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Homeopathic Remedies For Baby Eczema

Sea Salt Baths Top The List Of Natural Remedies For Babies With Eczema

Baby Eczema Home Remedies (Natural treatments) | Bath, meal time tips & more

Sea salt is very rich in minerals, which can be very healthy for the skin. Additionally, its potent in anti-bacterial properties, which can prevent infections due to eczema. For natural treatment of sea salt baths, simply soak your baby in a sea salt bath for about 20 minutes itll soothe the skin and reduce the itchiness as well. Add sea salt to a warm bath and mix until the salt dissolves for treatment.

How Long Will My Babys Eczema Last

Baby eczema will first appear sometime between months 1 and 6. With proper treatment, a flare-up can disappear completely. If you can identify what is triggering your babys eczema, you may be able to keep their eczema completely away.

However, the possibility of another dry, itchy patch is always possible. You may see frequent flare-ups if you are unable to pinpoint the root cause.

Usually, children outgrow their eczema by the time they are 6 or 7 years old, but occasionally it persists into adulthood.

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What Eczema Cream Is Most Effective For Acne

15 Best Eczema Creams To Soothe Dry, Itchy Skin Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizer With Oatmeal. Aveeno Special Cream for Eczema contains ceramides, including those from Dr. Yu Claire. Baby Dove Fragrance Free Lotion An advanced revitalizing intensive care lotion with petroleum jelly.

Best laundry detergent for sensitive skin

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Homeopathic Treatment Of Children With Atopic Eczema: A Prospective Observational Study With Two Years Follow

Claudia M. Witt1, Rainer Lüdtke2 and Stefan N. Willich1

Accepted August 28, 2008.


Homeopathy is practised in many regions of the world , especially in high-income countries where it ranks the most popular among traditional, complementary, or alternative medicines . One out of 5 children in a German homeopathic physicians practice suffered from atopic eczema . Meta-analyses of placebo-controlled studies including only diagnoses other than AE have shown inconsistent results . The only randomized placebo-controlled study on AE was stopped due to recruitment problems and drop-outs. In a prospective observational study we investigated the treatment and possible effects in 3981 consecutive patients who consulted a physician for classical homeopathic therapy. This paper presents the subgroup of children with AE , followed up for 24 months. For more details and methods see .


Table I. Sociodemographic data, co-morbidity and additional conventional medication

Female, %

Average severity

5.2 ± 1.6

Patients using conventional medication, %


*Only those diagnoses seen in 5% patients with ICD-10 code.

aMissing data from one case.

NRS: numerical rating scale 10: maximum 0: cured ATC: anatomical therapeutic chemical classification system SD: standard deviation.

Table II. Severity of diagnoses symptoms and change over time. At baseline, 3, 12 and 24 months patients and their physicians rated the severity on a numeric rating scale

CI = confidence interval.

How Do You Treat Eczema On Your Face

The Homemade Lotion that Healed my Daughters Eczema ...

The goal of eczema treatment is to relieve and prevent itching, which can lead to infection. Since the disease causes dry and itchy skin, it is recommended to use lotions and creams to keep the skin moist. These products are generally applied to damp skin, such as after a bath, to help the skin retain moisture.

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Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil

Cold pressed sunflower oil is rich in various healthy fatty acids, these fatty acids once absorbed through your skin can help combat eczema from underneath the skins surface, cold pressed sunflower oil is also an extremely potent natural moisturiser, apply this oil on your babys skin, massage it clockwise and counter-clockwise for a few moments.

How Is Eczema Diagnosed

The diagnosis is purely based on the physical appearance, clinical examination and analysis of personal and family history given by the patient. However, skin biopsy and allergy test are done to rule out other causes of similar skin conditions and to pin point the exact cause to treat difficult atopic dermatitis cases.

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Causes Of Baby Eczema

It can be difficult to determine exactly whats causing your babys eczema. Its a skin condition that some people seem to inherit and is not spread through contact. There does seem to be a higher likelihood of suffering from eczema if a family member also has the condition.

Figuring out what causes your little one to have a flare-up is important to keep their skin comfortable and healthy. Here are some common causes of baby eczema:

  • General dry skin: some babies have seasonal flare-ups because their skin tends to be drier in the winter. Anytime your little ones skin is especially dry it may put them at risk for a flare up
  • Allergens: anything that your little one is allergic too can result in an eczema flare-up. This includes animal dander, pollen, and foods
  • Soaps, lotion, detergents and fragrance: soaps, lotions, and anything with fragrance may cause flare-ups. For babies with eczema prone skin, its best to opt for all-natural, unscented, mild products. Ideally, look for something thats designed for sensitive skin
  • Dry Air: not surprisingly, if you live in a dry climate or the air is very dry in your home, your baby may get dry skin which results in a flare-up. Try running a humidifier in your babys room to help with this
  • Wool or other rough fabric: these types of materials can irritate the skin and trigger your babys eczema

Why Steroid Cream Is A Short

Baby Eczema & Baby Acne: Natural Remedies that Really Work

Steroid cream does its job very efficiently. Apply the cream and within a day or so you will see an improvement in the condition and appearance of the skin. You may use the medication for a week or so, then stop and very often the symptoms starting to appear again. More applications of steroid cream and the symptoms ease. This cycle of steroid cream and flare up is now established and it seems the only way to ease symptoms is to continue using steroid cream. What was once intermittent use of topical steroids becomes daily and whenever there is a break in application the symptoms return very often more intense.

