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Is Glycerin Good For Eczema

Eight Benefits Of Glycerine For Skin Care

Top Ten Benefits & Uses of Glycerin for Face, Skin and Beauty

Glycerine is one of the most valuable substances in the world and is found in a wide variety of everyday products. Due to its outstanding moisturizing properties, glycerine is commonly used in skin care products. Whether you only use natural skin care products or household brands, it’s highly likely you’ll find glycerine on labels throughout your home.

Glycerine may sound like a foreign chemical, but natural glycerine exists in all animal and vegetable matter. Glycerine has many uses and benefits when it comes to beauty and skin care, but not all glycerine products are created equal. In this post, we’ll explain how glycerine works wonders for skin, how you can add glycerine to your skin care routine and which type of glycerine to use for maximum benefits.

How To Use Glycerin

You can incorporate glycerin into your beauty routine in many ways:

  • Face wash: Before you begin, rinse your face with cool water. You can use glycerin as a face wash by diluting it with water and using a damp cotton ball to wipe it all over your face. Allow it to soak into your skin for a minute and penetrate, then rinse with lukewarm water. You can also use it as part of a double cleanse routine.
  • Toner: Diluted with rosewater, glycerin makes a fabulous toner. Just a few tiny drops will tighten pores and give your face an overall refreshed look. Use half a cup of rosewater mixed with a few drops of glycerin, and apply before your moisturizer.
  • Moisturizer: You can make your own all-natural moisturizer by mixing glycerin and your kitchen staple vegetable oil, such as avocado oil, coconut oil, or olive oil.
  • Lip treatment: You can even use glycerin on your lips by mixing it with cocoa butter, shea butter, or even good old coconut oil. You can apply it to your lips before bed and wake up with moisturized lips. Lips are one area of your face that is often neglected especially as we get older, so be sure to add lip moisturizing as a step in your skincare night routine.

How To Use Aveeno Active Naturals

Follow these instructions:

  • Apply the product while the skin is still moist after bathing/showering.
  • If you have really dry skin, your doctor may advise you to soak the affected region before using the lotion.
  • Bathing/washing for an extended period of time, in hot water, or on a regular basis can worsen dry skin.

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Aveeno Vs Dove: Which Is The Better Body Wash For Eczema

Showering is one of the important aspects of an Eczema sufferers day. A shower helps clear the pores and allows the skin to function by cleaning the skin and removing dead skin cells. The cleansing action cleans the skin and removes bacteria and irritants that could cause rashes and other irritations.

One of the biggest brands for Eczema, Aveeno, has an array of products designed specifically for sensitive skin users. Aveeno is available worldwide and is commonly found in supermarket shelves making it highly accessible for anyone to try. It is a dermatologist brand that has been recommended for over 65 years.

A product that I use regularly and has massive acclaim in the Eczema communities is a sensitive skin body wash product from Dove. Introduced more than 60 years ago, Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever. Their products can be found in more than 150 countries.

Of the two, which is better?

Benefits Of Glycerin Soap

Top 10 Best Lotions for Eczema

Soaps vary a great deal in terms of their ingredients. For example, while some soaps make your skin dry, other soaps are very moisturizing. Glycerin soaps are considered to be one of the most moisturizing types of soap. The unique quality of this type of soap allows it to be both moisturizing and effective for all different kinds of skin. The benefits of glycerin soap help your skin become healthy and moisturized.

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Lets Talk About The Skin Barrier

Your skin barrier is the outermost layer of skin, aka the epidermis. Like armor, it protects your body from allergens, irritants, and even germs.

Researchers have found that folks with eczema atopic dermatitis in particular have a dysfunctional skin barrier. Basically, your skin isnt so great at keeping out the bad stuff, so it gets irritated and damaged more quickly.

When you slather on Vaseline, youre giving your skin an extra layer of protection from the outside world. Its like armor for your armor. Not only does it keep eczema triggers out, but it also keeps moisture locked in. Kinda cool, right?

Even cooler? Your skin barrier uses something called antimicrobial peptides to fight against germs and outside damage. And research shows that petroleum jelly boosts your antimicrobial peptide levels.

Fun fact: Aquaphor contains petroleum jelly *and* glycerin, which research shows can improve eczema.

Of course, if youre among the folks who live with eczema *and* acne, you might wanna try something without pore-clogging petroleum jelly. Just know that Aquaphor also contains lanolin, so avoid it if youre sensitive to that ingredient.

Give these hydrating, petroleum-free alternatives a whirl:

How To Apply Glycerin To Your Face

As a face wash

Glycerin removes dirt and pollution accumulated on your skin. It works as an excellent makeup remover too.

  • Rinse your face with water.
  • Take a little bit of glycerin on a cotton ball and dab it all over your face.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.
  • Allow it to absorb into the skin. Wash it off after a few minutes.

As a toner

Glycerin tightens your pores. Using it as a toner can work wonders for your skin. However, make sure you dont use too much of it.

  • Add a few drops of glycerin to half a cup of rose water.
  • Gently dab it onto your skin before applying your moisturizer.

