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Homeopathy For Eczema In Toddlers

What Causes Eczema In Dogs

Eczema Causes: Symptoms & Homeopathic Management – Dr. Sanjay Panicker | Doctors’ Circle

The most common form of eczema in dogs is actually atopic dermatitis in dogs, which overloads the immune system, which in turn causes inflammation. There are also several external allergens, substances, or irritants that can cause eczema in dogs, such as exposure to irritating chemicals, plants, or other substances.

Can Homeopathy Cure Eczema

Although the scientific community has not found a piece of concrete evidence on efficacy of homeopathic treatments, many around the world have claimed that it works. On the contrary, homeopathic remedies to cure eczema has provided certain proof supporting its significant curative role in eczema care.

The results obtained following clinical trials and patient case studies brought forth the positive outcomes of homeopathic treatment for eczema. Lately a study reported in Complementary Therapies in Medicine journal concluded that the effect of homeopathy on eczema patients in case of short-term course was similar to the one imparted by conventional methods, however, its long-term benefits in comparison were deduced to be more.

Several homeopathic hospitals have reported of remarkable improvement in the condition of eczema sufferers. Homeopathic doctors ascertain that there are many factors that result in the development of the skin condition.

Hence, they take into consideration each and every minor aspect related, including pregnancy details, birth, environmental conditions, family history, and dietary habits etc.

In medical terms, homeopathists tend to rely on the constitutional cure for the patients, which encompasses the complete condition of the patient. Patients following the regime are prescribed Sulphur, Natrum muriaticum, and Arsenicum album.

Childhood Eczema And Constipation Helped By Homeopathy

June 4, 2021 By AP admin

The little four-year-old girl with childhood eczema is obsessed with mermaids. She is asked, What would be good about being a mermaid? We expect her to say something else but she says they go fast. The peculiar characteristic of this little girls eczema, distinguishing it from many other cases of eczema, is that it appears in rings the eruptions are definitely eczema and not ringworm, and are located in the typical locations for childhood eczema, in the elbow creases and behind the knees, as well as appearing on her bottom and sometimes on her torso. They do not appear to be particularly itchy since her mother does not observe her scratching much she has been prescribed hydrocortisone cream, a common eczema rash treatment, by her GP. This case history is a living example of childhood eczema and constipation helped by homeopathy.

Physically the only other issue is quite obvious constipation despite having been prescribed lactulose she only passes a stool every 2-4 days, and then only with a lot of straining and discomfort. The tendency to constipation has been lifelong, but has worsened recently. With regard to passing stools, her mother says, She is very in control of it it only happens when she decides it will. With the constipation, the stools are very hard and dark, often having a pellet-like sheep dung appearance, as well being very smelly.

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What Is Baby Eczema

Eczemaa condition that causes the skin to become red, itchy, and inflamedis one of the most common skin problems in babies.

There are several types of eczema, but the most common in babies is atopic dermatitis. This type of baby eczema causes dry, scaly, and itchy patches on babys skin that often appear on the scalp, forehead, and face.

Psorinum For Eczema In Bends

Homeopathy for Eczema

Psorinum is a very effective medicine when eczema appears in the bends or the folds of skin. Rashes may occur in the bend of the elbow, armpit-folds or area behind the ear. In case of eczema behind the ear, a discharge may ooze out, the rash may be itchy which disturbs sleep as it gets worse at night.

When and How to use Psorinum?

It is the best medicine when eczema occurs in bends/folds of skin. Use of this medicine is recommended in 200C potency and even potencies higher than this. It is advised not to use this medicine without consultation with a homeopathic doctor as it is a strong medicine and the dose varies for every individual and is usually not to be repeated very frequently.

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Steroid Cream Is Not Your Only Option

There are other treatment options available to treat your childs eczema. Charlies mum was not sure what to expect from homeopathic treatment, she just knew she didnt want to use steroid cream.

If you are looking for an alternative to steroid cream consider homeopathy. Its gentle, natural, safe for babies, no unpleasant side effects and offers lasting healing no long-term treatment. GET IN TOUCH to find out how homeopathy can help your baby.

Natrum Mur For Eczema On The Margins Of The Hairline

For eczema on the edges of the hair, Natrum Mur is a highly recommended medicine. There is marked redness and inflammation on the edge of the hairline. The rash may ooze fluid. It may also damage the hair.

When and How to use Natrum Mur?

This medicine can be used successfully when eczema is specifically located on the margins of the hairline. It is most commonly used in 6X potency. Natrum 6X can be taken three to four times a day as per the severity of the symptoms.