Steroid cream should only be used in very small amounts on areas where there is active eczema. For Charlie this would mean steroid cream applied to his entire body! He was covered head to toe in a rash, pimples and very dry skin.

Charlies mum could have applied steroid cream and his symptoms would have eased for a short period of time. When the symptoms returned, more steroid cream. This was her worry. Mum did not want to get into the pattern of managing flare ups with increasing application of a medication with unpleasant side effects.

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Does Eczema Spread Quickly By Scratching

Although eczema cannot be spread from person to person, scratching can spread eczema throughout the body, and excessive scratching can cause a secondary infection that is contagious to others. Avoid severe scratching by nourishing your skin and fighting the triggers that make your eczema worse.

How to get smooth skin

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree is extremely healthy for the skin, for a baby pure tea tree might be extremely harsh to their skin so dilute it with some lukewarm water. Tea tree essential oil has anti-bacterial properties that can help prevent infection due to eczema, and it also has skin hydrating and healing properties that soothe the skin and repair the damage of dry skin. Using a couple of drops mixed with any moisturizer can help combat eczema.

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Wet Ordry Wrap Therapy

Let emollients sink in deeper and find fastrelief with wet or drywrap therapy. This organic eczema treatment for babies allows skincare to work longer and more efficiently. In fact, many eczema sufferershave found relief after one night!

Although wet wrapping can be hard for some children to adapt to and should never be used as a long-term solution, dry wrap therapy can be mucheasier and less messy and can be used for as long as needed with the right clothing.

Remedywear, clothing for eczema, isdesigned to wear dry and can be combined with your favorite emollient forfurther relief. Remedywear is made from TENCEL with zinc embeddedfibers to soothe itchy, dry skin. Styles available for babies up to adults. Perfect for wearing during the day undereveryday clothing or for wrapping overnight for a great night’s sleep.

Coconut Oil Another Effective Natural Baby Eczema Treatments

Baby Eczema Treatment Package

Coconut is also a useful and one of the safest natural remedies for baby eczema. Its very rich in anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties yet gentle, making it a very popular choice for baby eczema treatment. Studies support the effectiveness of coconut oil for baby eczema. One study compared virgin coconut oil to mineral oil and found the former to be more effective In treating baby eczema.

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Eczema And Food Allergies

Babies with eczema are at a higher risk than the general population for developing food allergies. In fact, up to 67 percent of infants with severe eczema and 25 percent of infants with mild eczema will develop a food allergy, says Jonathan Spergel M.D., board certified allergist.

  • If baby has mild to moderate eczema, early and sustained exposure to allergenic foods, like peanuts, cows milk, and eggs, has been shown to decrease this risk by up to 80 percent. When baby starts solids around 6 months, I recommend trying Ready, Set, Food!, a program that gives parents the option to add the most common allergenic foods to breastmilk, formula, or purees in a safe and effective way
  • If baby has severe eczema: Consult your pediatrician before starting early allergen introduction. They may recommend allergy testing prior to introducing any allergens.

The Most Popular Homeopathic Remedies For Eczema

So, what even is homeopathy?

Well, its based on the idea that like cures like. If a certain substance or chemical is making you sick, you can actually reverse the effects by introducing a small, diluted version of it.

This is what is known as the law of similars. Got arsenic poisoning? Just take some diluted arsenic andyoull be right as rain.

The most common homeopathic treatments for eczema include:

  • Arsenicum album. Yep, thats arsenic. You know, that incredibly toxic poisonous chemical that you shouldnt really put anywhere near your body
  • Calcarea carbonica. This is calcium extracted from the middle layer of oyster shells.
  • Graphites. This is the stuff you find in pencils, basically.
  • Hepar sulphuris calcareum. Take that aforementioned oyster calcium and mix it with flowers of sulfur. Then, uh, torch em both. Voilá?
  • Mezereum. Also, known as daphne mezereum, its a common flowering shrub.

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Healing Your Babys Eczema With Homeopathy

by Karen Leadbeater | Mar 22, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Many babies develop eczema during their first year. For some it begins soon after birth, others develop skin eruptions when formula milk or new foods are introduced. It develops in the form of patches of red, itchy skin which may be dry or discharging, and are sometimes raised and scaly in appearance. Typical areas affected are the face and neck, behind their ears, and also in the bends of knees and elbows.

Parents are naturally concerned to heal their childs skin and relieve their discomfort. But it is worth pausing to consider why your baby has developed eczema, and how to genuinely heal it.