As a moisturizer

Glycerin works as an excellent natural moisturizer for your skin, when diluted with water and other ingredients.

  • Wash your face thoroughly with a mild cleanser.
  • Apply your glycerin-based moisturizer gently on all areas of your face.
  • Ensure that you dont let it enter your eyes.
  • You can also make a DIY moisturizer by mixing glycerin with almond oil and 2 drops of any essential oil.

As a lip balm

Glycerin is gentler and more moisturizing than any chemical-based lip balms.

  • Mix glycerin with shea butter, cocoa butter or coconut oil.
  • Apply it on your lips after cleansing it.
  • Leave it overnight.

As A Cleanser

Glycerin is an effective ingredient in cleansers as it works extra to maintain moisture in your skin and prevent any skin irritation during the cleansing process.

As A Nourishing Mask

A glycerin face mask holds in moisture and effectively soothes dry skin.

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The Best Aveeno Body Wash For Eczema

The only Aveeno product line to avoid is the stress relief line because it is not fragrance free and it is targeted more for dry skin. The other lines are all fragrance free and targeted for those with sensitive skin. The Eczema line should be trailed first before the others because it was designed specifically for irritated skin.

It should be noted that all products contains oats. If you have a bad reaction to oats, then you should do a patch test before applying vast amounts. An allergy test can also be taken.

I have personally tried out the daily moisturizing, skin relief and eczema range. The differences is the texture and the aftermath feeling on your skin. In terms of effectiveness, I did not see any difference to my mid severe Eczema. I did however get some relief from the pain caused by my skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Emollient Use

Is GLYCERIN BAD or GOOD for FUNGAL ACNE? The TRUTH about Malassezia Folliculitis & Glycerin

Emollient therapy may be sufficient to control mild eczema and to eliminate symptoms .

Regular, liberal use of emollients can significantly reduce the severity of established eczema. Multiple studies have demonstrated that emollient therapy has a role in reducing the frequency and rate of flare-ups and the need for topical steroids while at the same time improving disease control by improving skin-barrier defects .

For optimal results, it is best to apply emollients to damp skin after bathing, but they can also be applied to dry skin at any time . Regular application 23 per day is recommended . The amount applied averages from 150200 g per week in young children to 500 g in adults . The therapeutic effects of emollients are reduced 6 hours after their application .

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Precautions And Tips Of Using Glycerin On Your Skin

  • Although glycerin is gentle on the skin, it is advised to conduct a patch test before applying it to your face. Dilute glycerin in rose water and apply the mixture to the back of your hand. Wait for 24 hours. If your skin doesnt experience any allergic reactions, its safe to be applied onto your face.
  • If you have sensitive skin, make sure to not use glycerin directly on your skin. Always dilute it.
  • Glycerin can cause sun sensitivity. It is advised for you to use glycerin at night before sleeping. If you do use it during the day, apply sunscreen before you step out.

Did You Know?

Glycerin can help you get rid of cracked and chapped lips, especially during the winter months. It’s far gentler on the skin when compared to chemical-laden lip balms.

Skincare Ingredients To Avoid If You Have Eczema According To Dermatologists

The epidermis is the largest and perhaps one of the most fundamental organs of our body. Not only is it a protective guardian against harmful bacteria strains like Staphylococcus aureus, its also a faithful gatekeeper, allowing oxygen, moisture and other nourishing elements in.

People with eczema need to be especially mindful of what theyre putting on their skin to keep it healthy and safe, while also knowing which things to avoid so as not to trigger inflammation and flare-ups. We asked two dermatologists to share top skincare ingredients to avoid if you are living with eczema or caring for a child with the condition.

Peter Lio, MD, assistant professor of clinical dermatology and pediatrics dermatology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and founding director of the Chicago Integrative Eczema Center, and Jeff Yu, MD, a dermatologist specializing in allergic contact dermatitis and occupational dermatitis in adults and children at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, offer the following advice:

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Best Vegan: Splendor Santa Barbara Pure Coconut Oil Soap

  • Much better lather than many eczema soaps

  • Mild but non-irritating scent from natural ingredients

  • Made with coconut oil, not palm oil

  • It doesnt last very long

  • Handmade bars are not always consistent in amount of scent or oil

Coconut oil has proven to be an anti-inflammatory ingredient, both for topical uses and consumption. It’s the first ingredient in Splendors Pure Coconut Oil Soap, alongside aloe juice, colloidal oats, organic chamomile, and organic calendula. These all-natural ingredients are void of chemical allergens and irritants, creating a creamy soap that moisturizes and calms dry skin.

Key Ingredients: Coconut oil | How to Use: With wet hands, rub the bar until it lathers apply to face, body, or hands, rinse, and dry.

  • For use in treatment of eczema, folliculitis, and acne

  • Safe for anyone 6 months and older

  • Cleanses without disrupting skin barrier

  • Some users reported breakouts or rashes after use

  • More costly than other eczema soaps

CLns BodyWash is designed to reduce redness, dryness, and flakiness. It’s a cleanser that is safe for daily use, preserved with sodium hypochlorite for a strong but calming sensation for your eczema. This body wash does not contain any parabens, steroids, or fragrances, so it’s a great choice for both adults and children.

