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Homeopathy For Eczema In Babies

Homeopathy Treatment For Eczema

Eczema Causes: Symptoms & Homeopathic Management – Dr. Sanjay Panicker | Doctors’ Circle

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  • What is Homeopathy
  • Health is a state of harmony between the body and the mind. Any disturbance in this state of harmony results in disease, which is expressed in the form of signs and symptoms. In each and every case of a disease, a person exhibits two types of symptoms: Common and Uncommon.

  • Why Homeopathy
  • The result of a good homeopathic treatment can improve your outlook towards life both in terms of physical and psychological emotions, increase your energy levels, improve your focus, better the quality of your life, and reduce the incidence of developing health problems that you might be afflicted with for the years to come.

  • Eczema is a generic term that defines inflammatory conditions of the skin that includes dryness and recurring skin rashes. A medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed with blisters which cause itching and bleeding.Most people can effectively manage their disease with medical treatment and by avoiding irritants. The condition is not contagious and cant be spread from person to person. It is also called as dermatitis.

    Causative factors for Eczema:

    The exact cause of eczema is unknown, but its thought to be linked to an overactive response by the bodys immune system to an irritant.In addition, eczema is commonly found in families with a history of otherallergies or asthma.

    The most common eczema causes and triggers.


    Homeopathy And Eczema In Children

    Eczema is a common skin disorder observed in children. Treating eczema is a challenging task for pediatrics as a child’s skin is very sensitive and conventional therapy often worsens the condition. However, homeopathic remedy for eczema has several advantages over conventional therapy. Read on to know more.

    Eczema is a common skin disorder observed in children. Treating eczema is a challenging task for pediatrics as a childs skin is very sensitive and conventional therapy often worsens the condition. However, homeopathic remedy for eczema has several advantages over conventional therapy. Read on to know more.

    Eczema is a skin disorder which is characterized by itching and irritation. A form of eczema, atopic dermatitis is mostly observed in children. There are many causes of eczema, such as food, pollen, dust mite, mold, pet dander etc. It causes the skin to become red, dry, patchy and covers it with scales and boils. The severity of the symptoms vary from person to person.

    Although, the occurrence of eczema is on and around the face, it can affect other parts of the body as well. It affects babies, children and adults alike. However, when it comes to treating babies and children, pediatrics have to be extra careful. Most skin creams and lotions burn the sensitive skin of children and do more damage than good. Eczema research has shown that homeopathy has become the preferred way of treating eczema.

    Sea Salt Baths Top The List Of Natural Remedies For Babies With Eczema

    Sea salt is very rich in minerals, which can be very healthy for the skin. Additionally, its potent in anti-bacterial properties, which can prevent infections due to eczema. For natural treatment of sea salt baths, simply soak your baby in a sea salt bath for about 20 minutes itll soothe the skin and reduce the itchiness as well. Add sea salt to a warm bath and mix until the salt dissolves for treatment.

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    Eczema Treatment In Homeopathy For Children

    Homeopathy treats a person as a whole, not just disease. Homeopathic remedies gently work on the immune system and correct the disease from its root cause. It also prevents the use of external applications while treating eczema.

    Eczema treatment in homeopathy for children is effective, safe, gentle, and without any side effects. It suits all age groups.

    Our expert homeopathy doctors at Homeocare International treat eczema using constitutional homeopathy treatment based on symptoms and individualization. Constitutional homeopathy treatment for eczema at Homeocare International focuses on eradicating eczema and relieving the painful and annoying symptoms.

    When To Visit A Skin Doctor For Eczema

    Baby eczema healing with homeopathy

    It is better to visit a dermatologist in case any of the following symptoms occur.

  • Eczema does not clear even after using over-the-counter creams for three weeks.
  • There are lesions, blisters, or open sores present due to scratching.
  • The skin has started cracking or bleeding, despite using lotions and ointments.
  • If your child develops an infection due to scratching, like impetigo, pyoderma, etc., consult a doctor right away.
  • For infants under six months old: Do not use nonsteroidal topical steroids on their skin unless recommended by a physician or paediatrician. They may experience side effects like irritation, increased acne breakouts, etc.
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    How Is Eczema Diagnosed

    The diagnosis is purely based on the physical appearance, clinical examination and analysis of personal and family history given by the patient. However, skin biopsy and allergy test are done to rule out other causes of similar skin conditions and to pin point the exact cause to treat difficult atopic dermatitis cases.

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    Sunlight Essential Home Remedy For Baby Eczema

    It might not seem like the usual Home remedy for baby eczema, but sunbathing your baby can also be effective. The suns natural UV rays possess vitamin D, which aids the skin in absorbing cholesterol and absorbing melanin, which heals and soothes your babys skin. Its an easy and effective way of treating infant dermatitis.

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    Eczema And Food Allergies

    Babies with eczema are at a higher risk than the general population for developing food allergies. In fact, up to 67 percent of infants with severe eczema and 25 percent of infants with mild eczema will develop a food allergy, says Jonathan Spergel M.D., board certified allergist.

