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Is Kokum Butter Good For Eczema

What Is Kokum Butter And What Are Its Benefits

D.I.Y. Whipped Kokum Butter ( for hair and skin)

First off, did you know that the first cold cream recipe ever published dates all the way back to 150 A.D.?

Although the green skincare movement is relatively new, people around the world have been using natural substances to treat their skin and hair for thousands of years. One of those natural substances, kokum butter, is making a comeback in the skincare world and you need to know about it.

You can find kokum butter in some natural and organic skincare products or even use it to make your own DIY products. But, before you do, youll want to hear about what it can do for your skin and hair. Keep reading to find out.

Does Shea Butter Smell

Shea butter is known for having a smoky, nutty scent but it does not smell. Anyone who is familiar with Shea butter will recognize its natural scent. It does not linger even when applied to hair or skin and used for its particular purposes.

One of the questions you might have when you intend to use Shea butter is whether it has a scent that might irritate you or the people around you. Cosmetics that are very pungent tend to be disliked by many people. There are many reasons for this, including personal preference and medical reasons. For instance, some people might end up having an allergic reaction to the scent.

If you want to use Shea butter for the first time, this is not an issue you should be worried about. The product definitely doesnt have a bad smell, even if you have kept it for a long time without using it. Shea butter has a scent that can be described as nutty with a hint of vanilla. Its not overpowering, and someone would need to be close to you in order to smell it. In addition to that, the vast majority of people find this scent appealing.

If you are really interested in reducing the scent of the Shea butter, you can also opt to buy refined Shea butter rather than the raw type. The refined version is usually treated using a variety of means including deodorization as well as filtration through clay to give it a very faint scent.

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Mango Butter Is An Essential Beauty Product And Is Commonly Used In Skin And Hair Care What Might Surprise Many Of You Is That Its Source Mango Butter Is Edible As Well

Mango butter is full of vitamins and has skin-repairing, moisturizing, strengthening, and plumping properties. Mango butter is often compared to shea and cocoa butter for its moisturizing qualities, which is moisturizing without being greasy. It goes well with any type of essential oil, moisturizes without leaving a greasy film, and its high melting point makes it perfect for use in hot weather.

Mango butter comes with two varieties, refined and unrefined. In refined butter, some extra chemicals are added to achieve the desired result. While unrefined one is pure butter, which means no added chemicals. Its totally up to you which type you choose because both are safe and sold over-the-counter.

Generally, mango butter is used in beauty care i.e. skin and hair care. The presence of almost all vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients makes it a great beauty product. Some of the key benefits of mango butter are explained below:

What Are Body Butters

Vanilla Lavender Body Butter

Body butters are essentially dense emollients made up of plant-based oils and fat extracts, which abound in nutrient-rich, skin-fortifying components that protect the dermal tissues and moisten the parched regions of skin. A body butter composed of organic ingredients generally has a semi-solid consistency at room temperature, unlike a moisturising lotion which is either a gel-based or cream-based fluid, while also being thicker than conventional hydrating salves.

Pure, 100 % body butters are effective as an intense moisturiser for damaged skin, while light body butters infused with essential oils are ideal for regular use. Popular examples of body butters include shea butter, almond butter, kokum butter, cocoa butter and mango butter, which are a fantastic remedy for dryness as well as being suitable for sensitive skin.

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What Does Mango Butter Do For Hair

Mango butter nourishes the hair and the scalp. It works by penetrating and nourishing the hair follicles. Packed with vitamins and amino acids, it softens the hair and makes it healthier. More specifically, it treats excessively oily and dry hair and scalp.

The first of these is that its a moisturizer and emollient, due to the high concentration of fatty acids. This has the effect of keeping the scalp and hair moisturized for a long time. In addition to that, it also speeds up the rate at which cells multiply and mature, thus making your hair grow faster. If you have short hair and have always wanted a way to make it grow longer, this is a product that you should definitely try out.

Mango butter also has a range of vitamins including Vitamin A, C, E, D and B. It also contains folic acid and trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium and folic acid. Vitamin A, C and E are beneficial to the growth of long, healthy and strong hair. With time, they will make your hair more thick and shiny, and reduce the rate of breakage or split ends.

Mango butter also intrinsically has anti-UV properties. When applied to hair, the hair will be protected from damage by the sun, which is a major contributor to problems such as dry, thin skin that is prone to breakage.

Treats Eczema & Psoriasis

Mango butter is anti-inflammatory and can help treat dry itchy and red skin caused by eczema and psoriasis. Make an eczema and psoriasis cream right at home to use every after a shower:

  • Skin Healing Cream: Into a high speed blender, add ¼ cup of soft mango butter and ½ cup of soft coconut oil. Blend until you form a white creamy mixture. Store in a mason jar and use as a moisturizer and treatment for eczema and psoriasis.

