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How To Get Rid Of Eczema On Lips

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How To Heal Eczema On Lips | How To Treat Lip Eczema Naturally | Lip Eczema Treatment

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Few Recommended Treatment For Lip Eczema Also Include:

  • Antibiotics: Known to prevent disease caused by microorganisms from gathering around the mouth. Take antibiotic medicines in order to treat yourselves.
  • Moisturizers: A careful selection of moisturizer is necessary. Usage should be more cautious as many lip moisturizers can dry out your lips. Vaseline petroleum jelly can come as a rescue to your condition.
  • Topical Corticosteroids: Take help from your doctor and apply the recommended corticosteroids on the lips to deal with a inflammation, dryness and redness due to itching.
  • Avoid harsh soap solutions while cleansing your face and try to opt for natural products.
  • Avoid staying too long in the sun.
  • Protect your face during cold or hot weather to prevent eczema symptoms.

What Is Lip Lickers Dermatitis

Lip lickers dermatitis is a reaction of the lips and surrounding skin due to contact with an irritating substance in this case, saliva from the patients own tongue .

Other names for lip lickers dermatitis are lip-lick cheilitis, irritant contact cheilitis due to lip-licking, lip-licking eczema, saliva-induced contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis due to saliva.

Lip lickers dermatitis

How to get a rash off your lips To get rid of this rash, you may need to: Stop applying all corticosteroids, including hydrocortisone cream, to your skin. Take an antibiotic, such as tetracycline or erythromycin. Change.

If your eye doctor cant get your eyelids open, your eye should open up on its own within a week. Removing super glue from lips or mouth Wash your lips with a lot of warm water.

A rash is a noticeable change in the texture or color of your skin. Your skin may become scaly, bumpy, itchy, or otherwise irritated. 6 Common Skin Rashes and What They Look Like

Best ways to prevent recurrent or chronic rash on lips. How best can you treat these rashes? Here are some of the specific means to get rid of rashes on your lips that come and go. 1. Use a chemical-free balm. Some people with the habit of linking.

Heat rash is a painful skin condition that often occurs in hot weather, The symptoms of heat rash include small clusters of tiny, raised bumps on discolored, irritated skin. A prickly, burning or .

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Causes Of Atopic Eczema

The exact cause of atopic eczema is unknown, but it’s clear it is not down to one single thing.

Atopic eczema often occurs in people who get allergies. “Atopic” means sensitivity to allergens.

It can run in families, and often develops alongside other conditions, such as asthma and hay fever.

The symptoms of atopic eczema often have certain triggers, such as soaps, detergents, stress and the weather.

Sometimes food allergies can play a part, especially in young children with severe eczema.

You may be asked to keep a food diary to try to determine whether a specific food makes your symptoms worse.

Allergy tests are not usually needed, although they’re sometimes helpful in identifying whether a food allergy may be triggering symptoms.

What Are The Signs Of A Vaginal Infection

Lip dermatitis or Eczema on the lip is an inflammatory skin condition ...

The most common symptoms of a vaginal infection are burning, itching, redness, and an unpleasant odor. There may also be swelling. Another symptom is a change in discharge. Although women usually experience normal discharge throughout the course of their menstrual cycle, a vaginal infection can alter the color, texture, and amount of the secretions.

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What Is Eczematous Cheilitis

Eczematous cheilitis is inflammation of the lips presenting as redness with dryness and scaling. It may also be called lip dermatitis. The lips may be divided into three zones the outer zone comprising the skin next to the lips, the vermilion margin and the mucosal aspect. The first two areas are the most commonly affected. The major causes of eczematous cheilitis are atopic dermatitis and irritant or allergic contact reactions.

Eczematous cheilitis

Avoid Make Up Lipstick And Unlabeled Creams To Allow Your Lips To Heal

One of the best ways to improve lip dermatitis is to avoid your triggers when possible. These include any known allergens, as well as sensitivities to chemicals. Make up, lipstick, and certain creams may contain ingredients that are causing your lips to flare up.

Even after eliminating these triggers, it can take some time for the rashes to clear up.

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Clinical Features Of Eczematous Cheilitis

The chronic form of eczematous cheilitis presents with redness, dryness, scaling and fissuring. The angle of the mouth is often also involved .

The perioral skin and vermilion margin are the most commonly affected parts of the lips.

It is important to look for and note skin and mucosal lesions elsewhere as these may give a clue as to the cause.

