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Eczema Psoriasis On Black Skin

The Benefits Of African Black Soap

Psoriasis Treatment – Explained by Dermatologist

Black soap has a slew of benefits that make it an ideal remedy for the skin and scalp:

  • antibacterial and antimicrobial properties

For skin that needs extra soothing, this bar contains shea butter, aloe, and oats to calm inflammation. Skin is left clean and refreshed and in a more balanced state.

Besides skin-loving black soap and shea butter, this bar contains charcoal to help deeply cleanse and remove dirt and impurities from your pores. It is a good choice for acne-prone skin.

Use this soap to keep your skin feeling its best. It has lots of nourishing ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera. You can also create a lather and use it to shampoo your hair.

If you are battling scalp conditions, reach for this shampoo. It has botanicals and black soap to heal your scalp and keep your hair healthy. It also comes with a nozzle for ease of application.

Naturally Curly shop reviewer, D. Walker writes:

My type 4 hair loves this shampoo. I apply directly to my scalp once a week and all over my hair once a month. If I only shampoo once, then my hair is clean without being dried out. I will shampoo twice if I feel the need to clarify my hair. A staple in my hair regimen and the only shampoo I have purchased for the last year.

Like all Dr. Woods Black soaps, this one is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, yet it cleanses well. It can be used as an all-over body wash or as a face wash.

What If Its Not Psoriasis

Psoriasis is sometimes mistaken for other skin conditions. Heres what they usually look like on dark skin:

  • Eczema. This common condition is known for reddish, raised lesions. You also might have purple, dark brown, or gray patches.
  • Lichen planus. This autoimmune condition can cause white lesions or purplish bumps. In some cases it can appear inside your mouth.
  • Fungal skin infections. These can happen when the fungus among us infects your skin. This type of infection can make your skin itch, burn, or crack.
  • Cutaneous lupus erythematosus. This chronic autoimmune condition affects about two-thirds of folks with lupus. It can cause discolored patches on your skin.

Treatments For Scalp Psoriasis Often Dont Account For The Textures Hair Care Regimens And Styling Techniques Common Among Black People Here Solutions For Advocating For Yourself And Finding Relief

As distressing as psoriasis can be when it affects the skin, it can be just as upsetting when it strikes the scalp. Of the estimated 7.5 million Americans with psoriasis, about half have it on their scalp, with symptoms including fine scaling that looks like dandruff, or thick crusted plaques that cover the entire scalp.And for Black people, managing scalp psoriasis can bring an extra set of challenges.

For one, scalp psoriasis may present differently in Black patients, making it more difficult to diagnose. The color of the plaques can vary according to ones own skin complexion, says dermatologist Andrew Alexis, MD, MPH, at Weill Cornell Medicine, NY. In patients of color, they may not be as obviously red and may vary in hue to red/brown or a violet color compared to what psoriasis looks like in lighter skin.

Because Black hair requires less washing, scalp psoriasis often advances to more severe stages in populations of African descent, says Dr. Alexis. There is often a greater degree of scaling, Dr. Alexis explains, which can affect quality of life even more for patients of color than for other patient populations.

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What Causes Eczema In Infants And Children

Eczema is brought about by the complex interplay of a genetic predisposition and the childs environment. Many things from the climate to possible allergens can cause eczema to flare. We know that eczema tends to run in the families with a predisposition to other atopic diseases, such as food allergies, asthma and hay fever. Individuals with atopic dermatitis may lack certain proteins in the skin, which leads to greater sensitivity. Parents with eczema are more likely to have children with eczema. However, the exact way it passes from parents to children is still not known. Most children who have eczema will show signs of the condition in the first year of life. It tends to wax and wane in severity.

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Living With Scalp Psoriasis

eczema: Eczema On Face Black People

Being a Black woman, hair is such a big deal, says Nicole Cech, 26, an artist in Californias East Bay Area. There is a lot of thought about growing and maintaining our hair. Until about 2008, it was hard to even find products for Black hair in mainstream stores.

By the time Nicole began to understand her 4C hair and finally found products that worked, she got hit with a massive psoriasis flareup. In 2020, her hair started coming out in clumps her scalp was inflamed and she had silvery patches that extended down my neck and back. It was really stressful, recalls Nicole. I thought, Oh, man, Im putting all this effort into understanding my hair and growing my hair and now this.

Yet her diagnosis of scalp psoriasis didnt come easy. I was going to a derm who didnt think I had psoriasis because I also had eczema and only two percent of the population has both, says Nicole. She has since found a dermatologist who is Black, who diagnosed her psoriasis and then psoriatic arthritis down the line. That was the beginning of me being able to make adjustments to my hair care routine.