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The Creams Didnt Help

Os parents were not keen on using steroid cream for his eczema due to the long-term side effects of using this kind of medication. Like many parents, they had concerns about using this kind of medication on their babys for any amount of time.

They found a natural cream which helped a lot but didnt clear it completely and as the weeks passed the cream was not helping at all.

Thats when I meet O and his mum. This is what his skin looked like at his first appointment. The eczema is worse on his bottom, his back, inside of his elbows and behind his knees red, circular, rough patches.

Other than his skin symptoms, O was a very happy little boy, generally very healthy. He has had the odd sniffle which has cleared up well on its own. Mum told me it was difficult to get O to sleep taking a lot of bouncing, rocking and nursing.

Mum noticed his skin gets worse when he is teething.

During the appointment I asked about family medical history mum had a history of eczema a child, as did other family members and along with diary allergies.

I prescribed Calc Carb weekly along with a remedy to help the family history of skin issues a homeopathic nosode.

Causes Of Eczema In Babies

How is eczema treated by homeopathy? – Dr. Jayashree Rao

Eczema has a genetic basis this means it tends to run in families. Children with eczema often have other allergy-type conditions like asthma or allergic rhintis.

Eczema might flare up:

  • after contact with irritating chemicals like soaps or bubble baths, or irritating fabrics like wool and polyester
  • after viral or bacterial infections
  • after exposure to substances like dust mites or animal fur
  • after exposure to foods that your child is allergic to
  • when your child gets too hot
  • when your child is stressed.

Often theres no obvious cause for a flare-up.

In a few children, diet can make eczema worse, although its often hard to say which food is causing the problem.

Eczema is not contagious.

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Are You Looking For A Natural And Holistic Approach To Improve Your Skin Condition Homeopathy May Be Able To Help

A homoeopath typically spends 90 minutes in the first consultation gathering information about your symptoms not just the chief complaint , but also your other problems past and present . This information is synthesised into a whole picture of your health so that the most fitting natural remedy can be prescribed.

The British Skin Foundation writes: Atopic eczema is a very common skin condition due to skin inflammation. It may start at any age but the onset is often in childhood. 1 in every 5 children in the UK is affected by eczema at some stage. It may also start later in life in people who did not have eczema as a child The term atopic is used to describe a group of conditions, which include asthma, eczema and hay-fever and food allergy. These conditions are all linked by an increased activity of the allergy side of the bodys immune system. Eczema is a term which comes from the Greek word to boil and is used to describe red, dry, itchy skin which can sometimes become weeping, blistered, crusted, scaling and thickened.

Homeopathy has a proven track record in helping alleviate chronic symptoms. In 2005, a study at Bristol Homoeopathic Hospital showed over 70% of patients with chronic diseases reported positive health changes following treatment. More than 6,500 patients took part in the six-year study with problems such as arthritis, eczema, asthma, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and chronic fatigue.

Tea Tree Essential Oil On Of The Most Effective Natural Remedies For Babies With Eczema

Among natural remedies for babies with eczema, tea tree essential oil is also a fantastic remedy. However, pure tea tree oil might be too aggressive, so its important that you dilute it with warm water. Tea tree oil is potent in anti-bacterial properties that can prevent the occurrence of eczema infection. Not just that, it also has hydrating and soothing properties that can be advantageous for dry and damaged skin. For this natural treatment, you can mix a few drops of tea tree oil with an eczema specific moisturizer.

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Sulphur For Itchy Eczema

Sulphur is the best medicine for itchy eczema. It can control itching in eczema patches very effectively. Those who need it, complain about worsening of itching in the evening and night. Warm temperatures worsen itching which leads to scratching followed by burning sensation. Upon scratching, a person is relieved of itching in the affected part but it appears in some other part of the body. Sulphur can also be used for the symptoms of moist eczema when there is a discharge of yellow fluid from eruptions. Sulphur is also the most appropriate choice when eczema cases have been treated with ointments in the past with no relief.

When and How to use Sulphur?

It should be used if there is itching in eczema rashes. Though it can be used in both low and high potencies, it is safe to take this medicine in 30C power initially. Its dosage should not exceed one dose a day. Do not use its high potencies without physicians consultation.

The Most Popular Homeopathic Remedies For Eczema

Pin on Acupuncture Uses

So, what even is homeopathy?

Well, its based on the idea that like cures like. If a certain substance or chemical is making you sick, you can actually reverse the effects by introducing a small, diluted version of it.

This is what is known as the law of similars. Got arsenic poisoning? Just take some diluted arsenic andyoull be right as rain.