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Does Kokum Butter Clog Pores

Kokum butter is different from cocoa butter as it is non-comedogenic and well known for its regenerative and emollient properties. This means that it will not clog your pores. In fact, kokum butter is very useful for individuals who are prone to breakouts.

Kokum is non-comedogenic, which simply means it does not clog pores. It is therefore ideal for treating several skin conditions. It can also be used to prepare the skin before you can treat it with other butters. Its properties can nourish your skin and protect it against dryness, premature wrinkling and other cruel signs of aging.

For those with sensitive skin, kokum butter steps in a good natural remedy. It has the ability to rejuvenate damaged cells on your skin and restore its tenderness. There is also the fact that kokum butter has almost no scent at all. It therefore works well with several essential oils that have high SPF levels. With that in mind, pack your kokum butter product with you for summer holidays or for a tropical vacation where the sun may be harsh on your skin. It will protect you from free radicals that come from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Lastly, kokum butter is also rich in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties which are all good for your skin. It gets better with the fact that you do not have to use kokum butter with any other product. Use it in its pure form consistently. Within a short time, you will notice its positive effects on your skin or even on your hair.

Where Does Kokum Butter Come From

DIY Baby Eczema Relief Recipe

You must be wondering- Where does Kokum butter come from? Kokum butter isnt new. People have used it in eastern medicine for hundreds of years. This restorative product comes from the Garcinia Indica, a tree native to the Western Ghats area of India. The people handpick and open the fruit from the trees. The pickers then collect the seeds and fruit. The Kokum butter is from the seeds of the fruit. The Kokum butter is refined before its sold for commercial use.

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Does Kokum Butter Smell

Kokum butter is recognized for its fair and nutty smell. When compared to cocoa butter and other vegetable butters, it has much less odor. Many vouches for how great the smell is when applied to the skin even when it has lingered on the skin for a long time.

The allure of kokum butter is the fact that it can be used by all skin types. Whether you have oily, dry or normal skin, you can use it without the fear that you will end up damaging your skin for good. However, one factor that may be bugging you is whether it has a bad scent or not. There are many natural cosmetics which have a scent that many people will not tolerate, which means that its use is limited.

Fortunately, this is not the case with kokum butter. This butter has a nutty, earthy smell that is very mild. Even when in its pure form, kokum butter has a mild scent. In order to smell it, people will need to get very close to you, which means that you will not be affecting the people around you with the scent. That said, however, the scent of kokum butter is actually very nice, and you are likely to appreciate it.

In summary, kokum butter is an excellent product that you should definitely try out whether you have skin problems or not but want to keep your skin healthy. It can be used in place of other products such as coconut oil or cocoa butter.

Is Cocoa Butter Good For Hair

Cocoa butter is good for hair growth since it can keep the hair smooth and healthier in the process. Like coconut oil, cocoa butter has softening and healing properties that will make the look shinier as it grows. Its fragrantly sweet smell keeps the hair smelling good at all times.

However, nothing can be further from the truth. If you have natural cocoa butter, you can do more than just applying it on your skin. One way to do this is to use it to treat your hair. The fact that cocoa butter is extremely moisturizing means that it will keep your skin soft and supple, and will make it look much healthier as well. Of course, this depends on the proper application of the cocoa butter, particularly if you are using it when you have long hair.

In addition to keeping the skin hydrated, cocoa butter also makes the skin strong. One of the commonest causes of hair loss in both men and women is having brittle hair. This can be due to many factors including using the wrong hair care product which strips the hair of all its moisture. By using cocoa butter on your hair, you will be reducing the rate at which this breakage occurs.

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Can Shea Butter Be Frozen

Shea butter can be frozen. In many cases, this is done after mixing the butter with other ingredients. If you want to firm the products you have just made, you should not immediately place it in a freezer. Make sure you transfer your butters into cool containers and use the refrigerator. Once the shea butter turns back into a smooth fat again, you can freeze it without harming it.

If you happen to have 100% Shea butter for your cosmetic use, chances are that you will be looking for ways to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. Simple things such as making sure that the container the butter is in is correctly closed once you are done using it. You should also make it a habit to prevent water from contaminating the Shea butter since this might lead to the growth of mold. Using high quality Shea butter also helps.

A large number of people consider freezing as a way of keeping the Shea butter from becoming rancid. This is an easy process you only need to place the Shea butter in a container and then put it in the freezer. You should make efforts to ensure that any thawing ice does not enter the cream, thus contaminating it.

