Therapy Treats Eczema

How to use red light therapy to treat eczema – The Eczema Podcast (S3E10)

Sunlight contains ultraviolet light. Excessive sun exposure is a leading cause of sun damage and skin cancer, but sunlight can also reduce symptoms of certain skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

Light therapy is FDA-approved for eczema, and it combines the benefits of natural sunlight with medical expertise. Its different from simply spending time in the sun, because it involves controlled exposure to specific wavelengths of UV light.

Also called phototherapy, light therapy primarily uses UVB wavelengths. Your patches of eczema are exposed to the light for a specific time from a few seconds to a few minutes and the UVB rays work to reduce inflammation and extra skin cell buildup on your skin.

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Is Phototherapy Suitable For Children

Yes, provided the child is old enough to stand in the light unit by him or herself without getting frightened. Children should visit the unit beforehand to see the light units and understand what they need to do. Initially, treatment is just for a few seconds and children quickly get used to the routine. The parent can remain by the unit and talk to the child, and sometimes there is a window they can see each other through. Parents are occasionally allowed in the unit for the first few treatments until the child gets used to it.

Traditional Treatments Vs Red Light Therapy For Eczema

Traditionally, eczema has been treated with either prescription or over-the-counter topical anti-itch creams and oral antihistamines . Oral antihistamines can cause drowsiness and are not realistic in an active everyday life. Eczema sufferers have long felt frustrated by the lack of consistent efficacy of existing eczema medications.

Unlike traditional treatments, red light therapy utilizes your bodys innate healing abilities to fight eczema rather than simply masking its effects.

Red light wavelengths penetrate your cells to their mitochondria to produce greater energy. Increased cellular energy boosts your bodys immune response, allowing it to battle eczema symptoms more effectively.

Red light reduces inflammation , provides better oxygen flow to cells, kills bacteria, enhances skin hydration, and improves circulation. Your body works more efficiently to naturally relieve pain, burning, and itching.

Ultraviolet A and B phototherapy has been researched as a potential eczema treatment however, UV rays are thermal and capable of burning your skin. UVA and UVB rays can cause cellular damage and even skin cancer.

Red light therapy, on the other hand, contains no harmful UV rays and cannot damage your skin. It is 100% natural, safe for all ages and skin types, painless, and causes no harmful side effects. Our RLT Home red light therapy devices are FDA approved.

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Longer Remissions Reduced Symptoms For Some

Most people who respond well to phototherapy can expect to remain in remission for several months, says Dr. Massick. But keep in mind, theres no cure for eczema. Eczema is a chronic condition, so inevitably the symptoms begin to recur and the disease can flare. Some patients continue with a maintenance routine, where they do a session periodically to keep things under control.

Dr. Green says she sees more than just a reduction in itch and rash among her patients who successfully undergo phototherapy.

When people get stressed out, their eczema gets worse, but once its healed, you de-stress, and inflammation goes down, says Dr. Green. That, in turn, reduces your risk of flares.

Sensitivity To Light Is A Burning Question

FDA Approved Hand

Before you begin your treatment, your doctor will have you undergo a test session to make sure that you react well to the phototherapy. Some people have greater sensitivity to light than others and are more prone to rashes or sunburn-like irritation when exposed to sunlight. For some people, such light can even trigger eczema flares.

The main thing you want to avoid is a burn, says Dr. Green. The first time you get a very small dosage.

Because the dose starts very small and is increased very slowly, burnsthink sunburnsare very rare, says Dr. Massick.

After your session, you should avoid sun exposure for the rest of the day. This is mainly because youd be doubling up on the amount of ultraviolet light you are exposed to, Dr. Massick explains. Your goal is to be exposed to the least amount of ultraviolet rays that provide you with benefit.

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What To Expect At Your Light Therapy Appointment

Patients usually go to light therapy appointments two or three times a week for several weeks to months, says Piliang. At the appointment, youll moisturize your skin, then stand undressed in a light box, with goggles on to protect your eyes, according to the National Eczema Association. Treatment can last anywhere from seconds to a couple of minutes, the society notes.

While light therapy may sound like a simple way to help with eczema, its not without its drawbacks.

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