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Be The Change In The World

An Interview With Dr. Aron on Treating Eczema

As someone trained in the healthcare profession, we are taught many basic principles from our books and tend to accept them as “gold standards”. The fact is that even when I tried to do local followups with doctors and shared my positive experiences in a professional light, many are fearful of being “caught” endorsing Dr Aron’s regimen simply because of the lack of exposure. In Dr Aron’s case, he had to fight negative professionals, insist on his regimen and allow his successful patients to help him “promote” agressively, against possible consequences of being denounced from the medical board for not following researched protocol. He, alone, with his belief and tenacity to stand up for what is right has changed the Eczema treatment regime.

After Finding Out More I Was Extremely Curious And Reassured By How Aron Regimen Based On Such A Simple Concept And Gentle Formulation Could Be The Miraculous Cure Of Secondary Eczema Infection That Had The Whole World Of Dermatalogists Stumped For Decades

To be honest, I was in a wrecked state from anxiety and sleeplessness. Normal life was hard to carry on, time was ticking fast and my daughter’s shine was waning day by day.

Eczema was killing us literally.

I decisively took a big leap of faith within 24 hours of reading about Dr Aron, went to his website at, clicked on the consultation button, paid a few hundred dollars for it and prayed.

After that, then I defensively informed my husband that I am trying one more treatment with an African doctor online. Believe me, he was mortified !

Needless to say, Aron Regimen worked within 3 days to restore sleep back to normal. Her skin took at least 4 weeks to recover and another 6 months before the raw skin completely disappeared.

Day 4 update for Dr Aron report

Bottom line of this miracle is: my girl could eat anything she wanted once her skin healed, sleep was restored, her cheeky mood came back.

To this day, I shudder when I think of the times when the whole family would take turns carrying or accompanying her throughout the night just to ease the scratching.

I Have Been In Practice As A Dermatologist For Forty Years In 2008 I Decided To Offer My Treatment Regimen As A Service To Patients Worldwide Via The Internet In The Last Ten Years Years I Have Treated Approximately 10000 Patients With Ae In America Canada The United Kingdom Australia New Zealand South Africa And Countries Further Afield I Believe That This Reflects The Generally Positive Outcome Of The Aron Regimen

The principles of my treatment are the use of readily obtainable products, viz. steroid, antibiotic and moisturising creams, advice in regard to diet, sport and exercise, bathing, clothing and sun protection to create a holistic treatment structure. The FAQ page provides further information.

There is a created by parents of children who have been successfully treated by me. This is a fund of information and support, please consider joining.

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Still Struggling With Healing

Ive tried a lot of treatments and diets in the past, but the one thing that made the biggest difference is focusing on nutrition to heal from the inside out.

It is also very important to work with a healthcare practitioner to make sure you can adjust to this type of lifestyle and stay on track!

If you are embarking on the the eczema or topical steroid withdrawal journey and interested in a skin health coach to support you, please contact me via and for a complimentary 30min call!

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Dr Arons Use Of Cln For Patients In The Non

Old Treatment New Option to Eczema Patients

Dr. Aron recently added CLn BodyWash and Gentle Shampoo to his Aron Regimen. He prescribes CLn products for patients who have passed through the acute phase of the condition. Read how he recommends the cleansers be added to maintenance routines.

Dr. Anwar: When do you add the CLn range into your regimen?

Dr. Aron: I do not use it in the acute phase of the inflammation, but as soon as I have obtained what I consider to be adequate control of eczema and the patients inflammatory aspects have calmed down by measuring the level of reduction in itch and the improvement in the level of the sleep pattern, I then introduce the product usually on a three times weekly basis.

We hope youve found this informational post helpful. We are refreshing CLn Skin Cares YouTube channel to include additional interviews with doctors that use CLn in their practices. And well have some follow-up interviews with past CLn users posted soon as well. Stay tuned for more video content soon!

Disclaimer: The contents of this website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. The information, graphics, and images on this website are not intended to substitute diagnosis and/or treatment by a medical professional. These products have been clinically tested and proven to be safe for intended use. Always seek the advice of a physician with any questions you may have regarding a specific medical condition.

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What Were The Risks

Having seen many cases of skin thinning and steroid withdrawal rebounds from friends and patients, these risks are real and for a young girl whose hormones are so crucial for development, I was not ready to plunge into this easy way out or so it seemed at that time.

As with all diseases that take life out of everyone, I started turning to religion, to pray for clarity and wisdom, and for the right guidance to pop straight into my life.

At this turning point or rather breaking point when I was about to surrender my girl to traditional western eczema therapy, the miracle happened.

My girl’s childcare best friend’s mummy casually said, ” I remembered that my neighbour’s kid’s eczema got cured by a Dr, let me ask them who is it.”

I never knew that would be the ANSWER to my years of trauma.