What Is Lip Dermatitis/eczema On Lips

Eczema on the Lips – What Foods to Eat and Avoid When You Have Angular Cheilitis or Lip Eczema

Eczematous cheilitis is inflammation of the lips presenting as redness with dryness and scaling. It may also be called lip dermatitis. Eczema on lips is characterized by itchy, dry, cracked, scaly and sore lips. It is called lip dermatitis or lip eczema. Lips are divided into three various zones the mucosal, the vermilion margin and the outer zone comprising of skin next to the lips.

Two of these areas are affected and few of the major causes are allergic reactions or contact reactions. In addition to dryness, your lips tend to become chapped and red.

There are few symptoms that tend to appear due to outside allergens and mostly affect the outer vermillion border of the lips causing upper lip eczema. And of course these are question in your mind:

  • Why is it itchy around my lips?
  • Change in pigmentation

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Treatments For Weeping Eczema

If your skin is weeping and infected, your treatment will depend on the type of infection you have.

Bacterial infections are usually treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics may be administered as a cream, ointment, tablet, or syrup. Sometimes, antibiotics are given along with a topical steroid.

Viral infections are typically treated with antiviral tablets. If your viral infection is severe, you may need to receive these medicines intravenously in a hospital setting.

Fungal infections are helped with antifungal creams or ointments. These are usually combined with topical steroids.

Its important that you continue to take your usual oral or topical medicines for eczema unless your doctor tells you to stop treatment.

How To Get Rid Of Dermatitis On Lips

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Eczema On Lips Treatment: Home And Over

Follow this course of action and overcome your lip eczema fast!


Aromatherapy can be used as an effective eczema treatment.

Blending together different essential oils can soothe your eczema and allow the skin to heal.Essential oils that can be used include:

  • Lavender oil

You dont have to settle for just any lip balm, anymore.

There are now plenty of healing lip balm products to treat dryness and eczema.

Healing lip balm such as cortibalm has a mix of hydrocortisone within the lip balm to promote healing.

You can easily find these healing lip balm products on amazon or even at your local drugstore.

Over-the-counter ointments

Of course, you can always go to your local drugstore and sift through the over-the-counter ointments they have there.

There are typically lots of counter ointments to specifically treat eczema that are proven to work and also affordable.


The best moisturizer for the parts of the lips that are affected is plain petrolatum, which can be found in Vaseline Petroleum Jelly or Aquaphor ointment.

Vaseline is just as effective as Aquaphor but much less expensive compared to other treatment options.

It helps not only replace the moisture but also seal the moisture in and act as a barrier to protect your delicate lips.

Dry lips can make this type of eczema worse, so always keep them hydrated. If the area of skin around your mouth is involved, stick to mild emollients in lotion or cream form.


Harsh soaps can make the cheilitis worse.

Eczema On Lip Treatment

Eczema on Lips

If you are looking to heal your lip eczemanaturally, there are a variety of treatments you can turn to. As always, youllwant to make sure that whichever product you use it is gentle enough for your irritated skin . Our top eczema on lip treatments are:

Organic ManukaSkin Soothing CreamThis soothing creamy balm can be used for all types of eczemaand can be applied to all parts of the body. We find that it works particularlywell on lips, as the olive oil and beeswax is extremely soothing. The creamalso contains Manuka honey and oil which are known to have anti-bacterialproperties. Our owner likes to use this on her eyelids, lips and pretty much all over her face, using a small amount in the summer and a more generous amount in winter.

OrganicCalendula Lip BalmThis simple, natural and nourishing eczema lip balmcontains only 3 ingredients to soothe your irritated lips. It contains calendulawhich has both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, as well asvitamin E and beeswax. We love the small purse size which makes it a great eczema on lip treatment for travel.

Remedywear 3 Ply Face Mask Kids & Adults If wearing a mask is causing facial irritation or maskne, your skin will love this gentle face mask. The zinc embedded fibers help fight germs and bacterial growth that can build up on both the inside and outside of the mask. The TENCEL fabric is soft and soothing, ensuring comfort even when worn for hours at a time.

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Ultraviolet Radiation Therapy For Eczema

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation can help reduce the symptoms of chronic eczema. Exposure under medical supervision can be carefully monitored with the use of specially designed cabinets the person stands naked in the cabinet and fluorescent tubes emit ultraviolet radiation.A person with stubborn eczema may need up to 30 sessions. The risks of unsupervised ultraviolet radiation therapy can be the same as for sunbathing faster ageing of the skin and greater risk of skin cancer.

