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Gold Bond Eczema Body Wash

How Should I Use Gold Bond Ultimate Healing


Use exactly as directed on the label, or as prescribed by your doctor. Do not use in larger or smaller amounts or for longer than recommended.

Clean the skin where you will apply the topical emollient. It may help to apply this product when your skin is wet or damp. Follow directions on the product label.

Shake the product container if recommended on the label.

Apply a small amount of topical emollient to the affected area and rub in gently.

If you are using a stick, pad, or soap form of topical emollient, follow directions for use on the product label.

Do not use this product over large area of skin. Do not apply a topical emollient to a deep puncture wound or severe burn without medical advice.

If your skin appears white or gray and feels soggy, you may be applying too much topical emollient or using it too often.

Some forms of topical emollient may be flammable and should not be used near high heat or open flame, or applied while you are smoking.

Store as directed away from moisture, heat, and light. Keep the bottle, tube, or other container tightly closed when not in use.

Evaluation Of Its Claims

It claims to relieve 5 symptoms of Eczema such as itch, dryness, scaling/peeling, roughness, and redness. It also mentions that it is steroid free and fragrance free.

Like all of their products, it contains many types of moisturizers and skin nurturing vitamins. In their clinical study:

  • 8 out of 10 saw significant relief for dryness, scaling & roughness in 2 weeks
  • 9 out of 10 saw significant relief for redness/irritation in 4 weeks

The cream is so powerful that it sufficiently moisturizes my hand as mentioned earlier. It has a bit of a cooling effect possibly from one of its ingredients aloe leaf juice.

How To Use Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Rlf Cream

Use this product as directed. Some products require priming before use. Follow all directions on the product package. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Some products need to be shaken before use. Check the label to see if you should shake the bottle well before using. Apply to the affected areas of the skin as needed or as directed on the label or by your doctor. How often you apply the medication will depend on the product and your skin condition. To treat dry hands, you may need to use the product every time you wash your hands, applying it throughout the day.

If you are using this product to help treat diaper rash, clean the diaper area well before use and allow the area to dry before applying the product.

If you are using this product to help treat radiationskin burns, check with radiation personnel to see if your brand can be applied before radiation therapy.

Follow all the directions on the label for proper use. Apply to the skin only. Avoid sensitive areas such as your eyes, inside your mouth/nose, and the vaginal/groin area, unless the label or your doctor directs you otherwise. Check the label for directions about any areas or types of skin where you should not apply the product . Consult your doctor or pharmacist for more details.

If your condition lasts or gets worse, or if you think you may have a serious medical problem, seek immediate medical attention.

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Whats The Story On Cornstarch And Fungus

Many doctors as well as patients are convinced that cornstarch can fuel skin fungus. Despite searching, we have been unable to find studies confirming this belief. The one study we found that addressed it directly found that cornstarch and talc powders do not enhance the growth of yeasts on human skin .

Keeping skin dry and reducing friction are pillars of preventing irritation. Some people find that a diaper cream containing zinc oxide can be helpful. Health care providers have recommended moisture-wicking textile with silver for under-breast rash, to keep the area dry . Silver also has antimicrobial activity, but these cloths are sold as wound care and are a bit pricey.

Listerine also kills microbes. In addition, menthol and methyl salicylate in the formula trigger a cooling sensation. Washing underwear after each wearing seems like a sensible precaution to avoid re-infection.

Athletes foot medicine:

I had a fungus rash under my breasts. There was some Tinactin antifungal cream for athletes foot in my bathroom cabinet. I used it twice a day and in about a week the rash was gone.

Diaper rash medicine:

Under my breasts I get a very painful rashy type redness that has a bad odor. It even seeps liquid sometimes from the rash. My solution, not cure, is to wash, pat dry and then apply Zincofax . Within ten minutes all the stinging and burning is gone and in a few hours everything has dried up and the skin is back to normal for the time being.

Vaginal cream:

What You Should Know

Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Relief Skin Protectant Cream 8 oz (Pack of 3 ...

Gold Bond is a soothing moisturizer for dryskin. If you are sensitive to some topical skin treatments, you should conducta patch test to find out if Gold Bond is right for you. The followingingredients in Gold Bond may irritate your skin.