    • If baby has mild to moderate eczema, early and sustained exposure to allergenic foods, like peanuts, cows milk, and eggs, has been shown to decrease this risk by up to 80 percent. When baby starts solids around 6 months, I recommend trying Ready, Set, Food!, a program that gives parents the option to add the most common allergenic foods to breastmilk, formula, or purees in a safe and effective way
    • If baby has severe eczema: Consult your pediatrician before starting early allergen introduction. They may recommend allergy testing prior to introducing any allergens.

    What Foods Are Good For Curing Eczema

    How is eczema treated by homeopathy? – Dr. Jayashree Rao

    Hippocrates said, Let food be thy medicine. What great words to live by! Indeed, there are certain foods that help soothe and lessen the symptoms of eczema. Once your baby has been introduced to solid food, consider adding anti-inflammatory foods into his/her diet to reduce eczema symptoms.

    Try adding more of these foods into your babys diet:

    Note: If mama is exclusively breastfeeding, she can help baby by eating these foods so that she can pass on the anti-inflammatory benefits to her baby.

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    Petroleum Jelly For Eczema

    Usually recommended for those who face extremely dry skin with the cracks on palms and fingertips. The skin can easily get infected and rough. Petroleum jelly can help ease the skin condition.

    Homeopathy remedies can work best when treating the whole person. While looking at the skin remedies, find one that closely matches your specific symptoms. A homeopath can definitely assist you through the process to find the best remedy to get rid of the skin condition like eczema.

    Further Reading:

    Digestion And The Immune System

    From a naturopathic viewpoint, it is all about digestion and the immune system. When we ingest foods that our body cannot break down, often because of low enzyme activity which can be genetic, this undigested food molecule crosses through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream.

    Once there, the immune system will identify the unknown molecule as a foreign invader. This of course is the immune systems job, to identify self from non-self. Once the immune system is alerted to the fact that there is an invader in the midst, it starts to attack by making anti-bodies and histamine against the invader.

    This of course then leads to all sorts of allergy reactions from hay fever and sinus to eczema, asthma and migraines.

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    Fda Also Recommends Checking With Your Doctor

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that consumers talk with their doctor or health care professional about safe and effective treatments for their disease or condition. The FDA does not review homeopathic products for safety and effectiveness.

    The FDA adds that products that have not been evaluated for safety and effectiveness may harm consumers who choose to treat serious diseases or conditions with such products, and consumers may be foregoing treatment with a medical product that has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective.

    If youre considering a homeopathic treatment to treat your childs eczema, talk with your dermatologist first.

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    Baby Eczema Natural Remedies

    Healing Eczema with Homeopathy

    I know its difficult to watch your little one suffer and scratch all day through a painful bout of eczema. My little guy was just a few months old when I first noticed his itchy condition. Many medical professionals are quick to prescribe steroid ointments or other topical medicines for baby eczema relief, and in many cases, these treatments may be necessary. In fact, when my sons condition was at its worst, I found myself quickly reaching for those steroid bottles. In my opinion, theres nothing wrong with occasionally using topical steroids to immediately relieve a nasty eczema flare-up as long as youre taking caution and applying them as prescribed by your childs pediatrician. However, if you’re looking for a more holistic approach, give one of these 15 baby eczema natural remedies a try. You may be surprised to find that they provide quick, effective relief just as well as, if not better than, topical steroid ointments.

    Article Contents:

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    Steroid Cream Is Not Your Only Option

    There are other treatment options available to treat your childs eczema. Charlies mum was not sure what to expect from homeopathic treatment, she just knew she didnt want to use steroid cream.

    If you are looking for an alternative to steroid cream consider homeopathy. Its gentle, natural, safe for babies, no unpleasant side effects and offers lasting healing no long-term treatment. GET IN TOUCH to find out how homeopathy can help your baby.

    Psorinum For Eczema In Bends

    Psorinum is a very effective medicine when eczema appears in the bends or the folds of skin. Rashes may occur in the bend of the elbow, armpit-folds or area behind the ear. In case of eczema behind the ear, a discharge may ooze out, the rash may be itchy which disturbs sleep as it gets worse at night.

    When and How to use Psorinum?

    It is the best medicine when eczema occurs in bends/folds of skin. Use of this medicine is recommended in 200C potency and even potencies higher than this. It is advised not to use this medicine without consultation with a homeopathic doctor as it is a strong medicine and the dose varies for every individual and is usually not to be repeated very frequently.

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    Why Steroid Cream Is A Short

    Steroid cream does its job very efficiently. Apply the cream and within a day or so you will see an improvement in the condition and appearance of the skin. You may use the medication for a week or so, then stop and very often the symptoms starting to appear again. More applications of steroid cream and the symptoms ease. This cycle of steroid cream and flare up is now established and it seems the only way to ease symptoms is to continue using steroid cream. What was once intermittent use of topical steroids becomes daily and whenever there is a break in application the symptoms return very often more intense.

