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How To Use Witch Hazel For Eczema

When And How Are Topical Steroids Used


As a rule, a course of topical steroid is used when one or more patches of eczema flare up. The aim of treatment is to clear the flare-up and then to stop the steroid treatment.

It is common practice to use the lowest-strength topical steroid which clears the flare-up. So, for example, hydrocortisone 1% is often used, especially when treating children. This often works well. If there is no improvement after 3-7 days, a stronger topical steroid is usually then prescribed. For severe flare-ups a very strong topical steroid may be prescribed from the outset.

Sometimes two or more preparations of different strengths are used at the same time. For example, a mild steroid for the face and a moderately strong steroid for eczema on the thicker skin of the arms or legs. A very strong topical steroid is often needed for eczema on the palms and soles of the feet of adults because these areas have thick skin.

You should use topical steroids until the flare-up has completely gone and then stop using them. In many cases, a course of treatment for 7-14 days is enough to clear a flare-up of eczema. In some cases, a longer course is needed.

Many people with eczema require a course of topical steroids every now and then to clear a flare-up. The frequency of flare-ups and the number of times a course of topical steroids is needed vary greatly from person to person.

Skin Cleansers And Body Washes

If you have eczema, one of the worst things you can do is wash with traditional bar soaps. They are not only harsh but can strip away many of the skins natural oils , which are meant to protect it.

Choose an eczema-friendly soap or cleanser designed specifically for dry, sensitive skin. There is an ever-expanding range available on store shelves, the best of which carry the seal of acceptance from the National Eczema Association.

For infants, toddlers, and young children, you can choose to avoid cleansing products and opt for plain water baths only. Older children, teens, and adults may also benefit from soaping the hands, armpits, and groin rather than the entire body.

Antibacterial gels are ideal for cleaning hands, since their alcohol base does not bind with NMF.

How To Use Witch Hazel For Your Skin

Witch hazel is a versatile addition to your skincare routine. While it’s easy to use the natural astringent as-is on a cotton ball, blending it with other ingredients allows you to create a range of customized skincare products that suit your skin type perfectly. Use these simple tips to get healthy, glowing skin with simple, natural ingredients.

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What You Can Do In The Meantime

In the time leading up to your appointment, avoid products that seem to trigger your babyâs rash. Wash your babyâs bottom with water after each diaper change. Avoid soaps and wipes that contain alcohol or fragrance.

Give your baby as much diaper-free time as possible, so that his or her skin can have a chance to stay dry and start healing. When you do use diapers, change them frequently and apply a diaper rash cream, lotion, paste or ointment to act as a barrier between your babyâs skin and a dirty diaper.

Mistake: Minding The Rashand Neglecting The Stress

Eczema Honey Premium Witch Hazel and Aloe Spray  Eczema Honey Co

Even mild-to-moderate eczema can be stressful, researchers say, especially if the rash is on your face or genitals. Unfortunately, its a vicious cycle: Eczema causes stress, and heightened stress can trigger an eczema flare. It also lowers the itch threshold so that eczema sufferers become more sensitive to skin irritation. Mindfulness meditation techniques can help, says Dr. Gelfand. Setting aside a few minutes a day to meditate can make eczema more manageable and may even reduce your flares.

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What Are Common Side Effects Of Eczema Medication

Side effects will vary between medication types and drug classes. However, there are a few side effects that are more common among many popular eczema medications. The following is not a complete list but does include the more common side effects you can anticipate:

  • Application site burning
  • Dizziness

How To Use Coconut Oil For Eczema On Face

Apply coconut oil on the part of the skin exhibiting the symptoms of eczema.

The skin should be wet before applying the oil this helps keep the skin moisturized and reduce the chance of inflammation.

It is strongly advised that you put coconut oil on your skin overnight for maximum absorption.

You don’t have to be bothered if you have the eczema patches on your eyelid. Apply with caution, so it doesn’t get into your eyes.

You can use any product that contains coconut oil if it is produced by a trusted brand. An example is Hemp Seed Body Butter.

Coconut oil is not harmful to the eyes it may even be beneficial. It only coats your eyes, which might blur your vision, so you should apply at night when you are about to go to bed.

Caveat: There are a few dos and don’ts to the use of coconut oil among which are:

You should not stop your current medical treatment when you are about to commence its use.

Inform your doctor about your decision. Also, seek their opinion on how you should proceed.

If you are allergic to coconut, do not apply coconut oil on your skin.