1. Petrolatum may clog the pores on yourskin. Although it locks in moisture, it can prevent your skin from receivingadditional moisture.

2. Glyceryl Stearate is an emollient andlubricant in the Gold Bond cream. It is derived from synthetic and animalsources. It can cause skin irritation for some people.

3. Potassium Hydroxide is a type of lye.This inorganic substance can cause eye damage and irritate your lungs. This isespecially true when used in large quantities.

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What Do Dermatologists Recommend For Eczema

Our dermatologists recommend and prescribe a topical corticosteroid based on your age, the location and surface area of a rash, and the severity of symptoms. Topical corticosteroids are applied directly to the affected areas of skin once or twice a day, depending on the type of corticosteroid prescribed.

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Product : Cerave Sa Cream For Rough & Bumpy Skin Ingredients

purified water, glycerin, behentrimonium methosulfate and cetearyl alcohol, mineral oil, glyceryl stearate se, ammonium lactate, salicylic acid, triethanolamine, cetyl alcohol, niacinamide, peg-100 stearate, cholecalciferol , ceramide 3, ceramide 6-ii, ceramide 1, cholesterol, phytosphingosine, hyaluronic acid, phenoxyethanol, dimethicone, methylparaben, edetate disodium, propylparaben, sodium lauroyl lactylate, carbomer, xanthan gum

Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Protectant Cream For Eczema Relief 2% Colloidal Oatmeal 14 Oz

GOLD BOND | Eczema Relief Lotion – Daily Routine
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    Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Relief Reviews

    Amazing results of relieving & restoring my eczema rash skin that wrinkled my neck after dermatologist prescribed steroid cream. Applied twice a day over a week.

    Allergy relief services at MinuteClinic.

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    Drugs & Medications A-Z Follow the links to read common uses, side effects, dosage details and read user reviews for the drugs listed below. 834 medications found for scaly oily skin problem primarily on face and scalp.

    The smell is OK, but frankly, it fell from my eyes. The first thing I did was look good. Then it became normal, redness and peeling are present in certain areas.

    Top 10 Anti-Itch Creams Ultimate Chart. Picture Name Size Price Rating Picture: Name: Size: Price.

    Gold Bond Rapid Relief Anti Itch Cream: 2oz $ 4.5: 10. Neosporin Essentials Eczema Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream: 1oz $ 4.4.

    Top 5 Best Anti-Itch Cream Reviews 1. Cortizone-10 Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Liquid

    Bottom Line: Gold Bond Eczema Lotion includes colloidal oatmeal to soothe dry, itchy skin, as well as supporting ingredients like emollients,

    Ingredients, allergens, additives, nutrition facts, labels, origin of ingredients and information on product Eczema Relief Skin Protectant.

    Can I Use This Gold Bond Lotion on the Face? Despite the claim that this is a body moisturizer, yes you can use it on the face. How do I know this?

    Allergy relief services at MinuteClinic.

    Gold Bond Medicated Eczema Relief Cream

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    Warnings & Safety Information

    For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes when using this product. Stop use and ask a doctor if condition worsens, symptoms persist for more than 7 days, or clear up and occur again within a few days. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately.

    Always Look For The Seal Of Acceptance

    Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Relief Skin Protectant Cream

    Products that are identified as Accepted have undergone a formal scientific review, are formulated with ingredients and/or concentrations that have been found to be generally suitable for use with sensitive skin and have officially earned our Seal of Acceptance. For more information, please see our Seal of Acceptance Disclaimers Statement. Information contained on our website or in our materials should not be taken as medical advice. Speak with your doctor if you have any concerns related to your eczema management.

    To view or print our list of Seal of Acceptance products, or to find links to manufacturer product details, click here.

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    Best For Face: Eucerin Daily Hydration Lotion

    • Enriched with sunflower oil and vitamin B5

    • Has a slight smell

    You dont need to spend a lot of money on an effective eczema face cream. Eucerin Daily Hydration Lotion is a non-greasy but hydrating lotion that will feel silky on your the most sensitive skin without clogging pores. Fragrance-free, like the majority of eczema-specific lotions, it includes effective ingredients such as sunflower oil and pro-vitamin B5.