This product is recommended by the National Eczema Association.

Key Ingredients: Sodium hypochlorite | How to Use: Wet skin and pump small amount of soap into hands lather, massage into skin, rinse, and dry.

Should I Treat Scalp Eczema Differently Than I Would Eczema On My Body

Know the 10 Uses of Glycerin

Its less about treating scalp irritation differently from eczema on the rest of your body than figuring out whether your symptoms triggered by irritants or by underlying medical conditions that disrupt your skins balance. That can be difficult to figure out without seeking professional advice from a dermatologist. “Avoiding triggers is essential to minimize worsening of symptoms, Idriss explains. Hence, the importance of seeking help from a board-certified dermatologist who can help you narrow down the cause through various testing methods in particular, patch-testing.

Ultraviolet light therapy can be used to treat eczema on parts of the body that can be exposed to a safer variance of UV light for extensive periods of time, such as your hands. But on your eyelids, which are thin and cannot be exposed to UV rays, or on your scalp , it may not work as a treatment. You can, however, use over-the-counter low-dose hydrocortisone cream, as recommended by Finney.

Hold off on the anti-dandruff shampoo or any new hair treatment until youve seen your dermatologist. Medicated rinses or shampoos may cause more harm than good due to the potential irritation from new ingredients. You have to identify the cause before offering a treatment plan, Gohara explains. The cause drives the solution.

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Prurituscan You Use It In A Sentence

You probably just know it simply as itch, but the medical term is actually pruritus. Pruritus is one of the most common symptoms associated with eczema, and you probably already know, it can be intense, unpleasant, and it can keep returning.

Scratching can worsen a continuous itch-scratch cycle of skin damage, inflammation, and worsening itch. This intense itch is experienced by many patients with eczema, and its associated with sleep disturbances as well as decreased quality of life.

Clearly theres much more to the eczema itch story. So if youre experiencing symptoms such as worsening itch or skin damage, it may be time to talk to your doctor.

Learn about the many different

What Are The Side Effects Of Using Glycerin

Glycerin is considered safe for use in skin products, so you don’t have to worry too much about any negative side effects. However, like with nearly all natural ingredients, it’s possible to be allergic to glycerin. If that’s the case, you might experience redness, a rash or itchiness. When that occurs, stop using the product immediately and look for an alternative that doesn’t have glycerin in it.


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Trying Out Qv Products To Keep Dry & Sensitive Skin From Flaring Up

Apart from the tips mentioned, I also tried out QVs range of products that are recommended by dermatologists. They are even used in Singapore hospitals as treatments for sensitive skin.

I used the QV Gentle Wash 1KG which is a soap-free body wash, then proceeded to slather on the QV Cream 500G once I hopped out. As extra precaution against triggering my inflamed skin, I pat myself dry instead of rubbing the bath towel across my skin.

I noticed that my skin did not feel taut after showering, something that Id often experience with regular soaps. Instead, my skin felt soft and moisturised from the 15% glycerin content of the wash. The ingredient helps hydrate skin while cleansing, without stripping away the skins natural oils.

The moisturiser did not feel uncomfortable despite its thick consistency. Applying just a very thin layer did the trick.

To maintain skin hydration, I applied QV Cream to the insides of my elbows, a sensitive area that would flare up every now and then. There are five active ingredients in the cream that makes it non-greasy and easier to be absorbed by the skin.

I found that its hydrating effects lasted quite a number of hours, even in an air-conditioned room where the air can be drying. It also helped to relieve itch from my dry and flaky skin.

Dr. Paul ChiaImage credit: QV

This post is brought to you by the Dermatology Practice and QV.

Is Glycerin Safe For Skin Conditions

Soap that cures acne and eczema!

Glycerin has powerful effects, but is equally delicate with your skin. Its friendly nature makes it appropriate even for sensitive skin. It’s one helpful option that shows improvement when treating psoriasis symptoms, for instance. According to scientific research, it can help relieve rosacea, dry skin, dermatitis , and even acne, soothing flaky, itchy, scaly, and deeply dehydrated skin. Still, glycerin is not hypoallergenic. So make sure to perform a patch test before applying it on sensitive and delicate areas.

As you can see, glycerin is quite the pal! It mimics the skins natural defenses and moisturizing properties. It even matches the skins temperature leaving a warm feeling when applied. It leaves your skin damp and dewy without expensive costs. Its such a potent ingredient, especially when its mixed with natural compounds. Make sure to stay away from ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate and other harsh chemical surfactants since they can diminish the effects of glycerin. Rosewater, vegetal oils and essential oils that are known for their beautification properties are glycerins best buddies.

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Burts Bees Burt’s Bees Renewal Intensive Firming Serum

Boasting skin-firming bakuchiola botanical ingredient often compared to retinoland a combination of glycerin, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin E, this affordable serum hydrates, nourishes, and protects skin, says Dr. Zeichner. Plus, it’s safe enough for those who are more sensitive to harsh ingredients.


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