Hear What Eczema Specialist Dr Aron Has To Say About

As a physician and inventor, I welcome any and all opportunities to discuss health issues with other medical professionals. At the most recent American Academy of Dermatology meeting, I had the chance to sit down with the esteemed South African eczema specialist Dr. Richard Aron. Read on to hear what Dr. Aron of the famous Aron Regimen has to say about causes of eczema and how he uses CLn.

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Story Of How An African Dermatologist Saved Our Lives From Eczema

Food Grade Sanitizers| Food Innovation Emulsifiers| Animal Nutrition|- Sustainability Solutions SG MY

Eczema kills,not just physically but mentally, and not just the sufferer, but whole families.

This is a long story of how Eczema had caused pain and taught me many lessons in the suffering of it.

My first baby was the unfortunate bearer of these lessons, and I felt it would be selfish to keep the learnings to myself after all that we had been through.

Eczema is a disease that creeps up insidiously onto anyone. When my baby girl first started scratching at joints, I was that confident mum that all super mums started out as, thinking that it is just normal to have itchy skin for kids.

Like most first time mums, I did my best to give the most natural and clean things in life to my baby. From exclusively breastfeeding for two full years, to spending more on organic, preservative-free, chemical-reduced products.

What in the world did I do wrong to cause Eczema to get so out of control in my precious toddler girl?

Mum guilt was tough, however it propelled me to be brave, to face difficult decisions, spent countless money and to own the studying process that back up the decisions. After all, my baby counted on me to save her life.

What we tried:

Will Using The Antibiotic Cause Bacterial Resistance

Dr Aron Discussing Treatment of Eczema on ABC Action News

Bacteria can and do become resistant to the cream but the use of fusidic acid in the mixture produces such an incredibly rapid degree of relief from the itch and burn and redness that any such risk is worth taking. When control is achieved the antibiotic element in the mixture may be removed. If there is resistance to Fusidic acid cream I switch to Mupirocin cream. In America fusidic acid is not yet available so I use mupirocin cream.

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How Does The Aron Regimen Work

Fifty years ago, when Aron was a resident, he learned the art of compounding: mixing two or more ingredients by hand to create personalized remedies for patients with a variety of skin conditions.

Back in 1967, Id take a bit of steroid and a little antiseptic and mix them with an emulsifying agent, he said. Later, as more refined products became available, I fine-tuned the mixture, and my results started becoming more predictable.

Dr. Richard Aron

Aron decided to include an antiseptic component because of his belief that the single-most important factor in severe eczema is the presence of bacterial infection. A staph infection may not be the original cause of the disease, but in moderate to severe cases, it often becomes the major driver of inflammation.

Heres how the Aron Regimen is thought to work. The steroid component reduces the inflammation. The antiseptic ingredient eliminates the bacterial infection. And the moisturizer dilutes the steroid. The diluting effect allows for uninterrupted, long-term therapy, which is essential for preventing relapse, Aron explained.

Conventional treatment involves the use of more potent steroids in short-term bursts followed by steroid holidaysan approach that can sometimes result in eczema rebound if maintenance therapy is not included. By contrast, Arons compounded treatment is designed to be used long term, starting with three to four applications per day and steadily tapering off until the symptoms subside.

One Year With Dr Aron

Its now been one year with Dr Aron! My little boy is just living a very normal life, he is healthy and happy. We use the cream only for maintenance now, so 1 application per week all over, and 2 x weekly for a couple of spots. Its a tiny amount, less than 1.5 grams of steroid per week.

Is he cured?: No, this is not a cure. Could he go into remission: There is every possibility, but even if he didnt and this is what he needs for the rest of his life then I am happy with that.

I would encourage any parent or adult struggling with eczema to give the Aron Regime a go, it really is life changing.

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Allergy Testing Through Naet With A Case Report On Successful Treatment Of A 3 Year Old’s Food Allergy

We visited the only general practitioner in Singapore trained in this method and started on food elimination diets. It was migraine-inducing to apply the needed treatment strategies as the food chart restriction was simply formidably intense. My girl who was about 4 years old then was tested allergic to almost everything, from white sugar to grains, gluten, fruits and milo!

Is this effective? We tried for a few months, stuck to all the appointments and diet protocol. Bottom line is that while allergic episodes of hypersensitivity in the form of large swollen patches were avoided to a greater extent, the eczema still persisted.

Use Practical Results As The Guiding Light To Consistent Messages

Eczema Resource Center

Occasionally, Dr Aron would write about certain cases and concerns in the social facebook group. What was most convincing was his reassurances using his actual recorded experiences and his personal involvement in all his patients. His deep understanding of how skin bacteria reacts on the skin coupled with the empathy on all the eczema-associated sufferings, brought out key nuances of the Aron Regimen that makes the messages additionally strong and powerful.