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How To Make Witch Hazel Water

Witch Hazel Water with No Alcohol

  • 4 ounces Hamamelis virginiana bark or leaves
  • Water

In a pot with a tight-fitting lid, add Hamamelis virginiana bark or leaves and water to cover. Bring to a boil and reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes.

Turn off the heat and allow the concoction to cool completely, covered. Filter the witch hazel water. Keep in the refrigerator and use within a week, or freeze for longer-term storage.

Side Effects & Safety

Witch Hazel for your skin
  • Witch hazel is safe for most adults when applied topically. However, in some people, it might cause minor skin irritation.
  • Witch hazel is safe for most adults when small doses are taken orally.
  • Witch hazel might cause stomach upset when taken by mouth. Large doses might cause liver problems.
  • Witch hazel contains a cancer-causing chemical too.

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What Are The Natural Treatments For Eczema

Are there any natural treatments for Eczema? Probably you may have already tried a variety of natural products. Some may have worked. But unfortunately, some of them can leave your skin feeling more irritated and even drier.

Here are some tried and tested natural remedies for Eczema which can help to replenish moisture in your skin as well as protect the natural barrier of your skin.

Colloidal Oatmeal

Colloidal oatmeal means finely grounded oats which help to soften rough areas of skin and calm inflamed skin. This is a good natural treatment for eczema. You can buy colloidal oatmeal from a drug store or order online. If not, you can prepare your own by grinding oatmeal into a fine consistent powder.

Oatmeal bath for eczema You may wonder whether this means bathing in a bathtub full of breakfast foods. However, this is not just oatmeal and warm water. Here, the oatmeal is ground into a fine powder which is called colloidal oatmeal. It is suspended in water.

There is a study done in 2012 which showed that colloidal oatmeal protects the skin and soothe the irritation and itching in eczema. The study also indicated that colloidal oatmeal could act as a buffer to help maintain the surface PH of your skin.

Preparation of an oatmeal bath

Coconut Oil

You can apply coconut oil on your skin to obtain benefits such as.

However, here are some cautions.

How do you use coconut oil?

Evening Primrose Oil

How to use it?

Witch Hazel

How do you use it?

Aloe vera gel

How To Use Witch Hazel For Your Hair

Whether or not you love DIY beauty, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this ingredient into your scalp and hair care routine.

If you’d rather not DIY, you have plenty of product options to chose from. Here are some of our favorites.

A chemical exfoliant for your scalp, this serum contains glycolic and salicylic acids alongside witch hazel and rose clay to exfoliate the scalp and remove buildup.

A clarifying shampoo is a staple in the haircare arsenal of anyone whos oil-prone or uses a lot of product. Witch hazel, tea tree oil, and rosemary leaf extract help clarify and deep clean the scalp and hair, while coconut oil and glycerin ensure it doesn’t dry out.

Use this pre-shampoo soothing treatment to help banish itch. Witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree work together to clarify, soothe, and cleanse the scalp.

The three-pronged applicator on this hybrid scalp treatment/shampoo makes it easy to ensure that the witch hazel, eucalyptus, and tea tree are actually reaching the areas of your scalp that need them most.

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    Witch Hazel For Stretch Marks

    22 Best Uses of Witch Hazel for Health and Beauty

    Though there is no conclusive evidence to back up this claim, many pregnant women find that this plant is a saving grace for stretch marks. And it makes sense: According to Dr. Weil, its astringent properties can work on that belly to contract and tighten loose skin.

    To use it for sunburn:

  • Soak a cotton ball in the solution.
  • Just like you would use any other belly butter, apply the solution directly to your belly.
  • Repeat multiple times throughout the day, or at least twice.
  • Note: You may even want to use it in tandem with my Natural Stretch Mark Cream.

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    Reduce Eye Puffiness And Under

    Those annoying under-eye bags have many causes, but usually, swelling of the tissue under the eye causes them. You might also have puffy eyes from crying, allergies, or fatigue.

    Witch hazels anti-inflammatory properties reduce the swelling, and it tightens up the skin to reduce the overall puffiness and any redness. Just apply a little witch hazel over the eyelid and under the eye or follow our instructions below to use witch hazel as a soothing eye mask.

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    Witch Hazel For Bruises

    The plant has the power to increase blood flow near the skins surface, which helps disperse pooled blood. During that process, new blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area to help speed up the healing process.

    To use it for bruises:

  • Soak a cotton ball in the solution.
  • Hold it against the bruise for a few minutes.
  • Repeat twice daily.
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    Use Witch Hazel To Remove Ticks

    Ticks are repelled by witch hazel and will let go when they come into contact with it. Its a natural tick repellent for humans and pets. To use witch hazel to remove ticks, you need tweezers and witch hazel.