In summary, it is true that you can use freezing as a method of keeping Shea butter fresh. However, you should also remember that other things such as sealing the container properly and making sure that the product you buy is of high quality also help, and you should insist on this.

Can Cocoa Butter Clear Acne Scars

About Kokum Butter : Uses and Benefits for Skin

Cocoa butter does not fully clear acne scars. It makes them look less noticeable by smoothing out the texture and tone of the scars. As cocoa butter contains healthy fatty acids, you can apply this butter topically daily to help repair damaged skin.

Fatty acids and vitamin E are the main ingredients that make cocoa butter an ideal remedy for different skin conditions. But it does not end at just the said ingredients. Cocoa butter has other emollient properties that can help you clear acne scars with ease. It can set your skin free by exfoliating dead skin. This will allow your pores to breathe and help your skin grow. As this happens, stubborn acne scars will disappear. This may take time though. You therefore have to be patient and use cocoa butter regularly.

Note that only 100% cocoa butter in the form of cocoa butter stick or cream works when it comes to clearing acne scars. This is the most concentrated option available. It yields maximum results compared to other cocoa butter products, mainly because it is not highly processed.

Lastly, remember to exfoliate your skin before using cocoa butter on it. You can do this by applying cocoa butter stubborn dark spots. Let it sit for a few minutes then wash off with clean, running water. Avoid scrubbing hard and clean with a mild, unscented soap. Then wash off the cocoa butter gently in circles. Rinse well before applying pure cocoa butter on dark spots. You can, at this stage, layer it with your preferred cream or lotion.

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Loaded With Crucial Nutrients

This fruit is not only nutritious but also a very healthy fruit that improves overall immunity.

Kokum contains citric acid, carbohydrates, malic acid, acetic acid, hydro citric acid, ascorbic acid, vitamin B complexes, garcinol, manganese, potassium, magnesium, hydroxycitric acid as well as dietary fibre.

It is beneficial for pregnant women as it helps both the mother and her developing baby.

Kaaya Or Kokum Butter:

Kokum butter is extracted from the seeds of Garcinia India which belongs to the Clusiaceae family. It is also known as gamgam butter and has a long history of medicinal use for many different purposes such as treating scars, dry skin, cracked heels, eczema, etc. Kokum butter has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine and to add it to your beauty care regime guarantees great benefits.

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Does Mango Butter Get Grainy

Mango butter does not get grainy provided that it does not undergo any temperature increase during storage or does not cool down slowly in the manufacturing process. It can become grainy when heated over 70 but not as much as other butter does.

The cause of graininess in mango butter is temperature fluctuations or exposing the butter to extreme temperatures. For instance, if you live in the tropics and keep the mango butter in the glove compartment of your car during the day, the excessive heat may result in graininess, particularly if this is repeated many times over. This can also happen if a shipment of mango butter is delayed at the port of entry when the products are imported during the summer.

This means that when you have mango butter, it would be a good idea for you to store it properly. Many manufacturers of organic mango butter give instructions on the best way for storage of the mango butter, and it would be ideal for you to follow such instructions.

However, there are some basic things you can do to reduce this. These include storing the mango butter container in a cool and dry environment that has no extreme temperature fluctuations. When all is said and done, however, mango butter is an excellent beauty product and is easy to take care of. You dont need to go out of your way to avoid the graininess, and you will be glad that you got it in the first place.

What Are Natural Cosmetic Butters

Kokum: Garcinia indica Benefits, How To Consume, Home Remedies

Hair and skin body butters come from the seeds, kernels, nuts, or beans of plants. They are comprised of fatty acids and minerals and don’t contain water. This gives them a longer shelf life without needing a preservative.

Since they are thick and solid at room temperature, it helps create a barrier on top of the skin that can hold other ingredients against the skin longer for longer effects.

Some natural butters do have an odor. Cocoa butter smells like chocolate, and bacuri and ucuuba butters have an earthy smell. Shea butter can also have a light aroma.

When choosing the best butters for skin and hair for your DIY recipes, look for unrefined butters. Also look for cold pressed butters, which means that heat and solvents weren’t used in extraction.

These butters are usually more expensive than heat extracted butters, but it’s well worth your investment to get higher quality ingredients.

When choosing the right natural cosmetic butters, take into consideration the consistency of the butter. Generally, lighter butters will absorb quickly without leaving an oily residue. This is important for oily skin or for your hair.

On the other hand, heavier, thicker butters tend to be more moisturizing, which is great for dry or damaged hair or dry skin or eczema.

As you can see, the best butters for skin and hair really depend on what you need and how you are using it.

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