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Dermicoll Pure Marine Collagen Best Eczema Cream Over The Counter

Dermicoll ointment is the only eczema cream on the market that contains the highest quality, bioactive salmon collagen that is easily absorbed into your skin. It also contains Jojoba oil and Eucerin that help hydrate your skin, restoring its naturally elasticity and healing skin texture.

One of the biggest worries about Eczema is the unsightly proliferation of skin scales and skin dandruff. Dermicoll claims that they are the fastest cream on the market to eliminate unwanted scales better and faster than any other eczema cream on the market.


  • It can heal all three types of eczema in a matter of days.
  • It soothes the itchiest skin and by soothing the itching, putting a stop to the vicious cycle of itchy and starching. Itching leads to starching and starching leads to spreading the eczema, so more itchy dry skin.
  • Even though it is called an ointment, it isnt a thick greasy ointment. It is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed by your skin without leaving a tacky feeling on your skin.


  • It is one of the most experience eczema creams on the market, but only a small bit is needed to cure and heal your skin.
  • It can cause a serious allergic reaction in those who have an allergy to sea fish such as salmon.
  • It is not found at most pharmacies but can easily be ordered online or purchased from your dermatologist.

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It May Help Reduce The Impact Of Eczema

What is Eczema? – Eczema, Dry skin, and How to Treat

African black soap may also help people living with eczema. However, it is not yet clear exactly how effective it is for this purpose.

A research survey showed that of participants use black soap to treat eczema. Of those who use black soap for eczema, 29% were very satisfied with results, while 71% were somewhat satisfied.

Researchers need more evidence to fully prove the effectiveness of black soap for reducing eczema, however.

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Patches Arent Identical Across Races

Although people of any race, skin type, or skin shade can get psoriasis, it often presents itself differently on light and dark skin:

  • On darker skin types, psoriasis may appear violet with grey scales. It may also appear dark brown and be more difficult for providers to diagnose.
  • On lighter skin types, psoriasis often appears pink or red with a silvery-white scale.

Era Organics Best Eczema Cream For Face

Era organics has designed a super food for your skin, jam-packed with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your skin needs to provide relief from your eczema. They guarantee that their cream will heal and cure your dry, cracked, scaly, painful and itchy skin and that they have 100% customer satisfaction, if you are not completely satisfied, they will refund your money, no questions asked.

Their cream contains wholesome ingredients such as organic Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and much more. They use the best ingredients to give you the best eczema cream . Their non-toxic, hypoallergenic creams are quickly absorbed into your skin and are safe to use all over your body, wherever you are having an eczema flare-up. It helps repair damaged skin and prevents future flare-ups and is safe for all ages.


  • Made in the USA and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, with no questions asked.
  • It has a light, non-greasy formula that is quickly absorbed into your skin, meaning no sticky feeling skin or oily marks left on your clothes.
  • It is hypoallergenic and contains no alcohol that can dry out the skin more. It can be used on mild to severe cases of eczema and in less than 24 hours, you can expect to see results.
  • This cream is moderately priced and a small dab can go a long way.


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Eczema Affects All Skin Colors

Eczema is a common disease affecting mostly children, and it does not discriminate against skin color. Light skin and dark skin tones are equally affected.

Similar symptoms appear in dark skin as in light skin:

  • Changes in skin color on the eczema patch
  • Thickening of the skin

In atopic eczema, which presents in flare-ups, skin also feels dry and tight, even in periods of remission. Intense itching can impede sleep and cause children to become irritable.

Symptoms Of Psoriasis On Darker Skin

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Eczema &  Psoriasis Soap Review

Compared to those with lighter skin tones, darker people with psoriasis may have more dyspigmentation of the skin.

Zoe Hansen / Verywell Health

Studies show Black psoriasis patients feel they have more severe psoriasis in comparison to other groups. Meanwhile many patients with darker skin tones actually report less erythema, or redness, and are more likely to have violet or dark brown plaques.

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What Is Eczema Cream

Eczema cream is a term that describes any moisturiser or medicated treatment applied to the skin to ease the symptoms of eczema. Applying creams to the skin is vital when you have eczema, as the condition is caused by dryness in the skin.

Some eczema creams can be bought without needing to speak to a pharmacist or doctor. Other eczema creams can be obtained in your local pharmacy, bought online or require a prescription from a doctor.

Remedy Dermatology Series Body Lotion For Dry Skin 12 Oz Unscented Lotion Paraben Free Lotion For Sensitive Skin White Unscented

  • LAST UP TO 24 HOURS Remedy Dermatology Series Body Lotion is formulated by skin care specialists to help skin stay hydrated and retain moisture for up to 24 hours Great for sensitive skin
  • PROPRIETARY BOTANICAL BLEND Contains a proprietary botanical complex of soothing antioxidants and vitamins for skin nutrition
  • SOOTHES, HYDRATES & MOISTURIZES Safflower oleosomes provide lasting moisturization with natural oils Additional ingredients include green tea, clove flower and soy
  • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED This moisturizing lotion is pH balanced, paraben free, fragrance free & hypoallergenic with no aloe, phthalates or sulfates
  • NATIONAL ECZEMA ASSOCIATION SEAL OF ACCEPTANCE The National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance only accepts products that have satisfied the criteria for use for those with eczema or sensitive skin conditions

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Bigger Burden On Darker Skin Types

Studies suggest that the quality-of-life effect of psoriasis on patients with darker skin types, including African Americans and Hispanics, may be greater than it is in Caucasians, according to Dr. Alexis.