    Steroid cream should only be used in very small amounts on areas where there is active eczema. For Charlie this would mean steroid cream applied to his entire body! He was covered head to toe in a rash, pimples and very dry skin.

    Charlies mum could have applied steroid cream and his symptoms would have eased for a short period of time. When the symptoms returned, more steroid cream. This was her worry. Mum did not want to get into the pattern of managing flare ups with increasing application of a medication with unpleasant side effects.

    Coconut Oil Most Popular Natural Remedy For Baby Eczema

    Dr Rajesh Shah explaining role of homeopathy for Eczema treatment

    Many parents that try home remedies for baby eczema swear by the effectiveness of coconut oil. Its potent in anti-bacterial properties, which can be very beneficial for infant dermatitis. Additionally, its very moisturizing, which can also be very advantageous for infant eczema sufferers. What makes it an excellent remedy is that its very safe even for babies. But is it backed by science? Well, research shows that baby eczema can, in fact, be treated with coconut oil. In comparison to mineral oil, coconut oil was found to be more effective.

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    Chamomile Tea Bath #1 Natural Remedy For Baby Eczema

    If youre looking for natural remedies for baby eczema, you might want to give chamomile tea bath a try as well. When it comes to infant dermatitis symptoms, itching can be a very difficult symptom. Chamomile possesses skin-soothing properties that can not only lessen itchiness but can also heal and hydrate damaged skin when its absorbed by the skin. To use this natural remedy, prepare a bath, soak about five chamomile tea bags in warm water, mix it, and then soak your baby for about 20 minutes. It can be very soothing and can help in calming the symptoms. Additionally, there are no or minimal chances of side effects.

    Does Eczema In Babies Go Away

    There is good news: Most children outgrow their eczema.

    According to the experts at the University of Iowa Stead Family Childrens Hospital, many children see a big improvement in baby eczema by the age of three. About 66 percent of children with childhood or baby eczema outgrow it and only suffer from occasional dry skin during their teen years.

    If your babys eczema does not let up, try keeping a journal to identify the triggers, then work to avoid those triggers. In the meantime, you can ease symptoms by treating baby eczema naturally.

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    What Causes Eczema In Children

    Eczema is caused due to a combination of factors in a child.

  • Hereditary: If there is a family history of eczema, asthma, and hay fever, it becomes more likely to develop atopic dermatitis.
  • Allergic reactions: Dust or pollen can cause an allergic reaction when they contact the skin. This may be worsened by certain types of clothing like wool and synthetic fabrics.
  • Skin irritants: These include household cleaner, cigarette smoke, and perfumes too. Itching starts when any of these make contact with the skin.
  • Dry skin: With age, ones ability to moisturize decreases, leading to dryness and itching.
  • Stress: High-stress levels, emotional or physical, sometimes aggravate eczema symptoms such as itching and rashes.
  • Skin infections:Sometimes, an illness may cause itching and an outbreak of eczema. If you notice any redness, oozing, pain, etc., consult a doctor immediately.
  • Update After First Prescription

    Baby eczema healing with homeopathy

    Charlie came back for a follow up appointment 8 weeks later and this is how his skin looked. The picture says it all.

    Mum was thrilled, and so was I. Charlies skin was back to feeling smooth and soft. There were a few red pimples on his chin and torso. Behind his ears, the folds of his skin were also much improved with mild crusting and oozing which would clear and then return briefly.

    His bowel movements were no longer difficult and any reaction to trigger foods appears to have cleared. Mum explained that by mistake Charlie had drunk some cows milk, which, before homeopathic treatment, would have meant an eczema flare up. But nothing happened! No flare up on his skin and no change in bowel movements. What a fabulous outcome.

    I prescribed further remedies to support his body as it continued to heal.

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    What Is Baby Eczema

    Eczemaa condition that causes the skin to become red, itchy, and inflamedis one of the most common skin problems in babies.

    There are several types of eczema, but the most common in babies is atopic dermatitis. This type of baby eczema causes dry, scaly, and itchy patches on babys skin that often appear on the scalp, forehead, and face.

    Homeopathic Treatment Of Eczema

    The Homeopathic medicines for Eczema have to be specific to every individual person. That is the reason a detailed history is required to customise the treatment of Eczema.

    One of the most effective ways to treat eczema is with homeopathy. This is a holistic medical practice that treats the person as a whole, recognizing that every person is unique.

    Factors that cause an illness and the different reactions to these factors are very important in homeopathy. These factors include infections, emotional stress, lifestyle or diet conditions, hereditary defects or ailments, and physical and psychological patterns. Symptoms are most often manifested when one is exposed to stimuli stronger than his/her vitality and immune system.

    In Eczema all symptoms that are caused by underlying factors that must be discovered and treated in order for the symptoms to disappear permanently.

    Simultaneously clearing up associated allergies or overall immune weakness, If eczema co-exists or alternates with asthma or hay fever, merely treating the skin will not resolve the whole syndrome.

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