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Wrap Up In Cold Weather

Cold, harsh winter winds can dry out the skin and cause eczema flares.

Keep the skin covered when temperatures are low. Also, consider covering the face with a scarf if eczema occurs in this body region.

While many home remedies are suitable for babies and children, always speak with a doctor before using them.

The following home remedies and tips may help:

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Home Remedies For Eczema

Home remedies for eczema can be simple or complex. The easiest, most effective treatment is to make changes to avoid or remove whatever is causing the allergic reaction. But try not to expect a quick response. Eczema is easier to control than cure.

Here are some things you can try on your own to ease the irritation of eczema.

Change your laundry detergent or fabric softener. Liquid detergents may be less irritating than powders or tablets. Use an extra rinse cycle when you wash to remove residue.

Put on a cool compress. Holding a clean, damp cloth against skin can ease itching.

Take lukewarm showers or baths for no more than 10 or 15 minutes to prevent dry skin. Dry yourself very carefully and apply moisturizing lotion all over your body.

Add colloidal oatmeal to the bath or as a paste on your skin. This finely ground oatmeal helps with itchy, dry skin. Or try a baking soda bath or paste.

A mild solution of bleach and water may ease inflammation and itching, as well as killing the bacteria that can cause skin infections when you have eczema. Add a half-cup of household bleach to a full tub of water, soak for 10 minutes, and rinse. Talk to your doctor before giving this a try because chlorine can cause problems for some people.

Add apple cider vinegar to bath water. Use an amount between 1-2 cups.

Moisturize your skin twice a day. But avoid lotions with fragrances or other irritating ingredients.

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Eczema On The Lips Causes

There are several causes of eczema on the is also important to note that the exact cause of eczema is often unknown. However, it is linked to the following factors:

Internal Causes

People with naturally dry skin are quite susceptible to sensitivity that is brought about eczema. Therefore, it is advisable to moisturize your lips more often in order to prevent the condition from occurring.

Some of the common causes of lip eczema that occur internally include hereditary factors and health conditions causing dryness on lips. Consult your doctor to treat the underlying health condition leading to dry lips.

External Causes

According to doctors on WebMD, most of the lip problems are usually linked to external causes. Most of these external factors are quite difficult to avoid when they come in to contact with our lips. Here are some of the common external factors that lead to lip eczema:

  • Weather

This is an environmental factor that is difficult to avoid. Cold and winter season usually results in lip eczema. The season has low humidity and dry air that lead to dry, cracked, and irritable lips.

  • Cosmetics

Some of the common cosmetics meant for lips that causes lip eczema is lipsticks, lip balm, and lip liners. This is because they contain certain ingredients that lead to irritation of the lips. According to dermatologists on mayo clinic, irritation of the lips is due to an allergic reaction.

  • Allergies

Eczema On Lips Causes: Pictures Treatment

What causes eczema on lips? Is eczema a contagious medical condition? Below are insights as captured by different authorities in the field of dermatology on eczema.

Eczema on lips is also known as atopic dermatitis it is a chronic skin condition that normally develops during childhood. According to America Academy of dermatology 30% of the world population suffers from some form of eczema. The cause of eczema is not known, but the disorder tends to run in families and is more common in those with allergies and asthma.Lip eczema which is a kind of eczema that occurs on or near the lips, leads to redness, cracking, inflammation and severe itching. While there is no 99% proven cure of eczema, the condition is usually manageable with over the counter medications and avoidance of allergens and other triggers.

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What Can Help My Lips Feel Better

Donât lick or suck on your lips. It might make you feel better for a moment, but it actually makes the problem worse. When your lips feel dry, use lip balm with petroleum jelly on them. This will seal in moisture and prevent cracks from getting worse. You might need to try a few different products to figure out what works for you.

If you realize a product youâre using is irritating your lips, stop using it. If your eczema is an allergic reaction, you can try a steroid cream. Ask your doctor to recommend one for you.

Before you spend time in the sun, put on lip balm with an SPF of 15 or more. If your lips get especially irritated in the winter, cover them with a scarf when you go out.

If a nutrient deficiency is causing your eczema, you might need to take supplements.

Take good care of your mouth and teeth. Brushing and flossing regularly helps your lips stay healthy and reduces irritation.


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