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Eczema Cream For Baby Acne

Heres When To Take Your Baby To The Doctor

DIY Baby Lotion – Homemade – Improves Eczema and Baby Acne

If your baby is really uncomfortable, , you might want to consult with their pediatrician, who might recommend a visit to an allergist or dermatologist to help ease the itch and identify the real issue behind Babys skin irritation. Its also important to look for lesions: Keep an eye out for a potential skin infection look for red streaks, pus, yellow scabs or an open wound/lesion, advises Dr. Agarwal. Your pediatrician might recommend anti-itch medications or even an antihistamine to help soothe the suffering.

Seeing your babys sweet skin covered in bumps might be a bummer, but know that its not permanent. Speak with your pediatrician to confirm if its baby acne or eczema, and then seek the proper treatment. That way, their skin will be beautiful and not bumpy.

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Hear It From Another Mama:


I love this cream for my kids! My daughter has eczema and finding something that keeps her skin moisturized and keeps flare-ups at bay has been quite the journey. We use the oil on top of the cream in the evenings after bath and just the oil in the mornings – She likes that it’s not cold! I must admit – I really like the oil balm for myself. I typically opt out of lotions but it leaves my skin silky smooth with an incredible subtle scent! Venus

Bubbsi beats Aquaphor!We recently tried out the new Bubbsi balm and cream, and my 3 year old son loves them! The texture of the balm is moisturizing yet glides smoothly, making it a welcome alternative to Aquaphor, which was always our go-to for particularly dry areas before. My son has some eczema, and the coconut seems to decrease the inflammation more than other products. Finally, as my son told me, I like the name Bubbsi! This is a terrific natural product with an adorable package. We Bubbsi! Rupa

Just The BestHonestly haven’t used anything else on my baby since I bought this set. It cured her baby acne, cradle cap, diaper rash, etc etc Not to mention it keeps her skin soft and smelling so delicious with no yuck artificial scents or colors. Only thing we need on our shelf and the refill sizes make it easy to store and stock up. Amazing stuff. xx Crystal

Natural Remedies For Baby Acne

If youre eager to test out natural home remedies to treat babys skin, its smart to first check in with your pediatrician, who can assess your childs skin and make sure those treatments wont cause any additional harm. Most natural remedies arent well studied in children, so its hard to predict what side effects may occur, ONeill says. Particularly with something you may be putting on your babys skin, you might run the risk of causing further irritation or inflammation. Some natural remedies for baby acne that you may want to discuss with babys doctor include:

Coconut oil. Coconut oil is a tried-and-true baby acne treatment around the world and one Baker recommends to his own pediatric patients. This ultra-hydrating oil can help moisturize babys skinjust add a few drops to a cotton ball and swab over babys face.

Changing your diet. Nursing? It may be worth discussing your current breastfeeding diet with your pediatrician, who may recommend cutting back on certain foods, like dairy or citrus. While these arent the direct causes of baby acne, eliminating them may help improve babys overall skin condition, especially if theyre also dealing with eczema.

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What Does Baby Eczema Look Like

Infant eczema, like adult eczema, appears as patches of red, dry, flaky skin. Eczema can show up anywhere on your babys skin, but it is most common on the cheeks or in the creases of the elbows and knees.

It sounds pretty straightforward, but sometimes eczema is confused with other common baby skin conditions like cradle cap and neonatal or infant acne, so lets take a look at how they differ:

How Is It Treated

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Because there is not yet a cure for eczema, our treatment goals are to reduce itching and skin inflammation, and to prevent infection. The best treatment for eczema is a proactive one, using gentle skin care and moisturizers to re-establish the skin barrier.

Infants and older childrens skin should be kept well moisturized, and washed with fragrance-free non-soap cleansers. We also recommend a fragrance-free ointment-based moisturizer, with petrolatum as either the only or the first ingredient. In young children and infants, it is reasonable to use an over-the-counter topical hydrocortisone ointment, which is a mild topical steroid, for up to a week.

But if the rash either persists or you find that you need to use the hydrocortisone more than one week out of the month, you should discuss further use with your childs pediatrician. You can apply the ointment, as prescribed, then a coat of petrolatum-based moisturizer, to help keep in the moisture.

If your childs skin does not respond well to any of these measures or becomes infected, contact your pediatrician, who can diagnose the condition and then prescribe another topical cream or antihistamine.

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Did My Baby Develop Eczema Because I Couldnt Breastfeed

As eczema is caused by genetic factors, bottle-feeding a baby definitely cannot cause eczema. In fact, current research is divided, with some studies showing positive effects of breastfeeding and others showing no significant effects at all.

Neither is there enough evidence to advise pregnant or breastfeeding women to avoid specific foods to protect unborn children from atopic eczema or any other atopic condition.

