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Diy Eczema Cream For Babies

Homemade Diy Eczema Cream Ingredients

DIY Baby Lotion – Homemade – Improves Eczema and Baby Acne

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a fat that is derived from the nut of the shea tree. It is incredibly moisturizing and has healing properties, so it helps with the dry skin associated with eczema.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains a lot of good fats, too, and is another moisturizer. Its also full of Vitamin E!


The honey in this homemade eczema cream moisturizes the skin and also has antibacterial properties. Two for one!

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil smells great, but it also has soothing and healing properties for the skin.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Balancing The Skins Acidity Levels

Vinegar is highly acidic. The skin is naturally acidic, but people with eczema may have less acidic skin than others, which can weaken the skins defenses.

Applying diluted apple cider vinegar could help balance the skins acidity levels, but vinegar can cause burns if it is not diluted.

In contrast, many soaps, detergents, and cleansers are alkaline. They can disrupt the acidity of the skin, which can leave the skin vulnerable to damage. This may explain why washing with certain soaps can cause eczema flares.

When To Talk To Your Doctor About Baby Eczema

Always talk with your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns about your babys skin. Thanks to telemedicine, a video visit or quick photo is often all that’s needed to check for eczema.

Occasionally, infections develop on top of an eczema rash. If you see any yellow-colored crusting and scabbing, oozy skin, blisters or pus bumps, be sure to call your doctor right away. Always call if your baby has a fever. Your baby may need an antibiotic and to be evaluated in person.

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Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Vitamin B5 Moisturizes Relieves Dry Itchy Irritated Skin Due To Eczema Paraben Steroid

Natural eczema cream for babies. Remove from heat and add essential oils if using. SHOP NOW AT Amazon. A key ingredient is lavender essential oil which helps heal the red dry skin associated with eczemaAnother is raw shea butter which is full of all-natural vitamin A works as an anti-inflammatory and aids in numerous skin conditions.

Use a gentle soapshampoo. The major ingredients in this cream are colloidal oatmeal glycerin and water. Our cream not only eases prevents eczema symptoms it also helps minimize the appearance of scars caused by scratching rubbing picking.

Vitamin E Oil like this one5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil where to buyNote. According to the National Eczema Foundation eczema affects more African American babies than any other racial background. Homemade DIY Eczema Cream Ingredients.

Its clinically proven to. Great for the skin and a natural preservative. Conventional medicine does not work on eczema it only covers up the result and does not treat the root cause.

Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition and is a symptom of some sort of immune system disorder or allergies. Its a tried and true essential natural oil for skin treatment. But specifically in children excessive exposure to hydrocortisone cream over larger areas of the body has been linked with slower growth and delayed weight gain according to the National Eczema.

Apply cream daily to maintain healthy skin. Stir carefully until melted. How I CURED My Babys Eczema With These Natural Remedies.

What Causes Eczema Flare

homemade eczema cream

Eczema is a skin condition that is not fun to have. It is also hard to tell precisely how long an eczema outbreak will last.

The reason for eczema isnt fully understood, though its thought to be brought on by an over-reaction in the human bodys immune system once it responds to an allergen attack.

Eczema is a very individual disease, and can stem from different factors for different people. This makes it a little bit tough to treat. It usually develops when an individual becomes overly sensitive to an allergen.

If you do suffer from eczema, it is crucial that you take note of what conditions cause a break out or flare-up. Some of the most common causes for eczema are ยน:

Maintain a record of your symptoms and the way you are handling them. Aggravating its symptoms repeatedly is one of the reasons why the overall bodys immune system has a tough time dealing with eczema and beating it for good.

Luckily, there are a number of easy things you can do to heal from eczema and get rid of the horrible itch it can cause.

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Homemade Eczema Relief Salve

Although the cause of my eczema is not entirely known, for the days when I have flare ups on my hands and face, I know for certain, that I can apply my homemade eczema relief salve and feel instant relief without having to turn to steroid creams.

This homemade eczema salve is not a cure, however, applying this cream to bumpy, flaky, and itchy affected areas, drastically minimizes the symptoms.

In this salve, I use several ingredients which specifically help soothe eczema symptoms:

By Kyra Oliver

The word eczema itself just doesnt sound good. It comes from a Greek word that means to effervesce, bubble or boil over. And for the 30 million , according to the Eczema Foundation, people who suffer from it, they know it doesnt look or feel good, either. Theres got to be some effective home remedies for eczema rather than needing to resort to steroidal creams, though, right?

Fortunately, there are some easy steps to take to heal from eczema and remove the horrible itch it can cause. As my article states, it starts with diet and eating both omega-3 foods as well as anti-inflammatory foods to reduce symptoms. Similarly, reduce, eliminate or use grass-fed only dairy products.

Last but not least, make up this homemade eczema cream to keep the skin moisturized with anti-eczema properties.

Skin Conditioners And Soothers

To help keep your eczema from flaring up, there are some natural ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Essential Oils

Lavender, tea tree, thyme, rose and eucalyptus oils all have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which will soothe the skin and reduce infections. They also smell great, which will make you always want to use them.