    Ingredients: Helianthus Annuus SeedOil, Petrolatum, Glycerin | Uses: Light-weight and fast-absorbing

    • Too heavy for face

    • Thick texture

    Dr. Saedi is a huge fan of Cerave products, including their Moisturizing Cream, which has ceramides to help strengthen the skin barrier and will help lock in moisture while keeping potential eczema-triggering irritants at bay. Your skin will also reap the added hydration benefit of hyaluronic acid. This giant tub of ultra-rich moisturizer is perfect for your body, but probably too heavy for your face.

    Ingredients: Glycerin, Ceramide Np, Ceramide Ap, Ceramide Eop | Uses: Moisturizes, restores and maintains skins natural barrier

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    Gold Bond 14 Oz Ultimate Eczema Relief Cream

    Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Relief Cream with 2% colloidal oatmeal to help stop itching, dryness, scratching, scaling, peeling, roughness and redness irritation. Calming, steroid-free formula.

    Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Relief Cream with 2% colloidal oatmeal to help stop itching, dryness, scratching, scaling, peeling, roughness and redness irritation. Calming, steroid-free formula.

    Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Relief Cream with 2% colloidal oatmeal to help stop itching, dryness, scratching, scaling, peeling, roughness and redness irritation. Calming, steroid-free formula.

    Product : Cerave Sa Lotion For Rough & Bumpy Skin Ingredients

    Our Point of View on Gold Bond Eczema Relief Cream From Amazon

    purified water, glycerin, mineral oil, ammonium lactate, salicylic acid, trolamine, glyceryl stearate se, behentrimonium methosulfate and cetearyl alcohol, peg-100 stearate, cetyl alcohol, cholecalciferol , ceramide 3, ceramide 6-ii, ceramide 1, cholesterol, phytosphingosine, dimethicone 360, methylparaben, disodium edta, propylparaben, hyaluronic acid, sodium lauroyl lactylate, carbomer, xanthan gum

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    Product : Gold Bond Ultimate Rough & Bumpy Skin Ingredients

    water, gluconolactone, hydroxyethyl urea, butyrospermum parkii butter extract, cetyl alcohol, ammonium lactate, petrolatum, potassium hydroxide, propanediol, salicylic acid, dimethicone, glyceryl stearate, steareth-21, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, jojoba esters, theobroma cacao seed butter, caprylyl methicone, polyacrylate crosspolymer-6, ppg-3 benzyl ether myristate, citrus limon fruit extract, citrus aurantium dulcis fruit extract, pyrus malus fruit extract, saccharum officinarum extract, zingiber officinale root extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, tocopheryl acetate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, panthenol, bisabolol, polyglyceryl-4 laurate/succinate, stearamidopropyl pg-dimonium chloride phosphate, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose

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    Active Ingredients Of Gold Bond For Eczema

    You should be aware that Gold Bond foreczema contains a few natural ingredients. However, it isnt an organicproduct. Active ingredients in Gold Bond eczema cream include:

    • Potassium Hydroxide
    • Colloidal Oatmeal

    When you use Gold Bond for eczema, you canexpect relief in as little as two weeks. For some people, it can take up tofour weeks to see results.

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    Nourishing Ingredients Help Soothe Eczema

    2% Colloidal Oatmeal

    When itching and scratching feel like a broken record, soothing colloidal oatmeal can help. This eczema lotion ingredient helps relieve and protect skin from minor irritation and itching.

    Vitamin E

    Just because healthy skin has a soft side doesnât mean it canât be strong. Vitamin E enhances skinâs ability to retain moisture to help it look and feel hydrated.


    Our bodies crave hydration and skin is no exception. Gold Bond Eczema Relief is formulated with aloe to moisturize, hydrate and soothe dry, itchy skin.

    More Relief From Gold Bond Relieves 5 symptoms of eczema Relieves 5 symptoms of eczema Penetrates 10 layers deep Relieves 5 symptoms of eczema Controls recurrence of psoriasis symptoms
    Why Youâll Love It Made with 2% colloidal oatmeal Made with 2% colloidal oatmeal Soothes with aloe Made with 2% colloidal oatmeal Fights itch with 3% salicylic acid
    Contains 7 Moisturizers + 3 Vitamins


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