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Identify And Eliminate Triggers

The key to reducing baby eczema flare-ups is knowing whats causing them in the first place.

It could be something as simple as dried saliva on your babys face thats to blame for irritating their skin, which could be treated by applying a thin layer of plain petroleum around their mouth before naps and feedings. Other triggers could be sweat, the aforementioned pet dander, pollen, or dry air, as well as certain clothing and product ingredients.

If you suspect something specific, try removing or replacing it in your babys environment and see if it helps ease their symptoms.

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Aveeno Vs Cetaphil For Eczema

CETAPHIL RESTORADERM Eczema Soothing Moisturizer is developed for the soothing and moisturizing of the skin that is sensitive, eczema-prone. AVEENO Eczema Therapy dermatologist-recommended moisturizer eczema brand, our daily eczema cream is meant to avoid additional dry skin recurrence. It is allergy-tested, without steroids and scent, and suitable for day-to-day body consumption.

December 12, 2017 by Amelia Zamora

I never knew babies could get acne. I always thought it was just one of those awkward things teenagers and sometimes adults get to make life a tad more embarrassing. Thanks hormones. But as I soon found out, babies can get acne too! But how to clear baby acne was the next question.

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Now I never realized baby acne was a thing before I had my daughter. She ended up getting this weird rash on her face around 4-6 weeks old.

I, as a new Mom, freaked out!

I was shocked at these tiny little white pimple type bumps that ended up all over my daughters face.

I felt so bad for her. Even though she didnt seem affected by it, it just looked painful.

After researching different articles on baby rashes and looking at other photos of baby faces that looked similar my daughters , I came to the conclusion she had baby acne.

I couldnt stand seeing her in pain .

Now if you are anything like me, I couldnt just leave it alone.

How To Treat Your Babys Acne

Nap Time Review – Episode 4 (Aveeno Baby Eczema Cream, Hydrocortisone Cream)

Most of the time your babys acne will resolve on its own, but there are steps you can take that may help speed the process along.

Dr. Kemmy suggests the following tips to help treat acne in babies:

  • Cleanse the affected areas twice daily with a gentle cleanser
  • Be gentle and avoid rubbing or scrubbing
  • Use lukewarm water
  • Use oil-free and non-comedogenic moisturizers that wont clog pores
  • Dont use over-the-counter products intended for teenage or adult acne, such as products that contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or adapalene, unless directed by your health professionalthey will be too harsh for the babys skin

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Tips To Prevent Baby Acne Or Not Make It Worse

  • Be gentle with the babys skin, especially when taking a bath. If your baby is already experiencing acne, avoid scrubbing the affected area to avoid causing irritation, and to help it heal faster.
  • Use lukewarm water when washing your babys skin.
  • As much as possible, use a mild soap, fragrance-free or a soap-free cleanser when washing your babys skin. It may be best to ask your doctor for product recommendations to know whats best for your babys skin type.
  • Avoid using adult acne products such as those with erythromycin or retinoids on your babys skin as they may be too strong and may cause further skin issues.
  • Avoid using oily or greasy products that may aggravate baby acne. Its also best to skip the lotion and heavy creams.
  • Most of all, please do not squeeze baby acne as this many only irritate your babys skin, cause scarring and/or just make it worse.

Treatment For Baby Eczema

Treating baby eczema is a little less straightforward, since there can be multiple triggers from genetic, environmental, and dietary origins. And every infants situation is unique, so its usually best to take a multi-pronged approach.

This can include seeking the help of your child’s pediatrician, a dermatologist, and an allergist. You might also see a pediatric nutritionist, if food allergies or intolerances are suspect.

Other parents swear by alternative therapies for eczema performed by acupuncturists and naturopaths, whose efficacy with treating eczema are just recently being studied and showing promising initial results. Below are some traditional go-tos for treatment.

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How To Use Aveeno Active Naturals

Follow these instructions:

  • Apply the product while the skin is still moist after bathing/showering.
  • If you have really dry skin, your doctor may advise you to soak the affected region before using the lotion.
  • Bathing/washing for an extended period of time, in hot water, or on a regular basis can worsen dry skin.

Treatment For Baby Acne

Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Cream 141gm

Even though baby acne can look similar to adult acne, you must treat it differently. Keep in mind that infant skin is sensitive, and handling it incorrectly could result in scarring.

Additionally, never try to pop any pimples or squeeze any blackheads. Yes, I know it may be tempting. But, not only can you increase the chance of infection.

So, to all of you pimple-popping mommas, here are a few ways to treat your babys acne.

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Does Baby Eczema Go Away On Its Own

Baby eczema needs treatment to go away completely. The best treatment is using moisturizer daily or several times each day to keep your babys skin hydrated.

Most cases of baby eczema clear up by the time they start school, around age 4 or 5. Sometimes eczema can go away or reduce in severity as your child reaches adolescence or by the time they turn into adults. As your child grows, they may have sensitive skin or flare-ups of eczema symptoms throughout their life.