Many store-bought eczema products do not smell as nice. However, you shouldnt put any essential oils directly onto the skin.


The humble oat. You can whizz them in a blender until they turn into a powder, then mix them with a little water to make a paste that can be applied to your skin. Oats hydrate, cleanse and reduce inflammation.

There is a small amount of evidence that oats shouldnt be used on small babies with broken skin, due to potential allergic reactions. On unbroken skin and older babies, children and adults, oats are generally tolerated very well.


Honey has amazing antimicrobial properties. It has been used for centuries to cure and alleviate many health issues. Manuka honey seems to have the best antibiotic effect, but it is more expensive than other kinds of honey. If manuka honey is not an option, other honey will also be beneficial.

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Make Your Own Eczema Cream

By Kyra Oliver

The word eczema itself just doesnt sound good. It comes from a Greek word that means to effervesce, bubble or boil over. And for the 30 million , according to the Eczema Foundation, people who suffer from it, they know it doesnt look or feel good, either. Theres got to be some effective home remedies for eczema rather than needing to resort to steroidal creams, though, right?

Fortunately, there are some easy steps to take to heal from eczema and remove the horrible itch it can cause. As my article states, it starts with diet and eating both omega-3 foods as well as anti-inflammatory foods to reduce symptoms. Similarly, reduce, eliminate or use grass-fed only dairy products.

Lifestyle-wise, reduce the frequency of baths since it can cause the skin to be very dry and itchy. Sleep in long pants to help avoid nighttime scratching. Avoid harsh soaps and detergents by making your own. And hey, get in the sun to detox your body. Direct sunlight on the skin can reduce eczema by increasing production of vitamin D, which improves immunity.

Last but not least, make up this homemade eczema cream to keep the skin moisturized with anti-eczema properties.

Ideas For Controlling Eczema

Homemade eczema cream recipe || Itchy Skin Relief

Along with our homemade eczema cream here are a few things weve done to help control her eczema:

  • Cutting down on bath frequency
  • Putting her on a dairy-free diet
  • Making our own mild laundry detergent
  • Having her sleep in long pants to minimize nighttime scratching
  • Keeping her skin moisturized

To keep her skin moisturized, we have tried nearly every lotion we could find. Even with all the products weve used, Ive never found an eczema cream that did anything but give her slightly softer eczema. Many store-bought eczema creams are petroleum-based, anyway, which means theyre not environmentally friendly and not as good for skin as their marketing claims. There are greener products available, but Ive never found them particularly effective, either.

This year Ive given up on store-bought brands and am making my own homemade eczema cream for her. Im able to use natural, plant-based ingredients and have a more effective lotion, too.

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Homemade Baby Balm Skin Cream Recipe

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When I was pregnant with my first child, I was given literally 11 bottles of baby lotion by friends and relatives. The smell reminded me of my own childhood and I loved that it was a lotion specially formulated for baby. I figured all of the ingredients must be natural and safe since it was for babies after all and then I actually read the ingredients.

Homemade Eczema Cream: The Ingredients List

Coconut Oil: A personally favorite of mine for almost any homemade creams, lotion or body butter. Coconut oil truly works wonders as a moisturizer for all skin types, especially dry skin. Due to coconut oils anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-microbial, and even anti-fungal properties, youll find it present in 75% of eczema related beauty products. Youll find it present in so many natural remedies for eczema.

Oats: Again, another ingredient youll find in a ton of natural remedies for eczema and a wives tale that mothers swear by. Oatmeal contains healthy fats and is also well known for its ability to sooth, especially fiery itchy skin, its why youll find it in most store bought eczema marketed creams like this one. When they come into contact with your skin, they immediately begin to cool and soothe.

Shea Butter: One of my favorite ingredients, this is deeply conditioning for the skin and Shea mimics the natural moisturizer produce by the body and skin. Furthermore, its is super rich in Vitamin A.

Lavender Essential Oil: A tried and tested oil for skin health, lavender is great for soothing skin and relaxing muscles, thats why its included in this homemade moisturizer for eczema. I use this fantastic essential oil:

Vitamin E Oil: A natural preservative and also really good for the skin. The health benefits of vitamin E for skin come from its antioxidant properties for age defying results.

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What Causes Eczema

Eczema is a broad term, and is generally used to describe a rash-like skin condition or atopic dermatitis.

Both internal and external factors can bring on eczema symptoms, which makes it difficult pinpoint the source. Eczema that is caused by external irritants is called contact dermatitis, and can be triggered by such things as detergents, pollen, temperature change, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Eczema can also be triggered by internal reactions that likely start in your gut and are often accompanied by other allergic responses such as hayfever and asthma.

Internal triggers may be linked to:

  • food allergies, commonly, dairy, nuts, eggs, soy and wheat
  • stress, which is not a cause but can make symptoms worse
  • hormonal changes
  • poor digestion
  • a weak immune system
  • a family history of allergies and eczema

Your eczema is likely surfacing because something internally is off balance,and your skin is being affected because your system is trying to detoxify itself. Thus,addressing your overall health should be your primary concern!