    Pour a capful of witch hazel on the tick. Grab the tick firmly with tweezers and carefully pull the tick away. Add witch hazel to a bottle sprayer to make a homemade sanitizer spray. Apply the witch hazel to the area to disinfect it after removing the tick.

    How To Get Rid Of Eczema: 13 Natural Remedies Backed By Research

    What Is Witch Hazel?

    Jenny Hills, Nutritionist and Medical Writer Health

    Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that can affect people of all ages, but especially young children and infants. Eczema comes in many forms and most of these forms tend to cause red itchy skin rashes. Persistent flare-ups of eczema can cause the skin to become thickened and scaly, and sometimes blister-like bumps can appear which ooze fluid and become crusty scabs.

    Atopic dermatitis is the most common type of eczema and it can affect any area of the body. It is common to have itchy patches of eczema on your hands, feet, upper chest, around the neck and facial area, and even on the scalp. It can be especially sore and irritating when it occurs inside the bend of the elbows and knees as the skin there constantly moves and stretches. Infant eczema can affect the face and scalp.

    The itching sensation on the inflamed skin can lead to intense scratching which can damage the skin even more and cause bacterial skin infections.

    If you suffer from this uncomfortable skin condition, there are many natural cures to get rid of eczema quicker.

    In this article I am going to cover 13 home remedies for eczema backed by research. These home remedies can help you find relief from its symptoms like dry skin, itchiness, and red rashes.

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    Skin Conditions In Children

    In a 2007 study published in the European Journal of Pediatrics, researchers tested witch hazel on 309 children. The kids had minor skin problems like diaper rash, itching, redness, and swelling.

    The researchers treated 78 of the children with dexpanthenol, an ingredient in many moisturizers. They used witch hazel to treat the other 231 kids. Doctors and parents rated how well the products worked on the children and how well the kids tolerated the treatments.

    The study found the children tolerated them well and both treatments were very effective. 99% of the doctors and 97% of the parents rated witch hazel either “excellent” or “good.”

    Any Witch Way You Like It

    Witch hazel uses and benefits are numerous. It is a wonderful skin cleanser, also a useful household product for cleaning and antiseptic use. In generations past, it was found in almost every medicine cabinet and used daily.

    But times have changed, and now we tend to use 10 or 20 different products, each for a different use or benefit when one would do the job just as well.

    In this article, you learned more than 40 terrific witch hazel uses and benefits. You now know a variety of purposes for the plant, from witch hazel for acne to witch hazel tea.

    Did we miss any uses for witch hazel? If you know of one that we have left out, please add it below and share this article about witch hazel on social media so that more people can learn about the uses and benefits of this amazing natural healer.

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    Treat Your Sensitive Scalp With Witch Hazel

    People suffering from sensitive scalp have noticed their symptoms, particularly scalp irritation, improve when they were given a witch hazel based shampoo and scalp treatment to try. In a trial of over 1, 300 people suffering from sensitive scalp, the subjects of the study reported an improvement in their condition with no significant side effects5.

    If you suffer from sensitive scalp, you can also try this ACV hair rinse that helps balance the skin pH, treat dandruff, itchy and dry scalp.

    What Are Witch Hazel Pads

    Eczema Honey

    What do Witch Hazel Pads Do?

    Witch hazel pads are a convenient way to use witch hazel. They are thin cotton pads that have been pre-moistened with witch hazel and possibly other soothing ingredients. Witch hazel pads are commonly used for hemorrhoids, postpartum pain, and swelling.

    Witch hazel pads shrink swollen tissues and blood vessels, reducing bleeding and irritation. They soothe the skin, reduce itching, and help it heal. You can tuck a witch hazel pad onto an area of swollen or irritated skin for quick, soothing relief.

    You will find several brands of pre-moistened witch hazel pads available, or you can make your own:

    How to Make Witch Hazel Pads

    To make witch hazel pads, you can soak cotton pads in witch hazel and apply to the affected area. It is best to use a witch hazel solution that does not contain alcohol, to avoid stinging, especially if there are breaks in the skin.

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    What Foods Should You Avoid If You Have Eczema

    One thing that can be a big trigger for eczema is food. Because eczema is an immune system reaction, food allergies or sensitivities to certain food groups can cause flare-ups. For the best idea of what foods you should avoid, consult a doctor or allergy specialist. Here are a few foods that many eczema sufferers try to avoid:

    • Peanuts

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