Eczema is an atopic condition, meaning that it is associated with hypersensitivity and allergies, and related to asthma, hay fever, and in some cases migraines. As such it speaks to an inherited susceptibility, of which eczema is typically the earliest manifestation. Factors involved in the appearance of the eruptions at a specific time can include parental stress, vaccination, and weaning, among other things. While the conventional approach, focusing on topical moisturisers and corticosteroids, will often clear up the skin nicely, it is an outside in approach which does not resolve the underlying cause, and in most cases needs to be kept up religiously to keep the symptoms under control.

Here are some of the most commonly prescribed remedies for eczema in babies, depending on the whole symptom picture:

Homeopathic Treatment Of Eczema

Can homeopathy cure Eczema permanently?

The Homeopathic medicines for Eczema have to be specific to every individual person. That is the reason a detailed history is required to customise the treatment of Eczema.

One of the most effective ways to treat eczema is with homeopathy. This is a holistic medical practice that treats the person as a whole, recognizing that every person is unique.

Factors that cause an illness and the different reactions to these factors are very important in homeopathy. These factors include infections, emotional stress, lifestyle or diet conditions, hereditary defects or ailments, and physical and psychological patterns. Symptoms are most often manifested when one is exposed to stimuli stronger than his/her vitality and immune system.

In Eczema all symptoms that are caused by underlying factors that must be discovered and treated in order for the symptoms to disappear permanently.

Simultaneously clearing up associated allergies or overall immune weakness, If eczema co-exists or alternates with asthma or hay fever, merely treating the skin will not resolve the whole syndrome.

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What Can Cause Eczema

The exact cause is unknown, but it is linked to genetic inheritance. Eczema can run in families, making their members much more prone to the condition. Persons with eczema are more prone to hay fever and asthma as there are underlying allergic processes that lead to eczema.

The flare ups are caused by irritant substances like soap, detergent, hand wash, shampoo, disinfectants and even certain fruit juices, vegetables, nuts, soy products, dairy products, wheat, egg and meat can cause the acute inflammatory reaction.

Certain allergens like pollens, dust mite, microbes and pet dander/fur can trigger eczema in an individual. Extreme temperature, excessive sweat are also responsible. Stress is another major factor that is known to cause eczema.

Baby Eczema Healing With Homeopathy

by Rachael Riches | May 15, 2019 | Babies & Children, Eczema, Homeopathy, Skin

C came to see me for help with her son, a very happy 14 month old boy O. O had started with eczema at 5 months old, but C told me that Up to that point, O had perfectly clear skin. It started in the spring, so mum wondered if it was related to seasonal allergies but Os skin symptoms continued past the spring, into summer and autumn. His symptoms started across his back as you can see from the photo here.

Mums first port of call was the doctor who diagnosed ringworm and prescribed an antifungal cream. However, Os skin become an angry red after the first application and mum stopped using the cream immediately. The rash did not improve.

Over the next few months mum and dad kept a food diary noting any changes in his skin as solids were introduced to Os diet. They noticed dairy products made his symptoms worse and certain foods made O very constipated.

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What Causes Eczema In Dogs

The most common form of eczema in dogs is actually atopic dermatitis in dogs, which overloads the immune system, which in turn causes inflammation. There are also several external allergens, substances, or irritants that can cause eczema in dogs, such as exposure to irritating chemicals, plants, or other substances.

Is Lotion Good For Eczema

baby rashes treatment #babyrashestreatment 20+ Simple ...

When petroleum jelly is good for eczema Another thing I love about petroleum jelly is that it lasts all day. People with severe eczema often need to apply the lotion several times a day. I have to apply a normal lotion several times, but the petroleum jelly is thicker and does not the skin.

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Vinca Minor For Eczema Of Scalp

In addition to Mezereum, another wonderful medicine for eczema where it appears on the scalp is Vinca Minor. The person needing Vinca Minor has eruptions in spots on the scalp. The eruptions ooze discharge that may result in matting of the hair. Excessive itching with an irresistible desire to scratch predominate.

Homeopathic Treatment Of Eczema In Babies

Throughout many areas of the world, parentsturn to homeopathy as a gentle and effective treatment for eczema especiallyin children who may be too young or too sensitive for more aggressivemedications or treatments. Since the number of eczema cases being diagnosedeveryday rises, its become more and more important for homeopathic experts tofind remedies that work, and to make them available to parents who are lookingfor a solution.

Homeopathy works by introducing a safeelement into the body that inspires a change. Homeopathic remedies dontactually contain a high volume of medication, so theyre extremely gentle andoften very effective. For babies and small children, homeopathic remedies foreczema can be a great option since they are generally well tolerated by peopleof all ages.

While working with a homeopath will giveyour child the very best advice and guidance for their healing, there are somecommon remedies that get used often with success


Natural baths can help soothe the skin,start the healing process, relieve itching, and soothe the nerves. Many parentshave worked with a variety of methods that include oils, apple cider vinegar, herbs,and minerals.


Many homeopaths believe that the root causeof eczema is in the gut and digestive system. Leaky gut syndrome, improper digestion,and inflammation could all be causes that add to immune issues and eczema soits a good place to look if you cant seem to get your childs flare ups undercontrol.


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