The most common homeopathic treatments for eczema include:

  • Arsenicum album. Yep, thats arsenic. You know, that incredibly toxic poisonous chemical that you shouldnt really put anywhere near your body
  • Calcarea carbonica. This is calcium extracted from the middle layer of oyster shells.
  • Graphites. This is the stuff you find in pencils, basically.
  • Hepar sulphuris calcareum. Take that aforementioned oyster calcium and mix it with flowers of sulfur. Then, uh, torch em both. Voilá?
  • Mezereum. Also, known as daphne mezereum, its a common flowering shrub.

by Karen Leadbeater | Mar 22, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Many babies develop eczema during their first year. For some it begins soon after birth, others develop skin eruptions when formula milk or new foods are introduced. It develops in the form of patches of red, itchy skin which may be dry or discharging, and are sometimes raised and scaly in appearance. Typical areas affected are the face and neck, behind their ears, and also in the bends of knees and elbows.

Here are some of the most commonly prescribed remedies for eczema in babies, depending on the whole symptom picture:

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What Foods Trigger Eczema Flare

Just like some foods can help improve eczema, some foodsinflammatory foodscan make eczema worse.

Cows milk is one of the most common triggers of baby eczema. Other common triggers include: eggs, soy, gluten, nuts, fish, and shellfish.

Other inflammatory foods include:

  • Refined sugar: Though hopefully youre not feeding baby processed sugar anyway!
  • White bread and other products made from refined, processed flours: These are sneaky ingredients in toddler snacks, such as cereal bars, crackers, and breakfast tarts.

If you arent sure what food is causing your babys distress, try an elimination diet and keep a food diary. You may be surprised just how many foods can cause flare-ups!

If you are having a hard time pinpointing the triggers, consider getting food sensitivity testing done.

How Do You Treat Eczema On Your Face

The goal of eczema treatment is to relieve and prevent itching, which can lead to infection. Since the disease causes dry and itchy skin, it is recommended to use lotions and creams to keep the skin moist. These products are generally applied to damp skin, such as after a bath, to help the skin retain moisture.

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What Are The Common Types Of Eczema

What causes Eczema flare up in children? – Dr. Ramesh Babu N

There are many types of eczema, but the most common ones are:

  • Atopic dermatitis: This is the most common kind of eczema, affecting 1 in 5 children and 1 in 10 adults. It is often called childhood asthma.
  • Contact dermatitis: This type of eczema occurs due to direct contact with an irritant or allergen. An allergic reaction causes this condition.
  • Nummular eczema: Also known as discoid eczema, it appears as coin-shaped lesions on the skin and usually occurs on the hands and legs. It can be very itchy too.
  • Dyshidrotic eczema: It mainly affects people with a family history of atopy . The person may experience intense itching, redness, and peeling of the palms, soles, or sides of the fingers.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis:This kind of eczema usually appears on the scalp, face, around the nose, eyebrows, ears, etc. It is often called a cradle cap in infants too.
  • Stasis dermatitis: This type mainly occurs due to poor circulation. The affected person may have an itching or burning sensation along with redness on his lower leg area. Also, there can be a darkening of skin colour around this area due to extra blood flow.
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    Sea Salt Baths Top The List Of Natural Remedies For Babies With Eczema

    Sea salt is very rich in minerals, which can be very healthy for the skin. Additionally, its potent in anti-bacterial properties, which can prevent infections due to eczema. For natural treatment of sea salt baths, simply soak your baby in a sea salt bath for about 20 minutes itll soothe the skin and reduce the itchiness as well. Add sea salt to a warm bath and mix until the salt dissolves for treatment.

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    Wet Ordry Wrap Therapy

    Let emollients sink in deeper and find fastrelief with wetordrywrap therapy. This organic eczema treatment for babies allows skincare to work longer and more efficiently. In fact, many eczema sufferershave found relief after one night!

    Although wet wrapping can be hard for some children to adapt to and should never be used as a long-term solution, dry wrap therapy can be mucheasier and less messy and can be used for as long as needed with the right clothing.

    Remedywear, clothing for eczema, isdesigned to wear dry and can be combined with your favorite emollient forfurther relief. Remedywear is made from TENCEL with zinc embeddedfibers to soothe itchy, dry skin. Styles available for babies up to adults. Perfect for wearing during the day undereveryday clothing or for wrapping overnight for a great nights sleep.

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    Top 5 Homeopathic Remedies For Eczema

    Dermatologists may prescribe drugs containing steroids or immunosuppressants for this condition. However, these are expensive and have side effects that are not desirable in the long run. Eczemais a condition characterized by inflamed and itchy skin. Also called atopic dermatitis, it is common among young children. Although it is not a life-threatening condition, people suffering from eczema often have to deal with the daily discomfort of this problem. Lets know about eczema and its homeopathic treatment.


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