Psoriasis in skin of color. Photo credit: Andrew Alexis, M.D.

Potential reasons for this include the tendency to develop pigmentary abnormalities in association with psoriasis. So, after the psoriasis clears, there are persistent dark or light patches and vulgaris, which can last for many weeks or many months, depending on the person, Dr. Alexis says. Cultural perceptions of the disease that might also adversely impact quality of life.

Ethnicity figures from a 2012 National Psoriasis Foundation study suggest that 87% of psoriasis cases are in Caucasians 4% in the Hispanic/Latino population 2% in African Americans 2% Asian Americans 1% in Native Americans and 2% in others.

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A 2011 study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology by Dr. Alexis et al. found that Latinos, African-Americans and Asians are more deeply affected by psoriasis, physically and psychologically, than Caucasians.

NEXT: Differences in presentation

Cultural Considerations In The Management Of Ad

How I Cleared Up My Eczema | My Eczema Journey PICTURES INCLUDED

Recognition of common cultural practices and traditional herbal remedies used for the treatment of AD is paramount. In African, Asian and Hispanic cultures, patients often use herbal remedies for skin ailments prior to seeking dermatological care, which may have significant implications on treatment outcome., While some cultural remedies have been shown to be beneficial in AD, the associated risks are largely unknown.

In Chinese, Korean and South-East Asian cultures, oral herbal preparations, bath therapy and topical treatments are commonly used for skin conditions. Interestingly, ingestion of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Japanese Kampo medicines may improve erythema and inflammation in patients with AD and may have additive benefits when combined with Western medicine.- A meta-analysis of 9 randomized controlled trials showed that a combination of CHM and Western medicine is superior to Western medicine alone, and that, when compared to placebo, CHM significantly improves erythema, surface damage, pruritus, sleep scores and quality of life. Several adverse events have been reported with the use of CHM, including liver enzyme elevations, gastrointestinal upset, rashes, dizziness and headache., Therefore, providers should thoroughly review the risk/benefit profile with any patient who uses or plans to use CHM.

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Symptoms Of Discoid Eczema

Discoid eczema causes distinctive circular or oval patches of eczema. It can affect any part of the body, although it does not usually affect the face or scalp.

The first sign of discoid eczema is usually a group of small spots or bumps on the skin. These then quickly join up to form larger patches that can range from a few millimetres to several centimetres in size.

On lighter skin these patches will be pink or red. On darker skin these patches can be a dark brown or they can be paler than the skin around them.

Initially, these patches are often swollen, blistered and ooze fluid. They also tend to be very itchy, particularly at night.

Over time, the patches may become dry, crusty, cracked and flaky. The centre of the patch also sometimes clears, leaving a ring of discoloured skin that can be mistaken for ringworm.

You may just have 1 patch of discoid eczema, but most people get several patches. The skin between the patches is often dry.

Patches of discoid eczema can sometimes become infected. Signs of an infection can include:

  • the patches oozing a lot of fluid
  • a yellow crust developing over the patches
  • the skin around the patches becoming hot, swollen and tender or painful

Wild Naturals Eczema Body Wash : With Manuka Honey + Aloe Vera Soothe And Calm Itch Dry Skin Psoriasis Relief Soap For Sensitive Skin Unscented Moisturizing And Sulfate Free

  • SOOTHING RELIEF Our first ingredient is organic aloe vera, not water like most skin care products. Aloe moisturizes deep into skin, and helps calm irritation, redness, cracked, inflamed, itchy or irritated skin.
  • FOR SENSITIVE SKIN perfectly pH balanced at 5.5 just like your own skin that means it wont strip vital oils or disturb your skins natural barrier, which helps maintain moisture balance.
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS No sulfates, no SLS , no dyes or harsh preservatives . For men and women. Safe for kids and baby. Non-medicated, so use as often as needed. Cruelty free and no animal testing.
  • MANUKA HONEY Is a powerful moisturizer packed with vitamins and minerals. Honey seals in moisture to protect dry, damaged skin, but manuka honey is the most potent honey on earth found only in New Zealand.
  • OUR GUARANTEE If you are in any way not satisfied with this product, please contact us for a full refund. We do ask that you try it for 30 days, while not using regular soap. Youll be happy you did!

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