Ask yourself this:

  • Am I eating a whole-foods/real-food diet?
  • Am I drinking plenty of water?
  • Am I getting daily exercise?
  • Are my relationships healthy and enjoyable?
  • Is my job weighing down on me?
  • Do I get a good rest?
  • Do I regularly go poop?
  • Do I use detergents in my laundry and cleaning products?

For days when my eczema flares-up, I rely on my own Homemade Eczema Relief Salve.

How To Use It

Homemade Eczema Cream

People can buy aloe vera gel in health stores or online, or they can purchase an aloe vera plant and use the gel directly from its leaves.

Individuals should aim to use aloe gel products with few ingredients others can contain preservatives, alcohol, fragrances, and colors, which can irritate sensitive skin. Additionally, alcohol and other drying ingredients could make eczema worse.

However, start with a small amount of gel to check for skin sensitivity, as sometimes, aloe vera can cause burning or stinging. However, it is generally safe and effective for adults and children.

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Use These Natural Remedies For Baby Eczema And Help You Baby Find Relief

Mama, I know its hard to see your baby suffering from the discomfort of eczema. Its especially hard when they are experiencing severe itching or widespread inflammation. But even a small flare-up should be addressed so that it doesnt get worse.

Remember, its important to try to figure out the root cause of your babys eczema to keep it away. However, the 7 natural remedies for baby eczema discussed here will help get your babys skin clear and comfortable quickly.

Do you have an additional tip or natural remedy youve used for your babys eczema? Share your success below!

Does Eczema In Babies Go Away

There is good news: Most children outgrow their eczema.

According to the experts at the University of Iowa Stead Family Childrens Hospital, many children see a big improvement in baby eczema by the age of three. About 66 percent of children with childhood or baby eczema outgrow it and only suffer from occasional dry skin during their teen years.

If your babys eczema does not let up, try keeping a journal to identify the triggers, then work to avoid those triggers. In the meantime, you can ease symptoms by treating baby eczema naturally.

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What Causes Eczema In Babies

The first step in preventing eczema is to learn what causes it, and unfortunately, there are many causes.

One of the biggest factors in whether or not a child develops eczema is the childs own health history, specifically his or her genes. If baby has a relative diagnosed with eczema, he/she is more at-risk for developing eczema as well.

In addition to babys unique genetic makeup, environmental triggers affect future flare-ups. The most common triggers include:

Gentle Soaps And Detergents

Homemade Eczema Cream

Laundry detergent can contain harsh chemicals that aggravate eczema.

Many body washes and cleansers contain detergents, which help provide a soapy lather. Detergents and other lathering agents can dry out the skin, especially in people with eczema.

Bar soaps can also be harsh on the skin because of their alkalinity.

Try using a gentle, no-lather, fragrance-free cleanser. Avoid products with rough particles for scrubbing or exfoliating, as these can further irritate the skin.

Many people with eczema also find that switching to a more gentle, fragrance- or color-free laundry detergent can help improve symptoms.

Additionally, try skipping fabric softener, which lingers on clothes and often contains fragrances and chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Sitting next to a fireplace or near a furnace may feel good, but it can worsen eczema symptoms. The hot, dry air can dehydrate the skin and aggravate the itchiness of eczema.

Use a humidifier during the dry winter months and avoid getting too close to heaters and fireplaces.

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Homemade Eczema Cream With Calendula Herbal Oil

May 8, 2021 by Emma Carter

Suffering from eczema? Looking to heal your inflamed, itchy, dry skin the natural way? Im going to show you which essential oils are good for eczema, and how to make a fantastic homemade eczema cream with them.

If you are afflicted with eczema, you understand how irritating and uncomfortable it can be. It is not contagious though, but it is a skin disorder which is becoming increasingly common.

Common as it might be, eczema is still an uncomfortable and at times debilitating condition that may compromise your quality of living. I dont blame you for wanting to find a natural, homemade DIY solution for it.

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  • In Summary
  • Coconut Oil For Eczema

    Coconut oil has so many anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties its often found in beauty and personal care recipes. It can help soothe your skin when its itchy during a flare-up, and can also help reduce the inflammation. A 2014 study shows that applying virgin coconut oil to the skin for 8 weeks may improve skin hydration in children with eczema.

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    What Is Baby Eczema

    Baby eczema is an umbrella term for a number of skin conditions that cause red, itchy and inflamed skin on young children. Atopic dermatitis is the most common and well-known type of eczema, characterized by red, scaly, and itchy patches of skin.

    Its estimated that baby eczema affects more than 10% of all young children, and according to the CDC, cases seem to be on the rise in the US. Interestingly, little ones with food allergies seem to be more likely to suffer from severe eczema. As high as 30% of babies with food allergies have eczema.

    Eczema usually appears when babies are between 1 and 6 months old. Typically, it starts on the cheeks. It may continue to spread around the face and then on to the arms and legs. In older children, eczema flare-ups are usually not on the outer surfaces of the limbs, but instead are found in creases such as the backs of the knees, wrists, and elbows.


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