Symptoms Of Childhood Acne

Acne typically presents as small, red bumps and pimples on the skin, caused by the mix of oil, bacteria and hormones from the mother its really just a way for your babys skin to get used to life outside the womb.

Acne typically presents as small, red bumps and pimples on the skin.

The main difference between infant acne and eczema is that acne, whilst it may look unsightly, wont itch. Also, infant acne usually develops in newborn babies who are just a few weeks old and generally it will disappear before they are six months.

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Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a highly contagious viral infection. HFMD commonly causes blisters or sores to appear in or around the mouth or on the hands or feet. The rash may be seen in one or more of these locations.

The rash looks like red blisters or bumps. As the disease progresses, the sores may crust over. The spots may be harder to identify on darker skin tones.

While it can occur in anyone, its more commonly seen in children under 5 years old.

Additional symptoms may include:

Because HFMD is a viral infection, there is no treatment. People typically recover within 7 to 10 days.

Talk with your babys pediatrician to determine if you can offer baby acetaminophen to help make your child more comfortable while they recover. Your pediatrician may also recommend ibuprofen in babies 6 months and older.

A pediatrician may also be able to recommend over-the-counter or prescription topical ointments to help relieve pain from the sores.

Limit acidic or spicy foods, such as citrus, as these can irritate the sores. Instead, offer cold foods, like popsicles, to help soothe sores in the mouth. Its also important to keep your child isolated and out of care settings until the sores have healed. HFMD is extremely contagious.

Repairing And Caring For The Skin Barrier:

Tubby Todd Review – Lotion for Baby Acne, Eczema, Dryness, Diaper Rash and More

For children with eczema, the skin barrier isnt holding in water well. As a result, the skin becomes dry, cracked, and itchy. Gentle skin care daily is important to improve the skin barrier. As part of this, give your child a bath every day or every other day for 5-10 minutes in lukewarm water. No soap is needed, but something gentle without a fragrance is fine for sweaty/dirty areas. Use a soft sea sponge or Kyte BABY washcloths instead of anything rough.

Pat your childs skin dry after the bath or shower and consider a Kyte BABY hooded towel. If your doctor has prescribed any topical medicines, apply these to the areas of rash .

Apply a moisturizer to the whole body immediately after bathing . This helps lock in the moisture of the water. The thicker the moisturizer, the better it will work. Ointments such as petroleum jelly are good choices. Most importantly, find a moisturizer that your child likes to use. Moisturizers should be applied every day, even when the rash is gone.

Dress your child in soft fabrics like bamboo. Use mild, fragrance-free laundry detergents. Dont use fabric softeners or fabric sheets in the dryer.

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Do Not Pick At The Bumps

You may be tempted to pop or pick at the bumps on your babys face. Do your best to resist this urge. Breaking open the acne does little good in the long run and can lead to infection and scarring.

You might even cause your babys sebaceous glands to kick into high gear and produce even more oil. That extra oil on your babys skin can cause yet another acne breakout.

When To Call Your Doctor

Home treatments for baby eczema should help to reduce their symptoms, and youll likely receive the same general advice from your family doctor or pediatrician. However, if youre finding that your babys eczema isnt getting better or still causing them discomfort within a week or two after starting at-home treatment, its possible that a prescription medication might be needed.

Another instance in which you should call your doctor is if you notice that your babys eczema becomes yellowish, light brown, or has blisters on top of the affected area. This might be a sign of a bacterial infection, which requires antibiotics.

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Baby Eczema Vs Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is another common condition that can cause flaking skin, so its important to be able to distinguish between eczema and cradle cap. Luckily, if you take a look at the color and location of your babys dry skin, you should have no problem identifying the correct condition.

Eczema typically appears red and pink, while cradle cap results in white or yellow flakes. Cradle cap also typically occurs on the scalp, behind the ears, on the eyelids and eyebrows, or on the sides of the babys nose.

Proper Skincare To Decrease Itchiness And Prevent Scratching

Calendula Rash &  Baby Acne Cream  Extra Soothing Moisturizing Cream ...

Try to stop your child from scratching as much as possible since scratching can make the skin feel even more itchy. Scratching can also lead to open sores which can lead to skin infections. Keep your childs nails cut short. Consider scratch sleeves for sleep.

Wet wrap treatments. Apply wet wraps AFTER bathing and applying topical medicines and moisturizers. Heres how:

  • Soak a pair of pajamas or onesies in warm water.
  • Wring out the pajamas until they are damp and not dripping.
  • Put the damp pajamas on your child, with dry pajamas on top.
  • Make sure the room is warm or provide a warm blanket, so your child doesnt feel cold.
  • Keep the wet wraps on for at least a half an hour, or leave them on overnight.

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