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Our Daughters Eczema Was Out Of Control Until We Found Dr Aron

Life was like Groundhog Day for our family but then a South African dermatologist and his regimen improved things considerably

Fucibet, Clobevate, hydrocortisone creams and gels, Daktacort, Epaderm, Elocon, E45, Dermol, Eumovate, calamine lotion, Pinetarsol solution, antihistamines, Piriton, Ucerax, wet wraps, dry wraps, cradle cap shampoo, all kinds of moisturisers, topical steroids, topical antibiotics, Prednisolone oral steroid, Elidel GPs, dermatologists and consultants all offered their own variation on this list. Chekhov said, When many solutions are offered, it means the problem is unsolvable, and thats how it felt for a very long time with our four-year-old daughter, who has had severe eczema since she was three months old.

Im not talking about some patches under her knees or on her wrists or arms, she was covered from head to toe in blistered, angry, weeping skin that she would scratch all day long. She never slept through the night. Not once. She would scratch so hard that her skin would bleed, which would make the application of cream all the more painful for her and her skin more exposed to infection and so the cycle would continue. It was worse at night when she would thrash around, crying inconsolably, frustrated by the scratch mitts , until she finally subsided beneath a wave of sedating antihistamines for a few blissful hours for her and us.

For us it was a waking nightmare. The sleep deprivation was utterly exhausting

Eczema Expert Defended By Parents

Dr Richard Aron’s methods are shunned by NHS doctors yet he gets results, say mothers whose children have gone through ‘hell

At 12 months, Albie Litchfield is glowing and peachy-skinned: a changed child, says his mother Milli. Aged six weeks, he developed a milk rash and a touch of cradle cap followed by a first, explosive outbreak of eczema.

By the time he was eight weeks, he had eczema top to toe. It was horrendous. His face was raw and oozing pus. Bits of his skin were falling off. It looked as if hed been burnt in a fire.

Aesthetics are the least of it. Eczema affects five million adults and children in Britain. In its mildest form, it can be controlled if patients can negotiate the array of topical steroids, emollients, antibiotics, antiseptics, and antihistamines variously prescribed in 75 per cent of cases, it clears by the teens.

But when severe, eczema is all-consuming. It ruins the sleep and wellbeing of children and parents, and reduces life, as one parent put it, to an absolute hell.

And yet, notes the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence , in its guidance on this chronic, inflammatory skin disorder, eczema, is not always recognised by healthcare professionals as being a serious medical condition.

Milli, whose home is in the Somerset village of Kingsbury Episcopi, says: Most NHS professionals said Albie might grow out of it, and to apply for disability allowance. I didnt want money. I wanted someone to fix my son.

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Red Skin Syndrome Dr Arons Recipe Is No Cure

Dr. Arons promise of homeopathic cure requires intense scrutiny. The 3500 patients that I have seen had remarkably similar medical histories that began with eczema in childhood. My contention is that within months they became addicted to the topical corticosteroids that were typically prescribed. The redness, oozing from the skin, and the generalized erythema that followed were all due to the corticosteroids they were using and not to worsening bad eczema.

People in distress never think that you feel enough.

Dr. Johnson

First, Dr. Aron is treating bad eczema which is the wrong diagnosis. These patients are not suffering from bad eczema they are suffering from Red Skin Syndrome which is the condition resulting from addiction to the topical corticosteroids that they have been using. Second, Dr. Arons step-down approach using less and less steroids with wraps is based on an old idea that was repudiated many decades ago called homeopathy. This treatment approach from the 1800s is based on the assumption that smaller and smaller doses of medication over time stimulates the body to cure itself and that particles or remnants of the drug will finally cause an end to the disease.

Is The Aron Regimen Too Good To Be True

Dr. Richard Aron at the Chicago Eczema Conference

After further investigation, I came across Dr. Marvin Rapaport who believes Dr. Arons approach is incorrect. Heres a short excerpt from his site:

First, Dr. Aron is treating bad eczema which is the wrong diagnosis. These patients are not suffering from bad eczema they are suffering from Red Skin Syndrome which is the condition resulting from addiction to the topical corticosteroids that they have been using. Second, Dr. Arons step-down approach using less and less steroids with wraps is based on an old idea that was repudiated many decades ago called homeopathy. This treatment approach from the 1800s is based on the assumption that smaller and smaller doses of medication over time stimulates the body to cure itself and that particles or remnants of the drug will finally cause an end to the disease.

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Avoid All Irritants That May Aggravate The Condition These Include:

EXERCISE, SPORT AND SWIMMING in chlorinated or salt water, e.g. swimming pools or the ocean. Once control of the eczema is achieved and the skin has been stable/clear for 6 to 12 weeks, exercise, sport and swimming may be resumed under guidance.

Avoid synthetic and woollen CLOTHING. Only cotton should be allowed to come into direct contact with the skin. Where applicable, avoid sandpits, grass, paints, glue and play dough.

FOOD ADDITIVES such as artificial colourings and preservatives aggravate eczema and should be avoided. Freshly prepared meals are ideal and foods containing E-numbers should be avoided or at least restricted to an absolute minimum. If your child is on a dairy product alternative diet such as soya, do not change this when you start the treatment, although it may be possible to start dairy products in due course. If on dairy products, no change is necessary. Should you be convinced that your child is reactive or allergic to any particular food, continue to avoid.


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